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How To Generate 1,000 Visitors To Any Site Within 24 hours With Newbie Friendly Techniques That Work Like Gangbusters... Brought to you by: - By Alex Mensah In this report, I'm going to share with you 7 Lightening Fast traffic generation strategies for attracting thousands of visitors to your website each and every week. They include: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

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These are the exact strategies I have used to generate amazing rapid fast results online. So without further ado...let's dive into the details.

Article Marketing One of the oldest yet still more effective techniques in driving targeted prospects to sites and converting them into buyers is information-based marketing. This is why article writing, submissions and publications are at an all-time high. There are many tools that you can use to make the process of distributing your articles easier. However, although this is invaluable in getting your article exposed to more sites, there are common mistakes that some people make before submitting their articles to directories. Let us take a look at the more common mistakes made in 3 key areas: 1) Confusing the reason to promote articles with the reason to write them. In article writing, the main benefits of you promoting them is branding, lead generation and promotion, which are all part of your optimization efforts. However, there is one reason why you write articles, and that is to inform your audience about a subject. It is greatly important that your article is based upon this fact, or else you stand to fail in the promotional benefits as outlined above. Of course, it is also highly important that you figure out how to get people to read you article, and then to click on your site link in the resource box. I have produced a couple of articles that cover these areas so please check them out :-). 2) Failing to realize and maximize the promotional opportunities of article

marketing. You will more than likely already know that your article can generate links back to your site from the article directories themselves, and also from any sites who publish your article from these directories. However, did you know that you can attract more visitors and better search engine results from the same article? The first step to achieving this is to provide relevant keywords at strategic places in the article. However, do not overdo this. A good benchmark is to aim for between a ten to fifteen percent keyword density. I won't go further into this here as I've discussed this in other articles but if you would like to find out more, look out for more of my article marketing articles. You shouldn't just aim for your article to be accepted by article directories, but should ultimately aim for it to be used by publishers who scour the directories for website content. You should not underestimate the potential that this can have on your promotional efforts, as many of these publishers may have hundreds or thousands of regular visitors who could then view your article. Start out by having a plan of what you want achieved and make sure that you reach your targets. It is important to do this so that you can reap the maximum benefits of every article that you write. 3) Creating articles with content that does not help your readers. Maybe your only plan is to create an article and get links back from article directories, and that any visitor that you may get from this is fine. Well you may need to think again. Many article directoriesclamp down on the amount of articles that they accept that are simply not up to standard. And even if a poorly written, uninformative article does make it into the article sites, then the potential of being picked up by webmasters seeking quality content is certainly lost.

The benefits of one publisher with a hundred thousand website visitors picking up your article should be enough incentive for you to write an informative article. This is by no means impossible, and you may find that this value is conservative in what you may achieve from a number of publishers running your article on their site. Researching into a topic that is sought after is important. There may be many readers of this article who will feel that this information is all well and good but feel that they cannot write an article well, or may not know enough about a certain subject to write an article. This is by no means a dead-end. There are many places where you can research into a topic, or hiring a writer might be an option worth considering. The choice really is yours on how dedicated you are in increasing the exposure of your article, and consequently your website. On a basic level you can choose to gain a few backlinks from article directories, or with a little more effort you can enjoy massive exposure from providing quality content. You can use Instant Article Submitter or Article Marketing Robot to submit your articles. Here's a list of 50 most popular article submission sites. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.

15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 4,009

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RSS Syndication As publishers have moved towards monetizing RSS feeds, their have been vibrant discussions as to whether advertisements in feeds are viable or whether they will drive subscribers away. At the end of the day while it appears that many are discussing the philosophical approaches to ads in RSS feeds few are taking the time to examine the options available for inserting advertisements in feeds. Ultimately the advertisements served are going to determine the success of RSS as an advertising medium. The ads served must be related to the content contained in the feed. If the RSS feed contains quality content, the ads are relevant, and the volume of ads is in balance with the volume of content served, advertising in RSS feeds will succeed. Take a closer look at some of the ad serving options currently available for RSS feeds. Review of Current Options Google AdSense for Feeds Google's AdSense for Feeds offers contextually targeted advertisements, with a wide selection of advertisers. Google chooses not to divulge the percentage of revenue that is shared with the publisher, so it is difficult if not impossible to predict monthly revenue. The current Google AdSense system for feeds is tied to blogs and does not appear to be overly flexible. Pheedo

Pheedo displays categorized advertisements rather than contextual advertisements. The upside to this is that Pheedo's advertisements can be used in conjunction with Google AdSense or AdSense for feeds without violating Google's contract. Pheedo works with the publisher to serve advertisements from similar or related categories associated with the feeds contents. Pheedo's system allows for advanced ad filtering, giving publishers control over keyword ad filtering, specific ad filtering or url filtering. Pheedo's system also allows publishers to sell ads to existing advertisers whom they already have a relationship. The revenue split is 50% and feeds can be a sponsored flat rate advertisement or a pay-per-click advertisement, where the publisher is only paid if the advertisement is clicked. Kanoodle for Feeds Kanoodles systems for providing advertisements for feeds is similar to Google's but they do not have the breadth of advertisers that Google boasts. Advertisements are served based on topics, not to keywords. Kanoodle shares 50% of the revenue generated from the advertisements with the publisher serving the ad. Evaluating Options When evaluating feed ad serving solutions consider the following: 1. Ad Relevance In order to generate revenue from RSS advertisements or for an advertising campaign to succeed using RSS as a channel. It is absolutely critical that the advertisements served in the feed contain related content, the more related the content the higher the likelihood that the advertisements will be of interest to the reader and clicked. Also the closer the content relates to the feeds theme the higher the likelihood the reader will have genuine interest in the product or service being advertised.

2. Ad Ratio Publishers need to retain control over the frequency of advertisements. Readers will become frustrated with feeds that are heavily laden with advertisements and genuine content. The advertiser is happy as they are reaching a targeted audience the publisher is happy because their advertisement is being clicked and generating revenue. 3. Clearly Denoted as Ads The debate over editorial control and advertisements rage on. It is generally considered proper net etiquette for publishers to clearly mark advertisements to distinguish them from editorial web content. When selecting a RSS advertising partner consider the context in which the advertisements are displayed. Does it blend with the feed or site, while still being clearly marked sponsored material? Or does the content blend so well that it appear as a product or service endorsement from the publisher? Credibility and reputation online matter, and the segregation of advertisements and ensuring they are properly denoted as such will go a long way to enhance credibility with readers. Clearly as RSS increases in popularity publishers are looking for ways to monetize their content. RSS in advertising is a logical step, and striking a balance between quality, consistent content and occasional related advertisements will lead to the success of advertising in RSS feeds. If the balance is not found, publishers may be forced to move to a subscription RSS feed model. Here's a list of 51 most popular Rss syndication sites to submit to:

Ebook Syndication In this simple article, I will show you step-by-step how to create your own ebook. Step 1: Open your HTML editor (Dreamweaver, FrontPage or etc); if you do not have one, go to search engine and type, "free online editor WYSIWYG". Step 2: Type your message or idea into your HTML editor or copy and paste it from your text editor. Design your page and make it simple. After you, finish your work, save your file into specific folder. When designing your page, consider creating your file in single page or multiple pages that link to each other like website. If you new to website design, better you design it in single page. Step 3: Compile your file into ebook using ebook compiler. Go to ( and download ebook compiler. This is directory of ebook compiler and there are free ebook compilers too. Download and install ebook compiler into your computer. On the other hand, go to search engine and type, “free ebook compiler.� Step 4:

Open your ebook compiler and browse your file (html file you create in step 2) and follow the instruction in your ebook compiler until finish. Step 5: Go to, download WinZip, and install it. Open WinZip application and create a new Zip file. Add your ebook file and zip it. Step 6: FTP or Upload your zip file (example - into your web server. You can also sign up for free web hosting. Go to search engine and type, “free website hosting.” Step 7: Publish your ebook on the internet. Submit it to the ebook directory or freebie directory (if your ebook is free). Go to search engine and type, “free ebook directory" or submit it to Submit first your e-book to because their website received high traffic every week. Allow your website visitors to download your e-book free. Now you have successfully created your own e-book, publish it on the net but your e-book only can be view by Windows user. So, how your e-book can be view both Windows and Mac users. It is very simple just type your message or idea in word processor and save it in text format. Go to and follow the instruction on how to compile your text into PDF file. After you successfully create your PDF file, follow step 5, 6, 7. When you have created your ebook you can submit them to the top ebook sites for massive traffic and backlinks. Sites like,, will be hungry for your content and so will their readers. You can use Bookmarking demon to make your ebooks more popular and get more traffic to them. This ebook Underground Traffic Secrets shows you how to supercharge the traffic to your ebooks.

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Ezine Publishing Ezines are one of the best-kept secrets apropos announcement on the Internet. Area abroad can you tap into such targeted readership for so little outlay? If you're cerebration of application Ezines as allotment of your business mix, afresh actuality are some pointers on the types of ads that you can run, as able-bodied as what to put in them. Editors for Ezines will generally accord you the best amid three types of ad. They do altered things and crave altered budgets. The aboriginal blazon and the cheapest is the classified ad. Similar to what you can acquisition in bounded newspapers, it's a awful abridged adaptation of why readers should acquisition your alms attractive. Making a classified ad that works ablebodied for you is a amount of a little assignment and apparently some balloon and error. Check out added ads in the Ezine that interests you to see how they rose to the occasion. Next in band is the sponsored ad. Instead of actuality at the basal of the Ezine page, jostling for absorption with the added classified ads, the sponsored ad gets abundant added favorable positioning. Yes, the editor is allotment your ad by putting it area you'll get added amplitude and added attention. And that happens because you pay more. The third best is the abandoned ad. The abandoned ad is back the editor sends out a appropriate copy of the newsletter, which alone contains your ad, annihilation more. As you ability imagine, amount goes up afresh for the abandoned ad. For abounding web marketers, it's the band-aid of choice.

However, whatever best you accomplish for your ads, you additionally charge to accomplish abiding that bodies are activity to apprehend it. And if you're application the abandoned ad format, afresh you additionally accept to ensure that bodies accessible the email. Now is a acceptable time for a admonition about the accent of the banderole in your ad. It ability alone be 10% of the words, but you'll apparently absorb 50% of the time aloof on the headline. It's that important. Accumulate it fresh, pertinent and use the appropriate alternative of absorption avaricious words. "New", "Solve" and "How to" accept about anniversary gotten acceptable results. And now to the content. Announcement about revolves about the "three K" model. Aboriginal you "katch" them (that's your banderole accomplishing its work). Afresh you "keep" them and "konvince" them. It's the job of the agreeable to do these added two parts. Short or long, you accept to accumulate your reader's absorption and adviser them to an action, whether it's abrogation their email abode or affairs online. And aloof to accord you addition announcement choice, try this: barter acceptable and absorbing agreeable with the ezine editor for a chargeless announcement in their ezine. Editors are on the anchor for good, non-sales angle accessories that will absorption their readers. You get to put a articulation at the end of your commodity for readers to appear through to your website. It's one of the best forms of announcement because you're not pitching, you're advancing beyond as an agog expert. So it's win-win and no amount - can annihilation be bigger than that?

Blogging Blogs are a very popular ways of promoting your product or service. They are easy to install, easy to administer and easy to update. And search engines love them too. But what is a blog without traffic?Exactly. Here are five quick ways to boost traffic to your blog and start seeing those big sales.

1.Build a list of blog services to ping There are a lot of blog services you can ping. This means that you notify this service, that you've updated your blog. These services then list your new posts and you get the traffic from them. I've made a list of 50+ blog services you can ping on my site. These list are also available if you search google or any other search engine for it. That should be enough to give an initial boost to your traffic. 2.Add buttons to popular news readers What does this mean? Well there are sites like yahoo or google or bloglines etc, which have a members area where you can select sites with RSS feeds to fetch the latest updates from different blogs. That way you can have the latest updates from let's say 50 blogs listed on one page. I have a list of these popular pages on my website plus the buttons which link to them. Users can then easily add my blog to their news reader members area. 3.Update your content regulary Search engines and blog services love regular updates. It's very likely that you will get targeted traffic from search engines if you post regulary. That means you should make a new post to your blog at least once per day. But be careful. Too many updates per day can harm your search engines position and hits. What's too many? 10 or more. 4.Post in forums Post in forums, but don't spam them. Post something fresh and interesting and put a link to your blog in your signature. Don't just post in any forum. For example if you're selling cds, post in forums that are about music and cds. Don't post in car forums if you're selling furniture. By posting in forums you will get one-way links which are good for search engine position in search engines like google or msn or yahoo. 5.Submit to blog search engines There are masses of search engines available, that list only blogs. Just google for „blog search engines“ and you should find at least 20 of them. These blog search engines will help you with targeted traffic. Be sure to write a good title and a good description to your blog, so that people will easily find it and

click on your link. Follow these 5 steps and you will start seeing lots of traffic to your blog. And the so long awaited sales will start coming in. And don't forget to update your blog with fresh unused content that you write yourself.

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Podcasts Each day starts and usually ends with the same BIG question. Our clients and prospects ask us, "How can I grow my business and capture my fair market share?" Our answer is quite simply, "Build yourself a base of prospects and work that pipeline relentlessly and efficiently." One BIG tip that I can offer you as read my short synopsis today, learn how to become a successful PodCaster and watch your bottom-line fly skyward! Over the past decade, the Internet has created many new breakthrough marketing mediums. From successful ezine publishing and distribution straight through to more pronounced search engine optimization practices. As a television and radio broadcaster/marketing consultant, I have had the sincere pleasure of understanding just how important both the radio and television marketing methods are to businesses and individuals in getting the word out to their prospective audience. Our weekly online radio show, Net Talk Radio has been received very well amongst listeners and advertisers alike. I guess I always knew that in time, connectivity speeds and portable hand-held devices would ultimately allow for a more expansive target audience reach. The day has finally arrived!

Although, we began using our online talk radio format years ago, we are now able to sweeten the pie by allowing our listeners to almost effortlessly download our show (information and entertainment) right into the iPod and iRiver devices. Now our audience can listen where ever and whenever "they" like. Plus, as an added-value benefit to us and our valuable advertisers, we can track every hit (listener) around the clock for about the cost of a cup of coffee! We make all this happen by deploying one of today's best emerging audio/blogging technologies popularly referred to as, "PodCasting". PodCast Marketing: *Anyone Can Do This! First, What is Podcasting? Podcasting is a term that manifested as a fresh way to describe the technology used to push (share) audio content from web sites down to consumers (clients) of that content, who usually listen to it on an iPod (hence the term "pod") or any other type of .mp3 player (iRiver) at their command, convenience and control. PodCasting is somewhat similar to the concept of time-shifted video software and devices like TiVo, which let you watch what you want exactly when you want it by simply recording and storing video, except that PodCasting is primarily used for audio to date. (Universal video deployment is most likely just around the corner.) With that stated I should explain, however, that this easy to use emerging technology can be used to push (deploy) any kind of file such as photos (images), software updates, videos and/or text. PodCasting uses an XML-based technology called RSS (Real Simple Syndication). Content publishers (PodCasters) describe new content in an XML RSS file which includes dates, titles, descriptions, and specifics links to the .mp3 files. This "automatically" generated file is referred to as an RSS feed. Dave Winer is considered by many to be the creator of RSS and a pioneer in the environment of applied XML. The component to making PodCasting work with RSS is "enclosures" (remember that term), an element supported by RSS 2.0.

As a consumer or end-user, you simply run an "aggregator" (remember this term, too) program like MTV's Adam Curry's iPodder software on your local computer, which lets you easily subscribe to RSS feeds. Programs like Adam's will either by schedule or by random design, download the RSS files, and check to see if any fresh content is available. If new content exists, the audio files are automatically downloaded and put into a folder (of your choice) on your hard disk or directly routed to your mp3 player. I used an asterisk as noted above to make this very honest and often painfulto-some disclaimer. When I stated that "Anyone Can Do This", I should more accurately state, "Anyone that properly learns (from a real professional) and activates their own PodCast process can reap the significant harvest of BIGGER numbers by creating and nurturing their own emerging community. As an online business owner this is HUGE and required! This marketing solution can not only make you financially solvent, it can even make you a "STAR"! Fitting The PodCast Magic Into Your Arsenal Here now is a list of things to do to prepare yourself for your first PodCast presentation. 1. Research The PodCast Element Learn precisely what PodCasting is all about and how it works. I recommend visiting and typing, "PodCast Radio" into the search field. 2. Physically Search Out Only The True Professionals Create a list of those PodCasters that undeniably know exactly what they are doing. Align your yourself with only the best. From this list, call them on the phone and pick their brain(s). If you cannot locate an actual telephonic point of contact, I strongly urge you to wipe them from your list. You want to do business with those that believe in "touching" their market with more intimacy and one-to-one personalization rather than just an email. Remember,

you are looking for a friend. A mentor. Not necessarily someone to take your money and be off. A solid partnership (friendship) is your objective here. 3. Discover Your Passion What passion do you share with others? What true value will your audience glean from you? Who is your target audience? Understand your "WHY"! 4. Develop Your Plan & Work Your Process What do you need to learn? What do you need to do? What specific date will you be ready? Who will provide you with the support you will need to fulfill your plan. What equipment is required? 5. Make Your Podcast Happen! As you roll out your "new-to-you" adventure, don't expect total perfection on day one. Be kind to yourself and know that you will evolve. We all started from square one. You should have heard my first radio air check from my first radio gig in Bakersfield, California. I sounded just like a bumbling knucklehead. :-) Enough practice and desire can make you near perfect, but do be fair with you and give yourself time to grow. Listen to other Pro-PodCasters. Listen to your local radio stations. Read books and articles like this one on a daily basis. (I do it everyday!) 6. Finally... No Excuses! If you "really" want to crank up the heat on your marketing efforts, than PodCasting will give you the significant marketing advantage. Know this... Others will talk about it, but never make their move. You, on the other hand, will except no feeble excuses and get working on

your very first PodCast right away! (At the very least, be sure to move PodCasting up near the top of "TO-DO" list! List of Podcast Directories you can submit your podcasts to: podcast411 iTunes - iTunes podcast directory - Need iTunes installed to make entry and need an iTunes account. Zune Marketplace - Scroll down on the left and look for submit button Blackberry Podcasts - Need to sign up for a free account All Podcasts - podcast directory amigofish - Podcast rating Directory Apodo - Spanish Language Podcast Directory - Music Podcast Directory - New Submissions offline - Audio & Video Search engine Blogdigger - Search for the latest Audio and more. BlogExplosion - Podcast & VideoBlog Directory (free registration required to add your Cast / Blog) BlogUniverse - Podcast Directory BritCaster - Directory of UK podcasters Canada - Canadian Podcast directory Digital Podcasts - podcast directory EPN - The Education Podcast Network FeedOoyoo - Blog and Podcast Directory Feeds4All - Blog and Podcast Director Fluctu8 - Podcast Directory - podcast directory gigadial - podcast directory iBizRadio - Business Podcast Directory Last 100 podCasts - Entry - Enter your .xml URL. Learn Out Loud - Podcast Directory - email sub. needed. mirpod - Podcast Directory New Time Radio - podcast directory with long history Outdoor Radio Network - Fishing, Hunting, Boating Podcast & Videocast Directory - RSS Search (submit does not work with Safari)

Podanza - Directory for Audio and Video podcasts. PodBean - Audio and Video Podcast Directory podblaze - New Beta directory - still working out bugs - Spanish Language Podcasts Directory - German Language Podcast Directory podcast Alley - Top 10 and 50 lists (Remember to Vote for podcast411) Podcast Blaster - General Podcast Directory Podcast Bunker - Link removed per request of Podcast Bunker podcast Central - NOT taking new podcasts yet. PodcastDirectory - General Podcast Directory - Spanish Language Podcast Directory - Spanish Language Podcast Directory PodcastFusion - Audio and Video Podcast Directory podcasting news - removed submission page - General Podcasting Directory Podcast Pickle - podcast and Vlog Directory with top 25 list Podcast Player Online - submission page broke Podcast Pup - Search Portal for Podcasts PodcastZoom - submission page broke - General Podcast Directory Podscope - Podcast Search engine - Spoken Word Search Podsonoro - Spanish Language Podcast directory - German Language Podcast Directory - Directory of Public Radio Programs being podcasted. Qpodder - Directory of Gay and Lesbian Podcast QueerCasters - Directory of Gay and Lesbian Podcast Replay Media Guide - Podcast directory RSS Network - podcast directory Small Business Podcast Directory - Small Business Podcast and blog Directory - registration required syndic8 - General Podcast directory The Hard Pod Cafe - General Podcast directory The podlounge - General Podcast directory US Government Podcasts - Podcast Directory for US Government Podcasts. Vodcasts.TV - Video Podcast Directory Women in Podcasting - Podcast directory for Female Podcasters

Yahoo Media Search - Submit your feed here. - submission page is broke ZENcast - Creative Zens' Podcast directory

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Video Marketing You can create your own 30 sec video commercials with a site like and then submit the videos to the top video sharing sites. Sites like youtube, vimeo, veoh, dailymotion, and metacafe will be happy to send visitors to your video thereby increasing your site traffic. Just make sure to make a quality video. You can also ramp up your video marketing efforts by finding the videos on these sites with the most views and then approaching the video owners offering to pay them $20 bucks or less for them to put a link to your website in their video description. Most of the people with the most video views are not marketers and you would be surprised how many would jump at your offer. Go ahead and try it out!

How To Generate 1,000 Visitors To Any Site Within 24 hours.  

In this report, I'm going to share with you 7 Lightening Fast traffic generation strategies for attracting thousands of visitors to your web...

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