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Lyceum fellowship competition addressing aging and population andinsenior in NYC Lyceum fellowship competition 2015, 2015, addressing aging population senior living NYC Byliving Zhanming Steven Liu Instructor: Murali Paranandi


The Blue Marble “The Blue Marble” curtain system sphere dome for community, leisure activities and recreation.

“The Blue Marble” sphere dome will provide essential lighting, community gathering space and most importantly a green recreational space inside a skyscraper from Floor 45 to 55. Floor 45,46, 53, 54, and 55 will be headquarter/churches for different religious, it would bring enormous community value. Floor 47-52 will be afforested green recreational area and garden. The Dome is made by curtain wall panels and mullions and structurally attached to the floor slab. With the light from both central elevator glass core and direct exterior gain, the sphere will be the core of the new Empire State Building.

Empire State building Programing for Senior living

5 Programs for a better community: 1. Entertainment Leisure activities, community, recreational spaces. 2. Spouses loss Got relocated to a new environment 3. Group care Race, sexual orientation and income, including personal freedom and identity 4. Work opportunities To pay the rent and fulfill the spare time 5. Medical facilities A must have for the different conditions of seniors

Things Seniors value: • Private • Social communication • Flexibility • Clear circulation • Security • Easy to use • Visual & Sound • Stylistically similar (not confusing)

Aging Cities’ • Advantage: Offer community, low- impact exercise, local cultural options, social and political groups and a concentration of goods and services. •

Disadvantages: Not much green space, recreational spaces limited, not relaxing, noise, traffic, not enough privacy.

Questions -Taken together, can these two problems—the aging of a city and of its people—be addressed by a single architectural solution? I believe this can be accommodated into a general solution which benefits both of the issues. -What is a new program for aging? How can new senior living models allow for reorganization of family? The entertainment of life, the medical care, working opportunities and the community building is the key programs. The inter beneficial relationship of each individual programs could inference the reorganization of family. -How can non-traditional or self-constructed family groups be accommodated? The community building program will help seniors form new families and form new communities as a whole -How would architecture facilitate a profitable post-retirement work life? By creating a ideal senior community, and put public spaces into the ESB, and also let the seniors have choices to work would probably make this whole program profitable. -How can retirees remain an integrated and vibrant part of society? We need the interactions to outside of the building, especially by outside joining in and inside coming out. In the work opportunities program and putting some facilities like school or public library would help ESB and seniors become part of the society.

Detail of the Blue Marble and Elevator Core The Dome is made by curtain wall panels and mullions. It is structurally supported by the building and attached to Floor 45 to 55. The mullions are attached to the floor board on each level. The elevator core is not load bearing, so the 6� glazed walls can provide lighting as for the middle part of the building. It is basically an light well inside the . With the better lighting condition on the inner part of the building, the land value would increase for all the floors. The elevator core basically conduct light from the glazed roof and direct light from each floor into the Blue Marble and below.

Glazed Roof Glass wall elevator core

Residencial floors openings for lighting the core Direct gain from the spere

Daylight study of Elevator core and the Blue Marble Based on my study, the exterior light can just reach the Blue Marble and provide the sufficient lighting inside. As the light penetrate the top part of the building and slowly decreased, dome provided a sustain new light source and boost up lighting conditions for the lower levels that being blocked by surrounding buildings.

South Corner

Core lighting condition Experiments

North Corner

Senior Housing Units

Most Units are connected vertically like a loft within two stories. All the units are inter locking, and have direct access to daylight and ventilation. Some units are larger and more luxury, some units are more economic and shared with other people. There are also houses for different senior residences like assist living and community based living. With the different programs on different floors, each residence can have easy access to resources like library, market, medical facilities and entertainments. All the units can access to center elevators and stairs easily with a clear circulation.

Senior Housing Unit Interior Perspectives

2015 Lyceum Competition entry  

2015 Lyceum Competition entry; individual senior capstone project; December 2014

2015 Lyceum Competition entry  

2015 Lyceum Competition entry; individual senior capstone project; December 2014