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Hello I'm Zheren Zheng, coming from China. I graduated with a Bachelor degree in Industrial Design, Engineering Route at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada. I love sketching and making models.

And now I am looking for a new challenge.



Industrial Designer at One Two Six Design Inc.

Internship in Ron Wickman Architect

I worked as an industrial designer in One Two Six Design Inc. since October 2017. One Two Six Design is a Canadian industrial design studio, located in Edmonton that helps guide businesses through product development cycles.My job is to develop ideas from initial concept to final production. My work includes market research, concepts sketchings, preparing presentations and design documents, meeting with the clients, 3D modeling, rendering, 3D printing, making models and prototypes.

I had an internship with Ron Wickman, an Architect who focus on accessibility design. I have learned and helped Ron to design accessibility architecture project. I have also designed a gazebo for Stony Plain Multi-generation community. This design is for the “Free lab� held by University of Dalhousie School of Architecture. The gazebo will be built next year.

CITY OF EDMONTON EVENT STRUCTURES Completed in 2017 Design project for City of Edmonton Group member: Jayleen Wilke, Zheren Zheng, Chris Carline, Hannah Mousek, Vina Sun

Project Overview Market Hut As a winter city, The City of Edmonton and the people who reside within it must find a way to adapt to the environment. WinterCity Edmonton was introduced to do just that. As a City of Edmonton initiative their goal is to create a love for winter by embracing the prominent winter climate that we regularly encounter. Winter festivals ­and markets are just one way they’re going about accomplishing these goals. Festivals and markets, which are predominantly associated with summer, are now becoming a common winter activity for Edmontonians to be a part of. These festivals and markets require the proper elements in order to be successful. Currently WinterCity Edmonton utilizes market shacks to house vendors and other participants during these festivals and markets. However, the existing shacks are not accomplishing the needs required by the people involved. Working alongside WinterCity Edmonton and The City of Edmonton we have been tasked to design an event structure which will function within the context of Edmonton during our cold winter months and work to aid in the achievement of the WinterCity goals.

Research Stakeholders Relationship Map The first step is to analysis the relationship of the skateholders. After listing all the skateholders, the group sit together to anaylsis the relationships between each of them. The map shows the direct and the indirect relationship between each of them. This leads us to the next step which is interviewing the stakeholders.

Rental of shacks


CITY OF EDMONTON (WINTERCITY EDMONTON) In charge of delivery of shacks

Promote entrepreneurial action

organization of vendors for events

impact success of events Encourage WinterCity goals



Goods sold and bought

CONSUMERS Direct Relationship Indirect Relationship

Graphic By Hannah Mousek

Research Tranportation workers

Current Hut

Cold during the event

Damage during Transportation


Going into this project, this was one of the major complications with the existing huts as they are very difficult to transport without damaging the structures. For the previous transportation and storage, Cliff’s Towing and Gord Shepherd were the ones involved directly with the structures. We were able to get into contact with Gord to view the existing huts and hear firsthand about how the structures are handled.

Another complicaiton with this huts is from the vendors. As the winter events are been hold outside, vendors are not able to keep warm during the event. The big open space at the front of the hut are not able to keep the heat from the heater inside. The vendors might suffer from the cold more if the event is held all day in a very cold temperature.

The existing bars on the bottom of the shacks, used to pull the shacks up on to the truck bed by Cliff’s Towing, were bent and breaking out of the wood skids. Corners of the shacks were also roughed up from this process. What became aware to us at this point was the machinery required to transport these structures and how inconvenient the process was. Not only are they heavy and require a tow truck to pull them up onto a bed of a truck but they also can’t be moved once they are delivered without the use of machinery. In addition, the shacks also had weathering damage as they are large and have to be stored outside, exposing them to yearlong weather.

• Transportation should not damage huts • Shacks should focus on portability, ideally lightweight/less bulky • Shacks shouldn’t require heavy machinery to move/transport • Ideally be stored inside • Withstand weather • Raw corners are easily damaged • Having skids is a downfall • Insulated floor may help keep users feet warm • Shacks should be accessible

Research Vendors



Vendors are the ones occupying the event structures during the markets and selling their merchandise. The variety of goods sold ranges from clothing to food. They will be the ones interacting directly with the inside of the structures, which means dealing with the heating, storage, display, and lighting is related directly to this stakeholder group. We were able to get into contact with two vendors that used the existing event structures in previous winter markets, to better understand their pain points, needs, and wants.

Other research done was direct observation of vendors at Christmas craft shows. These markets were not necessarily outside, but observations made were still valuable to see different vendor displays and interaction between vendors and customers. We noticed different uses of metal grid display systems, from using them as boxes to vertical hanging grids. We also found that having varying levels of interest for displaying goods was especially effective as well as lighting to not only help light the display area but provide adequate lighting for the vendor to accomplish tasks. Another observation made was that the way the tables were set up, it allowed for easy vendor-to-vendor interaction. With having this interaction, vendors are able to communicate with each other about their craft and build relationships to strengthen the Edmonton community.

INTERVIEWS The two vendors we got in touch with were Mojo Jojo’s Pickles and Auntie Jean’s Fudge. Interviews with these vendors allowed us to verify the biggest issue that was presented to us initially, which is the heat loss dilemma. Display was also discussed as it would be beneficial to have variation in display as vendors have a range of different goods to sell and the existing display is a simple counter and nothing more. For both vendors, they had no issues with storage and would not be affected if the huts were to shrink down in size.

INSIGHTS • Heat loss is a main issue with existing shacks • Storage is less of an issue • Variation in display is an important factor to be considered for the vendors • Lighting should be considered

Research Consumers

WHO THEY ARE Consumer stakeholders include all the individuals who are attending winter festivals and are going to be interacting with vendors who are in the event structures. Our research into this group consisted of doing ethnographic research and observing the patterns and behaviours of consumers attending events that have interactions with vendors that are similar to Edmonton’s winter festivals.

OBSERVATIONS 124 Street Market Observations: 124 street market is a mid-sized market curated with quality products including local produce, freshly prepared foods, food trucks and a mix of artisan and maker goods. As a group we attended one of these markets and observed the behaviours of the customers. Firstly, we noticed that consumers were able to easily interact with the products; everything was laid out on tables which worked better for food and small items. The booths were very open and allowed for organic interactions between vendors and consumers. Physically, everybody was on the same level which puts people on equal ground and makes the entire interaction more welcoming. This welcoming feeling was also seen in how consumers interacted freely with products.

INSIGHTS It is also important to note that although consumers wanted to interact with products they didn’t always want to immediately interact with vendors until they were ready to make a purchase. Finally, we noticed that the market was fairly spread out which created a sparse feeling when fewer customers were present. Beverley Heights Craft Fair: Beverley Heights Craft Fair was a smaller craft oriented market that catered to an older consumer group. We attended one of the events and participated in the market while observing other customers behaviours. This market was much tighter in terms of physical layout. Having a tighter layout made it difficult to slowly browse vendor booths because it felt like we had to keep moving and not interrupt the flow of people. We noticed that having a variety of display types such as products being displayed at different levels or adding accessories such as lights made the vendors feel more approachable, professional, and enticing. Again, as before, the vendors were easily approachable. The layout of booths also allowed for vendors to come out from behind their booths and interact with customers if they wished to explain their product further to customers interested in purchasing them.

• If consumers feel like they can interact with products easily and on their own time they’ll feel more welcomed when approaching a vendor booth • Consumers need to feel like vendors are on equal ground and are approachable.

Design Brief

Summary Goals

Ensure event structures can be easily set up, taken down, and transported between events and storage facility.

Provide enough warmth for event structure occupants to staycomfortable in the space for at least 4 hours.

Create event structures that are desirable, accessible, and align with the Winter City goals.


Appearance The general form of our structure is a modern take on the traditional, prairie farmhouse. A high peaked roof; elongated, front profile; and combination of traditional and modern material help to reinforce traditional and modern feels. These decisions were made based on our assessment of what we found to be authentically Edmonton in the previous phase of the project. A traditional farmhouse profile was chosen because we wanted to include forms from the prairie and agricultural industries that helped Edmonton grow since it is a city that appreciates and protects its heritage. Stylistic choices such as having grey or white composite exterior paneling; frosted glass; and a high peaked roof line help to pull the structure into more modern aesthetics to reflect how Edmonton is constantly moving forward and developing. In terms of the front of the hut, we wanted to try to create a warm, welcome feeling when approaching the structure. We accomplished this by extending the outer profile of the shack to make it feel as though you, as a customer, are entering into a different, unique space when approaching the shacks. Warm, natural wood paneling on the front face of the structure adds to the welcoming feel, and again, helps to emphasis a fusion of traditional and modern ideas that make Edmonton so unique. Since the look and feel of our design takes cues from multiple eras and backgrounds, the structures will work well with a number of different market aesthetics, especially with the use of our RGB LED lighting system.

Frosted glass

Modern feeling aluminum extrusions.

Natural, warm wood.

Light grey, composite

Render by Zheren Zheng


Frame and Panels

Lightweight, modular frame and panel system, convenient to transport, and able to storage inside. Insulated panels slide into metal extrusions.

Drawing by Chris Carline



Counter height allows vendor to interact with consumer easily while sitting or standing. 28"

Window is within reach of average arm length. 36"


Drawing by Vina Sun

Render by Zheren Zheng


Display and Window

Front View

Window allows heat to be trapped or face to face interaction to occur

Top View

Drawing by Vina Sun


Modular grid hangers offer additional wall space for products. Render by Zheren Zheng



• Light is an Important Element in Winter Cities • Reflect Edmonton’s Use of RGB LEDs • Ability to Emulate WinterCity Branding

Render by Zheren Zheng

Scale Model

Modelled by Jayleen Wilke

CIGARETTE RECEPTACLE REDESIGN Completed in 2017 Group member: Yingnan Qi, Hannah Mousek,Zheren Zheng Design project for City of Edmonton

Research Interviewing & Observation

People Break the Lock, so Weld the Door Because some people break the lock at the bottom to get the cigarette inside, the City of Edmonton government has to weld the door on the body of the current cigarette receptacle. Once the door is welded, cleaning becomes a big problem.

Bigger Garbage

Vaccum & Stick

Tired Cleaner

Not only the cigarette butts are been thrown into the receptacle, other garbages like the cigarette packages are been thrown into the receptacle. Also, when it is raining or snowing, the cigarette will be full of water or ice. The cleaning process is very inefficient.

Currently, the cleaning process is to use a vacuum. It is impossible to clean the receptacle totally because the vacuum cannot reach the cigarette butts at the bottom. If some bigger garbages such as the cigarette packages stop the vacuum from sucking the butts, the cleaner has to use a stick to grab the packages.

It is very inefficient for the cleaner to carry a heavy vacuum and a stick to walk several streets to clean the cigarette receptacle.

Research Value Opportunity Analysis Value Opportunity Analysis (VOA) low



DURABILITY weather proof mount lock

SERVICEABILITY convenient (easy to clean) requires few supplies size

ERGONOMICS ease of use accessible

IMPACT environmental

AESTHETICS fits in environment potential for signage

Graph by Hannah Mousek


Sketch By Zheren Zheng

Design Solution

Once the lock is opened, the vertical piece will move down so that the bar can be pull out.

Super Secured Lock Bar For security consideration, the bar can be pull out only with the key. Even though someone break the lock to try to get the cigarette inside the receptacle, the bar cannot be pulled out so that the receptacle cannot be opened.

To make the m only melting body of the re bar go throug For security consideration, the bottom body is long enough to reach the lock part.

mount stronger, not the mount on the eceptacle, the lock gh the mount bar.

The cleaner could put the lock bar in the insert on the top of the mount part so that the cleaner do not need to hold the bar or worry about where to put it when he is cleaning. 3D Modeling by Yingnan Qi, Zheren Zheng Rendering by Zheren Zheng

1 to 1 White Model

Model by Yingnan Qi, Zheren Zheng Photograph by Zheren Zheng

Rendered by Zheren Zheng


For Hospital Waiting Lounge Completed in 2017 Design project for Canadian Obesity Summit Chosen for the presentation of 5th Canada Obesity Summit in 2017


Apple Buttock

Hard to Stands Up

Awkward Appearance

People living with obesity usually have an apple buttock. The apple buttock takes over space of the back support so that people's waist will lack support. After a long time of sitting in the hospital waiting lounge, the waist will be pain or hurt. Therefore, the space for apple buttock is necessary.

People living with obesity needs more strength to stand up due to the heavy weight. It will be harder for the people to stand up if the person's feet cannot reach underneath the chair. Therefore, the area in red must be empty for the sitting person to put their feet underneath.

In a public space, chair for people living with obesity is bigger than the normal chair. It might be awkward for the person who sits on the obesity chair. Therefore, to make the sofa for obesity people looks normal than other chair is another goal for this project.


Design Solution

36 inches wide for two people and one people living with obesity sitting Erogonomic design for obesity buttock

Space for people to stand up easier

Poesis Different arrangements and combinations of the sofas create the poesis. Different arrangements will create different feelings for people who are sitting on the sofas so that the waiting lounge in the hospital will become more dynamic.

JBL Redesign Completed in 2015 3D Printing a working prototype

Topic Redesign JBL Flip with 3D Printing

JBL Flip 1

JBL Flip 2

Different Color Version

Portable, simplcity, capability of both standing and sitting become the key features of the JBL Flip design. Different color versions provide more choices to the customers to fit their preferences. In this redesign project, these three features will be kept. The redesign focuses on how to make the speaker more interesting in terms of apperance and function.

Portability + Simplicity +


+ Sitting and Standing


Hard Plastic



Hard Plastic

Hard Plastic

Battery Indicator light

Headphone Insert Charger Insert

3D Printing The Speaker is able to function.

UI UX DESIGN Completed in 2016 Group member: William Ramsey, Jeremy Champagne, Zheren Zheng

Topic Time Management Our group chooses students as the primary stakeholders because through our research including survey and questionaires, we found this transition time to be crucial in terms of developing hebits that effect a balanced healthy lifestyle.

Design Question: How might we influence student with a method that enables them to balance their healthy lifstyle?

Meeting with Expert

Design Solution

After logging in, there are some tips from the expert for the users before planning their time.

Crunch Time automatically lin schedule through university n software reminds the users o sleep time in order to keep h

nks to the users’ network. The of planning their healthy.

Crunch Time provides a review function to the users. The users could give themselves’ behaviors reviews like done the class or skipped. The app will record the reviews for a week so that the users could look at their reviews and improve their time planning for the next week.

From the Expert meeting, we know that overplanning is a big problem for lots of students. A Caution will show up if the app sees the users’ overplanning.

In the Stats, the users are able to see their time spend in different stuff in total for a week.

Review section is inside the Stats. The users could go back and check their reviews.

Hex Side Table Furniture Design Completed in 2015

Design Features The inspiration comes from the bendable plywood. With the bendable plywood, the elegant curvy line is created. The table is formed by three same pieces of plywood, joined by a flat bottom piece underneath the pieces. Instead of hiding the three gaps between the three pieces of plywood, the edges have been chamfer and painted in white. The three white lines emphasise the construction of the table and add an elegant element at the same time. The table is finished with birch veneer. 45 cm height, 45 cm wide, 45 cm long. It is perfect to use as a coffee table of the side table.

LIFT LAMP Furniture Design Completed in 2017

Design Features Bedside lamp usually creates a warm feeling to the users. The users may need a brighter light to read some books, or need a dimmer light before they sleep. Therefore, a lamp that satisfied different brightness is suitable for a bedside lamp. The challenges of the design are how to change the brightness with a direct control system, create emotional pleasure during the user experiences, and make the lamp visually simple and elegant. The inspiration comes from the drawer with the light. Once the draw is opened, the light shows. Therefore, I design the lamp that is a cover on the light so that once the cover moves, the light will show. Designing the lamp in a standing position with a vertical movement of the cover makes the control of the cover easier to move compared to lying down.

Cover, Top and base: Walnut Light pipe: Plastic Pipe

NEST LAMP Furniture Design Completed in 2017

Design Feature The inspiration comes from the idea of playing with the shadows. The patterns are inspired by the Birds Nest Stadium in Beijing. The hollows on the cover are inspired by the Bird Nest Stadium. Once the light turns on, the pattern is reflected on the wall. The bottom has a hexagon shape. The six bars connect the bottom and the cover, support the bottom piece. The cover is made by aluminum, welded into a cylinder. The cover is painted in gray and the bottom is painted in black. The color of the cover makes the cover lighter than the bottom.

CAT IN THE FISH Furniture Design Completed in 2014 Donation to Edmonton Human Society

Inspiration Mood Board

Syndey Opera House

Beijing National Stadium

Syndey Opera House was designed by Danish Architectural designer, Joslash Utzon. He was inspired by the orange segments that has been cut. It takes 14 years to finish building it up.

It is also been known as “Bird’s Nest”. There is a

clay red bowl-like bleacher which covered by steel nets. The Birds Nest is a perfect combination of mordern steel structure design and Chinese traditional design technology such as hollow out, the grain of Chinese pottery and the traditional red. The bowel shape is approporate to cats resting place.

Design Feature Inspired by the Sydney Opera House, the shape of the cat bed has the similar tops. The body and the tops are made by baltic Birch. Inspired by the Bird Nest Stadium, the cover of the top has the similar patterns. The pattern is made by sintra, a plastic that can be shaped after heated. The overall shape looks like a fish. The shape adds humour that the cat is sleeping in the fish, therefore, we named it "Cat in the Fish".

Sketch Practice

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