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Zhu Yi Student No: 579956 Semester 2/2013 Group 11


Cone-Shaped coffee filter.

Manufacturing Process:

Coffee filters are made from crepe papers which are produced in paper machine which has a large steamheated drying cylinder that is fitted with a hot-air hood. The cylinder is then sprayed with adhesives to stick the crepe panels together to form the coffee filter.


The creped panel of the coffee filter together with its cone like shape allow the coffee to have a smoother flow from the funnel to the coffee pot. Flattened Plan View




115mm 75mm



Opened Section Sideview Opened Elevated Sideview Opened Plan View

Measured Drawings

The filter is first measured when it is completely flat to understand it’s basic dimensions. The filter is then pushed open into it’s functional position. The new length of the filter is remeasured and using pythagoras theorem, the triangles produced by the theorem allows me to measure the different heights from the mid-point of the filter.


12.5mm 12.5mm 12.5mm 12.5mm


Opened Elevated Frontview

Rhino Tutorial

This exercise brought allowed me to construct a 3D box and explore different perspectives and ways of viewing the box. Other exercises include workspace arrangement and settings adjustment etc.

Rhino Tutorial

This exercise brought allowed me to better organise and label my work through the use of layers. The diferent line colours on the screen represent the different layers used for each object/curve. Deleting each layer will also remove all objects of that colour.

Virtual Environments Journal 1.1  

Module Ideation

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