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MY topic is Layering and separation THIS is a quite simple example which demonstrated a layering conversations , the photo and the conversation both can show certain information.You can read them from 2 different layers. LAYERING and separation is a technique illustrated, among others, by Edward Tufte in 1990,and concerns the visual differentiation of various aspects of the data. TUFTE argues that : confusion and clutter are failure of design,not attributes of information , the point is to find design strategies that reveal detail and complexity _ rather than to fault the data for an excess of complication. HE proposes layering and separation as one of the most powerful detailvices for reducing noise and enriching the content in graphics , and is achieved by distinction of color, shape, size, addition of elements that direct the attention via visual signals,or ordering data to emphasise layer differences. TUFTEmakes a claim that the proper relationship among information layers is what matters in visual displays of information.Similarly, he suggests that color may be a good way to make distinction between these layers. THIS is a city map of the centre of Florence. This picture illustrates at least 2 layers of reading: the location of historical places and the map of the streets to find a path. Colours have been used to distinguish between parks (in green), interesting places for tourists (brown), river (blue), and major streets (yellow). Shapes have been used to direct attention of tourists in historical places, and give an idea about what sort of building it is. This map can be used also by someone who is not interested in historical monuments in Florence but has to find the route to move from the train station to Piazza Signoria.

THIS demonstrates good use of colors to improve graphics that did not do a good job placing emphasis on important information. Like train timetable and so on... the examples below show a powerful role layering and separation plays in data visualization. Then, referring to the inforgraphic we discussed, I did a example to explain this in a kind of simple way: First is the layering, I try to find out how this graphic layer worked, it has 4 layers, and each of them has a layer of information, can read the information from layer to layer. And it’s the separation, I use the same example, these indivirual parts of information can show the information separately , then mix them together can get the whole idea of the topic.

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