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The Copenhagen’s helper


Today is 11 of November, the last day of the 《Vanish》 theme exhibition. The hallway was already full of visitors. This art exhibition was hold by a great America engineer. Read to here maybe you would ask why an engineer was holding an art exhibition, perhaps the science conference more suitable for him. Probable you are right, let’s check it what’s going on in here. “Ding!” a clear and melodious ringing drag audiences to the stage. “Hello. Everybody.” A decent man walk up the stage said then “Ladies and gentlemen, thanks for coming today. As you know today is the last day of this Art of 《Vanish》 this special occasion, our great artist want to meet you guys, Let us express gratitude to our maestro--- Truman Black” “Thank you, Louise.” “Thanks” the photographers has been upwelling to Truman since he can out, the gangway was as jammed as rush hour. “Thanks a lot.” Finally Truman came to the stage. “I just want to say, I am so apprenticed you can come. I would want to thanks the people who like my works.” Truman said with excited. “We want to know why you doing this, you are an engineer.” a young reporter lifted up his microphone and asked. “I think everybody has hobbits, so do I, that’s my hobbit.” Truman pointed out the jumbo posters in his back, he kept on talking then “And suffice to say, I am just an amateur, not like host said –a maestro. I don’t think I deserve that name. Amateur is cool!” That reporter traced it “Why you named “Vanish” for this exhibition.” Chris’s eyes was revealing a when he heard it, He stiffed awhile. “Well, the idea of the name is from a girl which someone met in Denmark.” He straight up his Mic said. “Do you mind talk about it?” a blue shirt journalist squeezed out and said. “Well….” Truman screwed off this suit buttons, crouched down his body and set down on the stage, then started to rolling up his sleeves. He looked up the ceiling and said “That was a night……..” I guess now it’s the time to tell you what kind of story was happened between them! 1

Chapter 1: An unusual midnight A boy was walking out the cab under the raining night. He was wearing a very elegance black tuxedo suit, the rain flow down from his cheek. “What an odd weather?” he thought, but the rain didn’t care his feeling still dropping it even more than before, as heavy as water fall. “Oh, holy shit” He lifted his collar and speeded up his steps. “Buzz” He opened the door. The silence was around his room. He looked at the clock, the hour hand already passed the 12. He realized his roommate was down to sleep, so he walk quietly on tiptoe, turned on his leading lamp lightly and took out a camera from his pocket then browse it. ……. He was doing something on his desk, looks every careful and serious. The clock was ticking as always, “da da da.” Follows the ticking, eventually he finished his work and slipped that into an envelope. He burst off all the rubber bits on the desk, put back all the stuff which his used. “Hope I can catch you tomorrow.” He said to envelope. After that he lay down in the bed and took a deep breath, than closed his eyes aftertastes whole the dreamy journey ever. Submitted here is a story of a young man and a miracle letter. It began in one week ago, in a collage just few miles away of the Copenhagen. Chapter 2: Blue mood in the collage “Ok guys, I wonder time is up. Thanks for today. And I wish you have nice Easter holiday.” Professor David put down his chalk then said. Everybody were starting pack their books and notes with his words. “Oh sorry one more thing, our secretary already uploaded the grade of your thermodynamics examination on CampusNet in this morning. You able to check it now.” professor shouted “I am terribly sorry that come late.” “Come on. Man. It was later over than 2 mouth.” One dude was grumbling with British accent “when the Danish became counterproductive? Is that a part of Danish personality?” 2

“Perhaps, use word “responsible” that would be more appropriated.” David replied for him. “Hum, hum” He didn’t know how to defense it, turns out he said “That was an impeccable excuse, you rendered me speechless.” David was holding his handouts ready to leave “Chang, Do you know your British accent make your more hilarious?” “Don’t be so mean to an Asian guy?” Chang asked. “FYI, you are right on the edge.” said David, then he walked out the door Chang said “What that supposed to mean?” “That means “Can’t you put a sock in it.” “ha,ha” the classroom was suddenly rising to lively. That line was came out from a boy which is sit on the third row right hands near the corridor. His name is Chris. After Chris started ragging on Chang, He was curious to know which grade-rank he had, so he turned on his laptop then starting to check it. “Hey man!” Chang walked to Chris and said “What’s the plan for Easter holiday?” Chris looked Chang’s face said “no idea? Dude.” “Okay.” Chang saw Chris was busy on his laptop, “Check result?” he asked. Chris said “Yep.” then he typed his user name and password on school’s website. “Take it easy?” Chang patted Chris’s back “Come on, Buddy. Why you so care about it? Just an Arabic numeral. Holiday is beginning now.” Chris threw his eyes on him then said “I do care! Have you get it?” “Look!” Chang was holding up his figures in front of his nose. “Ha ha, I got 2. I am right on the edge as David said.” “Lucky you. Man” Chris nodded. Chris’s Brower still circling, “School’s Wi-Fi is sucks, isn’t it?” Chang was looking at screen then said. The website still wasn’t finish the loading. A girl was coming, when they were waiting. “Hey what are you looking at? IBM” Chang was really disparaged. “OH, holy mother. Anna is here. Chris” He whispered “What’s up, Medusa?” Chang given her a bitter sarcasm. She dropped her bag then hit back “So you should turn to a stone now. Don’t rolling your eyes.” 3

Chris said “I hope I can be a Michelangelo’s David, but with the underpants.” He was taking off his jacket then posed like statue David. “Oh I knew it.” Chris putted down the mouse. Chang and Anne closed to the laptop and took look it. “What hell that. -3” “Will you zip it?” Anna goggled Chang. “Blood hell. You going to kidding me! How’s possible. For Christ’s sake, they should give you pass at least.” said Chang. Anna said “it’s not help, Chang.” “Don’t worry I am not shocked.” Chris looked them “My exam-network wasn’t work smooth during the examination.” In fact Chris was care it, because everybody thinks his is the best student in that classroom. Chang echoed “Tragic! This is why I do hate online-exam. Nothing is move under the DTU’s network.” He covered his laptop and smiled it “It’s not a big deal, I would take re-exam.” Then he putting his stuff into his bag. “Don’t worry this shit will not change you status in my head, you are my idol always.” Chang looked his back moving out the door. “You said that to everybody.” Said Anna.

“You got problem” Chang turned to Anna and said. “You really an IBM. No faith on your!” After this sentence Anna took her bag and said to others “nice holiday guys, See you!” then she was leaving the classroom. Chang looked at her back and yelled “Hey stop it. IBM? What heck that? Actually I am a big fan of Apple.” Chang turned around and talking with other classmates “What a mysterious girl.” “Because you like an asshole usually.” A girl answered. “Oh Lina. That’s not fair, “At least put sweet front of it.” He asked a girl right behind Lina “am I look asshole Gabi?” 4

Gabi didn’t answers it. She just looking at the book. “Chang, Do you know how to resolve this calculus?” Gabi opened his notebook and asked “Just type into your calcUllator. Easy-peasy. It’s shouldn’t be a problem for you, Gabi.” Chang talked to her. Gabi said “But Lina and me want to know how to do it by hands and paper.” “Would you help us?” Lina demanded. Chang sat down and left up his hand put on desk, “Yes you mad me no choice. I have to get my reputation back, isn’t it?” “Oh, by the way, you asked the right guy.” Chang said with confident.

Caperer 3: Special letter In Chris’s apartment, his roommate Taaniel was going to the pick-up letters in the mailbox at downstairs like usual. Taaniel held dozen of commercial-papers. “Holy god, Danish crap Ads again.” He swore it, Then drop it into the recovery bin. “Boom” he covered the lid. “Hej, Er du Chris Ton?” A man was speaking Danish to him out of the fence. “Ahhh.” Taaniel’s head was blanked in that time, He had no idea how to deal with it, “Oh god, it’s Danish.” He mumbled. He look through at that guy, that guy also staring at him as well. But fortunately, the three words crossed Taaniel’s mind which broke this awkward scene. “Taler du englsk?” Taaniel said been less consistent. “Yes” the man said “Are you Chris Ton?” Taaniel walked forward “No, but I live with him. He is my roommate.” “Can you pass this to him?” He give Taaniel a package as an envelope size. “No problem.” “Thanks” then he walked away. “Lucky you, Chris.” Taaniel looked the envelope up and down and said “I should back to Danish class, probably. “Taler du englsk” won’t enough at one day ” * 5

Before long, Chris was home. “Hey buddy, How’s going.” Tanniel turned off the TV and asked, but Chris wasn’t want to answer him. Chris took off his jacket said “Not bad. Except my thermodynamics flunked.”


“Oh, sorry, that’s not cool. Ok,” Taaniel said “Okay, knock it off. That’s not the point of today. Do you know something happened today?”Taaniel jumped up from coach. Chris didn’t understand it precisely, he was scratching his hair then said “What? I didn’t get it. Come again” “Got powerful friend. Don’t ya?” Taaniel shook up his eyebrows, then pointed reading-desk to Chris. “You got a letter from Royal palace.” “What are you talking about? Today isn’t April fool’s day.” Chris peered him and said. Chris moved to desk and took up the envelope. That was a white surface envelope, touched little bit roughly like made by kraft paper. A big red mark “Amalienbog” is in the top of the envelope and a shiny plum wax is in the back-side, “My my. I guess the mailman are posted on worry place, Taaniel.” “I don’t think so.” Taaniel dwelled on each word. “Maybe, there is another guy named Chris Ton.” Said Chris. Taaniel recalled the image of that man in the head. After Chris asked about it. “No way, that man aren’t a postman. No any relevance with it.” Chris also had not cue about it. He thought “Why that come to me” “Okay, it’s not delivered by a postman. I don’t know who is he, but I saw his two shoulder knots has a crown on it.” This letter like a bottle of wine diffusing the fragrance inpouring Chris’s brain. “okey, what hell.” Chris made his mind He use a paper cutter separated the wax very carefully, then he opened envelope and took out the paper. That is a faint light yellow paper with hazy golden spots. Taaniel couldn’t wait anymore. He said “Tell me what the content about?” “Take it easy, maybe is a prank.” Chris said. “I hardly doubt it. Anyway tell me what that said?” said Taaniel.


“Sure “Chris opened the letter and read it “Dear Chris Ton: Her majesty the queen has asked me to thank your kind letter and the paintings. The queen every appreciated you thought for her.” “Amazing! Chris, that’s mean?”Taaniel asked. “Oh look, that has an invitation enclosed, Chris wondered. “It’s about her Thursday Art Salon.” After He looked over it. “Are you serious right now?”Taaniel get closed to him. Chris showed letter to Taaniel “No kidding! Man, every words was written down here.” “Yep, I can see, Thursday 3 p.m. At Christian IX palace.” Taaniel took over the letter and envelope, looking over and over again, and then he said “This is reliable. You should go. Nothing can stand this up.” Tannial lifted up the invitation “So do I.” “Look this type, this paper, this wax, it’s a noble style.”Taanial said. “Am I dreaming? How is possible? Oh Jesus, I remember it,” Chris tap his forehead “I was painted a few of portraitures for her and her family, it was a gift for her anniversary of 41 years on the throne. Look my memory, I didn’t know she would reply me a letter. ” “Wow, she is really nice, Should I go and meet her.” “Absolutely” Chris talked in the heart. Chris sat on the chair and said “I was consider to go, but firstly “If you need find an official suit. I wonder I can do this favor for you.”Taanial beat his chest said. Chapter 4: Farewell party In the 120 miles away, a college was holding a party. That tableau was very lovely, but it is hard to see girls around table and chat with entertainment news or boys team up and play foosball. In there you only can see someone sitting together drinking and talking. Anyway, the weird atmosphere was filling in the room. “Ok, I want to say something tonight. Even I am not good at speech.” A red T-shit guy go forward and said then “Monika, would you mind turn down music little bit?’ He moved over a chair, stand right up there and said then. “Hej, guys someone need a moment.” the bass player said thought Mic. 8

“Ok. Thanks, today I want to say I do despise this farewell-party, because I love you guys” Everyone was kept quiet for him. But he still said aloud “I don’t want to say goodbye to you, but I have to. Anyway you let me remember the most beautiful thing on this planet, it’s ours wonderful moment and long-live friendship. I don’t know you believe destiny or not, but I do, this is why we can be here. I want to behalf all the students say thank you Norfyns Art School to let us know each other.” The claps like waves surged to him when he was finished. You also can hear many students bellowed out “Hear, hear.” He walk to his spot and open a beer “what’s up Mariia.” Mariia shook his arm and said “so touching. Janos” “Yeah it’s hard to say ‘Farvel’ isn’t it?” Janos spoke the most rudimentary form of the Danish word to Mariia. She took a sip “Maybe” said she. “When you come back to Ukraine?” Janos was holding his bear and said “Alex and I leaves at tomorrow afternoon. How about you Janos?” asked Mariia. “Keiu, Maret and I would leave Denmark for Tallinn after 2 days.” “Okay should we cut it, I going to miss you now?” Signem said sorrowfully. At this time a girl walked to them, she had brown hair, a high-arched nose fit under her azure eyes, she was wearing a white ornamental sweater and a magenta trousers, a simple casual shoes with her. Everything was extremely normal, but on for herself all the stuff was just precisely right. “Hey, what are you taking to?” she asked. “Oh, Ulla, you are there, Take a seat.” Janos bring a chair over gentlemanly. Then he said “We are talking our go-home plan. Signem just had blue mood. Where your go home?” “I guess I have to wait a while” “Why?” Signem said “Because My train was been delayed.” In the meantime her phone was ringing, “Sorry, I have a phone call.” After that phone call, Ulla wasn’t go back to party. Oppositely, she ran to her room and checked her E-mail because she cannot believe her own ears, 9

Ulla questioned herself: this really happened? I don’t believe it, what a night! The truth is always truth, actions speak louder than words. After saw her Email Ulla still hard to faith it. She even used cold water to wash her face in bathroom. She covered her mouth and twittered “Oh My god, I am going to meet Danish queen.”

Chapter 5: The Art salon The time went by as the flowing water. That great occasion didn’t keep them wait so long. “Ok, it’s your closet now. Take whichever you want.” Taaniel opened his closet said. “Thank you, buddy.” Chris watched a dozen of suits then he asked “why you have so many suits?” “As the older saying ‘the tailor makes the man’.” Taaniel said with pride Chris take one out of the closet, he flipped the tag, jested him then. “Hum, I can see the H&M makes yours.” “That is the spirit.” Taaniel pointed it. “You should always come by H&M. Sometime that price just make themselves like your private tailor.” “I don’t think I need suit up always.” Chris was beginning try clothes on. “Whatever, anyway, it is man stuff.” Taaniel said. Afterwards, He put on his earphone and volume up it, then opened a book and read it later on. * Out of the apartment, the weather was nice, sky was radiant and enchanting, the breeze was blowing the city softly, and the wind was speaking like the old violin. Under that climate, several people were walking in the Service Department of Royal.


“Good afternoon. I am Inge, the secretary of her majesty.” A young lady greeted them in the lobby. “Good afternoon” “All right, I understand you’re feeling right now, but before you through that door, I need to heads-up you something.” She said and point to that white door which is mounted golden filigrees and onyx handle. Everybody agreed “Sure. “. “My office this way. Shall we?” Lady said. * “Hi, Your grace,it is a big honor to meet you” Chris looked at the mirror and shaking his head. “No no” “It should be, Hello, your majesty, it is a big pleasure to meet you.” 11

“No.” Chris was against himself again. “Maybe “big honor” more official.” “Are you done? Maestro” Taaniel’s voice passed over the door. “Almost there.” Chris tied up then open the door. “Wow, what a splendid! You need a company.” Taaniel wondered. “but,but…..” “What’s the problem?” Chris saw Taaniel was twisting his mouth. Taaniel stared his tie said, “It might be make you more dashing if you change that tie to bow -tie.” “I am not for wedding, man.” Taaniel put down his book said “Trust me, it’s much bigger than your wedding party, be extremely official, Please.” Chris retied his tie then said “you look more care about than me about this meeting, don’t you?” “I was wish I can behalf you to attend this salon.” Taaniel walked forward a bit and said. “I need to make sure my roommate look exactly like a gentleman who belongs that place. Don’t be apathetic. You are going to meet queen, not going to a night club.” Chris tipped up bow-tie and said “how about now?” “Perfect.” Taaniel thumbed up. Chris turn back to mirror check again. Standing in front of the mirror and looking himself, he felt nothing is change, there still are same one reflexed from mirror. People’s live always with the fabulous events. He feel excited and scared, those two conflicted minds against each other, he asked himself: What should I say when I meet the queen? Will I make some absurd during the Salon? How can I handle if queen give me a present? * “All in all, many questions around him. Worry wasn’t helpful obviously. It’s time to make this adventure beginning.” Truman said. “What his felt by then?” The words slipped out of an audience. Truman was touching his chin, “Well, I don’t know how to describe it.” “Did he felt anxious?” “No, I guess he was overwhelmed.” Then Truman was keep on talking. 12

Chapter 6: Meet with the Queen Half hour later, Chris arrived his destination ---- an octagonal square. He saw a magnificent building that is Christian IX palace. The sun was washing the eaves of the palace, you can see six huge marble pillars are standing in front of the balcony. Behind the palace, there has a dazzling fountain. Every inch scene was delighted and serene. Chris didn’t have time to enjoy it, he have to move to inside before the salon start. Cross the gate a royal guardsman stopped him, He is very tall and strong, he said solemnly “Hvis gyldig legitimation.” (EN: Show your valid identification, please.) “Oh, here” Chris handed over his invitation. That guardsman took over and scan it on his mobile security device. “Bee. “The green light up on the gate. “Tak vaersgo.” The guard said Danish (EN: Thanks Here you go) “Tak.” Said Chris. Then he walked to inside. A madam with the glasses was saw him. She recognized he is Chris, “Hello Mr. Ton, Nice to meet you.” She walked forward and said. “Oh, Hi” Chris buzzed, “Who is she?” Chris was trying occur to her name. Chris recalled his letter but he wasn’t sure. “Hi, you are Mrs. Riman? Aren’t you?” He said. Mrs.Riman smile it “Yes, I am. Nice to meet you Mr. Ton.” “Thanks for your kindness letter.” said Chris. Then Mrs.Riman said “Oh, thanks, I just follow the order. They are waiting for you.” “Oh really?!” “This way. please.” Chris didn’t know why he felt not so stress since he came in, he even felt more relax when he was fitting clothes in the home. The door was opening. “Oh, hello, you are here, Mr. Ton.” A fair old lady was turning around and look at her. She has a fairness face, even her overs seventy years old but you can’t see so much wrinkle on her face. She was wearing a slim buff dress. A brooch was pinning on her tops, it made 13

her more nobleness. Chris’s heart was going to split. He didn’t know why his eyes can’t look up her, “God, Can you believe it, really is her, and she just few meters away from me.” Chris yelled at his heart. That old lady is the great monarch of Denmark. There had a few people set in sofa and looked to him. “Okay don’t panic you can work it out.” Chris refreshed his mind, then shook hands with the Queen. “It’s an honor to meet you, your majesty.” “It’s really nice to see you.” Queen said “Oh, take a seat.” Chris said carefully “Thank you very much. Your majesty.” “Can you believe it I just shacked hands with Danish queen.” Chris’s heart was over the normal rate by this time. In this wink, a girls was got eyes on him. After everybody sat tight, a royal maid was bring over the tea coffee and snacks. Queen looked them and said “Help yourself, everybody.” Ulla was setting front of the Chris, she pulled a couple of coffee and tasted a chocolate cookie, but her eyes were still on Chris. “Oh, I almost forgot this is Merete and this is Peter. Both of great Danish artist. “Queen point each of them and said “Glad to see you, Sir.” Chris said with Merete. “Me too” Merete said “You look great, I like your bow-lie.” “Thanks” answered Chris. “Nice to meet you.” He looked to Peter. “Perhaps you should let us know you. “Queen said with her smile “Certainly.” said Chris Chris put down his coffee at tea table and thought a little while, then said “I am Chris Ton, from U.S. now I am studying Mechanical in here. I like black-white sketch every much. I guess Her Majesty has been saw my work. So that’s me.” “He painted for me when I was in 41 years anniversary of the coronation. His sketch is my most favorite one.” Queen told everybody happily. Ulla threw eyes at him, “Wow, really? “She thought. “That is why I didn’t seen him in the Reception room.” Ulla is a straight girls if she has question she won’t hide it. “Excuse me, I have a small question for you, Your grace” She asked “Ja, go ahead, Please.” 14

“I was wondering, why his works would become your favorite one. I mean you got many grandly oil painting, why your prefer his. No offence, just curiosity.” Ulla moved her eyes on Chris’s. Queen told her with earnest. “Well, as a movie has said there has two thing you will treat them as treasures, one is you have been lost it, another is you cannot get it. His opuses is what I am looking for—simple but not easy.” Chris responded “You are too kind, I am appreciated it.” Chris said to Ulla “In fact, I just an amateur in this room. “ “Many artist sent me oil-portrait, all of oil painting. I didn’t mean I don’t like it, their opuses much better than mine in fact.” Queen said with modest. “Maybe that’s a bad metaphor. But I can’t find another one in my mind which more appropriated. It feel like, the chef everyday cook for you with same delicious cuisines, eventually it make you a sort of aesthetic fatigue in someday. This is why I more adore to book icon and abstract. It always come from your deep heart.” Said Queen. Then she turned his head to Peter and Merete said “Today, we have two artists here which can explain those two well. I guess you already met them. Peter and Merete.” “Thanks a lot. Your majesty.” Peter and Merete said “Ok, I am doer. It’s not good idea to chatting in here.” Queen asked then “Well, is anyone interesting in my studio?” “We would love it! “Everybody said in chorus. Then they stood up and walking with guide to Queen’s studio, which is Queen’s own study. The study is in the other side of palace, during that time, no one wasn’t sigh with emotion of this delicate palace. “Peter, I love your opus which name is ….《impenetrable Castle》” Chris chased up Peter’s step. “Good view, boy.” When they walked on the hallway, the princess and prince bought their kids walking to them. Look their dress, white hats, sportswear and jeans, it seems going to picnic. “Hello, Your lord.” “Glad to see you, my highness” The guests said with the respect. 15

Prince said “nice to meet you. Wish you can have a nice day here.” “She is more beautiful than press. “A girl closed Ulla’s and said. Ulla looked back and nodded head. “Welcome to my humble studio.” The Queen said sarcastically, then the waiter opened the door. In this room, they saw the thousands of painting was hanging on the well. Most of abstract art and also have some paper-cut works. “Oh, here.” The queen point one opus out which is the right of her great paper-cutting work. “Spectacular, Nice work. Do you know why this painting look stunning? “Merete said after he looked Chris’s works “because of these eyes, very vividly”. “Thanks you for this high evaluation. “Chris after looked around then said “your majesty, just want to confirm. I sent your 5 paintings, didn’t I?” “I caught your drift.” The queen laughed “Don’t worry, I delivered them to their own masters. You really care it, am I right?” Chris said “Fair enough.” “Ha ha.” Queen asked Peter then “Oh, Peter what are you looking for?” Peter put his finger on the writing-desk “Your majesty, is that your new paper-cut?” he said. “Yes, but I am not finish yet.” Said queen. Peter said “Can I give you some suggestions?” “Best be it!” then Queen walked to Peter. Even the visitors spent long time on Chris painting but no one like Ulla’s, she couldn’t let her eyes get rid to Chris’s painting, she moved to close when another people walking away “He is so talented, doesn’t he?” Ulla after looked she asked herself. Peter put down his pen said “Now look flawless,” “Does it. Thank you Peter.” Queen took off his glasses. “My big pleasure.” The Fantastic time is always short-lived, the Art Salon was over. When Chris was leaving the house Merete asked him to save his steps. “Mr. Ton. May I have a moment with you?” “Of course” Chris watched his back. 16

“I am having an art exhibition at tomorrow in my gallery. I was hoping you would come by?” Peter gave Chris his business card. “Oh really, Congratulations.” Said Chris. “I will be there.” “Well see you then” said Peter then he jumped into a limousine. Chris walked out the gate, he felt light and cozy. He left head up and stretched himself subconsciously. Then he chanted quietly “Good job, Chris, you are cool, really cool.”

Chapter 7: The Tricky question Ulla left the palace with her reluctance, she looked back to the palace saw the beautiful scenes gone as wind, she had to face to really road. Only one thing she could to do it right now, it is take a few photos with all the landscapes. It was nobody near to her, so she had to take photos by herself. She made a pose try to shot one. Unexpectedly a voice was wafted over. “I don’t think that going to work out. Question girl.” Ulla watched back surprised “Oh, Hi.” She felt a little bit embarrassed. “If you want get a good shot, you need a tripod.” Chris reached out his hand said then. “Or an extra hand.” “OH, thank you.” Ulla smiled to him. Chris moved back and crouched down “Ok, just move to left a bit, please.” Chris looked photo and said “Very nice.” “Thank you, Can you help me also take photos here and also there.” Ulla offered her hands to marble church and fountain of Amaliehaven.” “Okay sure.” Ulla “very nice of you.” “Not at all. Ok bye!” Chris was planning go home right after that. “Sorry hum” Ulla tried to say something to him, but she can’t. At that time, two cutie angels are sitting on opposite side in his mind. “Can I ask him that thing?” Ulla asked herself 17

“No, don’t. We just know each other few minutes ago.” said one of angel. Another angel fought back it “That’s nonsense. He is nice guy. Give it try. You will not know what is going to be, if you don’t do it.” “Are you okay?” Ulla did come to herself until Chris asked. “Oh yes. Of course.” She said. Then she asked “Actually this is my first time in Copenhagen, Do you have some nice place could recommended to me?” After Ulla questioned him in Royal palace, Chris was a sort of impressed on this girls. “Interesting!” Chris thought “Anyway I need to go there to catch the bus. Why not spend time with this girl on that humdrum road.” So He told her “The little mermaid is not so far from here. I can lead you to there.” “Really, that’s great! I dying want to see it” Ulla said aloud. “Oh I am Ulla.” She reach out his hand. “I am Chris. I have said in Salon” said Chris “I thought you are Danish? “Said Ulla. Chris said “Why? It doesn’t means I need to be a Danish, because I got an invitation from Danish Queen, I wonder you are not Danish also. Am I worry?” “We are not same, you are the guest of Royal, and I am just a lucky visitor.” Ulla said “Queen Looks like familiar with you, doesn’t she?” “Ha, I don’t thinks so” Chris stack his left hand into his trouser pocket. “Don’t image like that. I just painted for her and her family, it’s not a big deal, really!” Chris kept talking “She is very kindness monarch, she nice for everyone. There has no difference between us.” “Perhaps you are right, I didn’t see monarch of another country like her, open her estate and invite populace in. That’s so rare.” Said Ulla, Chris was just listening. “Yeah, and when you were sitting there and talking with her, you can’t fell nervous at all. That feeling….” Ulla thought a bit then said “More like chat with friends.” Chris agreed “This is why 《TIME》 said: If you want to put a title who not only accomplished many art-skills over the years, but also held her county well, on this planet only Danish sovereign Margaret II could deserve it.”


By this time, they climbed onto an observatory, a sparkling wide river was jumping into their sight. Ulla closed her eyes and tried to imbuing her into sunshine. The little not so for from them. They can even versioned it which is covered by a number of people. Ulla agog handed Chris’s left hand, then said “hurry up, we are there.” * “Ohhh, it’s wonderful. Can I photo with it? ” Ulla asked. “Absolutely. “Said Chris. The little mermaid statue just few inch away from them, she exactly molded from story, she knelt on the khaki stone, tipped head to right side, it seems eager for her Prince back. This scene let Ulla remember a quote The love is most fathomless thing in our life, it can make you happiness ever or rip out your heart. “She is immaculate.” Ulla spontaneously thought. Chris took up his camera, through to the lens he saw a brightness picture and he intoxicated in it. “Are you done? Chris. Ulla dragged him out of his own area. “Oh, please lower your head little bit. “Chris swung his wrist and showing her. “Super.” Ulla tapped a girl’s shoulder who is close to her and asked “Excuse me, Do you mind take picture for us?” “No “that girl said. “Come here.” Ulla handed on Chris’s arm. “Wait…wai...”Chris wasn’t have any proposal but he didn’t mind it. Girl held camera focusing on them, then said “Cheers”



* They were crunching on the stone path since they have been finished mermaid journey. Trees line the path beside them, but then they gradually thin out, next there has begun to appear on either side vague outlines of houses, walls and bridge. Everything was feeling motionless. “Well Ulla! You didn’t mention me where are you from yet?” Chris broken the silence. “You really care about it?” “Not so much. But…Okay. Never mind.” Chris said. “ha,ha” Ulla laughed. “How about this, I give you some clues which about my country. If you can dope out, I threat you a cup of coffee. Otherwise, you should be my sightseeing helper.” Chris was confused “Wait a sec. sightseeing helper? You meant like a tour guide.” “Yep. You got it.” Ulla chucked it Chris rolled his eyes said “Okay I accepted. Honestly I am pretty good at geography.” Ulla giggled it “Don’t happy so early, listen carefully my coffee is as easy as you look like!” “The clues following: Firstly My country border on the Russia. Near the sea, that’s second one. Last one is: Belorussia is our neighborhood but our land is bigger than theirs. Ok hints over you got time to think over it.” “All right, start on your name.” Chris methodically researched. “Ulla, I guess that name from Urszula that is a very typical Slavic name. Means little female bear according to the legendary. But you said near the Russia and we can rule out the Poland even it near the Baltic Sea.” “Okay” Ulla mumbled. “You are from EU countries, don’t you? “Chris asked “Yep?” “Bigger then Belarus, thus we can eliminated Latvia, so Look your surface it could be....Ukrainian.” Chris analyzed. “Are you sure? Have you thought this through?” “Yeah I have. You are from Ukraine you face already sell you out!” “No hesitate?” “I believe first option! “Said Chris steadfastly. 21

“Well, helper don’t say I am lying to you.” Ulla opened his purse dragging out her passport showing to him “Take a look?” She said. “Oh” Chris got a problem “Poland, no way, you said border on Russia, Poland have no border touch with Russia.” “Yes. There have a tiny area. In the academic circle, they called.” “Enclave. “Chris said aloud ahead Ulla open her mouth. “Between Lithuania and Poland. Russia occupied this area after world war II.” “Good memory. But you wake up too late, my helper.” Ulla sniggered it. Chris grumbled “Please, it’s a big set up. You are so cunning.” “You try to saying it’s my problem? I gave you chance to correct it. If you want to help me visit here you can go, it really doesn’t mind.” “Ok, No. ”Chris changed his attitude “I am not that guy. I never welsh on a I’ll tell you what, I will pay my words, show you the coolest part of Copenhagen.” “Let’s go. I show another interesting place.” Said Chris “After you. Young lady” “What a gentleman!” Ulla was grinning with delight. Ulla was starting to like this boy which is front on her eyes. Like his talented, his knowledgeable, his gentle. She never met a boy who exactly like him. * The sound came from forward them, abruptly. They were seeing a group of people playing some funny thing, they were interested. Get close to them, they saw 2 boys were standing on the Segway. “Have you been played this?” asked Chris. “No.” “What’s that?” Ulla said to Chris “Segway. Two wheeled self-balancing transport?” “So cute.” said Ulla. Those two word seems heard by those player. A boy was turn his stuff and moving to Ulla and Chris. “Do you want to try? “That boy asked. Ulla asked “Can I?” 22

“Of course! Go ahead” boy left his stuff told Ulla. Ulla left his purse to Chris and put on helmet, then took over this device and trying control it “Wow, it’s not easy.” “Keep your body leaning, touch that green button then you can move smooth.” That boy taught her. “Chris take photos for me, Okay?” Said Ulla. Ulla’s spirit was influenced Chris. “Look at her, such an innocence girl, what a cheerful smiling” Chris thought. “Great! Thanks” Ulla appreciated. “You are welcome.” Then they kept moving. Ulla said “I don’t thinks that’s you plan.” “You can thought it’s a blessed accident.” Said Chris then he hand over her stuff “Oh here.” “Thanks.” Chris peeped time on his phone “you are a good Segway player, How about your bicycle skill?” Ulla faced him and said “Lead us to there. Will you?”

Chapter 8: A “Super” flower Biking on the street, the illuminated weather wasn’t exist anymore it replaced by the cirrus clouds. Ulla said “Wait a moment.” Then she pulled over her bicycle. The Rosenborg castle is over her right side. Chris moved back and said “There’s a country summerhouse. The royal life guards are garrisoning here every minutes.” Chris saw a team of soldiers are training in the lawn. “Does all the red-uniform guy trained by here?” asked Ulla Chris didn’t know it, so he said “you really what to know?” “Yeah.” Ulla said inquisitively. Chris flipped over his bicycle and said “Okay let’s go back to ask!” “Ha,ha. Okay we can assume it is.” said Ulla. 23



“This is not my way of doing things.” Chris was being earnest, then he said drolly “but you are the charge now, so that’s not so important. Doesn’t it?” “He is fun, isn’t it?” Ulla buried it in her heart. Crossed the street of Øster Voldagade, they blocked by a domical building that made with glassed and have many windows. Chris asked Ulla “Guess where.” “I don’t know, I am a new guy in here.” Ulla said, Actually she said on purpose, she is nearsighted; Nevertheless, She could barely saw the green plants cross windows, however she want to find out what kind of surprise Chris would give her again? “Well. Close your eyes and put out your hand.” Ulla little confused what he said, the funny thing is she was thinking to do it. “Voila.” “It’s beautiful.” Ulla left her hands on her face. “Up there have a treasure. Just cross the passage. “Chris told Ulla “Really, where it is.” “Follow me.” They were walking to the green house. “OH, bad time. “Said Chris looked terrible. “What’s this then?” Ulla looked at a green thin stem then said. “The formal name is Amorphophallus titanum.” Chris stammered that Latin plate hardly. “Sorry I can’t speak Latin. To be short, it’s a flower, and do you know it’s the largest unbranched inflorescence in the world?” He introduced it “it can raise to three meters generally. Rare to see her blossoms, she as shy as a girl.” An older gardener took over his words “You are not wrong! Young man. I have been working here for half century, I only saw once, it was like in fairy-land when she unveiled her magic looking.” Ulla and Chris already hocked by him. After go around there, Ulla and Chris carried their bicycles moving to next spot. “What a pity “said Chris. “No no. It’s fine, you can’t arranged that happened. None of plant doesn’t follow the growth rhythm. You know lot of things come randomly. Like….” Ulla tried to make a metaphor, finally she figured out one “like I met you. Doesn’t it?” Ulla looked him and said. 26

Chris squeezed his nose a bit and said “I didn’t catch that well, I mean that word “randomly” made it sounds negative?” “No, not at all. 100% positive.” Said Ulla “Or maybe inevitably.” “Wow that made worse. Might be fatefully would be better.” “I don’t know be honest, the literature is not my strong part.” “Okay I can take that. “Fatefully “is a good word.” Said she “Anyway, I saw the biggest flower after all, that’s cool.” “At you service, madam.” Chris joked, but he felt this girl is a very sensible Ulla heard it then, she “Ha-ha.” Chapter 9: An Interruption at the café Chris asked Ulla “Are you feel tired or thirst?” “Not tired, but a little bit thirst.” Said Ulla. “There is one a café little further that I like. Interested?” Chris asked. “I’d love do it.” They walked awhile, a classical grocery-store was appeared. “This shop look so peculiar, let’s go inside.” Said Ulla There is an old grocery-store. Many stuff right down there. Ulla and Chris were working inside, every room were giving them a different expression. When they are walking in the “book can” they seems sensed Anderson’s wisdom. When they are stepping in the “life style.” They seems switched to Danish enjoyed freedom and happiness. When they are rounding “past and Future.” They seems catch up the time-machine met with the great man and stars of the tomorrow. Out of the store, Ulla said “”I love this old store, I was wish they had places in my hometown.” “Oh really?” said Chris “you don’t have a kind of that stores in Poland. “ “Nope” Ulla was wobbling her hair. Chris heard then said “But everything have coin flip. I think you got fair-view in your town. I saw the TV, Poland is very stunning country, with clear sky, spotless cloud and thousand miles mountains.” “So, have you been there.” 27

Chris said with humorous “of course----with the Discovery channel.” “Ah ha ha, Okay you got me.” Ulla was cracking up.



* After walked into the café, they were queuing to the number. “What kind of size like? “Asked Ulla. Chris wasn’t get the point “I beg your pardon.” “Næste” A young checker said. “Okay, Leave it to me” Ulla ordered “Hello, I want to one of Cappuccino and one of coffee latte.” “No, No, you don’t need do this, I got it.” Chris was trying stop it. Their behaviors made checker feels confused. “Nothing is change. Thank you.” Ulla snickered. The young checker touched computer then asked “Okay, So which size you want?” “Which size you would like.” Ulla asked Chris. “Oh! Doesn’t matter. You make the call.” “Both of large size. That’s it.” “86 krone Please.” Said checker. After paid, the checker gave her a receipt and tell her wait her coffee in the crimson coffee pot. “Værsgo” the stuff was handing over coffees to her. They found a place near the window, then they were listening light music enjoyed coffee, the café’s decoration is really comfortable, the main color is deep-red also have coffee beans and cocoas hang on the wall, you almost can tasty them when you surrounded. However, the weather of the outside was getting worse, but they didn’t notice it. “How can you think I like coffee latte?” “You don’t like it?” Ulla asked. “I just what to know why you pick this for me” Chris left up his coffee said. “It’s girl’s instinct. Well we know each other only couple of hours, according to your acting and temperament. I suppose you would like latte.” said Ulla. “Hum, in fact I prefer cappuccino. But, it’s okay.” Chris shacked his shoulder. Ulla hearty laughed “Are you serious! If you like Cappuccino we can trade. I am not tasted yet.”


“No, no I am massing up with you.” Chris was holding coffee and said. He also thought with his words “she is nice girl” “I thought you are an independence and self-reliance guy.” Said Ulla. “That’s the character of the latte-liker.” “Yape.” Ulla had a small bit of her coffee. Chris noticed the milk form of her coffee, then he said “Okay If I am not mistaken I think cappuccino-liker should be mild emotional and desire to love.” “Close enough, I love life and enjoy it.” Ulla tittered and said Ulla opened a map and put on the table “Where we are, Chris?” “Mumm, Here” Chris looked map then pointed it to her. “Zzz,zz” Chris’s phone was vibrating. Chris slid his phone and read it. By then, the weather turn to ugly, there was a light rain and tiny wind. “Oh, my god, great time.” Chris cursed it lightly. Ulla saw Chris’s face became dark “What’s up?” “I gotta go. My friend got an accident,” “That’s too bad. You should go. “Said Ulla .Chris didn’t want go but he have to, because it’s about his future. He really wanted to continue hang out with Ulla. “I have to deal with it. I am truly sorry.” “Don’t worry, I can sightseeing with map.” Ulla was tapping map and said. In the meanwhile. Ulla felt terrible but she didn’t express on her face, she had millions of words want to say, want to sightseeing with him. But she silently buried into her heart. Then she stood up and gave him a big embrace hardly. Ulla sobbed “Nice to meet you. Chris” “Me too.” “Hey, bring up you coffee.” she said barely “Thanks” After said goodbye, Ulla stood off one side, watching his head under the rain, and watching him walking out of her sight. Abruptly, she was falling to ice-cave without him. A great man has been said: You longing to hold someone, firstly you should let him go. If he back, he probably is yours. This sentence popped up in Ulla’s brain. 31

“I really don’t know?” Ulla thought in positive way. “Anyway, I have to continue my journey. There have many stunning things.” Ulla take her coffee folded up an umbrella the colors of the umbrella popped against the dismal sky. Rain become lighter than before, Ulla was walking alone only rain and views associated with her * “No more scenario?” a man claimed it. Then some whispering started ranging at the room. “That’s it?” “So, that is the story of the 《vanish》?” People was curious. And from their question Truman felt his story was bring them down. But fortunately the story doesn’t over yet. Truman told all the audiences “The story doesn’t finish yet. Now is coming the most wonderful part.” Chapter 10: Left forever? Chris ran into black-diamond library and climbed up to 2nd floor. He saw Chang was sitting on the couch. “I’m here. pal.” Chang wiggled fingers and said it lightly but powerful. “Ok, where is the re-exam sheet!” Chris said with panting. “Come on. Man. easy, easy.” Chang moved sheets over said then “I already printed out, here.” Chang also gave him a pencil “Oh, Here you go.” He putted down his coffee starting fill out it. In this time Chang was acting wired. He stood up and circling around Chris. Chang tapped his back hardly “Nice, man.” “Thanks” Chris was rolling his eyes up “Why you dress up? Bro” Chang asked. “Long story.” “I can see” Chang sat down said with funny tones “I am down. Man.” “Down what? “Chris looked him asked. “You tuxedo?” Chang pried it “Did you have a hot date today?” 32

“Yeah a fabulous date.” Chris finished his work. Chang snooped then “what kind of girl can make you wear that? So dashing.” “Start to dig something.” Chris felt Chang is so boring. “So you really have something. Whoa, whoa. How is that girl? Danish? Blonde? With double S –curves, blue eyes, sexy lips or….?” Chang spoken like a fired machine gun out of control, but none of one word enter to Chris’s ears. He just enjoyed his coffee. * At the same time, Ulla was rambling in the shopping alley, there has many Danish traditional workshop in the alley. The most of shops were making jewelry. “Look that one it’s so shinny” Ulla’s eyes was on a pair of pearl earring. She holed in her palm, she was looking this over and over again and also replaced her old earring in front of mirror. The shop owner was noticed her, after treated another costumer. He walked to her. “Hej, kan jeg hjælpe dig.” That strong man said with Danish. “Excuse me, hum,Taler…. du …engelsk? ” Ulla spoken Danish to her, but not so fluidly. “Oh, Of course. Do you like it?” said strong man. “Yeah, really beautiful, and you workshop also. My uncle has been doing same business one in Kraków.” “Czy jestes polka? (EN:Are you Polish?)” That man said with Polish. “Tak,Tak.(EN:yes)”Ulla was kicking up her heels. That Man asked “Dlaczego przyjechałaś do Danii? (Why are you came in Denmark?)” “Na studia..(EN:For study)”Ulla said “Fajnie. (EN:nice.)” Man said, then he asked his worker “Alexander, przynieś mi małą torbę. (EN:Alexander, bring me a small bag.)” “Nie za często możemy gościć tutaj dziewczynę. (EN:It’s not so often can saw our girl in here!)” the man put the same earring to that bag and put on her left hand. “Nie nie mogę tego wziąć/przyjąć (EN:No,no I can’t take this.)” Ulla turn back his bag. “Widzę, że ci się podoba. To jest prezent dla Cieie. Weź. (EN: I saw you been hooked by this. It’s a gift for you. Take it.)” The man pushed it into Ulla’s hand. “Ok, bardzo dziękuję. (EN:Ok, thank you very much.)” Said Ulla, then the man gave her a typical polish soft hug.


After that Ulla wore her new earring, she was keep going. This old city gives her different sensation, since she left the workshop. Stepping on the bluestone every inch area was protected well, strolling in the vintage alley, you can see the youths walking with term, the people biking on the street. The couples kissing each other from time to time. Love and vibrant running over the entire city. Faced in that, Ulla can’t stop taking photos in one minute. * “Are you okay?” Chris asked Chang. “Come on, give me some hints. Am I close?” Chang stopped talking, He felt something worry. Chris said “What hell the worry with you. Do you help me to seek my best girl?” “A sort of, Help you settle down. Man.” “Thanks” said Chris. After Chang’s words Chris was start missing Ulla, but he didn’t tell Chang that thing. “Ironic? Nice!” Chang joked back. “Look, do you know Denmark is a well-known homeland of the belles. Perceiving your three o’clock, that proportion knock me out.” Chang made eyes at the girls which setting on the anther side above the windows. “Sorry, pal, she seems doesn’t into you!” Chris looked her then said. “Because I didn’t make my move. I was teaching you how to hook up a girl, you know… first…...” “Shh.stop.” Chris not interested anymore, so he interrupted it “you know what? You could go and chat with her. Perhaps she is your type.” “Come on, give me a break. I just said she is pretty, I didn’t say she is my type, aren’t I.” Chris sneered it then said “no comment!” “I care more about inside of girl. You know Independence, kindness, compliant something like that.” The words flood out of Chang’s mouth. “Ok, high-standards. Pal.” said Chris Chang said “For the record, Girl is trouble, a beautiful trouble, of course!” Chris tested him “How about Anna? She likes you!”


“Thank you very much. Chris! I won’t take that chance, Please don’t say that anymore.” Chang said with steadfast, “She is a witch, a black witch. Do you know when I talk to her I got goose bumps up.” “Why not? You guys are bound to each other.” “Bound my ass, for mother’s sakes. pal.” Chang overreacted it. “Seriously “Chris didn’t believe Chang’s tongue. “Do I not looking like serious? I am not bluffing you.” Chang said. “Okay!” Chris said but he still hesitated. “Come on, I am messed up with you. I am cool with her.” Chang reversed his tune said then. “If I am going to crazy it all count on you!” Chris changed topic then “What kind of mood bought you here?” “Actually I came to check our boat. I am not as lucky as you….Have a date.” Chris asked “Does our boat still in there?” “I was hoping she can get on that boat, but…” Chris was thought about her since he started saying his words. “Yep, same port, and also to drop by some mechanical stuffs in here. The pity thing is…” “All of Danish version.” Chris grabbed his words. “Absolutely, and printed this sheet for you that is for really.” “Thanks a lot, buddy.” Chang point the sheet asked then “Done?” “Yeah, when we have to hand-in to our secretary?” Chris asked Chris knock his watch said “Before 5:00 p.m. don’t worry you are my friend, you should be lucky. I will take care of this.” Chang watched his phone “opus, I better to go.” Chang folded his MacBook and cleaned up his stuffs. “Oh one more quiz?” Chang stood up and asked, “Do you know why Anna call me IBM? That new nickname has been puzzling me all the afternoon.” “I don’t know much about girls. You can directly ask Anna.” said Chris “I will do it, but your business are first.” Chang batted his bag said. “And have a nice night with your lady, don’t be so tired, sexy man.” “Get away, big-gossip mouth.” “Okay. Cheerio.” Chang was left, but even then, his voice still remained in Chris’s soul. 35

Chris thought aloud “Anna, You are right. IBM was a great name for him.” * Cross the shopping alley, a big square showed up. There is square of city hall. You can she all the ground have been paved by marbles. When Ulla was walking on it, a hundred of pigeon fly up, seems like welcome the distinguished foreign guests which is pass the long way. A fit of scream flutter into Ulla’s ears, she overlooked saw a big neon-light word named “Tivoli”, the second oldest amusement park in the world. “I am not kiddo anymore” she thought. So after took some photos she move to next spot. “Excuse me.” Ulla asked a couple A young man said “what can I do for you?” Ulla showed map “Could you tell me how I can go to here?” Young Lady closed her “That's easy. Do you see that bus stop?” the lady pointed to her. Ulla said “Yes.” “Go there take bus No 66 after 3 stop you will see a canal and a black building. That is what you were looking for.” Ulla said “Thanks a lot.” “You are welcome.” “Said they “Have a nice day.” “You too.” Ulla folded her map and walked to the bus stop then. Chapter 11: Come cross in the library Stayed awhile in library, Chris attempted go home. He was depressed but he didn’t know why. “Well done. Chris.” He spirited himself, then walking to the bus stop. The coincident thing is a bus was waiting there, when he been walked to the downstairs. The bus driver didn’t drive away, he seem saw Chris was running as wildly house. “Tak,Tak.” Chris show his ticket and said. “Salv,Tak” said driver. Then she closed door. “Næste stop Operaen (København)” the broadcasted played. Chris found a seat in the back row close the left window, however the sunlight was offending to his eyes, so he moved to the right row. * 36

“There it is.” Ulla exclaimed it in front of that black building. In the same time the rain was stopped, the sun was starting drill out from cloud. Ulla speeded up his step, because she couldn’t wait anymore. She left her camera and walked to the entrance. When she was roaming in reading area, she can felt a special peace, Very special, but after a while a hand broken is subtle sight. “Excuse me lady, here is ‘no sightseeing zone’ ” “Oh, sorry. I didn’t….” Ulla turned around the she got wide-eyed it, “Why…are you ….here? You said…. ” “Hush,” Ulla surprised and pleased, but she also angered. “Why you ruined it? I want a picture with all the bookshelves here!” Ulla spoken like a little girl. “Uh. Ok, Only one. Then we move out.” Chris said quietly. “Nice, one more please.” Ulla said “No, we have deal, and besides here not allow us…..” Ulla rocked Chris’s arm and said coquettishly. “Please, last one.” Looked at her sparkling and pleading eyes, Chris thought. “Jesus Christ.” “Fine, last one.” he compromised finally. ……. “Zzz” the door was squeaking. “Look here.” Chris point that notice-plate. “Oh.”Ulla moved away and said “I don’t think it’s a reasonable rule.” “Hey.” Chris caught up her. “You are really lawless girl, don’t you?” asked Chris. “Some way, I like freewheeling life, do you know in the scientists have been counted there have 55% rules squeezed ours aspires always.” “Well.Mum.” Chris was trying say something back “So as you theory said, we don’t need laws anymore?” They stood up on moving-staircases. Ulla “please! The law made for criminals, Am I that person?” 37

“Enn. You are not, for coffee’s sakes” Chris said. “Oh really, what a snobbish you are” Ulla bet Chris friendly “Well, why you in here, don’t tell me you was chasing me?” Chris said “This was my question.” “I am here because I want to visit it.” Ulla said with righteous. “I am here because I have been met my friend.” Chris reply confidently. “Was that accident you told me in the café?” asked Ulla. “No doubt.” Chris smiled it with bitter, then said “But I nailed it.” “Okay, just for asking, why you came here again?” said Ulla “To give me that lesson?” “You will get soon!” Chris pushed away the door said “After you” Walking in outside the sky still beautiful like before. The Copenhagen canal just nearby this library. Many people were wearing sunglasses and lying on the deck recliners. “Do you like swim?” Chris stopped before they fall into canal. “Why he asked that incongruous thing?” Ulla made a question-mark. “I like it, but not in this season.” “Okay whatever, I going to soaking my clothes.” “Ha,ha” Ulla thought it a joke. “I swear it will be funny.” “I hardly doubt.” Said Ulla. Chris stepped forward and said “see you there?” then he jumped out. “Are you lose your mind?” Chris’s behave made Ulla stressed, she was looking for Chris straightway, “here is….” Ulla was astonished when she saw those things. Something like this: Chris wasn’t jumped into canal, there have a narrow terrace above the canal. “Hallo, I told you.” Chris was lying on the boat and said with British accent. “Should I jump too?” Ulla said “haj, Catch my bag.” “No,No” Chris wasn’t ended his words yet, but the lucky thing is Chris bumped her with his thick chest. “Opus, I was screwed you. The stairs are in your left hand.” “Bad ass.” Ulla said with attaching. Chris said “you trying to say it’s my fault?” 38

Ulla wasn’t say one word, only nodding her hand but after later she changed her mind, but she looked upset.



“Okay, I apologize, don’t let this small mistake ruin our reunion. Get in the boat and give me a chance to make it up to you.” “Fine” Ulla said after that works, to say is one thing, but to do is quite another, actually in Ulla’s was feeling fire-working in her heart right now. * Rowing in the canal there give them a different feeling. The sunlight spread out it across the current, the light was brighter and the glare came on the water, then the flat canal sent it back at outer wall of library. “Look there.” Chris said. The sunlight made library highlight and shiny. Ulla can’t hold this, she take out his camera. “Do you know the nickname of this library?” said Chris. “No.” “Guess what?” “Maybe diamond?” Ulla said without thinking. “Very perceptive of you. Because of its black wall so most of people call her--- black diamond.” Chris shipped his oars and said “Really, I guess I should make a picture with this amazing lady,” Ulla turned on her camera “Thanks helper.” Jest then Chris saw several sea-bird swung their long gray wings circling in the sky ahead of of them left their term slanting down and landed on prow. “Oh look, that’s cute.” Ulla said about sea-bird then she held up her camera and took a shot. “Captain, everything is ready, permission to sail.” Chris swung oars and said. Ulla lowered down his voice “Set sail to next sailor.” “YES, SIR.” The time near the 8 o’clock, but the sky still light as morning. Sea-bird skimmed through them with twittering, seems told their friend back which is landed in Chris’s boat-pow. Suddenly, that bird took off then mix into his own kind. The big sun day isn’t popular in Denmark, so under this joyful weather, Ulla and Chris weren’t alone, many yachts and sailboats sailing with them. “Strange season, isn’t it? The sky doesn’t seems want to get dark.” Chris said tastily. “I’d like it, long daylight can do lots of things.” Said Ulla. 41

“You told me you are learning Art in here?” Chris left and folded his oars, let this boat floated with the current. “Unfortunately, Yes!” “Really?” “? How can you know that? Did I mention it to you? I don’t think so.” Ulla looked him, her eyes fill out query. “I mean you got invitation, if you are not student at least you like art?” “Chris, Put on your case, it doesn’t make sense! “Said Ulla. Chris defended “No, I like art. Just I learning mechanical.” “I adore your paintings in Amalienborg. It’s that your hobbies?” “Yep. Best forever. I don’t want to be a geeky-douche guy. Like American TV show <big bang theory>, I everyday deal with Greek letters diagrams and math symbols, it’s quite bored me. So why not give my left brain a rest learn some art stuff something.” Ulla said with guffaw “I don’t agree it?” “Come on. Tell me where I am worry?” “I like Sheldon.” “Ha ha.” Chris belly laughed “Ok, sorry. I take that back.” “But to be honest, my paintings just doodled” Ulla “it’s great, don’t be so self-effacing. If you stick out you will be master of this field.” “You are too kind. I just think painting is a good way to explain who you adore for or who you love for” Said Chris. After he said Ulla really want to Chris also painting for herself, even doodle in his notebook, but she couldn’t say out, maybe she know everything is passing phase. Everything will come to an end soon, because there is nothing permanent. Thought to here, Ulla realized she should seize every minute before sky turn to dark.

Chapter 12: A Drunk groom The sky was getting dark, the wind was blowing up, that wasn’t as breezy as before it making they felt chilling. Chris beached his boat in the dock which near the harbor.


They walked on the street, nobody were around, but the aura seems not good. You can’t hear they were talking and joking each other. You only can hear their footsteps “da, dada”. Ulla was sipping her lips and Chris was looking another. Ulla don’t know why she met her, why he came for her, why he give her a remarkable trip. She was struggling because she didn’t want to leave him. But finally her logos defeated her perceptual. “Oh, Time is getting late. I think I should go.” Said Ulla. “Why? I have many place not show you yet!” Chris said. “Oh, it’s pity. I should tell you I have to go back Poland tomorrow?” “So….” Chris don’t know how to say next word. “Well, Can I take you back? I mean you are not know there well.” Chris volunteered with mixed feeling “let me done my duty.” “Okay” Ulla looked at him and felt grateful. “Do you have address?” “Here” Ulla take out a calling card from his purse. Chris looked at it then said “Ok. I guess I made a good volunteer. This way.” Roaming around the street, Chris felt cool, it’s not about weather, and it’s about his affection. Chris slowed down his step, he wanted to spend more time with Ulla before she gone. Only a hundred meter bridge, they took almost 15 minutes, but Chris still felt too fast. The streetlights lamped everything in the whole street but them. * “Hello, Per” a man popped up and grabbed Chris’s arm. This man was wearing a decent suit, his one hand was holding two goblets, another with a bottle. Look his dress doesn’t like a drunkard, nonetheless, his blush cheeks still derived Chris and Ulla on edge. Chris hided Ulla into his back and asked “Are you okay, Man? I am not Per.” “Man! You are late.” Then this man pull champagne into his goblets and handed to him and said “Anyway thanks you for coming.” “Coming for what?” Chris thought. “Oh you got girl there, your girlfriend?” The man also pull a champagne for Ulla. But Ulla didn’t feel embarrassed. On the contrary Ulla not only accepted his kindness also moved a small step to Chris, Merely Chris didn’t noticed it. “Excuse me. I wonder you are mix me and your friend Per?” 43

“Oh,Bro, you still not change a little, today is my wedding, please don’t make fun of me.” Chris close Ulla’s face and talk “Oh my lord, I guess he totally mistaken.” “By the way, your girlfriend is absolutely gorgeous. Do you remember you have been had a big crash on a Lemme next our classroom in Harvard.” that man was digging his friend front of Chris. “I am sorry Sir, we are really not your friend.” Ulla was explaining for Chris. “Of course we know each other just couple minutes ago” The man spoken with Ulla, then he hanged over Chris’s shoulder said “but not for us, we know each other as long as this Christiania garden.” By this timing, a lady was walking to them with her mates. She dress a pure wedding dress and a bridal veil. Now Chris was understood what’s going on here. “Your bride is coming. “Chris said “Oh Darling, look Per bring his lady over.” “I am Per. Carl” a brown suit man said. The groom pointed Chris “You are not, He is Per. you are Vinson.” “Ok, you are hangover. Honey.” The bride said to her mates “Will you guys take my husband get a rest.” “Certainly.” Then, groom’s friend left his arm and helped him move to inside. “Have a nice day, Per.” the groom yell at Chris. “Sorry about that, He not like that status usually. He can’t drink too much, but today is our biggest day never.” The bride made excuse for her husband. “No problem! And congratulations.” Said Ulla. “And thank for your husband’s bubbly.” “Yes” Chris echoed it as well “it’s a divine.” “I am glad you like it, if you don’t mind, May I behalf myself invite you join my wedding party.” “Well. What do you think? Ulla” Chris asked Ulla said “Why not, bad manners to turn down the bride’s require.” “Excellent” said bride, then she escorted Ulla and Chris walking into the party zone. Even the time was late but Ulla and Chris still wants try spend more time to each other. They melted into the blues music and colorful halos. * 44

“Excuse me. Has this seat been taken?” Ulla asked to an older couple. “No, just take it.” the old man answered. “Thanks” “I am not see him for a while. Where is he?” the old woman asked his husband. Old man said “Please, same question sixth times.” “So what? “The old woman seems not happy for his words “he is my sweetie after all. Do you remember when he was…?” “Okay, don’t worry. He is a real man now. Anyway he has to leave us and get a new life, just like us did fifty years ago.” The old man asked “what do you think? Young lady.” Ulla didn’t realized it was asked her “An???” “I am not quite sure…..”Ulla didn’t not how to say it. “Oh, you are here.” Chris was coming, His came made Ulla put down her heart. “How about ask this young.” The old man said. Then he repeat that topic again. After listened Chris said “You both make sense, you both love your son every much, but have you cornered for you son? I mean if I was you I will respect my son’s choice. Always on his side. No offense.” “You see.” “I see nothing, we are even.” The old woman didn’t accepted. “Fine. Knock it out. May I ask you for a dance? Your grace.” The old woman said with happiness “You such a slicker” “Nice day, Kids.” The old man said with blinking. “Bravo” Ulla praised. Chris moved his face close to Ulla “Actually I read form the book.” “It’s also not bad.” Ulla was looking at that older couple. “Look them.” “Yes.” said Chris “Nicely waltz.” “They are so lovely, isn’t it?” said Ulla. Chris didn’t say anything, he move over a dessert to Ulla when she pay no attention. “I love their looking into each other’s eyes, loyalty and steadfastly. “Said Ulla with a deep smile. “You are not ate yet at tonight. I thought you maybe are starving” Chris held his chin and said. “Hope you would like it.” 45

In fact, Ulla is crazy for Danish pastries. Coincidently, that pastry is Ulla’s favorite, she even can smelled out its yummy. “I love that, especially this cocoa icing.” Ulla said “what’s this name in Danish?” “Most of Danish called Wienerbrød.” Ulla didn’t get it. “Sorry, pardon please!” Chris spelled it to Ulla “Wienerbrød. W-i-e-n-e-r-b-r-ø and d.” “Sorry, did you just spelled “u” asked Ulla. “No, no” Chris said “That Danish “O” with a slash” “About this name it’s have a story.” “Oh, really, tell me” Ulla approached his head to Chris and said. “Sorry, young lady, that’s didn’t count on our deal! If you want to know I have to change you! ”Chris looked at her said in real earnest. “Ok, I can buy you a coffee latte again.” Ulla agreed without hesitation. “Oh come on, I am make fun of you.” Said Chris. Then he catch a napkin and wiped his mouth before he tell the story. “The new H.C Anderson story is begin……behold” Chris cleaned his voice tried to imitate like an elder “it was a dark night in 1850. Nobody was going to know, tomorrow, it would start a new revolution of Danish bread. In the past few day, the Danish people didn’t see any light of the strike between the Danish Confectioners, Bakers and Chocolate-makers Association. One week later one Danish bakery owners to hired foreign workers. Because in past a week, people came to his shop and complained it every morning, and he also miss bread as well.” “Really, he missed bread.” “Please, I just made it up. Maybe I don’t know. It’s like Chinese missing rice since they staying in here.” Chris said “Don’t interrupt, the nice part is coming.” “Among these bakers several was from Austria, but they weren’t familiar with the Danish baking recipes, and therefore baked pastries using their native homeland recipes which is came from Vienna. They don’t know that Austrian-Danish pastries it would so successful and popular. After that the Danish gave that new pastries a new name----called “Wienerbrød” means “Vienna bread” to appreciate the bread-technique of Viennese. Until now the Viennese still proud of their contribution” 46

“The Danish is every generously” “I agree. But go back to Viking time, it was a little bit inhuman.” A voice was disturbing their lovely chat. “Oh Chang, his timing always terrible.” Chris tapped his forehead and meditated. “It’s different.” Said Chris. “Easy easy man. Who care that old epic now,” said Chang “Anyway, I don’t.” “One day you going to drive me nuts” “My big pleasure” Chang joked it “What are you heck doing here!” “We are…”Chang nipped Chris’s words in his throat “Oh, no no, don’t spoil it for me. I guess, for freeload…brilliant idea.” “Hey man, watch out.” Chris had a big reaction. “Clam down, I am just screwed you up!” Chang said jokingly. “Sorry, truly sorry. I take that back, but you aware Danish financial condition under the debt crisis.” Chris didn’t take Chang’s rubbish, He refuted aloud “but that doesn’t means I have to take free meal anyway. IBM.” Chang said “Okay, I said sorry. Don’t call me that. Do you know only chums can make funny to each other without thinking? I thought we are in that level.” “Bonsoir, Mademoiselle.” Chang said. Chris said. “Chang save it on your twitter. She is not French.” “Don’t interrupt me. I am not finish yet.” Chang glared to Chris. “Oh where are my manners, I am Chang, my friend is planner of this party, and I just came for assistance.” Chang made an explanation to them “More like a helper.” said he. “Hi. I am Ulla. And Chris also is my helper, help me visit here.” Ulla said politely and also put her right hand toward Chang directly. “Really! Lucky you, He is a really helpful person.” Chang said then he sat close by Chris and whispered “Way to go, Man.” “Oh, May I know which beautiful country you are from?” Chang came back to topic. “Poland.” When Ulla said that, a Polish phrase was flashing on his mind, he said “jak się masz” (EN: How are you.) “Dobrze, dziękuję.” Ulla returned with decent Polish (EN; I am fine, thanks.) “You speak very good Polish.” said Ulla with wondering. 47

“That is the words what I only got.” Then Chang sipped his drink, “Speaking to the Poland, it’s a nice country.” “This I agree, totally! Their girls as smart as Chinese” Chris wasn’t get rid of that tricky game. Ulla realized he was joking so she used his shoes kick Chris ankle after he said that, Chris also kicked back softly. At this point, all the music changed to DJ. “Huu” the bonfire was lighting this place like daylight. “Do you hear this? Oh yeah.” Chang was starting rock his body. “Do you guys want to join me?” “Yeah we can go.” Ulla looked Chris and said. “You guys go, I am not a big-fan of this.” said Chris “Come on, Man. Don’t be a wet blanket.” “Maybe I will go later.” Chris pointed Ulla’s bag “look here, some-one should take care of this.” “Oh, please. Here is Denmark, doesn’t it.” Chang snapped back “I heard someone said “Denmark is under the debt crisis shadow” few minutes ago, I guess I should be cautious of our property.” Chang said unwillingly “Fine! Fine, you beat me, smart ass” However, Ulla was clapping for him at the bottom of her heart. “Okay, Lady first.” Chang said “Vi ses Chris (EN, see you around then)” Under the firelight and DJ music, Ulla was rising and dancing trippingly. “What a nice girl.” Her body shadow was drawing Chris’s optic nerve. After dance with 4 songs, Chang feel little bit hot and thirsty. “Ulla, give me a minute. I will be right back.” Chang yelled to Ulla, but because of the DJ Ulla still can’t heard well. Chang walked to Chris and patted his back “Man, you are piece of work. She worth you dress like that. Now everything make perfect sense.” Chris put down his drink “What are you talking about?” “She is an angel, it’s a gift. Never let her go.” “We are just friend!” said Chris. In practice Chris wasn’t so firmly, when he said that.


“Oh man don’t fool yourself, I saw she was looking at her, that eyes was so gooey.” Chang was starting bring them together “Do you know all the couple started with friend. Don’t said any words. Love is most beautiful thing in our life. Face it. Nothing to shame at. I am sure she is your “trouble” now?” Chris wasn’t deny his words. He was rethinking it. The wind was blowing afloat his cheek, covered his eyes of vast and hazy at same time, but also he had a small expectation. “Look, she is beckoning to you.” “Maybe. Skål, (EN:cheers) Casanova” Chris was cheers with Chang. “Hey, why are you two stick over here?”Ulla came and talked them. “We are talking, you know man-to-man style.” “Chris don’t sticking here, you said you will join me, Am I right?” said Ulla. Chang remained Chris “Oh, yeah she is right. You gave her your words, chum.” “I am not a good dancer. Chang is great one” “No,No, Chris is an Ace-dancer, Much better than presenter Joakim Ingversen in Vild med dans.” “No, no don’t believe him, he is a big liar.” said Chris. “Nobody were going to score you, just for fun.” Ulla said “And you know I don’t have too much time in here.” “Okay as your wish.” “Great, Chang don you mind take photos of us.” Ulla opened his bag said. “I would love it.” Said Chang. Although Chris went to stay with Ulla as long as he want, Ulla also, however Ulla was manipulated by time-table, because she has to catch up tomorrow’s train. After had fun, they said goodbye with Chang and newlyweds. “Wait-a Wait-a.” Chang chased up and shouted. Chang gave Ulla her camera and said “You have missed this.” “Thanks a lot. Buddy. This is Ulla’s soul.” said Chris. Ulla said “Thank you so much” “Not at all. Can I have some quick words with your….helper?” Chang said. “Sure” Chris walked back little and said “what’s going on. Dude.” 49

“I want remained you. Everything is possible, don’t let this heart movement become tears of tomorrow. I know you got eyes on her.” By then Chang’s phone was ringing. Chang after saw the number he said “Oh, sorry, business I got to go.” “Nice to meet you, Ulla.” “Me too” Ulla looked him. * After this dramatic accident, Chris think maybe she is his Cinderella. But Chris never have same experience before, “what should I do?” Chris asked himself. In this time, Ulla was dipping into her camera. She even didn’t nose out the terrific-light was been red. “Hey.” Chris didn’t say more, He made a big stride very fast and dragged her arm, then pull her back into his chest. “Wuu” the night-bus just passed away. Chris felt cold fill in his back. “That was close. “Chris though. “Oh, that frightened me.” Ulla looked at Chris. “It’s frightened me.” Chris said “okay please.” Chris opened his hand and looking at her. Ulla know what his meant. She gave up his camera to Chris passively, but she feel not sad. “Before you go back to hotel. I would keep for you.” said Chris. “Okay, Get it.” Ulla didn’t refused it, conversely she feel so sweet about Chris. “It’s late, let’s go “Chris gently took her by hand, then moving to another side of crossroads. When they was passing the road, Ulla was sticking tightly on Chris, perhaps her heart still fluttering with fear, the point is she felt safety ever. Chapter 14: Sneak into church Ulla realized he will leave eventually, it’s only a matter of time. She really hoped something can stop their steps. The God seems understood her, he was sprinkling few rainwater on her head and a heavy rainfall was following on. “Ah,ya…”Ulla yelled and used his hands wiped the water on her hair Chris took off his coat and put on Ulla’s top “There have a church. “Chris saw a church right there and said. “Okay.” “Ready? Go!!” Chris asked. 50

“ahhh,haa haa.” Their laughs and their silhouettes was bouncing with the raindrops. They hid beneath a narrow and small eave. The rain still could soak them “Wow, now I understood why people always say “rain cats and dogs” ” Their talks caught the eyes of the gate-keeper. “Come inside.” A man open the door and said he was wearing a black uniform. “Thank you” “Oh there have coffee, help yourself” that man said very friendly after they sat comfortably. “This rain won’t be long, it’s very Danish weather in this season.” The man said. “Are you tourist?” “Yeah we are.” “Velkommen til København” he spoke Danish to welcome them. Then he said “Do you know what time of the day it is the nicest in Copenhagen?” “In the night?” Ulla guessed. “Almost right, but not on the ground. It’s in top of the city which is in our church.” The man raised his finger up and said with pride. “Okay. “Chris said and then he was start to up something. “Louise, are you copy?” the Danish sent by his interphone. “Yep. What’s up” man said. The interphone passed “There have something you have to deal with.” “Okay.” “Excuse me, I got back to my office room.” Chris held his fists and thought Ulla’s hotel just 2 block away from here, probable they wouldn’t see each other again after this evening. Anyway we have to say goodbye. We will not continue this fairy-tale. Why not do something crazy stuffs before her leaves. “Hey. Are you ok?” Ulla waked him up Chris opened his hands then folded again and said “Never better. Okay let’s go!” “I don’t think it’s a wisely idea.” said Ulla. “Why?” Chris didn’t understand her. “Outside still raining cats and dogs.” Ulla joked. “Who told you go outside?” Chris’s words derived Ulla confuses. “We are going up! “Chris winked his eyes. 51

“I am sorry, please say it again.” “Just follow me. I bet it will be best part of today, that phenomenon isn’t for ordinary eyes.” After he said this, Chris was leading her going to upstairs. “Mogens was asked me when we can fix that water pipe of the font.” The green shirt man asked him with Danish. “It need to wait a while.” Louise said “Jim forgot put this issue into his agenda, I have made a call with him in the afternoon.” “No any sense of responsibility and glory on this boy.” That man threw his newspaper in the table and said. In the same time, Ulla and Chris were climbing to the top of the church. A big thick rope blocked them, an old wood plate was hanging on that rope, that written “No admittance” Chris strode it, he didn’t think so much. But the Ulla wasn’t followed him as old time. “I feel not good. Here is forbidden zone. We can’t go further.” Ulla stopped and said. “No, we came here just for beautiful view.” Chris strode back and said “Do you remember you already did it in library.” “It’s different. I just for…..” Ulla said with awkward. Chris used his eyes contact Ulla seems saying “if you miss this, you will never have chance to get back.” “Whatever, I hope God will give us his forgiveness.” Ulla said the she strode over it. Walking up to the stairs, Ulla overlook whole the layout of church, even in the middle night of the dark, but she still can borrowed light out of the window saw the enormous cross, pulpit with saw the holy and inviolable. Looked at marvelous frescos and the archaic droplight. This church have over than 300 years, but still standing erect with his resplendent. “Can you imagine make a vow with someone you want-to-be.” Ulla looked at Chris thought about it. “Oh, that’s so stupid” “You better to hold your clothes, it’s windy outside.” Chris said. Chris turned over the handle. A wonderful thing was happened. They walked to outside. The spire consists of an external staircase with four twists, starting from the gallery and continuing all the way up. On the way towards the top, a gilded iron grating was weld with steps. At the top is a gilded globe. Chris gave Ulla his hands and said “Take easy.” 52

“Wowww.” Ulla opened his eyes as big as eggs. They hold their hands on grating and yelled very loudly “Copenhagen we are coming!” Ulla said “She is extraordinary.”

Yes Ulla is right. Banner look out over the city from here they felt entire city was like a charming girl. The few flicking lights was her necklace, the bungalows was her evening dress, the canal was her ribbon and placid scent was her temperament. In front this scenery you can’t find out suitable words to describe her, the only thing you can do--- it is calm down and enjoy it. Ulla and Chris already hocked by this girl and forgot the wind was torturing them.


“Thank you, Chris, it’s the best night I never had.” Ulla said. “So do I.” Chris said. “Well, Chris…. you know….” Ulla’s was saying something, however it clogged by Chris’s words “I just check my words.” Chris felt great. “Sorry, did you try say something?” Chris known he has been bunged up few words which Ulla attended to tell him. “No, just something goosy stuff, never mind!” Ulla looked at Chris fondly and said then, Chris could feel something was budding in his heart, but….. * Truman made a long pause, plainly overcome by his mind. “But what?” few harsh words devastated Truman’s thoughts. Truman felt so bad, he can’t even use words to describe it, but he didn’t stop or overwritten the story, “It has no mean to freeze this story anymore.” Truman spoke to himself. Thus, he shrugged it then quirked up his lips and said “she haven’t said a word out. Sadly.” * A blast of lights was hitting on them, which made they hardly keep their eyes open. “Hi, what are you doing here?” a roar flew into their eyes, but sounds familiar. “Oh, Jesus!” Ulla grasped Chris’s hands instantly. Chris was very chill, he said lightly “calm down, I can manage it.” “Hi, Officer, my friend want to use restroom, but here is too big as a maze you know. We got lost.” Chris made up it. “I can see. It’s really hard to find toilet in this level.” Then he said “go straight and turn left. Never the window side.” Chris smilingly “Thanks, nighty-night!” “It’s Ok.” The man thought again Chris’s word “The toilet just next room of the office, why they came to this level? There is no logic in this excuse?” “Hey wait.” He roared and used his flash light up the darkness around him, but it’s too late, Ulla and Chris already ran to outside. 54

“Quickly, quickly.” They hopped in a cab. “Haa,ha. Oh you know what?” Chris asked Ulla “We did it.” Chris said. Ulla sighed “You are crazy!” “Only for tonight” said Chris. “And with you.” Chris looked to her, but he didn’t say out that. “Evening sir. What can I do for you?” the driver looked them for a while then asked. “Oh sorry. Would you give him your address?” Said Chris. “Here, it’s near the railway station.” Then Ulla said “what a good liar you are? How can you made that----My friend want go to restroom but we lost in this place, because here is too big.” “That man popped up like a ghost, quiet freaking me out. Under that urgent what should I say. Should I say: Hi man we just went to the spire and taken something photos.” “You are so cunning!” “No,no, Do you know Chang that boy you met in wedding party.” “Yep” Ulla nodded. Chris continued “He is export of this. He made this excuse once he was late in class. But our teacher wasn’t taken his bullshit. This is why he had a nickname called IBM.” “Is that U.S computer company?” asked Ulla “Do be serious. The full name is international big mouth. Combine to each initial, it’s as same name as which you said that IBM” Chris give Ulla the right answer “This IBM have huge different with that American one.” Chris said “If I didn’t made that story, we probably meeting police officer right now and you will miss the train for sure.” Spoke to here, the special mood raised up in their heart. The cab quiet down at once. They both knew after little while they have separate and go to totally different way. This is destiny they can’t choose. They only can do it’s remember thing beautiful experience, remember smile between them and give their best wish to each other. “Here we are.” The driver said it. Those three simply words smashed the hearts of both them brutally. “Oh” this word flashed Ulla’s mind then she said “How…How much?” The driver seen taximeter then he said. “Hum, 61 Kroner, Sixty is fine.” 55

“Don’t” Chris pressed on Ulla’s hands and said “Please, Let me do it. Okay?” Ulla compressed her lips then said barely “Nice to meet you Chris.” Chris opened his pocket and said “You too, and here is your camera” “Thanks.” Ulla said then. She gave Chris big embrace, in that moment she can’t control her affection, a teardrop was dropping on Chris shoulder along on her cheek. She didn’t let to Chris see it, so she wiped it stealthily. “Take care. My Helper.” Ulla said it to Chris and kissed his cheek, then she released him and walk to the hotel. Chris was staring at her back but he didn’t know Ulla’s tears was falling down in her cheek when she left that cab. Chris closed the door. That teardrop was rolling down his shoulder and socked into the seat silently. “Go to the Ballerup st, please.” The cab was moving on the street, Chris feel everything is unacquainted, the trees. The roads, the bridges everything is same one, but Chris can’t recognized well. “Oh damn it.” Ulla left her map and camera in Chris’s pocket. In this time Chris reflected on that big-long huge “How can I didn’t detected it, what an idiot.” Chris blamed himself. “Hey, Man, Can you go back to that hotel, my friend missed something!” said Chris The driver turn back and said “Sorry sir, I can’t, we are on one-way road.” “Oh, No” Chris sighed. “But, I can turn back at next block!” said driver. “Sure, sure!” He said without hesitation “Din” The camera was on. Chris inadvertently touched power-bottom. A photo imprinted into his eyes. Chris silenced awhile, then said “No,no, don’t bother it. Just go to the Ballerup” “Okay, you make the call, Sir. By the way your girlfriend is pretty.” said driver. “She isn’t my girlfriend.” Chris made a heavy breath said then. * “Why he didn’t go back. He had chance to retrieve all.” A girl couldn’t hold she interrupted it. Truman said to her “Don’t rush, you will find out soon.” 56

Truman made a nod, Louise acknowledged his hint, and then he convened staff then moving to the porch. Chapter 14: Missed in the railway station. Up the bed, Chris was waking up, because Taaniel is making noise in the kitchen. Chris gave a stretch of himself, then asked “Taaniel what are you doing?” “I am making pancake!” Taaniel bought a spoon and walked into his room says. Chris saw him likes a snowman right there, the flour is paste in his skins “yeah! I see it. Please, don’t maltreat our pan again.” “It wouldn’t happened again. I found an app on App-store called <allrecipes>. Many secret recipes right there.” Taaniel stopped the music, pull out his phone from Audio and showed off to Chris. “Hope this time, I can taste it like a pancake.” Then Chris asked “What the name of that song?” “Only teardrops. From Emilie forest.” Taaniel said “She represented Denmark and joined Eurovision. You know want just got a champion last night.” “Cool” said Chris. “But the irritated thing is, someone green-eyes impleaded this song was pirated from YouTube.” “I don’t by those critical shit. Judgments always came with celebrities.” Then Chris asked “What’s time is it?” “A quarter to eleven.”Tannial told him it. “Holy shit, I am late.” Chris jumped out the bed. Taanial pulled out his head from kitchen and said “Hey Buddy, there still have 3 days before holiday walks away!” “It’s not same!” Chris was putting his clothes on. Chris grabbed the envelope and camera said “Good luck with your pancake. I got to go” He ran to outside and shouting “taxi!” “Hey, Central-station, please. I am in a hurry.” Chris says that when he gets into the taxi. “I try my best” the driver released the brake and said. “Number 11 platform, 11 o’clock.” Chris starred camera screen, mouth seems to muttering to himself. 57

In the taxi the only word spited out from Chris’s tongue is ‘QUICKLY ’ Time passing like an arrow released, in the central station a broadcast was popping “ladies and gentleman, May I have your attention please. Passengers to Poland at 11 o’clock, train No PL520 at platform 11 is leaving shortly, please get on a board immediately, Thank you!” Unfortunately Chris couldn’t made it, the train all really gone when he came to station. Chris ran to information-spot “hello, I…. I” He was breathing hardly “I was to know is the train PL520 left?” The DSB staff clicked keyboard then said “I afraid yes, just few minutes ago.” “Okay.” Chris dropped down his hands and you couldn’t see any hope cross his eyes. “Zzzz” His phone was vibrating. Chris answered “Hi, Mom.” “Sweetie, Where are you?” “I am out. Frankly.” “You know what you Dad and I just arrived Copenhagen five minutes ago. We are coming to celebrate Easter with you,” “Wow! That’s sweet.” Chris astonished. “You seem not so happy, Honey? What’s worry?” “No,no” Chris declaimed it “ I,I am cool, probably it’s the reception problems.” “Okay, we are waiting for luggage-claiming now.” said his mom, “Well, I will pick you up after 20 minutes.” “Sure, see you then.” “Son, we are coming.” Chris could heard his Dad’s whistling and yelling. “Well, that’s it!” signed Chris.



* “Speaking in here the story is close to the end. Today, Chris still didn’t reach her after that moment, but he still keeping his feeling into his innermost deep-side until now.” Truman made a pause then he fisted his hands said, “That’s it!” The audiences didn’t interrupt him with the thunderous clapping. Inversely, they were just immersing themselves in this vibe. But finally, one girl can’t resisted it, “Well, Did you think, they love each other?” she said. “I don’t know, but one thing I can tell you, it’s they had changes to pour out their heart to each other. But they didn’t. Maybe they know they wouldn’t work out together about the prospect of their future, perhaps this story is about the core of pure love, which is barely to reveal it.” After said that, the room broke out in applause. “One more question, maestro! One more question!” a voice came from one of the audiences. “Okay, go ahead! Please” “Who is Chris? You friend?” that audience asked. “He misses her, but he missed her.” Truman took out a camera from the internal pocket said then “The answer is right behind you!” -THE END-


Afterword I was came to Denmark one year ago. The Denmark wasn’t change its face in my mind, it’s a very lovely country with the nice people. Speak to this book I would first thanks all the classmates of the “take the future “class which is I took half year in Nordfyns Folkehøjskole. Especially for my chum Urszula skiba, Mariia Dmytriieva, Siğnem öz, because all the inspirations of this novel came from them.we have been spent 3 wonderful night in Copenhagen during the Easter holiday,that’s was a most beautiful moment we never have. And I also want to say “thanks” to Maret Haruoja, Alexander Khrebet, János Nagy, Gabriela Fuchsová, Taaniel Stoitšev, Keiu Sonn, Monika Vyleťalová, Mari-Liis Andre, Lemme Toll. Finally, I would like to say: If I have been able to publish this book, it was only because I did this cannot without you.

Zhang Jintian 11.27.2012.


Copenhagen's helper  


Copenhagen's helper