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south african world cup projections

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“I think cinema, movies, and magic have always been closely associated. The very earliest people who made film were magicians.” francis ford coppola

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king’s college, cambridge


3 houses of parliment, london

- olympics 2012 celebration

the concept: magical projection shows People know cinema. They know theatre. They know magic. But until now, no one has ever merged these captivating elements before into a new kind of show: the Magic Light Projection. It breaks down artistic barriers, and creates a powerful synergy between the various art forms.

front changes colour

cards swirl around as alexis conducts them to music

2 cards appear and are spun by alexis to reveal

alexis hits the building and it crumbles away to

those picked by participants at the beginning

reveal swaying theatre


Our Guinness World Record-breaking team create and customise largescale spectacles that combine magic with light-projected animations. These projected shows are inspired by the facades that temporarily become the screens for these creations. Frequent themes include stories about the history of the building or surrounding area, which are brought to life in a variety of styles and in unexpected, imaginative ways.

Images: shots from the 1st ‘light mob’ and Guinness World Record event in Cambridge, where Alexis broke the record for the Largest Card Illusion Reveal. The theatrical and magical component is courtesy of Alexis Arts - our unique and eclectic performance artist. With his background as an illusionist, creative director, actor, dancer, shadow artist, sword-fighter and mime, he is able to interact with the projected animations in such a way that the boundary between the virtual and the real world is blurred - with things entering the screen from the real, and exiting in the opposite direction. The overall effect is a surreal experience of music, illusion, and fantastical imagery that captivates viewers. alexis throws cards in the

alexis cuts flowers with sword

air and they appear on the



alexis conducting the swirling deck of cards to music



gallery: of example projections buckingham palace, london

royal edinburgh tattoo,

york minster, uk


- the queen’s jubilee

2010 at edinburgh castle

quentin blake illustrations on senate house,

closing ceremony, south african world cup


edinburgh tattoo performance

fort st angelo, malta


gallery: of example projections saltwell towers, uk

For many more examples visit:


- e- dilli, new delhi, india

caerphilly castle, wales

houses of parliment, london

- olympics 2012 celebration

16th arab media awards in cairo 2010


king’s college, cambridge university


show options: customised especially for you

make your projection extra special with these extra options:

1. standard magic projection

record breaking

Your town/city’s chance to select one or more of its buildings to act as a temporary screen for a magic projection. Give the locals, tourists, and media something to talk about by inspiring them to visit and enjoy the chosen site in a new way - through the magic of light and illusions. We can create any imagery style (see our gallery) and accompany it with stirring music.

Go down in history by opting to have Alexis attempt another record as part of the show. Enjoy the benefits of being part of the media buzz surrounding Guinness World Records.

We can create exclusive live shows for paying audiences, or free public shows according to your preferences. above: a spotlight follows unsuspecting passers by left: alexis jumps out and they become participants in the show


2 record breaking

artists combining their skills to put on a unique show for your town


viral video We film your magic projection event and thereby create a professional viral video for people to share. Show the world how innovative your town is, and boost your social media success.

light mob Captivate passers-by with a SURPRISE magic light-projection performance in a busy, public place. We can even incorporate passers by (see left). An excellent talking point for your town/ city, and a great source of viral publicity.

product placement Showcase products within the show to advertise and raise public awareness. Particularly powerful option if combined with the viral video.


show options: customised especially for you

cinetourism benefits for cities and companies:

alexis celebrating his latest guinness world record

your city here ?

your company here?

aspirations product placement experience how it feels to break a record...

2. world record movie Your town/city’s chance to be part of a pioneering cinema extravaganza that will become a new Guinness World Record. We are considering applications for TEN lucky buildings to be used for different scenes in an extra special project of ours. We are going to create the first ever movie comprised of large-scale magical light projections. Each building / location will have its history and special qualities incorporated into its own scene, which will weave into that of the other 9 locations and create a magical narrative that connects them all together.



Embed your product/logo inside an innovative, Guinness Record Breaking movie, and benefit from this unique and powerful advertisement.

With such an innovative, groundbreaking movie, and our extensive media network, we intend to follow in the footsteps of movies like ‘The Artist’ - the silent movie that won five Oscars.

the draw of cinema: as exemplified by the festival del film locarno

imagine the extra visitors that would visit your town

/ city

thanks to the phenomena of cinetourism...


the team Alexis Arts:

Creative direction and special effects work

Illusionist and performance artist Alexis is a multi-faceted performer who combines his various skills to build surreal spectacles and stories that move and perplex the viewer.

Early life and background Alexis was born into an italian family with a strongly artistic and theatrical background. He began his on-stage career at the age of 5, acting for two years alongside the respected Italian actor, Tato Russo in Shakespeare’s ‘The Comedy of Errors’. Also at just 5, Alexis first exhibited his magical skills in an improvised section of a theatrical show. Then, a year later he started to study dance, which would later become a key component within his stage shows.

A versatile illusionist At 27, Alexis already has over 20 years of stage experience and is trained in all magical genres - from big stage illusions to close-up street magic. This makes him a highly flexible, and fearless performer.

Guinness World Record breaker During his magical variety show in 2009, ‘Night of Houdini’, Alexis broke 2 of Houdini’s records: fastest escape from a straitjacket, and fastest escape from a pair of handcuffs. Then in 2014, Alexis broke the record for the Largest Card Illusion Reveal, (see PAGE X) during his light projection show in Cambridge.

Alexis worked as the creative director for the sell-out Italian musical ‘Aladin,’ which incorporated the music of Pooh one of Italy’s most popular bands. During this time his duties included developing special effects for the show, including a flying carpet that can hold 2 people. Alexis also worked on Cartoon Network’s Ben 10 The Musical. For this, Alexis was in charge of making this well-known, other-worldly cartoon an on stage reality, and bringing the personalities of the individual alien characters to life in front of a live audience. Drawing on his magical and pyrotechnic skills, he created flame-shooting aliens, disappearance illusions, flying aliens, and quick-change stunts. In addition to such productions, Alexis has also developed special on-stage effects as the creative director for the world tour of respected Italian singer, Gigi D’Alessio.

Other achievements images above and far left:

Alexis is studying an Economics PhD in Cambridge, and researches the connection between illusion and the economy.

shots from the night of houdini show where alexis broke two guinness world records opposite page left: alexis interview on prime time italian tv



the team Ross Ashton: Architectural Projection Artist

Ross Ashton was born in Sheffield in 1961. Having trained in photography and theatre he moved to London and began to work in video and slide projection. After spending four years in Paris working with a variety of visual media, he began specialising in High Power Projection in 1992.

king’s college, cambridge with animated cell structures

His years of experience have produced an instinctive understanding of the relationship between artwork and structure, light and surface, object and subject. The size and scale of his work has led to his being commissioned for both stand-alone works and broader based large shows designed and created for national and international audiences. His specially commissioned ‘son et lumière’ have received world-wide attention. His reputation for large scale spectacular pieces mean that he has created projections as commemorations for governments around the world.


set up at london eye, embankment

westminster abbey, london

He has also collaborated with other artists and lighting designers in the production of shows from Rock & Roll to classical concerts and theatre. His expertise has also been called on for numerous film and television productions. His work has been seen by millions throughout his career and never fails to be thought provoking, moving and exhilarating.


the team other key members Toby Churchill : project manager Toby Churchill is a British entrepreneur and fellow of The Royal Society of Arts. Having studied engineering, he designed the first Lightwriter – a device that enables those who cannot speak to communicate. He then went on to set up the multi award-winning Toby Churchill Limited in 1973. He later won a number of awards including a British Design Award in 1969, a Department of Trade and Industry Export Award in 1996, and the Queen’s Award for Export in 1995 and 1996. Toby has also set up many further businesses, and has been awarded an honorary degree from The University of Bath for his achievements.

Heather Higley : communications officer Heather has a first class degree in Communication with a further background in Art and Design. She has an eclectic skill set which enables her to work effectively both with the marketing department to produce and communicate the creative visions of the project, and independently as a spokesperson for the project.


Antonia Symeonidou : project developer Antonia is an engineer with a passion for the arts. Her enthusiasm and problem solving mind assures the successful delivery of the project from inception to completion. Being an engineer and research associate, she possesses solid analytical thinking and goal-oriented action planning. Having worked in interdisciplinary projects in the UK (Cambridge University), the USA (WPI, Massachusetts) and Greece (NTUA & UOA), she is driving results through innovation in complex environments. Her work as initiative launcher ( and events coordinator ( built her creative collaboration skills.

Chiara Guida : leader of marketing team Chiara Guida has a degree in foreign languages, and has always been deeply passionate about the world of theatre. Having successfully completed a scenography course, she then secured the role of theatrical producer’s assistant. This position proved to be an invaluable learning experience and qualified her to join Alexis Arts’ team, where she has worked in the marketing department for several years. She is dedicated to maximising resources for the team and our clients.


contact us general enquiries For more info about what we can do to light up your town in a magical new way simply get in touch: email:

sponsorship enquiries For more info about how to become a sponsor or partner: call: +44 07553718099 email:



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