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RAUL, calmer than all of his elders, is waving his arms, trying to get the attention of his fellow citizens of Bumblefuck, Iowa as a vicious tornado is rapidly approaching, as winds are blowing their hair and clothes as debris constantly flies around. He has tons of things he needs to say, but he is able to keep calm and not show his emotion, as danger is imminent. RAUL Everyone, please, if you guys listen up we can all get out of here safely, alright? OLDER MAN Hey everyone, listen! (Gleaming with sarcasm) The little boy wants to distract us right when that big fucker [the tornado] is right on our asses! YOUNG MAN (Approaches Raul with extreme aggression) Yeah let’s listen to Justin “fuckin’” Bieber instead of savin’ each other (Turns and walks away from Raul shaking his head in frustration)! RAUL If we all keep getting mad at each other, we’re all in trouble. Who cares if I’m not a grown up like you guys, if I’m the only one here with any ideas, why wouldn’t you give me a shot? PRETTY YOUNG WOMAN DADDY [referring to “the older man”], he has a point! I mean, look at him. He’s younger than near everyone here, yet he’s still the most calm. Let him help us, we don’t have any other options. YOUNG MAN Shutup you dumb… OLDER MAN Hey! Don’t you dare approach my daughter like that! And she’s right; if Raul has an

idea, then what the hell, let’s listen to the little fucker. We’ll all probably kill each other before the tornado gets here anyway. (Turns to Raul and sighs) Well, hurry up kid. What’ya got? RAUL Okay, I need everyone to make sure that first you can keep somewhat calm. If you do, I know I can help save you guys. YOUNG MAN Spit it out junior! RAUL All the men make sure you each grab a couple of women and kids. Once we know we’ve got them all accounted for, come and gather behind me. (Now yelling over the wind noise) Now I need everyone to pile together, and stay close behind me! Make sure you’re all close together, and hang on to each other! Don’t let go! (Raul turns his back to the people and faces the tornado, takes a huge step, and stomps on the ground) OLDER MAN (Clearing his eyes of dirt) Well holy shit! It’s gone! The tornado! It’s gone! YOUNG MAN (As they all cheer Raul) Well, what can I say, I’m sorry I doubted ya. I guess all I can say is thanks… RAUL Well you are welcome. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m headed to happy hour. OLDER MAN A bar? Aren’t you like 9? RAUL No, I turn 8 tomorrow. (Walks off into the distance)


Zach Gropper Dos Equis 2 page script  

T-206 Assignment.

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