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Official Newsletter of Division 38

The Star Gazer October 2013 | Volume 2 Issue 7 | Pacific Northwest District| Key Club International

Inside This IssueHello From Your LtG……..….…...…2 STAR These Dates……………………..3 The ELIMINATE Project…………...4 Key Leader…………………………………5 Seattle Sounders…….…….……………6 How Can I ELIMINATE…………….7 Monthly S.T.A.R. Points……...….…8 This Month’s S.T.A.R. Award….....9 Contribute to DCON 2014………10 Back To School-Key Club Style….12 Great 38………………………………….14 KEYp Connected……………………..15 Contact Info…………………………...16

HELLO FROM YOUR LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR! A.G. West Black Hills ~ Capital ~ North Thurston ~ Olympia ~ River Ridge ~ Shelton ~ Timberline ~ Tumwater

Hello Division 38! Now that you’re clubs have at least held their first meeting, Key Club should be in full swing! Start collecting membership dues and make sure you get your first round of dues paid by November 1st (the early-bird deadline). Remember that your club needs to have at least 15 paid members to be considered an active club. If you’re club is having trouble reaching this membership level, please contact me soon so we can work something out. The earlier we get our dues paid as a division, the better seats we get at DCON 2014! After establishing at least 15 paid members, really start pushing volunteer events. We want our new and returning members to immediately dive into service so they don’t become bored and transfer into another club. Make sure your events make impact yet are still fun and exciting. Along with service projects, it’s also the time to start doing some heavy fundraising with your members. If you club wants to attend DCON this upcoming year, your club must budget enough money to do so. The Call-to-Convention will be released soon and that will disclose the official price of DCON. Finally, as we transition into longer nights staying up studying and less time for sleep, remember that this isn’t the time to stop serving our community. As the winter approaches, there is a greater need for our help and assistance. Keep persevering and I am confident that you all will do wonderful things! In Care and Service,

Kevin Zhang Kevin Zhang Division 38 Lieutenant Governor Pacific Northwest District Key Club International

Star These Dates! October Divisional Council Meeting/ Pumpkin Carving When: Saturday, October 12th Time: 12:00pm-2:00pm Where: Westside Olympia Kiwanis Garden (3839 11th Ave NW Olympia 98502) Why: Meet Key Clubbers from across the division Who: Everyone is invited! Including new and returning members. Officers (especially Presidents) are expected to attend. We will be carving pumpkins that were grown at the Olympia Kiwanis Garden. If you have carving tools, please bring them! This is a great opportunity for all new incoming members to learn more about Key Club at the divisional level. Each club will be awarded 5 STAR points for each member (10 STAR points for each officer) that attends Octobers’ DCM.

Key Club Nights with the Seattle Sounders

The Seattle Sounders have partnered with the Pacific Northwest District of Key Club International to help us in our efforts in fundraising for the ELIMINATE Project. They have reserved spots for us just at one last game that is now SOLD OUT‌ the game against the LA Galaxy on October 27th. The best part? Not only is 33% of the profits from each ticket going to the ELIMINATE Project, each ticket is sold to us for a reduced price of only $18 (regular tickets cost $22/ticket).

Available Game: Final Chance: October 27th LA Galaxy vs. Seattle Sounders @ CenturyLink Field (Game Starts at 6:00 PM)

Purchase link: EN&team=seattlemls&owner=244&group=586&err=&event= &customerID= Enter Special offer code: KEY CLUB **NOTE: you have to have an account or make one to purchase tickets

What will we do?  Support the ELIMINATE project by purchasing ELIMINATE T-shirts and lanyards at Seattle Rally!  Attend a Seattle Sounder FC soccer game (see page 8 for more info).

What is the ELIMINATE Project? The Eliminate Project is a joint project with Kiwanis and UNICEF to internationally terminate MNT.

What is MNT? MNT is caused when tetanus spores, found in soil everywhere, come into contact with open cuts during childbirth. The disease strikes the poorest of the poor, the geographically hard to reach and those without health care.

Who suffers from MNT? In 30 countries around the world, maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT) can quickly turn the joy of childbirth into tragedy. MNT kills one baby every nine minutes. Its effects are excruciating– tiny newborns suffer repeated, painful convulsions and extreme sensitivity to light and touch. There is little hope of survival. And tetanus kills mothers too.

How Can I ELIMINATE? Trick of Treat for UNICEF: -All funds from Trick of Treat for UNICEF will go DIRECTLY to the ELIMINATE Project -Clubs that raise over $250 will receive a special banner patch - Link for more info:

Other Fall fundraiser ideas: -Pumpkin smash -Host a penny drive -Organize a benefit concert -Rake leaves for donations -Host a haunted house -Hold an apple-dunking contest and charge admission - Organize a spooky trivia night

Contribute to DCON 2014 A message from Convention Aide, Cleo Tsang: Hello! Thanks for showing an interest in contributing the DCON 2014! If you’re reading this right now, it means that you want to help design the logo. There are four things you can design: 1. Logo for the pin 2. T-Shirt Design 3. Logo for the bag 4. Logo for the lanyard Keep in mind, that all four components can have the same design/logo. You can choose to submit either all or just one component. Each design must include the following things in the image and the bolded items mean they are only applicable to the pin:  The words “Pacific Northwest” or “PNW”  The words “65th Annual DCON” or “65th Annual District Convention”  The theme name!  Coordinate according to the chosen theme  A moose  The words “Key Club” (this is optional, but preferred) If you decided you are interested, please either Facebook message Cleo Tsang, or email me at so you can receive the theme and additional details! Here are some examples of last year’s designs:

DUE BY OCTOBER 12TH! Also needed is someone to design our divisional DCON t-shirts and pins. Please limit the t-shirt design to only 2 colors. The tshirt design and pin design don’t have to be the same. The tshirt and pin should include the following:    

The phrase “Division 38” The words “Pacific Northwest” or “PNW” The words “Key Club” A picture of our mascot (a star) incorporated into the theme (Level Up into Service)

If you or someone you know is interested in designing our Divisional t-shirt and/or pin, please have them email me ( We will vote for our final design during the October DCM.

Monthly S.T.A.R. Points How Do I get S.T.A.R. Points? S- Send me monthly club dates by filling out the form ( T- Text/email me answers to the monthly riddle and/or hidden word/phrase found in each newsletter A- Attend DCM’s, Rallies, Committee Meetings, Etc… R- Respond to emails, newsletters, surveys, and anything else I send out

How many points do I get for each S.T.A.R. Task? S- 40 points for each monthly update filled out by the president. 10 additional points for emailing me pictures of your “club in action”. T- 5 points per person (officer or member) for each riddle guess (doesn’t matter whether it’s right or wrong). Additional 5 points for finding the hidden word/phrase. Email/text your answers to me. A- 5 points for each officer (3 points for each member) that attends a DCM, rally, Committee meeting, etc… R- 5 points per person that responds to my emails, newsletters, surveys, and anything else I send out. (10 points to the first person that responds) *Look out for Monthly Bonus Points* Bonus Points for the Month of September- Receive 5 points for each member that attends the September DCM

What’s in it for my club? Each month, the club with the most points from the previous month will be awarded a certificate and a “star trophy”. The club with the most “star trophies” at the end of the Key Club year will get to sit at the front of our division at DCON. Earn 5 points by answering this month’s riddle

What is it that, after you take away the whole, some still remains? *Text/Email me your riddle and answer for 5 points*

This Month’s S.T.A.R. Award Goes To…

Shelton High School


# of Awards

A.G. West Black Hills




North Thurston




River Ridge








Congratulations to Shelton High School for winning September’s S.T.A.R. Award. Not only did their club president attend September’s DCM but their Kiwanis advisor also attend… a first this year! This club has already held multiple club meetings and is on track for another successful year. Communication between the Lieutenant Governor and club has been stellar! Great job SHS and keep up the great work! With only 6 more months left until DCON, the STAR Award race is getting tighter and tighter! Get your clubs involved in the division! Did you club not win this month? Don’t give up! At the beginning of each month, the points are reset to zero and everyone once again has an equal opportunity to win an award. Remember, the club with the most number of awards (see left) by DCON 2014 will have first choice of seats within our division. Keep working hard and who knows, next month’s S.T.A.R. award might just be yours!

Shining Stars! In addition to the monthly S.T.A.R. Award, the following clubs also stood out from the rest!

Capital and Olympia High School Good job to the Key Clubs of Capital and Olympia High School for coming out to the Kiwanis Garden on September 21st to help harvest the pumpkins that will be used for this month’s DCM. Even though it was pouring rain, over 20 Key Clubbers still showed up willing to help. Along with harvesting the pumpkins, the Key Clubbers also help peel garlic cloves (used to plant even more garlic) and washed potatoes.

A Message to all Club Secretaries Hello, the magical club secretaries! DO YOU WANT TO BE FEATURED IN THE NEXT PNW SECRETARIES NEWSLETTER? The autumn edition of the Pacific Northwest Club Secretaries News will have an exclusive club secretaries highlight page. Don't miss out on this great opportunity to voice your passion for Key Club and your duties as secretary! In order to submit, please answer the following questions and email your responses to by November 1st: 1. What is your favorite part of being a member in Key Club? 2. As a club secretary, what do you find most difficult in your duties? What work do you enjoy most? 3. What task or job have you completed in your term so far which you take most pride or significance in? 4. What is the most important or most helpful piece of advice you would give to another current or future Key Club secretary? (Please attach an appropriate picture of yourself to this email in case you are featured in the newsletter) I look forward to the responses!

Hakikat Bains PNW District Secretary

Back To School… Back To Key Club Dues!

Each member must pay $12.00

USD to be consider a member of Key Club International. $5.50 goes to the PNW District and the other $6.50 goes to International. The Early Bird Deadline is November 1st. All dues are due by December 1st. Each club must have at least 15 paid members to remain active. Seating at DCON is based on how fast your club turns in their dues.

Membership Update Center! From District Treasurer, Eric Grewal: “…The Membership Update Center is now live! Make sure your advisor has set up your school’s account, and once you have the credentials, you’ll be able to use the database for member registration and dues payment”. The link to the update center is: If you encounter any problems, please let me know

Officer Resource File!


Club Building, Membership, and Reactivation Committee just released the new officer/club resource file for this year! To access these wonderful and very helpful files, download them here: Here is the unzipped version: /kYksCbkEW2

KEYp Connected

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Suggestions? Contact Division 38 editor, Briana Cruz at

Contact Information Roshni Chandwani International Trustee for PNW

Executive Board Trang Tran District Governor

Denny Lim Convention Chair

Hakikat Bains District Secretary


Eric Grewal District Treasurer

John Jay District Administrator

Sara Thomas District Editor

Tom Saunders Assistant District Administrator

Division 38

On Right: Jon Halvorson (Immediate-Past Olympia Kiwanis President)

Kevin Zhang Lieutenant Governor Cell: (360) 250-3999 Add me on Facebook!

Tran Pham Executive Assistant Cell: (360) 486-4097

Russ Carstensen Kiwanis Lieutenant Governor

Dick Rust Area Administrator

Division 38 October Newsletter  

This month's issue of the Division 38 Star Gazer includes a message from the district secretary, DCM information, the final game for the Sou...

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