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Survey questions

What kind of exercise you are focusing on?

How often do you visit your gym? What is your favourite exercise?

Do you like running?

What kind of sportswear brand do you prefer and why?


If you are “ASICS” person state couple of reasons why?

Have you ever heard about “ASICS”? If you yes go to q.8.

If you are not “ASICS” person please state one or couple of reasons why?

Fitness club Elephant&Castle answers

Asics are Expensive I can’t afford it

Made for feet 2 times a week

Once a week

Asics are very Comfortablre

Never heard about Asics before

No I don’t like running Bicke 3 times a week

Answers Running

Chest, back, arms

I love running

Belly area

Fitness First. Hollborn. survey

I love running

3 times a week No, I don’t like running Made for feet

I don’t like the design Asics are very Comfortable

I just like by brand.


2 times a week

Going to get a pair of Asics for myself

Answers Belly area

Once a week


Chest, back, arms

Hyde park asics counter




Target audience portrait

Clerks Housewives

Fitness instructors Athletes

Age 23-40+

Target audience reasons to run

I run to prove myself I can I would never want to live without it, When I run I don’t care how I looks like anybody else it makes me who I am. I run because it simply makes me happy” When I run, what ever I am I am is good.

Feel good about myself. It’s me time

It awakes me

Reasons to run

“I run because it makes me happy

I feel free and complitely in touch with myself

I follow great ideas. It’s cleansing mind.

It’s my church

I ceartinly don’t run to be healthy I don’t run to be thin

When I run I feel ‘good enough‘ It doesen’t feel like I am not the fastest. When I run I like myself, I feel good about myself

I don’t run to win a race

Competitors portrait

Strong message Popular

Dynamic Innovative

Strong Ad campaigns Affordable price

Younger T/A

IPhone app

Trendy Popular


Collaborative work with celebrities Older brand

Affordable price

Mi coach app

Asics Store benefits

3D foot mapping system

Running experts

Nice bright space

The Shoe benefits

Upper Heel counter

Heel colar

Eye let Tonge Stockliner Lasting

Let your skin breath

Gel cushioning




New developing and technologies

New materials

Well balanced Very light

Advertisement 2008-2009

Advertisement 2011

sound mind, sound body

Summing up

considering all factors

Made for running rather than fashion Your Supporter Proper running shoes Intelegent Doctor recipe High-Tech Constantly improving Innovative

Key points

summing up

Constantly improving

Your Supporter

Inspiration idea execution



High tech

VisuaIisation idea execution

Wind chimes


New icon: Cardio-chimes


idea execution




Work for you.

Sound for you.

Here for you.

Applications idea execution

Web site intro Makes chaimes sound when mouse arrow moves to an icon

An App

idea execution



Huge touche screen When music is completed it is possible to send it to your phone, twitt or share it on Facebook Could be installed in some crowded places like tube stations or shopping centres. Also it could be installed in Asics store

Asics for interbrand  

Study project, london coege of communication, Zhanel Dissimenova

Asics for interbrand  

Study project, london coege of communication, Zhanel Dissimenova