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Official Newsletter of Division 38

The Star Gazer December 2013 | Volume 2 Issue 9 | Pacific Northwest District| Key Club International

Inside This IssueHello From Your LtG……..….…...…2 STAR These Dates……………………..3 Dues, Dues, and More Dues…..…..4 DCON 2014………….………….………5 Monthly S.T.A.R. Points…………….7 This Month’s S.T.A.R. Award….….8 Events for ELMINATE……..………..9 Make Your Voice Heard………..….10 November DCM Minutes…………11 Contact Info…………………………...12

HELLO FROM YOUR LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR! A.G. West Black Hills ~ Capital ~ North Thurston ~ Olympia ~ River Ridge ~ Shelton ~ Timberline ~ Tumwater

Hello Division 38! The first snowfall of the season officially marks the start of winter. As the nights get colder and the frost covers the grass in the morning, the need in our community increases. Earlier last month, I took a trip with my school to visit the local homeless shelters and outreaches in our community. The biggest thing I took away from that trip was how even though at night when it’s freezing cold outside, I still have a warm bed to come home to. But many people in our community are forced to spend their nights out in the cold. This month, I challenge each club to have one of their service events to directly help the homeless. Whether that be participating in your school can food drive or helping out at the Salvation Army, any little part you do makes a difference to the individuals on the streets. As for general divisional business, I cannot stress enough how important it is for each club to submit their dues. Get this done before you leave for break. Otherwise, your club is highly in jeopardy of being suspended by Key Club International. The process to re-activate your club is a long, lengthy, and expensive process. Therefore, don’t get your club in that situation. Pay your dues! If you’re having technical issues, let me know. Otherwise, I really expect each club to have their dues in by the end of the year. Another thing that clubs should start collecting money for is DCON 2014. The cost hasn’t really gone up from years past but it’s still to make sure you have enough funding. The next newsletter will include fundraisers for the winter season, so be on a look out for that. Don’t forget that your sponsoring Kiwanis Club will also most likely be willing to help out. I hope to see many of you at the very last DCM of the year. As we approach winter break and the holidays, take time to spend with your family and friends. But also don’t forget your impact in this community… it is much needed. Have a wonderful holiday season and great New Year and I hopefully will see all of you very soon!

In Care and Service,

Kevin Zhang Kevin Zhang Division 38 Lieutenant Governor Pacific Northwest District Key Club International

Star These Dates! December Divisional Council Meeting When: December 21st, 2013 Time: 12:00pm-1:15pm Where: TBD (Check the Divisional Facebook page and your email for updates) Why: Meet Key Clubbers from across the division Who: Everyone is invited! Including new and returning members. Officers (especially Presidents) are expected to attend. This is a great opportunity for all new incoming members to learn more about Key Club at the divisional level. Each club will be awarded 5 STAR points for each member (10 STAR points for each officer) that attends December’s DCM. Lieutenant Governor Election Rally When: Saturday, January 11th, 2014 Time: 12:00pm-1:30pm Where: Lacey Timberland Library Who: Every club needs to send 2 voting delegates. If 6 out of the 8 clubs in our division DO NOT show up, we will have to reschedule. Please save this date now and make sure your club will be represented. If you’re interested in running for LtG, I will be sending out more info later this month.

Dues, Dues, and More Dues! The deadline for dues payment passed on December 1st, 2013. The only two clubs as of December 2nd that has their dues in are Capital and Olympia. The rest of the clubs are in jeopardy for suspension. Remember that divisional seating at DCON is based on which divisions get their dues in first. Don’t have your club be the one that keeps our division seated in the back. Get your dues in! The link to the update center is: Your club faculty advisors should have already received an email with information regarding how to log into the Membership Update Center. If your club is having any issues with the MUC, let me know! Remember that in order to be considered an “active club”, you must have at least 15 paid members. IF YOU CLUB DOES NOT SUBMIT DUES BY THE END OF THIS WEEK, CLUB PRESDIENTS SHOULD EXPECT A CALL FROM ME THIS WEEKEND. Below is the most recent dues payment report as of December 2nd, 2013. I will send out an updated report each week. I have included the numbers of paid members from last year. School

Member Count

Date Paid

Past M. Count

Goal Met?

Black Hills Capital N. Thurston Olympia River Ridge Shelton Timberline Tumwater



19 22 29 99 27 20 49 47

N/A Yes N/A No N/A N/A N/A N/A

DCON 2014 Merchandise Thank you to everyone who submitted their wonderful designs for our Divisional/DCON shirts. I combined everyone’s creative ideas into one shirt that I feel represents our division well. The front of the shirt is centered around our divisional mascot, the star, who is holding a key. The slogan, “5 Star Service”, which has been used on our shirts for many years, is once again featured. The back of the shirt lists all eight clubs in our division. The shirt itself will be black while the words and pictures are gold and white. This design is yet to be finalized. Please tell me any suggestions you have. I will have the final design later this month. The estimated cost of the shirt will be between $10 and $12. Orders will begin in December and end in early January. Ask your club members for what they want to see on the shirt.

The official 2014 DCON logo:

DCON 2014 When: April 4th-6th, 2014 Where: Seattle Convention Center and the Seattle Sheraton Who: Any member can go! Incoming officers are required to go in order to receive their training. Theme: Level Up In Service

Earlier this month, I sent an email out that contained all three sections of the Call-to-Convention. I highly suggest that everyone, especially advisors, carefully read through Section A. This year, registration has changed from the years past. Not only does money have to be sent to two different locations, there are also two different steps in registering your club for DCON 2014. Please keep in mind of the separate deadlines and let me know if you have any questions. Clubs should start collecting DCON money from members shortly after Winter Break. (Earlier would be better!)

Monthly S.T.A.R. Points How Do I get S.T.A.R. Points? S- Send me monthly club dates by filling out the form ( T- Text/email me answers to the monthly riddle and/or hidden word/phrase found in each newsletter A- Attend DCM’s, Rallies, Committee Meetings, Etc… R- Respond to emails, newsletters, surveys, and anything else I send out

How many points do I get for each S.T.A.R. Task? S- 40 points for each monthly update filled out by the president. 10 additional points for emailing me pictures of your “club in action”. T- 5 points per person (officer or member) for each riddle guess (doesn’t matter whether it’s right or wrong). Additional 5 points for finding the hidden word/phrase. Email/text your answers to me. A- 5 points for each officer (3 points for each member) that attends a DCM, rally, Committee meeting, etc… R- 5 points per person that responds to my emails, newsletters, surveys, and anything else I send out. (10 points to the first person that responds) *Look out for Monthly Bonus Points* Bonus Points for the Month of December- Receive 50 points for being the first club to get in their DCON fees

What’s in it for my club? Each month, the club with the most points from the previous month will be awarded a certificate and a “star trophy”. The club with the most “star trophies” at the end of the Key Club year will get to sit at the front of our division at DCON. Earn 5 points by answering this month’s riddle

What is it that, after you take away the whole, some still remains? *Text/Email me your riddle and answer for 5 points*

This Month’s S.T.A.R. Award Goes To…

Olympia High School


# of Awards

A.G. West Black Hills




North Thurston




River Ridge








Congratulations to Olympia High School for winning November’s S.T.A.R. Award. This club has already started collecting money for District Convention. They have also been very involved this last past month with many holiday related service projects such as helping out at Christmas Forest this last past weekend and Bell Ringing for the Salvation Army. A secretary report was also submitted by the club secretary, Varshi Bachu. Communication between the Lieutenant Governor and club has been stellar! Great job OHS and keep up the great work! Did you club not win this month? Don’t give up! At the beginning of each month, the points are reset to zero and everyone once again has an equal opportunity to win an award. Remember, the club with the most number of awards (see left) by DCON 2014 will have first choice of seats within our division. Keep working hard and who knows, next month’s S.T.A.R. award might just be yours!

Events For ELIMINATE Want to have fun while supporting the ELIMINATE Project? If you answered yes, make sure to check out these upcoming events. All proceeds go towards the ELIMINATE Project!

Dance to ELMINATE Recap The Pacific Northwest District would like to give a huge thanks to all the attendees that came to the Dance to Eliminate on November 23 at Stadium High School. In one night, we raised a total of $1,401! The event would not have been successful with the support of you all, the Key Clubbers! But most of all, this event would have not been possible with the hard work and commitment from all the Stadium High School officers, faculty, and Key Clubbers. The PNW District greatly appreciates your help and contribution to the Eliminate Project! Again, thanks to those who came out to the dance, and we hope to see a great turn out in our next event for the Eliminate Project.

Let It ELIMINATE Benefit Showcase (Saturday, December 14th from 6:00pm to 8:00pm) Who’s Performing at Harambee (316 South 3rd Street Renton, WA 98057)? Kim Vallido - JRod Twins - Koncrete Movement - Pre-Order: $10 ( At the door: $12 If pre-ordering, PLEASE remember to print off your ticket and bring it on the day of the event! Check out the Facebook Event Page: dashboard_filter=calendar

Make Your Voice Heard…. Club Elections! Even though it’s only been 3 months since school has started, it’s already time to start thinking about electing next school year’s Key Club officers. Start scouting out potential candidates. Candidates should be motivated Key Clubbers that not only have shown up to many events (club and divisional) but exemplify leadership skills on a daily basis. Make sure that all candidates can attend DCON 2014. That way, they can get their mandatory officer training. Elections can take place anytime between December and February. Club presidents need to email me their election rally date, time, and place by the end of this month. That way, I can plan to attend. Here are a few things to remember for elections:  If you don’t have enough candidates for each position, make sure to first fill the President, Vice President, and Secretary positions first.  There can be NO “co-presidents”. Unless your club is over 100 members, there also shouldn’t be more than one VP.  Make sure all club members are aware of the election and that anyone can run.  Have a Kiwanis advisor present to supervise the election process.  Print out ballots ahead of time.  Ask each candidate the SAME questions.  Any club member can also ask questions.  Only PAID Key Club members can vote.  The Election Report must be mailed to LtG Kevin Zhang one day after the elections. If you have any more questions, make sure to ask me ahead of your election rally. The club president should be in charge of organizing and administering your election. If the club president is also running, another officer should step in. I am also available to help lead an election and resolve any issues that may arise during the election. If you would like to see a sample candidate’s packet, email me and I can send you a version.

November DCM Minutes

 

 

12/10/13 @ Lacey-College Starbucks

Meeting was called to order by Lieutenant Governor Kevin Zhang at 1:02 Club Elections- Needs to be held by February 15th o Club presidents need to email Kevin the results the day after o No co-presidents or co-any position o Resolve any issues the DAY OF ELECTIONS o Email Kevin with your club election date so he can attend Lieutenant Governor elections will be on January 11th from 1:00-2:30 o 2 votes per club; at least 6 clubs needs to be represented or we will reschedule Support ELIMINATE o December 14th is the showcase- only $10 Dues: Only CHS and OHS have turned it in o Deadline is December 1st o If you don’t get in your dues for at least 15 people, your club is in risk of suspension  Don’t let that happen! DCON 2014 o Joseph Vincent will be the main performer o Changed for years past: 2 parts to registration  Must call hotel directly to make reservations o Ask your sponsoring Kiwanis Club for financial help o Clubs must provide their own chaperones  1:8 ratio  Ask advisors, Kiwanians, parents  Keep in mind that your club will have to pay for the chaperones (sometimes Kiwanis will pay for Kiwanians) Club updates o Olympia: Bearzarr (raised $295… half of it will go to ELIMINATE. The other half will go to the club budget). Lots of upcoming activities/service events in December o Capital: Members attended the Key Club dance to ELIMINATE. Not very active in November. A lot more event in December Meeting Adjourned at 1:46 by Lieutenant Governor Kevin Zhang

Contact Information Executive Board

Roshni Chandwani International Trustee for PNW

Trang Tran District Governor

Denny Lim Convention Chair

Hakikat Bains District Secretary


Eric Grewal District Treasurer

John Jay District Administrator

Sara Thomas District Editor

Tom Saunders Assistant District Administrator

Division 38 Kevin Zhang Lieutenant Governor Cell: (360) 250-3999 Add me on Facebook!

On Right: Jon Halvorson (Immediate-Past Olympia Kiwanis President)

Tran Pham Executive Assistant Cell: (360) 486-4097

Russ Carstensen Dick Rust Kiwanis Lieutenant Governor Area Administrator

Division 38 December Newsletter  

This month's issue of the Division 38 Star Gazer includes an updated dues report, ways to support the ELIMINATE Project, upcoming events, an...

Division 38 December Newsletter  

This month's issue of the Division 38 Star Gazer includes an updated dues report, ways to support the ELIMINATE Project, upcoming events, an...