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March 30th, 1860

San Francisco Chronicles The Japanese’s Journey to San Francisco After days of rumors, the Japanese Embassy has finally arrived in the city of San Francisco. People were ecstatic to see the Kanrin Maru arriving to the shores. There were 77 samurais aboard the Kanrin Maru; they were supposed to arrive before the Japanese embassy as a vanguard. The Kanrin Maru was followed by a US ship called the USS Powhatan on March 29 carrying the Japanese embassy. She docked the harbor at 9:30 am. It took about two weeks for the Powhatan to arrive in San Francisco from Kanagawa, Japan. The Powhatan was scheduled to make a direct trip to San Francisco, but had to make a stop at Honolulu due to the shortage of coal.

The Japanese Embassy aboard the Powhatan was welcomed with a fifteen gun salute. The Powhatan returned the salute, but the captain of the Powhatan was injured during the firings of the cannons. Although the American Navy was known for their accuracy, the fact that the captain was injured was a pure coincidence. During the first two days of their arrival, the Japanese Embassy was confined to their hotel rooms due to terrible weathers. On April 2nd, they were visited by the English, French, and the Sardinian consuls and also the Secretary Governor of California. Afterwards the embassy visited the mayor and there was a proper celebration to welcome the Japanese embassy .On the following day, the Japanese ambassador gave a beautiful katana to the mayor to represent our friendship. Two days later, the Japanese left and returned to their journey to D.C. With a gratifying experience, we bid farewell to the Japanese.

San Francisco Chronicles

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San Francisco Chronicles

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How can we allow this to go on anymore? Slavery is wrong! The southern states needs to stop this racist thinking. Why do we need slavery? There is no reason for slavery to exist. The south's economy is based on cash crops and relying on slave labor because they want to save money and get cheap labor. That is not fair for the Africans that slavers captured they had their own family back in Africa and they were forcefully taken away from their family. That is not right or just, that is a crime against humanity. The way the people in the south treat the slaves will result in a rebellion. The southern states’ economy will be destroyed and United States will face an economic crisis. Do you want that to happen?

Trading with Japan Good or Bad? Should the Japanese and Americans open up trade? Some people believe that trade is a bad idea because some trades are not as genuine as they seem. However, I still believe that the Japanese and the Americans should go through with this trading agreement. This agreement not only helps strengthen our relations with the Japanese, but it can also help us strengthen our society with new technology. Who knows what can we accomplish together? I believe this is the next step for the future growth of the new world as every country will soon unite.

The Japanese will benefit from trading with us and the Europeans. Right now, their country is not modernized because they do not have the technology that we have. It is critical for them that they catch up with the rest of us, or other countries might try and conquer them. Though, some Japanese citizens do not want to trade with us because they think have all the resources they need in their country. The Japanese military will be strong if we trade with them we can help them modernize into a strong country The Japanese may think they are fine at the moment, but happens if

a country as powerful as Britain takes over? They can see that China was beaten badly by the British during the Opium War because the British had the latest technology. So as far as I can see, this trade will benefit both U.S and Japan. This will leave everything status quo.

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