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ADVANCE AUSTRALIA FAIR Australians all let us rejoice, For we are young and free; We’ve golden soil and wealth for toil; Our home is girt by sea; Our land abounds in nature’s gifts Of beauty rich and rare; In history’s page, let every stage Advance Australia Fair. In joyful strains then let us sing, Advance Australia Fair. Beneath our radiant Southern Cross We’ll toil with hearts and hands; To make this Commonwealth of ours Renowned of all the lands; For those who’ve come across the seas We’ve boundless plains to share; With courage let us all combine To Advance Australia Fair. In joyful strains then let us sing, Advance Australia Fair.

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Editorial Coordinator Principal’s Message Principal’s Message Deputy Principal’s Message Staff Photos Prep Character Parade Grade 1 & 2 Science Week Photos Education & Book Week Grade 2 & 3 Friends & Family BBQ Grade 4 & 5 National Science Week Grade 5 & 6 Sports Activities Grade 7 Pastoral Care Excursions Photos Graduates ISIK College in Media Autographs

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Greetings children, my name is Twinkle. Let me introduce to you the 2011 Shepparton Campus Yearbook. Yayy! As you look through your yearbook, you will find me on almost all of its pages. I also have a surprise for you! If you hold on to the right corner of your yearbook and start flicking the pages quickly, you will see how I move through the yearbook. Enjoy...

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You are holding in your hands the 20 11 Isik College Shepparton Campu s yearbook. While a school year book does not refl ect all the wonderful memorie s of your school life we have tried to make this mag azine a treasure bo x of your memories. Every page of this yearbook is an interface to look back at your past and smile at what was once very important to you, along with m emories which shaped who you ar e today. A famous British actor Jeremy Iron s said “We all have our time mac hines. Some take us back, they’re called memories. So me take us forwar d, they’re called dreams.” May this yearbook be your time machine. The strength of yo ur memories will determine where it leads you. Eith er back to your m emories of the golden era of prim ary school or forw ard to your dreams which you n work to achieve. Yearbook Desig I would like to th ank Yearbook Coor dinator Meagan Height for her effo rts and IXIR Design Studio for this wonderful job. Enjoy your yearbo ok... Samil Gunduz Editor


The Year book is a big undertaking for the school community. Last year I spent many hours over the year book which you received in May 2011, with the assistance from Canan Kandemir and Annette Moran who proof read the document a number of times. In the final stages Ozlem Urhan spent a number of hours of reformatting so that we were able to print the document for you. The 2011 Yearbook will take a new format and quality. The Year 5/6/7 students were forwarded the chance be members of the yearbook committee. Many children put their hands up for the job The Yearbook committee meet once a week in the Computer Lab. The Yearbook committee would like to thank everyone for their hard work to have the 2011 yearbook out to the families in our community. Meagan Height Yearbook Coordinator

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Education is differ ent from teaching. Most people can te ach, but only a ver y ***

few can educate.

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rents and teachers

Dear students, pa

inatlege as the Coord ol C IK IS at re he itted urth year completing my fo dicated and comm de , ts en ud st ht ig I feel blessed to be d br gst such vibrant an ing Principal, amon rents. s ons and influence and supportive pa si e iv es at pr er im op e th co , to rs teache are osely related and young people ery individual is cl n ev re of ild ch re If tu fu h. ut he “T and yo feelings, ring their childhood ated with higher ul im st is sm ia they experience du us r enth .F. Gulen) I imate where thei s and virtues”. (M al or m od go brought up in a cl y la arts us minds and disp ent minds and he ro ud go st vi re ve he ha w t ill w en they an environm . ge provides such le ol C IK IS yed and reinforced la ve sp lie di be e ar es lu eir enva od morals and are captives of th ey th n, io at uc ed are stimulated; go rough d far away r young people th tense passions an in by ed ov “Until we help ou m , ly es ung representativ der about aimless yo an w nt ey lia va Th y t. ul en tr e vironm their can becom grates them with and reason. They te e in n dg io le at ow uc kn ed r om ei fr only if th ) ought and feeling ture.” (M.F. Gulen fu r of the national th ei th r fo ly nt ge instill within them intelli rough education, th ts en ud st past and prepares r ou es we strive to help s and representativ ge er le ad ol le C e IK m IS co at be e Her overso that they r heroes who can ledge and reason ou ow e kn ar d ts un en so ud st em th try. Our arts and es and their coun lightenment to he en es is om pr of their communiti at th d and acquire a min come any obstacle use t in our lives beca nd the world. ep ou nc ar y co a an ly m on of is ds n min graduatio e and I’d like to say that success we achiev w ne y er ev ith w To the graduates, y day til the very we graduate ever at will continue un th s es oc pr a in the real world, is n atio destined to overcome. Gradu rtain that you are ce am I d, every difficulty we in m in is es. By keeping th last day of your liv e in. you all u in the world yo liv and I pray to see n io at uc ed ur yo make a difference g mpletin e future. late you all for co ur community in th yo I wish to congratu in ith w rs be ” em onsible m ty of their dreams. au be e th as active and resp in ve lie s to those who be “The future belong t ~Eleanor Roosevel

Tuncay Terzi Coordinating Principal

All the best… 06 shepparton.indd 6

12/31/2011 10:52:48 AM

6 and ly completed grade ul sf es cc su ve ha u served to l year is over. Yo excited. You have de d an Another educationa d ou pr e ar l al in the ary. You your future. I hope r fo ep st graduated from prim g bi a ed you have complet be happy because you. ever, od news from all of go ar he ill bright career. How w a e w ild re bu futu to t an rt ve that our is extremely impo a career. We belie an Academic success th t an rt po im ss rs. Isik is not le role model to othe od go a being a good person g in be ue to thank all s going to contin morals. I would like students are alway od go p lo ve de to acters help you, ts building their char en ud st College has tried to e es th ed lp s who have he teachers and parent glects y years. When a country ne . ns tio during their primar na l al r fo ge if we have important issue ticed. As ISIK Colle Education is a very no un be to ed in y way st mily is de lped families in an he ve ha e its young, then a fa w if n, io country’s educat contributed to this ill now t all cultures. You w os m al in then we are happy. e lif l na io at we as Isik e base of educat ation. We believe th Primary school is th uc ed ur yo to g in we will rd life acco hing we could and yt er ev start building your ne do ve ha t and teachers College managemen future. do our best for your started its iends, in Shepparton had ge Dear Parents and Fr lle co ik Is e, m an parents better th in 2005. Since our rs be As you know much em m f af st w year, we have ents and a fe epped back. Every journey with 22 stud st r ve ne ve ha e without w s ago, t and ownership are us tr f, embraced us 6 year lie Be t. or pp expecting to d with your su r next year, we are Fo raised and develope . re he ill st e ar e why w achers. a doubt, the reason to year 8 and 14 te ep lf pr m fro ts en ud st ergetically on beha en d an sly es el reach at least 160 tir d hool is nts who have worke dedication to our sc te lu so Thanks all the pare ab d an t en total commitm of our school. Their and my ody for helping me yb er ev greatly appreciated. k an th to t ur rsonally wan epparton. With yo Sh to e m ca I Before finishing, I pe ce ank you od friends to us sin s in Shepparton. Th es nn ig family and being go re fo lt fe r ve ort I have ne friendship and supp all… liday… fe and enjoyable ho Have a peaceful, sa

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Murat Guzel Principal

07 12/31/2011 10:52:52 AM

ic the 2011 academ of n io et pl , ts m co en ul ud Dear St step in e successf otion is a major the occasion of th Congratulations on ge Shepparton Campus. Your prom Colle year at The Isik ands and responm de s, m do n. ee io fr at w your educ pany its ne previous w-year will accom rroundings of the ne su ic ar ili em m ad fa ac ur y yo er line Ev gree of self-discip cant change from ifi de r gn si te a ea gr be a ill e w s tic sibilitie to prac as you ge will require you your own progress e acyear and this chan will have to evaluate and monitor or You will be held m and You s. . al em go te ic es et lfhl se at d d an al an the actions ur academic, soci k carefully about in th to n gi work to achieve yo be t us actions and m se. your countable for your e friends you choo th d an mind throughout m ur or rf yo pe in u .” yo ks r or ou w vi k beha ea of “Hard wor ess what wet is to id cc e su th to ep is ke k l or al w u d I wish yo work. Har lt of luck bstitute for hard ess is not the resu t, to life. There is no su ey are inextricably connected. Succ ant to work smar rt th po e: im fir ry to ve is t so ho al , e is water you can maximiz ther hard work. It so ra d t ze bu ni e, ga un or rt be fo or good us eduan, and to you’re doing, to pl s. One of the greatest benefits, for iving t ha w t ou ab k in th fort ce of rece come from your ef ent. Our best chan d students. em ev hi ac the benefits that t en ud r children an s, is excellent st c” every day for ou hi cators and parent et k or w d ar “h odel a ve that benefit is to m No Gain! you when you ha st si ! in as Pa to o e N er r, th be e Remem achers ar k, friendur parents and te honesty, hard wor at th r be em m Re Remember that yo . words portant questions e not just empty im ar or rs s he ce ot oi d ch t an ul e ic es diff etime as productiv spect for yourselv lif re a d r fo an s ty al vi go iti al ns ship, se er person dictionary but rath e th in ly on d un your fo ccess in achieving su d ue in nt s. co al d du an indivi to offer would like to best that life has summer break. I ng xi la re d an I wish you all the ul rf all have a wonde goals. I wish you aths Teacher: M a you as ith w ds or w e m so share Like Arithmetic: May Your Life Be Joys Added Sorrows Subtracted Friends Multiplied Love Un-Divided.

Talib Sirin Deputy Principal

Yours truly, 08 shepparton.indd 8

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TOP ROW: Manvinder Kaur, Annette Moran, Hasan Erken, Cemal Avut, Tarbinder Pandher MIDDLE ROW: Meagan Height, Kathleen Stammers, Canan Kandemir, Ozlem Urhan, Feenous Radee FRONT ROW: Talib Sirin, Murat Guzel, Ahmet Sonmez, Amninder Malhi

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12/31/2011 10:53:06 AM

This year has seen many achievements in the education of the students at ISIK College, Shepparton Campus. We have changed the way we implement our curriculum. We were teaching every curriculum area over every term, now we are focusing on one curriculum area a term and approaching it through Literacy and Numeracy. To enrich our students learning we have incorporated different experiences, incursions and excursions. Physical Education (PE) During term 1 & 2, students participated in a highly enjoyable Gymnastics Program, run by Activated Group. Term 1 also saw many of our students participate in the annual swimming program at Aquamoves and Looking Good. In Term 3, students participated in a school run Athletics program. This program gave the students the skills and knowledge of athletics events in preparation for the grade 3-6 participation in the local interschool sports program in Term 4. In Term 4, students throughout the school, were involved in dance lessons as part of PE and Arts. These programs assisted students to be prepared for the end of year concert. Science Program This year the full implementation of the Science Primary, “Primary Connections,” took place across all levels. Primary Connections is an inquiry based science program developing all expected outcomes at each learning level of the school. This is a program that is designed by science teachers for other classroom teachers, to implement a hands-on learning environment for students. Australian Curriculum and VELS In Term 3, many of our teachers created learning activities drawing from the new Australian Curriculum e.g History. This new curriculum complements the teach-

ing that is based around the Victorian Essential Learning Standards, which currently is in use by other teaching authorities. Community connections We have also continued our relationship with the Goulburn Valley Library. Once a semester each class had a Library session, with the Education Librarian, Anne Tomietto. Some of the classes also visited the library on a fortnightly basis. We also participated in special programs provided by the library. During Term 3 some classes visited the library to learn about the Local Aboriginal History by viewing the Aboriginal artefacts, art, and books to gain a greater understanding of this part of the local history. Incursions, Excursions and Field trips Incursions are when someone visits the school. Excursions are when groups of students leave the school for the purpose to further their learning. Incursions and excursions are a popular part of our school calendar, looked forward to, by teachers and students. They are used to introduce the unit of study or to consolidate learning in the classroom. Field trips are a chance for all students, from all levels, to attend a day where they are having fun with family and friends. Assessment and Reporting 2011 has seen the change in our Assessment and Reporting of the students’ progress. We have moved on from exams at the end of every term, to Learning Journals at the conclusion of every semester. Learning Journals are a chance for parents to see the overall learning that their child may have completed over the semester/year, and observe their child’s development of knowledge, skills and understanding of concepts. What a busy year we have had!! As the curriculum co-ordinator I am already looking forward to 2012. It is already packed with many enriching learning experiences for the students.

Mrs.Meagan Height Curriculum Co-ordinator

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12/31/2011 10:53:11 AM

e Pr


awi, Melis Ayat Al-gara c, a ul ik lt A y ra igit Tetik, Be Alzaferee, Y b a in a m Saied, Z : w o Top R dirim, Maria il Y r nu m fi le il Es , Alh ab Al-Mayali Avci, Baneen la Unal, Zain g ezai Ca R : el, Ruya a w b o ri R Fe Middle lukaya, ak, Esma Guz ut ym M a K va lp Er , A e it re ig nur Sheriff, Y Fatima Alzafe an Ulu, Aysha sm e Dadal O Ef : , w ut o R ul Front , Melike B ine Koysal. ny a d e le A fa es Kaymak, Em En d e m Kaya, Musta m a uh han Atam, M Absent: Emir r inder Pandhe Teacher: Tarb

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12/31/2011 10:53:19 AM

for the and exciting year sy bu ry ve a en be It has d the opportunity ha ey th re he w gPrep students e of fun and enga ng ra e id w a e nc learnt to experie t the year they ou gh ou hr T . es iti ing activ elf and I’; such as ‘Me, Mys es em th s ou ri m va t abou m animals’. In Ter ar ‘F d an e’ ov m a ‘Things that to explore life on es iti tiv ac s ou ri va made 3 they did collages of farms, d te ea cr ts en ud farm. St re milk and wool he w nt ar le , ks as ed farm animal m s and also enrich ed se ed nt la p , Bank comes from to the Emerald t si vi a by ng ni tunity their lear ey had an oppor th re he w rm Fa Heritage so go on a pony al d an s al im an y to feed and pat s and fun filled da ou ur nt ve ad an ride. It was t of it. yed every momen particiand students enjo udents have also st ar ye e th t ou Through d other in-school an g tin or sp of e for pated in a rang ing, Jump Rope m im Sw as ch Here activities su and Book Week. de ra Pa er ct ra ha : Heart, C om these activities fr s ot sh ap sn e m are so

Having f un in the art and craft les son


Cagla enjoying the pony ride 12 shepparton.indd 12

12/31/2011 10:53:23 AM

Osman showing his skeleton and talking about how we move

Prep boys ha ving fun in th e pool

was fun e d i r t r a Hay c

Jump Rope For Heart

Visit to the Aquarium

shepparton.indd 13

the ride at n i a r t g the Enjoyin e farm Heritag

13 12/31/2011 10:53:33 AM

CHARACTER PARADE aracter parade was ISIK College’s annual Ch e to thank parents held on Friday. I would lik time into dressing up who put the effort and ent. their children for this ev tic! We are beginning All costumes were fantas l and well throughout to see some very origina costumes from books. es had with all the What a hard job the judg great costumes . ents who participated Congratulation to all stud ccess. Congratulation and made the event a su to the following Children Prep 1st Yigit Tetik 2nd Emine Koy ak 1/2 1st Ali Kagan Kaym

Grade 4&5 students in character costumes

2nd Nooran Al 2/3 1st Safa Alsakir 2nd Hilmi Ergunen Seyma Topal 2nd Aleyna Bolat 5/6 1st Abrar Fa 2nd Lara Unal

4/5 1st

Zainab Bakal

g the Students watchin e Character Parad

14 shepparton.indd 14

12/31/2011 10:53:41 AM


t the Character a p re p e th f o Some more Parade

Some of the prep at the C haracter Para de

Some of the Grade 2 & 3 stude nts watching the Character Parade 15 shepparton.indd 15

12/31/2011 10:53:51 AM

Education is a socia l process; education is growth; education is not a p reparation for life b ut is life itself. John Dewey

16 shepparton.indd 16

12/31/2011 10:53:55 AM

2 & 1

r Eris ammed, Haider robaie, Rabia Nu amy, Hajer Moh th aa Al Back row: Ali Al fl Ra , lfi : Hassan Alhi Alsharedawe Middle front row Gohari, Eamien a zi ar M ri, Nooran s, ta Ak n , Zainab Alnase iff er Sh h Alderawy, Gulca ija ad : Emre Cukur, Kh Middle top row n Kaymak yda Bolat, Esra Saadi, Ali Kaga aa Al , hy Resad Ozbay, Ila kc i, ra ah m Alqa ra Al m ia -hindawi, Mar med Al-Mayali Front row: Ali Al Alsakir, Moham da hu al or No r, Isik, Halil Isgude . Absent: Ebru Atam

17 shepparton.indd 17

12/31/2011 10:54:03 AM

The year has been excellent. The students have worked hard and we all enjoyed it too, be it a trip to aquarium or swimming lessons. In term 1 we learned about healthy body, kids learnt about Germs and importance of washing hands. We had an incursion from Brave Hearts, the education program was developed to help empower children to speak out about any unsafe situation. In term 2 kids went to the library and they all had fun. Term 3 came with lots of activities. We had science week, book week and character parade. In this term we went for an excursion to Yarabee Yesterdays World. Kids enjoyed their day as they had a glimpse of olden days. They got to know, most olden day games are not like games we have today. I wish all the best to everyone in grade 1/2 and I hope they attain wonderful experiences and opportunities to learn and grow in the days ahead.

r e d n i v n Ma K aur

to blow a g in n r a e L ek Science we balloon

Kids enjoy ing olden d ays games Haider, Emre , Ali.H at the library

18 shepparton.indd 18

12/31/2011 10:54:08 AM

Kids in the library

m e aquariu h t n i s d i K

Rafl and Resad with olden days bags

Ilayda and Gulcan at the library

Kids singing a song with ditto 19

shepparton.indd 19

12/31/2011 10:54:14 AM

SCIENCE WEEK On Wednesday 26th of October Peter and Lyn form Off This Planet visited us at school. All students got to visit the planetarium and look at space displays. Students really enjoyed participating in this incursion.

naut Grade 1-2 students with the astro

During the planetarium shows students learnt about space travel, rockets, space shuttle launch, the day and night sky, orbits and the constellations.

Grade 2 students Height’s from Mis class wit s h the ast ronaut

The display had pictures of astronauts (including two from Australia), planets and space stations. There were also samples of meteorite rock, space food and NASA technologies and some students got to look at the sun through a special telescope called a ‘sunscope’. We would like to say a big “thank you” to Peter and Lyn for coming and spending the day with us. Miss Stammers – Science Teacher

Year 7 Class pho to with the astro naut

Peter showing students a Mars Rover model

20 shepparton.indd 20

12/31/2011 10:54:26 AM


s ents and Mis Grade 3 stud e astronaut th h it w t h ig He

Year 7’s at the Space Science prese ntation wit h Peter Bush

Hamit showin g his skills as an astronomer!

t e astronau h t h it w s t n stude Grade 4-5

Prep class photo with the astronaut 21

shepparton.indd 21

12/31/2011 10:54:40 AM

EDUCATION WEEK Book Fair 1st – 8th August 2011 Our annual Scholastics Book Fair is over for another year. I would like you to thank all families who supported this year’s book fair. This year we have been able to choose a selection of books worth $182.20 and also we are able to select books worth $50 for rebooking a Scholastics Book Fair for October in 2012. As part of running a Scholastics Book Fair we were offered a $60 promotional Voucher which I used in the following way... Two raffles for each classroom ; A $2 raffle for those students who bought novelty items like rubber, pencils and posters. An $8 raffle for those students who bought books. Congratulations to students who won the raffles in each Class room. Prep: $8 Yigit Tetik / $2 Melike Bulut Grade 1/2: $8 Hajar Mohammad / 2 Nooran Alquarky Grade 2/3: $8 Beyza Tulek / $2 Roqiya Qwart Grade 4/5: $8 Layla Alnuaimy / $2 Abrar Alharry Grade 5/6: $8 Emre Eren / $2 Ece Aydin Year 7: $8 Serkan Yamankol / $2 Merve Ylimaz


At Assembly this week, I had the pleasure of presenting a number of students’ Certificates of Appreciation for their work whilst I was running the Book Fair. So again I would like to thank the following students; Merve Yilmaz, Yasar Tulek, Dorgram Fahkrualdin, Bursa Kavci, Lara Unal, Harun Atkas, Selin Avci

shepparton.indd 22

elpers Book week h

Hakan a nd Haru n lookin g at the b ooks

Mohammed, Rabia, Al aa, Hajar looking at books at th e Book Fair

12/31/2011 10:54:50 AM

EDUCATION WEEK Book Week 21-17th August success once again. Our annual Book Week was a great se one or two Before Book Week, each teacher cho artwork. books to read and explore through work based on In Prep they read and completed art from older stu‘Noni the Poni’ where, with assistance de the tall man dents they made 3D farms. They ma twelve babies’ from the story ‘The tall man and his ies based on the Grade 1/2 also completed art activit ies’. They created story ‘The tall man and his twelve bab ies from Magic clay. the tall man and also six of his bab ks “Why I love In 2/3, the children looked at two boo ated a picture, Australia’ For this book, children cre nal art. The second using the techniques used in aborigi dren the chance to book, ’Family Forest’ allowed the chil own Family Fordiscuss their family and create their a variety of mateest. They completed this task using rials and tools. d by the Grade 4/5 “Why I Love Australia’ was also use The second activity to complete the aboriginal painting. same book. They they completed was also based on the about why they worked in groups to create a collage love Australia. und the same book. 5/6’s also based their activities aro l as other tasks They completed the same task as wel related to Australia e.g. boomerang k based on the Year 7’s completed an interesting tas Janine Baker book ’Mirror’. placed on display Many of the art activities were then ents to view in the old assembly for Friday, for par throughout the the work their children had completed week.

shepparton.indd 23

4&5 Students with their art wo rk based on 'Why I Love Australia'

ased on the b rk o w s l` a Berna Un Forest' book 'Family 23 12/31/2011 10:54:59 AM

If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a d ecade, plant trees; if planning for a lifetim you are e, educate people. Chinese Proverb

24 shepparton.indd 24

12/31/2011 10:55:03 AM

3 & 2

al, Oguzhan Karakoc qiya Quwat, Berna Un Ro , wy na ssa Ha Alh en, Hakan Aktas, TOP ROW : Zahara n Kasikci, Hilmi Ergun rca Me t, Su i lod Me : MIDDLE TOP ROW Yaa Tulek Nour Saadi, Ervanur Ahmed Aletabi, Beyz i, Asrar Fahkrualdin, ah am Alr za Re : W MIDDLE FRONT RO yna Aydin vuzel, Marim, Alvuzel, Safa Alsakir, Ale Gunes, Ahmed Tuna Ya a Esr i, aw ra ga Alf FRONT ROW : Youse Ali Avci Melih Bilir, Pelin Avci, robaie, Emine Avan,

25 shepparton.indd 25

12/31/2011 10:55:13 AM

During Term 1 we participated in swimming and gymnastics. In term 2: Children enjoyed hands-on learning in our Science units of work; “Push and Pull” then “Smooth Moves”. They experimented with all different forces. As part of Education Week, we visited the Library, to listen to presentation from Victorian Museum scientist. We learnt about dinosaurs, we constructed a leg of a dinosaur, and measuring this by lying down next to it. In term 3: We had a busy conclusion last week of, as Term 3, in the last week we headed off twice to Melbourne. On the first time we went to see the Keysborough Campus’ concert, based on ‘The Lion King’. This gave us many great ideas for our own concert item. The second excursion was with the whole school, to the Melbourne Zoo which was enjoyed by all who attended. In term 4, the children participated in school Fun Run to help raise money for books and resources for our school library. The grade 3 also participated in the interschool sports for the first time.

n a g a e M s s i M Height 26 shepparton.indd 26

Grade 2 and 3 at the libra ry after a session wit h sharon the Aboriginal Ecuational o fficer.

Melodi and Pelin on the bus, on our way to Melbourne.

Pelin wearing the head of a dinosaur

12/31/2011 10:55:17 AM

Lion King Exc rusion Pelin a nd Melodi

e foyer at the th in ts n e d tu S 2&3 Dandenong Drum Theatre in

Dinosaur Poo!! haa haa Emine

Ahmed and Beyza he lp unveil foot of the dinosaur. 27 shepparton.indd 27

12/31/2011 10:55:26 AM





28 shepparton.indd 28

12/31/2011 10:55:42 AM


29 shepparton.indd 29

12/31/2011 10:55:58 AM

A human being is n ot attaining his full heights until he is educated . Horace Mann

30 shepparton.indd 30

12/31/2011 10:56:03 AM

5 & 4

a Alnua Topal, Layl ym Se , ik Is n a Alhaary, Osm uaimy, Abrar ln A a rgis Alsahr a Z : a Quwat, Na m Top Row ti Fa s, a kt im yA Yildir Ozbay, Kora aimy, Meltem Alhilfi, Merv ha ud , Huseyin R : w o tima Alrobaie Middle R Fa h a i, d w za sa li A us lm ed Ali Torun, Aula A kir, Mohamm olat, Ahmet B a yn le A : Front Row u Yildirim Kavci ee, Rabia Ays za e R d e m m Bozat, Tugba oha kan Demir, M Absent : Berk

31 shepparton.indd 31

12/31/2011 10:56:13 AM

It has been a very exciting and productive year of learning where students have had opportunities to take part in an extensive range of activities. We have covered interesting topics in all our key learning areas and participated in terrific incursions and excursions. In Integrated studies, students learned about ‘Me’, ‘Healthy Food’, ‘Spinning in Space’ and ‘Australia’. They participated in gymnastic and swimming programs. Students also had a chance to visit Melbourne Aquarium.

r e d n i n m A s r M Malhi

Swimming at Aq uamoves

Character parad e

All about me

32 shepparton.indd 32

12/31/2011 10:56:20 AM

I would like to share so me of their comments abou t their experiences in grade 4/5

local library A session at

Having fun at M elbourne Aquari um

Osman Isik : I liked our swimming program when we went to Aquamoves. I also liked when we had gymnastic lessons. I liked doing our ‘Spinning in Space’ unit. I have learnt many new things this ye ar. Seyma Topal : I liked it wh en we went to the Melbourne Aq uarium. I also loved Ann’s session at the local Shepparton library .This year, I have learnt how to write pers uasive text and other text types. Mohammed Ali : I enjoyed doing activities in the computer lab. The best activity was making PowerPoint presentation about plant s. I liked doing ‘Jump Rope for He art’ because it is a really good activity . Meltem Yildirim : I loved doing Science experiments and ac tivities in class. I really liked re searching about Australia using int ernet and I learnt lots of new thing s that I didn’t know before. This year has been great!

Unit ‘Australia’

Class party

33 shepparton.indd 33

12/31/2011 10:56:28 AM

NATIONAL SCIENCE WEEK of August stu On Friday 19th er and teach s s nt re a p , ts den ng ernoon explori enjoyed an aft e s of the Scienc science. Member for several rd a h ed rk o w Club itogether activ t u p to ks ee w to ys for you all ties and displa to . I would like have fun with students for e s o th f o ll a thank work. their very hard eryone enjoyed ev t a th e p o h We the afternoon. Miss Stammers

Invisible ink, I wonder what the message is...

Making paper planes with Ahmed, Gulnaseeb and Fatima

...and we have lift of f!

34 shepparton.indd 34

12/31/2011 10:56:40 AM


egg Emre and his

Learning a bout scienc e with Miss Stamm ers

Invisible ink, I wonder what the message is... 35 shepparton.indd 35

12/31/2011 10:56:53 AM

The principal goal o f education is to cre ate men who are capable of doing new things, n ot simply of repeating what o ther generations ha ve done. Jean Piaget

36 shepparton.indd 36

12/31/2011 10:56:58 AM


6 &

ab Bakal, r Muftin, Zain je a H i, b ta le li A l-garaawi, A n Ulu, Noor A re a e Aydin, Y : w o R Top Selin Avci, Ec y, im ua ln A b a n Aktas, Zain Enise Erdem re Eren, Haru Em : w Busra Kavci, o R le Midd hassanawy, lA d e m m h ha a d Altikulac, Mo Ahmad Aliza Unal, Behnan ra La : Alsharedawe w o R Front Tulek, Fatima r sa a Y , in ld a Abrar Fahkru

37 shepparton.indd 37

12/31/2011 10:57:08 AM

This is us at Physical Education with our gymnastics teacher, Christine and Ozlem, our secretary. We had gymnastic in first and second term. This was the first time we have had this program and we had a fabulous time. This was fun. We would all like to do it again. We had a great teacher ! We had P.E. Mondays and Wednesdays and we learnt how to do somersaults and to use the equipment safely.

n a r o M . Mrs

Christine, gymnastist, with grade five and six students

Ece enjoying the neck stretching exercises

Ahmad, can’t do this!!!!

38 shepparton.indd 38

12/31/2011 10:57:16 AM

Abrar, look a t me now!

e! Zainab. Awesom

Behnan, ah, ah, ah!

Busra, gymnastics is the best!

Enise, this is so hard. 39

shepparton.indd 39

12/31/2011 10:57:28 AM

SPORTS ACTIVITIES k 8, Term 1, our In week 6 and wee , went to the school Isik College e boys went to swimming pools. Th d the girls went the Aquamoves an Mooroopna. We to looking Good in gs about swimlearned lots of thin w to swim. ming. We learned ho do backstroke, We learned how to ival stroke. It freestyle and surv le who taught us was fun. The peop taught us how how to swim also in the water. to save ourselves at we need to We also learned th e water is so we know how deep th n we know how do not drown. Whe we are caredeep the water is, fe in and around ful about being sa pool. t deep and you If the water is no will hurt your dive on it, then you head. beach and you If you are at the put your hands need help, then you up and call “HELP!�

ding water Senior boys trea

Learning to free style


Learning to Diving

40 shepparton.indd 40

12/31/2011 10:57:38 AM


Junior boys le arning how to swim. Osman learning to d o a pin drop .


g hard

Some of the boys enjoying their swimming lessons 41 shepparton.indd 41

12/31/2011 10:57:49 AM

Education does not mean teaching peo ple to know what they do not know; it means them to behave as teaching they do not behave . John Ruskin

42 shepparton.indd 42

12/31/2011 10:57:54 AM

First row: Furkan Kasik ci, Gulnaseeb Alizada h, Murat Yavuzel, Suhe Aleyna Demir, Abdurra yla Artar, hman Muftin, Shukria Gohari, Hamit Bulut 2nd row: Serkan Yama nkol, Dorgam Fahkrua ldin, Mohammed Al-hin Togay dawi, Betul Top Row: Ziynet Ergun en, Merve Yilmaz, Le yla Gunes, Dua Alhaa Almussawi. ry, Mohammed Teachers: Kathleen Sta mmers / Canan Kandem ir / Talib Sirin / Ahme Absent : Zahra Almuss t Sonmez awi, Gulnur Avan, Ce ren Goksenin

43 shepparton.indd 43

12/31/2011 10:58:05 AM

17th In term 2, on Friday the Melof June we went to the Tutbourne Museum for the we ankhamun exhibition. First m eu looked around the mus e th and then we started with d an 3D movie about Ramses aohs the discovery of the phar e th tombs. After we went into we Tutankhamen exhibition, e er also had an audio tour wh e th we had to listen and look at s wa statues and artefacts. It s in very fun learning new thing them the museum and seeing ernet in real life not off the int or books.

nities studies on As part of their term 2 Huma dents had the opAncient Civilisations, year 7 stu to Melbourne portunity to attend an excursion un and the GoldMuseum to see the Tutankham ion. They were en Age of the Pharaohs exhibit by their teachers accompanied on the excursion Mrs Canan KanMiss Kathleen Stammers and e all had a really demir and bus driver Chris. W seum and the enjoyable day exploring the mu nt Hamit Bulut Tutankhamun exhibition. Stude has shared his experience. Miss Kathleen Stammers, Humanities teacher.

By Hamit Bulut, Year 7


44 shepparton.indd 44

12/31/2011 10:58:11 AM


Year 7 stude nts visiting Tu tankhamun and the Gold en Age of the Pharaohs 1th of OctoOn Tuesday 1 ents visited ud ber Year 7 st Park for a a Kyabram Faun Animal Claspresentation on ey had been th sification, which rm 3. Stute studying during a presentan dents were give on and they ati tion on classific gtail possum n ri got to hold a and a python. Miss Stammers acher Te Year 7 Science 45

shepparton.indd 45

12/31/2011 10:58:23 AM

PASTORAL CARE Dear parents and students, n the giving of well Pastoral care includes more tha motivating lessons. prepared, thought provoking and the total well being of It means being concerned for ent of the whole indistudents, and with the developm family, school and wider vidual within the context of the community. us Pastoral Care DeAs Isik College Shepparton Camp importance of pastoral partment, we are aware of the ortance to the pastoral care. That is why we give imp care activities. ral programme extends In the year of 2011, our pasto denced in many ways throughout the College and is evi ling, indoor and outsuch as end of term camps, bow school barbeques, culdoor soccer games, swimming, . tural activities, visiting parents etc care programme is ral The central tenet of our pasto are loved and that they that each student knows they t cares for them. We belong to a school community tha ritual, moral and ethics concern about our students’ spi s. as well as their academic career h: oug Pastoral care is achieved thr ships • quality and supportive relation approaches to learning • comprehensive and inclusive • effective networks of care ral care strategies • appropriate and effective pasto anisational structures • supportive and coordinated org is the responsibility of Pastoral care is shared by and everyone.


Ahmet Sonmez Pastoral Care Coordinator

The Pastoral Care aim is to develop an appreciation of cultural and spir­ itual well being. Students in grade 4-6 are encouraged to attend Pas­ toral Programs, which are generally conducted on weekly basis during school as well as after school. Activi­ ties include social gatherings, reading programs watching DVDs. We also had some events such as fundraising activities for needy.

46 shepparton.indd 46

12/31/2011 10:58:28 AM


47 shepparton.indd 47

12/31/2011 10:58:41 AM

EXCURSION At the end of term 3 students had the to opportunity to attend an excursion day the Melbourne Zoo. Students had the the to explore the zoo and look at all of mal animals. Some students even saw ani koashows and feeding times including the lions. las and echidnas, elephants, and sea day. Students and teachers all enjoyed the and Dorgam Fahkuraldin (year 7) & Lara expeBusra (Grade 5/6) have shared their rience of the day at the zoo. Miss Stammers

48 shepparton.indd 48

On 23rd of Sep tember in term 3, the whole school w ent to Melbourn e zoo. We saw heaps of different ani mals. It was cool to see all different kind s of animals e.g. pen guins. We saw zebra s, lions, penguin s, tigers, meerkats, elep hants, birds and more. We had lots o f fun. After we ate lu nch, we went to see the seals perfo rm. We were ve ry shocked when the seal putted the rubbish in the bin. We were all ex cited to see all these animals. From Lara and Busra. 12/31/2011 10:58:54 AM

EXCURSION year ber grade 6 and m ce e D f o th 9 AhOn Friday the t Bey, Talib Bey, ra u M h it w ng Nedim 7 students alo Cemal Bey and , rs e m m a St s rsion to met Bey, Mis rne for an excu u o lb e M to d d Bey travelle 0am and arrive :3 7 t a l o o ch s left Luna Park. We . The students m a 0 :3 10 nd u t aro at Luna Park a eir day out and th t u o b a d te ci ex e were all really ers enjoyed th ch a te e Th . s e d ri pm. enjoyed all the at around 2:00 rk Pa na Lu ft le the rides too! We r a drive over fo nt e w e w e m McOn the way ho we all went to n e th nd a ge d r Westgate Bri to Nedim Bey fo s nk a Th . h nc lu Donald’s for driving us.

Group Photo!!!

shepparton.indd 49

Fun at Luna Park

Abdul and Dorgam enjoying the Dodgem Cars

49 12/31/2011 10:59:10 AM

A nation’s progress or decline depends on the spirit and consciousness, the upbringing and edu cation, given to its young people. N ations that have ra ised their young people correctly are always ready for pr ogress, while those who have no t done so find it im possible to take even a single step f orward. ***

50 shepparton.indd 50

12/31/2011 10:59:15 AM

51 shepparton.indd 51

12/31/2011 10:59:19 AM

Abrar Fahkrualdin

Ahmad Alizadah

Ali Aletabi

Nickname: Libra

Nickname : Alawy

Hobbies: Spending time with my friends

Hobbies: Soccer, swimming and spending time with friends.

Career Ambition: An engineer.

Career Ambition: A builder I really like hammering and designing homes or bridges.

52 shepparton.indd 52

12/31/2011 10:59:24 AM

Behnan Altikulac Nickname: Beho Hobbies: AFL and soccer

Ece Aydin

Enise Erdem

Hobbies: Playing soccer, listening to music, playing with animals, playing play station and going out with friends.

Hobbies: Playing on the computer, spending time with my friends and going to the swimming pool. I like playing soccer with my fiends because it’s fun and I love dancing.

Career Ambition: When I grow up I want to be a architect.

Career Ambition: English teacher because I can help students with their work .

53 shepparton.indd 53

12/31/2011 10:59:29 AM

Fatima Alsharedawe

Hajer Muftin

Nickname: Fadoom

Nickname : Smuga

Hobbies: I like spending time with my family; I love my Mum and Dad. Also swimming and having a lot of fun with my friends in my spare time.

Hobbies: Favourite sport is soccer.

Career Ambition: When I grow up i want to be a doctor.

Career Ambition: When I grow up I want to be a house designer but my family wants me to be a doctor.

Lara Unal Hobbies: I like doing projects with my friends, I like playing ball games. Career Ambition: When I grow up I would like to be a kind primary teacher.

54 shepparton.indd 54

12/31/2011 10:59:34 AM

Noor Algaraawi Hobbies: Playing on the computer, spending time with my friends and going to the swimming pool. I like playing soccer with my fiends because it’s fun and I love dancing. Career Ambition: An Embroider

Selin Avci

Yaren Ulu

Yasar Tulek

Nickname: Seloo

Nickname: Yazza

Nickname: Yoshi

Hobbies: My Hobbies are playing soccer spending time with my friends. I like going out to Shepparton shows and Luna park. I love listening to music.

Hobbies: Playing soccer and I like dancing. I also like spending time with my family, and also spending time with my dad at the shops.

Hobbies: I like to make things like planes out Art paper.

Career Ambition: When I grow up I would like to be a kinder teacher and teach student, the best part of education.

Career Ambition: When I grow up I want to be a pilot.

Career Ambition: When I grow up I want to be a Paediatric Nurse.

55 shepparton.indd 55

12/31/2011 10:59:38 AM

56 shepparton.indd 56

12/31/2011 11:00:00 AM

Leader Community ePaper - Dandenong Leader - 31 Oct 2011 - Page #1

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Leader Community ePaper - Dandenong Leader - 31 Oct 2011 - Page #5

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Ia Sjo IK M r LeCaogllue eg Inedoor Sp orts 9/11/2011

The gol den gen eration 9/11/2011

The mis sion of ISIK Col academ lege is ic excelle to achieve nce and students the school’s to prep to particip Light Unit are ate in Australian ed Soccer which part contempor society icipate in Club team as informe ary active, cari Shepparton s, obs d, respons ng and con A new port erving, liste leagues. ible, able built tributing ning and pursuit grades as this year citizens. experimenti ISIK Coll of creativity for the sen well as a ege prin ng. The , as well new scie excellenc cipal Mur ior a school was Year 7 port e, is high at Guzel as academ able are now nce laboratory and motivate ly valued said the ic d by the in the earl child had avai The sch lable ISIK Coll belief that y years.” the need for students ool’s com ege is each to feel spe prehensive . English, self-este committed an innovativ cial and mat em and selfcurriculu hematics to pioneeri grow in e, dynami m in knowled studies and unit ng c and lead commun ge. “We are that cov s of inte ity. committed ing learning grated er science SOSE and to fosterin and tech of learners health care Children g a com nolo , recognis gy, a are at rich prog munity the school ing that both form ram in LOT complemented with environm experience learning ally and physical ent that E, religion occurs a learning informally educatio process, is warm, and valu engaging. and is a n, music ” Mr Guz es, are taught creative The child lifelong and art, el said. by speciali and ren’s first all of whic educatio Physical steps in st teachers h n are fost developmen a lifelong ISIK Coll . ered and ege’s stro intellectual t is as celebrated. “Our teac ng NAP important only reflect developmen hing staf LAN resu as their war Students f t is stud lts not ded at m icated to ents’ indiv environm ISIK Coll have the nurturing ent but also and engaging lear idual nee opportunity ege. whe a variety ds in an ning to choose the sho re children of sporting wn ded atmosphere by staff. ication and from can grow activities Principa and academ care . emotionally, Since 200 l: Mr Mur A icall pas 1, the socially y — freely, at Guzel toral care Address pace,” he school success at their own program : students has ach in individua said. is also offe learning , allowing Shepparton685 New Dookie ieved l and team red to Rd, them to dev and an und “Our earl sports, inclu elop soc y years prog Phone: erstanding ding ial skills 5829 985 ram encoura to develop of one ano support 2 classes are ther and ges child Fax: 582 a love of extra ren provided 9 9853 learning “We welc two days by explorin Email: ome stud a week. g, relig ents shepparton ious bac from all kgrounds,” ethnic and @isikcollege Mr Guzel .vic. Web edu site: www said.  .au .isikcolle ge.vic.ed Enrolments Years P–7 : 137

shepparton.indd 57

57 12/31/2011 11:00:16 AM


58 shepparton.indd 58

12/31/2011 11:00:21 AM


59 125 shepparton.indd 59

12/31/2011 11:00:27 AM

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