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B-GUIDED MAGAZINE PROJECT 2.0 DEVELOPMENT Maria Camila Alarc贸n A. Eugenia Derkach


All the new technologies, things and inventions that surround us have the main goal of being highly useful and helpful for an average consumer. They were invented with the idea of life’s simplification. With the same idea a newcomer, such as city or lifestyle guide was introduced to magazine lovers and many socials. The content was directed to support an individual with the updated information for active live in the frame of the city.

B Guided lifestyle magazine is one of those kind representatives that nowadays covers the territory of Spain. It is a bilingual seasonal magazine that showed his first issue to the wide masses in June 1999 and consisted of only 64 pages. Today by purchasing the magazine, which price is 3,80 Euro, one can say they grew bigger, as the content has been enlarged almost for 400%. It covers the most important categories of Spanish cities and culture—such as Art, Design, Fashion, Gastronomy, Music and other entertainments. As everything in our world tends to turn into digital and web generated sources, an on-line magazine version is also available now. However, B Guided ‘froze’ in its evolution and development in the means of the new technologies, the quick revolution of consumers’ behavior and requirements; and as a result stays in the shadow of the shift from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0.

Unlike A Spanish cultural guide magazine, ex. a European city guide publisher and online tourist information provider In Your Pocket ceases every opportunity to be updated and stay close to their customers by implementing new services and technological approaches. There are lots of other city-lifestyle guide magazines that also had debuted in the early 1990s, made its digital on-line appearance when the ‘Global Web Era’ started and were aware of the necessary critical change from being strictly informative to interactive and personalized for the sake of its consumers. They have offered their users to express freely, create content (collective intelligence), comments and community where everything can be shared and valued. The ultimate aim of the interaction with the audience apart of giving the possibility to make consumers feel famous and proud of being a part of the chosen community, enabled organizations to establish strong relationship and loyalty with their consumers that resulted in better customer service and personalized approach.

There are plenty of platforms to be used and linked the web site in order to generate the awareness and the efficiency in a service you are providing with. Some of them, such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, iTunes became so popular with nowadays generation that the average time of spending in there excesses all other medias sources. The idea of sharing, liking, disliking, commenting embraced everyone and keeps evolution further and further. The applications for mobile phones, smart phones are highly valued by the users, as it gives the opportunity to be connected and updated whenever and wherever you want and need.

With the change of naive consumers into highly informed prosumers with power and a vast experience, the shift to the Web 2.0 is irresistible for the organizations that wish to stay aloft. What is not shared—it is lost, and lost forever.

SWOT STRENGTHS BILLENGUAL: Is the magazine main strength RICH IN CONTENT: arts, architecture, design, fashion, cuisine, music and entertainment TRENDS: issued every three months, the magazine provides the readers with a complete guide on contemporary trends. FASHIONABLE LAYOUT: Up to date image in accordance to the updated content. PRICE: Affordable price for intended audience (3.80- 5.00 euros) ONLINE GUIDE: webpage users according to their preferences can filter a search about lifestyle culture in Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao and Valencia.

WEAKNESSES NAME : By the magazine name people may think is a tourist guide NO BRAND AWARENESS: As it is distributed in Spain in specialized book shops, it is not in the mainstream subconscious. 1.0: The magazine webpage is not up to date with 2.0 technology (no interaction with consumers). NO BILLINGUAL ONLINE: English option for the website is not working for the whole webpage content.

MISLEADING HEADLINES ONLINE: Online titles claim to have the information the reader is expecting to find. 1

OPPORTUNITIES MULTICULTURALISM: Although the magazine is distributed all over Spain, and provides content in some of its cities, the magazine content moves more toward Barcelona’s culture. Therefore, the magazine should exploit its main strength (bilingualism) in order to reach a wider audience. The fact that English is widely spoken in Barcelona, which is multicultural city, provides b- guided with a competitive advantage ahead its competitors. NEW TECHNOLOGIES: the world is going through a technological revolution; the magazine should take advantage of it and go inside the 2.0 media. OTHER AUDIENCES: Even though tourists are not b- guided intended audience; the magazine, should take advantage of this group of consumers to create a bond with them, generate word of mouth and therefore brand awareness. MULTIFACETED CONSUMER: The magazine varied cultural content arts, architecture, design, fashion, cuisine, music and entertainment), can attract almost any audience.

THREATS With the ongoing social media revolution people is integrated through a globespanning network of communications. In this context, internet is the a key tool which is accessible to anyone and may inhibit people to buy the magazine. The rise of lifestyle and cultural magazines. In a national level, b guided face competitors like: Borncelona, a free and billingual magazine (catalan and spanish) exploring in subjects like neighborhoods, culture, food and shops in Barcelona. Butxaca, a free and cultural monthly magazine, distributed in theaters, cinemas, museums, universities, concerts etc Le cool, free weekly bulletin informing about relevant events and activities in Barcelona. Time Out Barcelona, a magazine with a weekly issue in catalan and in english offered at an accessible price of 1.95 euros.                                                                                                               1

The information about the magazine is found under the dossier title, it will be better to find it in the who are we section.

In an international level, Wallpaper magazine and Monocle magazines, explore the concept of lifestyle and cultural magazine in a global level. 2.0 APP GOALS AND OBJECTIVES b- guided is known for being a lifestyleurban- culture magazine. Thus, with our 2.0 app we want to take forward this concept of lifestyle magazine. This means, that b-guided will really take part in the life of its audiences. In other words, our purpose is that the relationship with the consumer doesn’t ends when he or she finishes reading the magazine. In order to do so, our 2.0 strategy will be based on being engaged with our consumers, meaning that the web page will be the bond in time with them. Brand awareness will be generated throughout a community, a blog and several applications, users will be involved in a peer-to-peer system and will be motivated to join also through their social networks sites. Moreover, bguided online will act parallel to the printed version, and will be its publicity.

TARGET DEFINITION Professionals and students with a medium socio-economic level is the audience of b-guided magazine. Nevertheless for online b-guided these criteria are not so applicable. Online bguided as a lifestyle magazine is oriented to reach people of young spirit, who desires to be informed about good choices in order to enjoy life. They have open-minded mentality and personality and a passion for cultures. They have a sense of curiosity, enjoy learning and acquiring knowledge; and therefore they want to share it as well. They are people looking for information that will contribute in their emotional journey. They are authentic and sure about their tastes and therefore, they have the ability to produce unique content. This idea enables them to participate actively



In the new b-guided application, the b-guided online community will be the center of the strategy. We will be ‘always on’ in order to see the behavior of our members. As the major aim is to create a popular on-line magazine within the bloggers, creative updated persons and etc, all the sections (B-Ing, B-Wear, BServed, B-Seen and B-Guided) will offer its users to leave comments, vote, share the liked articles, pieces of art, photos, fashion garments, etc. with their friends and relatives.

B-Wear section will embrace e-commerce that will allow buying the chosen piece on-line by linking to the website of the garment’s brand, create shopping list, which a user can share with his friend or show what he has bought and be proud of. If the consumer prefer shopping by entering the real shops, our shop locator will point out the nearest desirable stores. The application for creating looks of the season will also take place in this magazine’s section. The best ones and most voted are going to be honored by on-line appearance and in the next printed issue. •

To choose a place where to meet with your friends, go out and have a coffee with a snack or to book a table in one of the gorgeous restaurants of Barcelona/Madrid city will be able in the Gastronomy section, B-Served. The users will be able to see the menu online and even order the delivery food if the service is provided by the restaurant. 360 degree digital video journey will give the opportunity to experience the atmosphere of the place. This section is going to provide short videos of e-learning, where the greatest chiefs will give some valuable tips for kitchen lovers. All the discussed places will be voted and commented with the suggestions and opinions. •

The section of city’s biggest entertainments (B-Seen) will provide the customers not only with freshly updated information, but also enable to purchase or book tickets for the brightest upcoming events. There is going to be a system of getting the discounts for tickets by entering a promotional code that can be found on B Guided printed version (will be packed in a plastic bag to prevent from cheating). This was thought out to maintain the sales of the printed version.

Nonetheless, we will be more aware of our active members; those ones who consistently add to the community discussions, content and interact with other users.

The most active users of B-Guided section will be named the ‘guide of the season’. Their photos and special suggestions on city routes will be shown on a daily basis on b-guided home page in the B-Guided section, and the most active will win the badge, discounts and the opportunity to curate the blog by developing personalized content that expresses his or her identity. Moreover, the winner will also have a spot in the printed version. The ‘guide of the season’ will be sharing personal passions regarding his/her own city2(favorite places to go, events, exhibitions, etc). This idea, will generate discussions online between the members, and even people who do not live in the cities can participate by approving other people comments by rating the suggestions or replaying back with a comments. The community will be the place where people can suggest or looking for suggestions. In this way, the rate system will be an important tool in our web page.

Also Facebook most active community funs will be also granted with special B Guided credits that can be generated and then exchanged for discounts.

As B Guided is a guide magazine of lifestyle as well, the most voted hit tracks will sound on our on-line radio that will be easily noticeable on the top of the page.

Apart form links to Facebook B Guided page, Twitter, we plan to appear on You Tube with the video content of each magazine issue.


B Guided special Application will be designed for all mobile phones that support the GPS connection. It will enable the users to have all the web content information and opportunities for interaction, as well as doing mobile shopping and find the best places around them to visit right on a spot. Simply by Utilizing B Guided Application will know your exact location; it will recommend restaurants, bars, cinemas, stores, etc. in your area. When you see something you like, make the reservation right from the same screen of your smart phone.


Shifting to an interactive strategy and using all the platforms of social networking and the applications offered in a previous capital of the dossier will enable B Guided magazine to proceed to another level of customer service, commonly known as CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and by working with all the points that can be touched by the consumers enhance the relationship within our digital communication. CRM is seen not just as another application of technology, but is a key factor in learning about customers’ needs and behavior. It is the most powerful tool to understand what is valuable and what is not from the consumers’ point of view, what expectations and requirements are. Establishing a continuous dialogue vision with the help of Facebook or Twitter makes it possible to enhance publicity, to get the information of customer’s purchasing habits, their preferences and believes. The B Guided Application and promotions such as “The Guide of the Season”, “Best Looks”, “the most active Facebook Fun”, other contests and involvement in the generating bonus credits will help to build a strong bond and high awareness with the readers and users. As it enables to follow the trends of customers and forecast the possible changes, it leads to a higher customer satisfaction, better service experience, and increased value from the existing clients, development of a new and improved products or services, etc.      


You have just finished dinning in the place that generated most votes during this season? Leave a tip to let other people know what's good and what dish to order. From detailed maps to your friend’s comments on what’s the trend of the day, the mobile B Guided application embodies everything you need and places it just under your finger tips.

With the new technologies and faster ways of communication, 3G world has opened this easy, quick and efficient at the same time way of communication to more users of a wider public. The constant ubiquity of the B Guided community is now going to be a reality that identifies the user by his activity and participation.      

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