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Zhihan Zhao was born and raised in Shenyang,in the northeast of China. She received her bachelor of Architecture from Hefei University of Technology in 2013. During her senior year, she worked in Shanghai , contributing to design of commercial and residential buildings. Zhihan’s idea of Architecture is that it should care about people’s feelings inside of the space and coordinate with the context around it. Focusing on finding a way to combine people with Architecture,buildings with the environment, Zhihan took part in several competitions and won several awards. She is currently a graduate student at the UCLA Architecture Department, studying in Frank Gehry Studio.



Honorable Mention ArchMedium ( Hosted by University of Barcelona, worldwide competition) Project: Paris Market Lab (teamwork)

University of California , Los Angeles ( UCLA) Architecture&Urban Design Department, SUPRASTUDIO Master of Architecture 2013-2014 Frank Gehry& Gehry Partners Studio

Honorable Mention National Outstanding Architectural Assignment( Hosted by National Architecture Committee) Project: Measuring&Drawing of Historical Temple (teamwork)

Hefei University of Technology (abbr. HFUT),China School of Architecture&Art Bachelor of Architecture, 2008-2013


China Shanghai Architectural Design&Research Institute (Jul.-Sept. 2011 Aug.-Nov. 2012) Advisor: Mr. Yan, Director of No.5 department Accomplishment Design of Kingdergarden and Commercial Building in Longsheng Residential Garden, Shenyang Concept Design of History Museum in Gongwang Huang Park, Wenzhou Concept Design of Argriculture Market, Meishan (teamwork) Planning Design of Shuangde Plaza in New District, Lanzhou (teamwork) HFUT Urban Design&Research Institute ( April-July, 2012) Advisor: Prof. Xu Accomplishment Research and Urban Design of Chenghuang Temple Commercial District

Dean's List ( Hefei University of Technology) Nov.2010

Leaderships& Activities

Activities Scholar 2008-2009 2009-2010

Vice President of Student Union School of Architecture&Arts , 2009-2010

Host of New Year evening Party School of Architecture&Arts , 2009/2010

Professional Software skills

Rhino/Grasshopper/Ecotech/Maya Auto CAD /Sketch Up /Vray /Atlantis Photoshop/ InDesign/ Illustrator Microoffice Powerpoint/Word


Moveable House In The Future [Flexible Space inside] Type: Studio Individual Work Tutor: Craig Webb, Dennis Sheldon, Kiduck Kim Project duration: 10 weeks Year: 2013-2014 winter quarter

While the wall is rotating, the programe is changeing. In day time, people can open up the bedroom space to afford high capcity of the house, especially for party use. At night, people can close the bedroom and enjoy private space.

House in the Future MOVEABLE

The project explores the logical form making process trough multiple means of technologies. I started the design of home of the future with motion sensors to create a moveable house. The house will change the program depends on different situation. Making the flexible space, the house makes people's live quality and efficent.

Bedroom Bedroom

Livingroom Livingroom




Inspired by the system or gear, I came up the geometry of there circle orbits. Each orbit has a piece of wall which can rotate around its centre. Use the space they plus or subtract with each othen, then chose several program that is the most comfortable for people to live. Technology SERVO/PROCESSING/ARDUINO/TOUCH OSC



After the rotating interior walls, I started to consider about the roof system, another important part of the moveable house. It's like a fan which can open and close depends on the daylight and rainfalls.

Stop motion

1st Fan roof

2nd Fan roof

step 1


step 2

step 3

step 4

step 5

step 6

step 7

step 8


The space between the interior wall with exterior roof provides the most possibilities of a house.The light leaves beautiful shadow on the curve walls. From inside or outside, the language of the house make people feel fresh and curious.

This project investigates the operation of multioperational sequences which are required to make complex assemblies.We consider the composite assembly of sheet materials as automatic processes, and propose our own robotic sequences for multimaterial construction.

The Automated Assembly of Polyvalence Multioperational furniture Type: Tech Seminor Project duration: 8 weeks Year: 2014 Partner: Sining Wang / Meryem Gurel Part of my work: Concept Modeling Robot Operation



Market Lab in Paris [Reconstrution of a resturant] Honorable Mention Type: Competition work Tutor: Mr. Wang Project duration: 4 weeks Year: 2012 Partner: Yang Yi , Wang Chenxue, Hu Di Part of my job: Concept, Modeling, Background Research

In this proposal, we try to preserve the original exterior part of the build-ing while renewing its structure so that it’s sustainable and could still be in harmony with the surroundings. At the same time, the interior experience is supposed to be promoted by a newly inserted mass of glass and a corridor we create for passers-by.

With modern materials like glass and steel presented together with the original facade, a senario of dramatic conflict is revealed, while the transparency minimizes the impact brought to the surroundings. When it’s used as classrooms, it meets with the lightening requirements and students can inspect every organ in the restaurant through the glass; When it’s used as kitchens, customers can see exactly how their dinners are created. People can see famous spot of Paris right through the huge windows, which makes a visit to the Market Lab a feast for the eye as well as for the gustation.

paris, france walk-through getting involved

beijing, china see-through establishing

HERE! a metaphor a feast to enjoy!



Mass generation analysis

1 st Floor Plan

Step 1

Step 3

Step 2


Mass of glass

B1 Floor


2nd Floor

3rd Floor

4th Floor

5th Floor




diagram of the exploded structure

A roof B Bar C Stairs D original facade E restrooms F Kitchens G stores H Salons J Auditorium K Classrooms L Colonnade



Chenghuang Temple Urban Design [Listen to the history: respect&communication] Type: Studio work+ Parctical work Tutor: Prof. Xu Project duration: 8 weeks Year: 2012 Partner: Yang Yi Hudi Part of my work: Concept Modeling Rendering

Anhui Province is in the middle of China which has its own style of architecture called HUI style. It's also a kind of architecture stand for Chinese tradition. The simbol of the type is a rectangle yard surround by walls. They were buid for defendence and created a family circumestance.

Anhui Province

Center of Hefei

HUI STYLE ... 32

The site of the project is located in Anhui Province, China. Hefei is the capital of the Anhui . Chenghuang Temple is the district with its dozens of years history. People came here to purchase daily products and spent weekends with their family. Without management for years, Chenghuang Temple became to be a retail commercial market which has a bad sanitation. Our work aims to solve the problem of sanitation and management.

Chenghuang Temple District


6:00 8:00 10:00 12:00 14:00 16:00 18:00 20:00 22:00 24:00

Shopping mall Hotel Entertainment Transportation

Residential Bolck

Green Belt




Function Analysis


Main Street

Cutuarl and Educational





Rest ARea Restaurant Retail market

Shopping mall

Shopping mall Toursim

Rest ARea

Toursim Restaurant


Retail market


Functional Transformation Reservation



Master paln




R e co rd i n g to t h e s i t u a t i o n o f t h e architecture,most of them are old and useless.

Some of them are historic architecture which are remained well.

most of them are huge building and have a good connection with the city.

Relax and enjoy the time


Listen to the city's history

Shopping or Stay for a while


Differencese between 3 space

Can't stay for long Especially there's a peak time for customers.

Stay for long The space is limited and unchangeable.

Communication and Stay both exist.

Main Axis From North to South

Tourism Circulation


Main Axis From East to West

Centre Plaza


historic Building


Green Belt

Commercial Building

Cuiture Building

Tower Plaza saction

Pedestrian street saction

Historic Buildings Commercil&Culture Buildings

Green Belt

Road network

Reminding Residential buildings

Theatre saction



Urban Complex [Huainan Commercial Design] Type: Team work Tutor: Pro Su Project duration: 8 weeks Year: 2013 Partner: Miaoyi Wu Part of my job: Concept, Modeling, Drawing

Prevalent Wind Analysis

Shadow Analysis

The site locates in Huainan , Anhui. One hour-drive away from Hefei, the capital city of Anhui The project is a commercial complex to satisfy the civil use and increace the economic rate. Also, there is a terminal of public transportation nearby the site, which brings a chanllenge about dealing with the connection between the building with the city.

Site Analysis

Functional connection


Administration Office

Business Area

Retail Stores

Residential Area


Main Floor Plan 40 46

41 47

Pedestrian Entrance

Ground Floor Circulation

Terrance Circulation

Main Lobby

Section A-A





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