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The best way to Install an HP Deskjet 932 Printer The HP Deskjet 932c printer is an older Hewlett-Packard printer that initially came using a CD to set up the drivers and computer software needed to run the printer using a pc. Should you have lost the CD or you might have upgraded your computer's operating method, you'll need to manually install the drivers and software program on the pc as a way to operate the printer and the personal computer together. Instructions Windows XP and Earlier Operating Systems, Mac OSX, Mac OS 9 and Mac OS 8 1. Unplug the printer in the pc and in the power outlet. You will be prompted by the software program and driver download on when to plug the USB or parallel cable into the laptop and plug within the power cord. 2. Pick "Software & Driver Downloads" in the HP Deskjet 932c printer Drivers website listed in the Reference section. On the next page, choose your laptop operating technique from the drop-down menu. Drivers for Windows XP and earlier operating systems, Mac OSX, Mac OS 9 and Mac OS 8 operating systems are available for download. After selecting the operating method, click "Next." 3. Under "Drivers," click the plus sign to open available downloads. Select the download necessary by clicking the "Download" button. The download box will open and ask you to "Save File." Should you are using Firefox, click "Save File"" and the temporary download file box opens and the download begins. If you are using Internet Explorer, click on "Save File" and choose your desktop to save the file to so it is easily accessible after the download is complete. 4. Click the file that was downloaded to open and set up the printer drivers and software. Follow the prompts and allow the installation to proceed. After the drivers and computer software are installed, you'll be told to plug the USB or parallel cable into the pc. Then, plug the printer into a energy outlet. Turn on the printer. Click "Finish." The installation will finish and print a test page. USB Cable with Windows Vista and Windows 7 5. Turn on the pc. 6. Plug within the USB cable from the printer to the computer. Windows Vista will detect new devices. After the operating method updates the drivers inside the operating technique, a window will pop up telling you the device is ready to use. 7. Click around the pop-up to close it. The printer is ready to work with the computer. Parallel Cable with Windows Vista 8. Turn the personal computer off.

9. Plug the parallel cable in to the printer as well as the computer. Turn on the personal computer; a window will pop up saying, "Found New Hardware." Click on "Locate and Set up Driver." 10. Follow the prompts as Windows Vista installs the drivers for the HP 932c printer.

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