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Black hat Marketing Technique – Forum Blackhat Indonesia

Up to this point of time, the field of internet marketing has become so wonderful. It is proven by the fact that massive amounts of people are attracted to start dealing with this kind of marketing method as the means to grow their business. Well, the effectiveness of this marketing method is definitely out of the question.

Indeed, the kinds of the method are highly varied. Among them, black hat seems to be one of the possible internet marketing strategies. However, It is also a fact that black hat technique in dealing with online marketing is judged as controversial things. Some of the internet marketers claim that black hat is a kind of virtual crime. A blogger who does not want to have his name published said, “Black hat is an evil thing. It is like a blood sucking leech.� However, some say that black hat is not a crime. Instead, they think it is like an art. Take a look at the forum blackhat Indonesia which obviously supports this kind of internet marketing strategy.

Well, they think that way because black hat is related to the so-called art to optimize the function of the internet itself to reach the desired aim, such as money. Still, this forum says that the chance for this marketing strategy to become a kind of crime is quite high. That is why this forum claims that what they support is the black hat which is applied in order to make sure that the marketers gain what they want without causing trouble to the other people. So, is black hat marketing strategy a bad thing or a good thing? -( forum blackhat Indonesia )

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