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Division 19 South K E Y C L U B Beastie Bunnies

Cali-Nev-Ha District l Division 19S l May 2011

Official Divisional Newsletter of Key Club Division 19 South

Bunny Breeze

In this issue! Overview...................... 1


Banquets ...................... 2 Past/Future Events ...... 2

Hey D19S Beastie Bunnies!

Member Spotlight....... 3

It’s been almost a couple of months since I had the privileged honor to be called your Lt. Governor for this upcoming year. I am really grateful that you chose me to become your new Lt. Governor, and as such I promise to always be there for you, whenever needed.

Summer Socials ........... 3 Intro to Board. ............. 4 Farewell Seniors………4

For this upcoming year I have many new ideas in store that will make this year unforgettable for all you Beastie Bunnies out there! One of these many ideas I have in store, is to further help the bond and unity that we all share amongst one another, not only as a nationwide organization, but as a family. These ideas that I have in store for us are mighty, but it is nothing we cannot handle! This past month was our first DCM together, and with that I believe we became a bit closer as a family. With the unity present from the games we both shared and played, and the caring, and motivation of each person that was there, I believe truly that the DCM was a success. I hope to further increase unity in our future DCM’s together, and further grow this family bond that we all share! This year is just beginning and with that many new adventures await us all. We as the Division 19 South Beastie Bunnies will make this year unforgettable and one worth remembering. We as a family will grow and prosper this division into something greater and we will be the best we can be! For we are the Beastie Bunnies of this year, and we roar with excitement of a better tomorrow! -Ramon Esquivel 2011-2012 Lt. Governor


Division Council Meeting this Saturday!


ALWAYS Bouncing for SERVICE Past Events Recap:

Board members both old and new are

-Socials/DCM *DCON 2011 @Anaheim on April 15-17

invited to this wonderful banquet where

was a convention where Key Clubbers

icebreakers, slideshows, and even a

from all over CNH came, we all got

talent show. The price is only $12! And

together and were there not as strangers

this is going to be a truly unforgettable

but as a family many of us met hundreds


we will end the year with games,

of people! Arriving at DCON on day one

*Narbonne Spring Banquet@ Ports O’

everyone was flabbergasted at how many

Call June 17 6pm- 12am. All of 19 South

Key Clubbers where there, throughout

is invited to this unforgettable night. It’s

the rest of the weekend everyone had so

the time where we celebrate another year

much fun and little to no sleep. The last

spent, and where we say our goodbyes to

day was truly one to remember, Diana

our fellow seniors that will be leaving us.

Nguyen gave her Farewell speech and

The price is only $35! And the floor is

where newly elected District Governor

open to anyone who wants to perform.

Erinn Wong gave her first speech as


Governor. People from left to right were

*Arthritis Walk@ Santa Monica June 4

tearing up; this was truly an

at 9am. During this event people from all

unforgettable event. Everyone who didn’t

over the area walk to certain designated

go this year should definitely try to go

areas that they signed up for, such as

next year.

Magic Mountain or Los Angeles. While

*April DCM @Wilson Park, this was

foundation called Arthritis Foundation.

also the first DCM to many Key Clubbers.

This is a really great cause and a really

During this DCM we went over Club roll,

fun event; everyone should definitely try

had an ice breaker that was capture the

to go. If your club hasn’t signed up yet,

flag, had a watermelon contest, and lastly

ask your projects advisor to do so

even a water-balloon fight!

quickly! *May DCM May 21 @ Lomita Kiwanis

division woke up at the dust of dawn to

Hall (24822 Narbonne Ave) 11am-1pm.

come to this event, many of us woke up

This is right after testing and will be a

and came to the mall Promenade to be

time to relax and relieve stress with all

shuttled down to the race start. When we

your other fellow key clubbers. Games

got there we were immediately assigned

will be played and food and drinks will be

different shifts such as shirt distribution,

provided for a price. *OTC, Date TBA. A training conference

water stations, and even timers! This

for all officers and anyone else who

event was a success!

wants to learn more about Key Club is

Future Events: -Banquets *North Key Club June 11 @ North High in Saxon Hall 5pm-8pm. All of 19 South -

caring character building


During this event Key Clubbers from the

medal distribution, food distribution,


people are walking they earn money for a

Ramon’s First DCM of the term! This was

*PV Marathon May 14, 5am-3pm.


welcome to come to this wonderful educational event. *June DCM more information will be revealed as time grows closer. TBA:

“A bunny usually comes out of a hole. I, like bunnies, come out of them whenever I’m needed to serve my community. The community is a carrot and I will finish what I’ve started” -Mark Florendo

When and where.

2 2


Partyin’, Partyin’, Yeah!

Summer Socials! Summer is here! School is out and it’s finally time to party and live life to the fullest! But just because its summer it doesn’t mean Key Club comes to an end! Oh no! Key Club is year round! Over the summer we plan to have a lot more socials and fun events because there is no school! Our goal is to unite the division not only just the board but the members too! We want everyone to be as close as family. As a family we can do so much more. Socials such as: -Beach hangouts -Bonfires! -collaboration DCMs! -Talent Pageants! -Beach Clean ups -Ice Skating -Broomball -And more TBA! We are planning to have fundraisers in the summer to raise money for PTP, MEP, And to increase our divisional funds to have more variety of food at DCMs, more material goods, and everything else! With more funds we will be able to further resolve conflicts and help those in need. Fundraisers such as: -Lemonade stands -Car washes -Beach party -Dances! -And so much more TBA. SUMMER IS ALMOST HERE



“The world record for time without sleep is 264hours (11days)!” Anyone want to attempt to break this record at an awake-a-thon?

“Kissing is actually healthier than shaking someone’s hand!”

Congratulations Club of the Month: -North Torrance Member of the month: -Long Tran (North Torrance) Most hours per school: - Long Tran(North Torrance):42Hrs - Julia Tang(Redondo Union):13Hrs - Erin Anderson(Mira Costa):7Hrs -Antonio Avina(Carson):9hrs -


Club Hours: -Redondo Union: 76.5hrs -North Torrance: 405hrs -Mira Costa: 25hrs -Carson: 65hrs

(Mira Costa Fundraiser)

“I’ve met people who have changed my life and the feeling of volunteering is amazing” -Grace Arce

“Key Club is like an arrow, pointing people in the right direction of endless.” -Minh Vu

(Bunch of North Key Clubbers hanging out on the beach)

“Volunteers don’t get paid, not because there worthless, but because they’re priceless.” -Sherry Anderson



3 3

We Only Part To Meet Again… Helloooo D19S! It has been a great year with you all. I am so glad to be part of such an awesome division that never fails to stand out from the crowd. From our hot pink shirts to our cute bunny ears on our head, we are by far the most beastly out of the district. Being a beastie bunny for the past four years has been a pleasure and honor. I hope you all never lose touch with your bunny spirit and Key Club passion. It’s amazing how active and involve everyone in the division is and I truly admire your dedication. Special thanks to Michelle Kim for being the best LTG I’ve met yet. Without her kindness and help, I would be so lost in the division. L-O-V-E! WE LOVE OUR LTG! <3 on behalf of West High Key Club, I would like to thank you for the best memories and friendships. -Michelle Trinh WHS President D19S Represent! It’s been awesome serving my RUHS club and this division as secretary, vice president, and president. I never thought I’d make so many friends from other schools but here I am somewhat broken out of the shell that is Redondo Beach. I’m really sad to be leaving Key Club and can only hope that Circle K is half as awesome as this experience has been. The division is in very capable hands and I expect to hear soon about our division buying the most LTGs at Fall Rally and winning the spirit stick! Bunnies let them hear us scream! S

O U T H 19!! -Matt Louis RUHS President D19S! Wow it’s been quite a year hasn’t it? Countless service events, mostly DCMs, Almost getting that spirit stick at Fall Rally, and last, but of course not least, DCON. It’s been a blast meeting new people from the Beastie Bunny Division, and bonding with the ones I’ve previously met last year. I, personally, am proud to be part of D19S. We’ve got the spirit, we’ve got the service, and we’ve got a lot of people! *ahem*NORTH*ahem* I kid! But what I’m not kidding about is that D19S is like a second family to me. And the fact that I have to leave this beautiful family is something I can’t get a grasp on. Always will I be a Key Clubber. Always will I be a member of CNH. And Always I will be a Beastie Bunny. Before I finish off this sappy, corny, good-bye, I want to give a shout-out to the previous LTG Michelle Kim. Thank you so much for all you done for this club, and for all the rides you gave me. Also to Jenny Nguyen, one of the most Amazing Key Clubbers I met this school year. And to the new LTG Ramen! Ramen, I’ve seen you grow in two years, and looking at the now, I am so proud of what you’ve been able to accomplish. You’ll lead D19s to go a buzz and beeyond! Okay, I guess this does for my good-bye letter… ill come try to visit

“Goodbyes are not forever, goodbyes are not the end they simply mean I’ll miss you till we meet again”

Final words from…

Greetings Bunnies, I treasure every memory I created this year thanks to each and everyone one of you! I bid you all one last farewell, but I rest assured knowing that you are in Ramon’s hands. Fortunately, I made amazing new friends from schools all over the South Bay, learned other schools’ traditions, and became humble by how amazing everyone is. I apologize for all my awkward games, but I hope you were able to enjoy quality time with other Key Clubbers. Compared to the other divisions, we are the Beastliest and Cutest! Although I dread the very thought of leaving Key Club forever, I hope that everyone stays active and does not forget their passions for service. How do I feel? I feel extremely blessed to have met you. To all my underclassmen friends, good luck and try not to procrastinate at least once a month. Juniors, please finish college applications during the summer. Seniors, congratulations and “If you live to be 100, I hope to live to be 100 minus 1 day, so I never have to live without you”-Winnie the Pooh Michelle Kim 2010-2011 Lt. Governor

Zhihui Ong Divisional News Editor (310) 619 6674 4

when I can! -Tyler Nutsathiya Narbonne Cheer Master. Hey D19S! How was your year? Man it’s been so much fun and so successful. We ought to be so proud of ourselves and of course, our IP LTG Michelle. On behalf of North Key Club I want to thank each and every one of you for being so hardworking, inspiring and friendly towards one another. We’ve all come to be close friends; and even act as if we all attended the same school! We really are one of a kind: the spirit, the people, and the mascot! I know we’re all proud to be beastie bunnies and it’s definitely been an unforgettable experience. Be sure to help out Ramon and our new club presidents. Show new D19s members how awesome Beastie Bunnies really are! There’s no doubt in my mind that our division will be the best out there! On behalf of all seniors I will miss all of you. And good luck next year and the years to come! Never ever forget us! Keep up the Key Club spirit and be successful! How do you feel?! -Carlo Farrales North Torrance Historian

2011-2012 Club Presidents:

Vanessa Magula Bishop Montgomery Liezel Manalo Carson Rachel Weiner Mira Costa Joyce Cho Nathaniel Narbonne Minh Vu North (Torrance) Catherin Yoon Palos Verdes Peninsula Theodore Nguyen Julia Tang Redondo Union Elizabeth Do San Pedro Rachel Yoo West (Torrance)



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