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ISIK COLLEGE Eastmeadows Campus 2012 Primary Yearbook

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Australians all let us rejoice, For we are youn g and free; We’ve golden so il and wealth for toil; Our home is girt b y s ea; Our land abound s in nature’s gif ts Of beauty rich an d rare; In history’s page , let every stage Advance Australia Fair. In joyful strains then let us sing , Advance Australia Fair.

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04 Editorial 06 ge e s s e M ’s al p ci n ri 07 Coordinating P ge Principal’s Messe 08 ge e s s e M ’s al p ci n ri Deputy P 10 hotos Support Staff P lu 12 og if t La t e m e D to Tribute 16 Prep Classes 24 Red Day Photos 28 Grade 1 Classes 36 Character Parade 38 Grade 2 Classes 46 SRC Activities 50 Grade 3 Classes 58 Excursion Photos 60 Grade 4 Classes 70 otos h P k e e W k o o B & 72 Education Week as Key Learning Are 82 rams g ro P e ar C l ra to Pas 88 Grade 5 Classes 96 Sport Activities 100 Grade 6 Classes 132 Media in e g lle o C K I S I 4 Autographs 13

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Another year, an other yearbook, another treasure of memories... box You are holding the 2012 Isik Co llege - Eastmeado Campus Primary ws Yearbook in your hands. This year, we us ed healthy food as the yearbook in order to prom theme ote a healthy w ay of life and enco age our students urto consume heal thy food. We en a lot during the jo yed preparation proc ess of this year yearbook and we ’s hope you would have the same jo when you are fli y pping the pages of our 2012 Prim Yearbook. ary Every page of th is yearbook is al so an interface look back at your to past and smile at what was on very important ce to you, along w ith memories whi shaped who you ch are today. Of course, it is not possible to make a book whi reminds you of ch all your memorie s throughout th although we trie e year, d to highlight m any special mom much as possible ents as . But, I am sure that your memor lead you to rem y will ember the golden era of your prim school life whene ary ver you look at the 2012 yearbo I would like to ok. thank the yearbo ok team membe Yearbook Coordina rs; tor Merve Gurbu z, Yearbook Com tee Saide Gunca mitldi & Esra Yildiri m for their effo IXIR Design Stu rt s and dio Enjoy your yearbo for this fantastic job. ok... Samil Gunduz Editor 04 eastmeadows6.indd 4

e year. Dear Students, ories during th em m ut o ab h is This yearbook e, going throug te it m m co a as ure gethIt was a pleas putting them to d an s re tu ic p ng through some of the will enjoy looki u yo ve your lie be er. We nded to capture te in as w at th ents. the yearbook enjoyable mom t os m d an s memorie Committee Yildirim The Yearbook Guncaldi & Esra de ai S z, bu ur Merve G



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A nation’s progress or decline depends on the spirit and consciousness, the upbringing and education, given to its young people. Nations that have raised their young people correctly are always ready for progress, while those who have not done so find it impossible to take even a single step forward. ***

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15-Nov-12 11:22:45 PM

Dear students, parents and teachers, It is almost the end of yet another successful year. Certainly ISIK College continues to move forward into the future with steady growth. We at ISIK College believe that the path to success lies in accepting challenges as opportunities for growth. Our institution inculcates the values of hard work and diligence amongst its students enabling them to overcome obstacles in the journey of their future lives with dignity and poise. In order to achieve our objectives we have teachers and staff dedicated to maintaining high standards in the performance of the students. A broad range of extracurricular activities further refines the students’ spirit of succeeding in a competitive environment. We are proud of the numerous accolades of past and current students for achieving distinction in their pursuits in all walks of life. I am proud of achievements attained by our debating teams, IT project teams, sports teams and various clubs. When we ponder over the dedication of our students in achieving excellence during their tenure in the school and beyond, we realize that these collective efforts are the fabric of what makes ISIK a great educational institution. I would like to extend my thanks to everyone who has made a difference in ISIK College’s success including the students themselves, all our dedicated staff and all parents who have supported us throughout these years. I also would like to thank the Selimiye Foundation Directors and members for their continuous support and their investments into our schools. Millions of dollars have been invested into our schools during the years of my service with ISIK College. Furthermore, I believe Selimiye Foundation will continue to invest further dollars into our schools in the future. New buildings, new facilities, new technological advancements are all signs of our commitment to create nurturing and fostering environment for all the loved ones in the 21st century. Much has been done in the last 15 years but still more needs to be done in the years to come. In the words of the poet Robert Frost, “But I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep.... and miles to go before I sleep.” I wish everyone a fruitful 2013 school year, a safe and restful break. Best wishes for all graduating Year 12 students who will leave the nest and fly off to new horizons. May the Lord Almighty be our inspiration and strength through this journey. Kind regards. Mr Tuncay Terzi, Coordinating Principal

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15-Nov-12 11:22:51 PM

Dear Parents, Teachers and Students, When education is addressed usually the first thing comes into mind would be lots of books, teachers, students and rows of buildings. However education is not restricted to schools. Life itself is a school every day we are learning something new. Education starts much earlier than we have anticipated, our mothers would be our first teachers, we would learn our first words from them. Then gradually education would become more complicated when schooling is involved. Every single day, would have an extensive amount of learning. Employment would be the application area of the knowledge. The higher the education we receive, higher the places we would hold in the society. Success would bring recognition and prosperity; on the other hand, no one would be more valuable than a high quality individual who is respectful and beneficial to their parents. Society needs pleasant, cooperative and supportive characters who would help their communities. ISIK values all those attributes above and endeavours to implement them. Every single ISIK student is precious and indispensable as they will design and construct the future. We have very high expectations from them as we know they will use the forthcoming opportunities to the best of their abilities and capacities. The better we educate them the better prospects the future will hold for all of us. I would like to take the opportunity to thank all our dedicated teachers who worked diligently, efficiently and to our parents who were committed and supportive throughout the year. Finally I wish the best for our graduates. May the future be the brightest for all of you. Mr Ali Goru, Principal

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15-Nov-12 11:22:57 PM

Dear Parents & Friends, As we see another school year end, we reflect on the events that made 2012 a wonderful year for all of us. We are proud of the many accomplishments and successes of all our staff and students throughout the year. Our students have demonstrated success through academic achievement as well as through extra-curricular involvement and leadership activities. At ISIK we are proud of the level of participation of our students beyond the classroom. These activities include ICAS competitions, pastoral care, athletics, music and end of year concerts. In our ongoing efforts to help ensure a positive educational climate and experience, we pledge to always put our students first in all decisions, we will continue to effectively communicate with parents; we will work collaboratively with all stakeholders to support our students' learning, inshallah. Therefore, our students are expected to always work smart, get along with peers and follow school procedures. Thank you to ALL our staff, including teachers, secretaries, counsellors, teacher aides, librarians, the nurse - for your dedication in providing a supportive and caring environment, in the best interest of each child. As you get ready for the summer, whether you are travelling or just relaxing with friends and family, remember to have a safe and enjoyable time. Happy holidays! Ms Evla Han, Deputy Principal

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15-Nov-12 11:23:01 PM

Top Row: Esra Oz, Ilknur Pak, Anna Charalambous, Mustafa Oz, Nazan Bol, Fadime Veli Fourth Row: Sonmez Okten, Emel Akgun, Arzu Bardiz, Merve Gurbuz, Gul Han Aslan, Saide Guncaldi, Esra Yildirim Third Row: Sevgi Turken, Nuray Ali, Azize Ulku, Zeyneb Karci, Gulay Boydag, Figen Arslan, Rumeysa Tutuncu, Sevde Serbetci, Melek Kaya, Guldem Gumus, Emine Demet, Fatma Kullu, Umit Ozturk Second Row: Kevser Kilic, Nesibe Yuksel, Elif Konuk, Ayse Aykac, Ozelm Oflay, Nurdan Istar, Bahar Ulukan Terzi, Serife Le Son, Saniye Yildiz, Serap Akyurt, Eser Arman, Hatice Polat First Row: Emel Tanriverdioglu, Sirin Yazar, Mustafa Kus, Mustafa Kadioglu, Tuncay Terzi, Ali Goru, Evla Han, Hatice Gungor, Kader Akay, Ozlem Bayram, Fisun Ergun Absents: Figen Arslan, Cevdet Avciogullari, Ayla Baser, Hatice Demirbas, Seda Erdurul , Carla Fraser, Emra Han, Turan Kirmizi, Hilal Kuyruk, Ferudun Nalbant, Arzu Ordu, Huriye Pulic, Bahar Terzi, Nazan Zengin 09 eastmeadows6.indd 9

15-Nov-12 11:23:04 PM

Ilkay Aydemir Secretary Ayse Aykac Kitchen-Hand

Mrs Figen Arslan School Councilor

Bahar Terzi Teachers Aid

Ilknur Pak Teachers Aid

Jumaa Mohammed IT Manager

Sana Mahkri, Speech Pathologist

Serap Akyurt Human Resources

Ferudun Nalbant Accountant Muhsine Seymen Turer

Teachers Aid

Mustafa Oz IT Technician

Canteen Staff (Left to right): Fatma Kuru, Gufran Furgan, Saliha Atlihan, Husniye Celebi 10 eastmeadows6.indd 10

Serife Leson Teachers Aid

Nazan Bol Secretary

Fadime Veli

hool Before&After Sc r to Care Coordina

Figen Aykac Teachers Aid

Seda Mergen School Councilor

Nuran Istar Before&After Sc hool Care Assistant

Elif Konuk School Nurse

Serife Turkmen Teachers Aid

Saniye Yildiz Secretary

Sonmez Okten Librarian

Konur Yavuz Security

Hilal Kuyruk Librarian

Necdet Demirhan, Turan Kirmizi Maintenance 15-Nov-12 11:23:15 PM

ntly to the e t in g in n e t lis Teachers are instructions

Mrs Nuray Ali, Mrs E Sonmez O sra Oz & Mrs kten

all e counting d v e S rs M Mrs Pulic & oints at the the house p arnival Athletics C

The Trees Adventure begins!

Ms Evla & M s E m el

ing away! g in w s e id a Ms S eastmeadows6.indd 11

e top adventure re T ir e h t n o Teachers 11 15-Nov-12 11:23:28 PM

I love you my fr iend I always ha ve, that beautifu I will never forg l smile et.... Guldem Gumus *** Your final momen ts were to be in the loving embrac of the ocean th at you loved so e much! Huriye Pulic *** “Nur icinde yat canim arkadasim... Seni asla unutmayacagiz.” Sonmez Okten *** You were our be loved grade 6 te acher. We had gr experiences and eat learned so much from you...You w in our hearts an ill be d memories fore ver. May Allah jo again in Here Aft in us er InsAllah. Nesibe Yuksel, M elek Kaya, Esra Yi ldirim *** Diligent, Exceptional Meticulous, Energetic Tenacious For our Diligent, Exceptional, Met iculous, Energeti Tenacious precio c and us little sister, th e time spent w you is embedded ith in our hearts... Yo ur free spirit, en ergy, wholehearte d approach to ev erything, creative and humbleness flair will live on, insp ire us and your students foreve beloved r... Demet’s sisters Huriye and Goksa n

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15-Nov-12 11:23:34 PM

MY DEAREST FR IEND DEMET LA TIFOGLU Memories will ne Memories will ne ver fade with m ver fade with m e And I will never e And I will never forget you forget you You’ll never die, You’ll never die, as long as I’m as long as I’m alive Memories will ne alive Memories will ne ver fade with m ver fade with m e And I will never e And I will never forget you forget you You’ll never die, Yo u’ll never die, as as long as I’m long as I’m alive alive. . I never thought I wish that you we that I’d be writi ng this re here with me. Man, I’m feeling such a pain, and I wish that you emptiness were by my side and the lonelines . I know you’re wa s tching over me It’s got me thin no w. king about all th So I will live m e good times y life. I know you’re st ill by my side, ‘ca don’t remember much today use You never let m My memories of e down, yo u are so vague I never let you But I will say, I down feel you’re watc Always knew ho hing over w to put a smile me now on my face I hope that I’ve now made you proud How can I make ‘Cause I remem you proud, ber how you care d for me. Honor you no do I was only thre ubt, I’d do anything e, Still I wonder ho if I could bring w my life would you back. I’d bring you ba be I wish that you ck now. were here with me now. SIRIN YAZAR

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15-Nov-12 11:23:40 PM

Education is a social process; education is growth; education is not a preparation for life but is life itself. John Dewey

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15-Nov-12 11:23:43 PM

Wow! What a year it has been! It has been an exciting new journey for our prep students. Although it has been a challenging year, with the determination of our teachers, students, aids and parents, we have made much progress. This has been reflected in the students learning, work and achievements. As our students complete the first year in prep, it is worth taking time to reflect on the past twelve months and the extent of achievements that have been achieved. There are countless memories that come to mind when reflecting back on 2012, some of these include; learning how to read, write and work with numbers in different ways. Other highlights include; the Buddy program with Grade 6’s, Character parade, excursion to Bundoora Farm, Scienceworks and Bowling, celebrating 100 days at school, and the many arts and craft activities completed in class. With incorporating the “You Can Do it” program in our classes, the students have learnt the importance of resilience and getting along This has enabled the students to build good relationships with their friend’s and they have also learnt the importance of respecting and valuing one another. To all our wonderful students, believe in yourself and you will achieve success in a variety of ways. Feel confident in your own skills and abilities. Always remember you have within you the strength, the patience and the passion to reach for the starts and change the world. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the students, teachers, aids, parents and volunteers who have helped to make this year a success. On behalf of the prep team, we wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday and look forward to a successful and productive 2013. Ms Kader Akay, Infant Dept. Coordinator

15 eastmeadows6.indd 15

15-Nov-12 11:23:47 PM



Semra reeka Shakeel, A a, s us o M a , Joman i, Kaylan Nedjip ib D ra id S ): ht ed. ft to rig r Syed, Front row ( le d, Sumaya Ahm Zain Atif, Nou , ve d Ja ye i S d i aa d H ha k, , e d Zeyb Layla Abu Tekeli, Aaliyah ): Sidra Khan, ht g ri to ft an Yusuf, le Sana Raja, Im dra, Second row ( , n I ed m ed ha m o m M ha u an mi, M , Abdirahm Sabrine El-Cha Mrs Ilknur Pak er Akay ): ht g ri to toune, Ms Kad ei Z ha p ta Back row ( left us M , Fatima Khan, Mya Mohammad 16 eastmeadows6.indd 16

15-Nov-12 11:23:56 PM

Prep B

Teacher: ESRA OZ Student Teacher: Mun evver Hasanoff Top Row: Nihat En sar Yakmaz, Beyza Ca yir, Berra Polat, Dilara Akyurt, Volkan Demire Kaya, Nesibenur l. Middle Row: Tugce Kocaslan, Adem Yavu z, Erkam Kus, Kayra Ba Ozgun, Dilara Yildirim. rdiz, Arda Asir, Ali Bottom Row: Yusuf Karabiyik, Abdullah Ko ca, Nahide Sinik, Ezel Gurkan, Elif Kirmizi, Keser, Nermin Muhammed Arslan, Yu suf Iz.

Pre p


Erca t) Simay Saka, en s i, b ad (A zk O in yd liz A Fi il Le Son, Keles, Teacher: Mrs N rcan, Reyhan ay, Mrs Serife fl Te O l u G m e e zl d O lu rs ev an, M Top Row: M , Atahan Karam ar ap C lla ti , Yusuf A Yasan, , Ata Kalayci in ah S a is el M i , ak Geyik Mrs Bahar Terz Ozcelik, Irm ra La l u yl E : Yaw Middle Ro Sari. ir, Eray Sana, m e lif E yd , A ir m la e E ld c, A la Kaan Ku Altunbas, Hazel Sule Gunduz, , ir ay B lif E : Bottom Row Naz Mercan. semin Hasan,

17 eastmeadows6.indd 17

15-Nov-12 11:24:07 PM

Shopping List * Cucumber * Tomatoes * Apple * Orange * Strawberry * Blueberry * Pear * Avocado * Milk * Butter

Kader Ak Prep A T ay eacher

yellow retty in p ll a g okin Semra Lo

Having fu n making scones 18 eastmeadows6.indd 18

15-Nov-12 11:24:14 PM

ic Bear Picn y d d e T ddies Better Bu

High above the sky at Scienceworks

Go Pies!

Painting away

Wow! 100 days at school!

Enjoying ea ting the sc ones we m ade! 19

eastmeadows6.indd 19

15-Nov-12 11:24:24 PM

ing We love read

ve ts, who ha n e d u t s p e y Pr this ns to all m ed lots throughout io t la u t ra g Con very chiev hard and a y from the speak a o w s g d n e k lo r o a w e, me have all co u can now read, writ year. You o have also school. Y u f o Y o . s ll y e a p d s and first chalnce, count, You all took to the e id f n o c h wit h a spark. friends. it w w e n n io y t n a a c r edu and made m encing you rity over the terms m m o c f o atu . lenge wn great m or your own learning se o h s e v a h the You ity f remember ol responsibil d n n a e k a k c t a b e v a h u will look ur own child to scho o y lt u d a yo rted As an s you walk think that it all sta a e b y a m , and days nd in first time agination a ry im e v le e t h t li t r a fo am, with a dre e r e h t h g ri Prep B... , you played , w e r d u o ed. d, y You worke ou spoke, you sway y d, s, You learne me to pas o c s a h r a e t class. Now the y move onto your nex , er like me o h t c a e e t im t a r ’s It t fo . is importan all with fun and glee t a h w d n A you did it o Grade 1, n... Is to know ep now you move t just begu s a Pr h m y e ro n f r u is e jo It well, for th u o y h is w I Z Mrs. Esra O

20 eastmeadows6.indd 20

Dilara's easy ri de 15-Nov-12 11:24:32 PM

Wear Red, to be Wel l Read

ing together h c n u m d n a Lunching

Girls having Picnic

Best Budd ies

Our buddie s and tedd ies give us all the war and care mth eastmeadows6.indd 21

haracters Creative C 21 15-Nov-12 11:24:45 PM

Eray lov es feed ing the chooks

Prep C On the last d ay o as we all wave f school, go Do you suppo odbye, se will have a tear Ms. Nil in her eye? I’ve watched you children le arn and grow and change fro m day to day, I hope that al l the things w e’ve done have helped in some small w ay. I’m glad I was your teacher, I’ve come to love you all, I can’t believe the end is he re I’m sad to se e you go! So it’s with h app I send you o y memories ut the door, With great ho pe For what next and expectations year holds in store. Love, Mrs. Nil Aydin

sunshine e h t g in y jo Prep C en

22 eastmeadows6.indd 22

15-Nov-12 11:24:53 PM

g on a pony in d ri o g s t Le

Prep C having lunch in harmony

Prep C on a excursion at Science works

cow! Hazel can milk a

Yummy in my tummy, scones in my belly 23

eastmeadows6.indd 23

15-Nov-12 11:25:01 PM

24 eastmeadows6.indd 24

15-Nov-12 11:25:07 PM

25 eastmeadows6.indd 25

15-Nov-12 11:25:14 PM

If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people. Chinese proverb

26 eastmeadows6.indd 26

15-Nov-12 11:25:16 PM

Dear Grade 1 and 2 It has been a great pleasure to coordinate the Grade 1 and 2 Department this year. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the teaching, non teaching and all the fantastic parent helpers who have made 2012 a successful year; your hard work is much appreciated. As we see another school year come to an end, I would like to reflect on all the events that made this year a success for all of us. We are proud of our student’s accomplishments and success throughout the year. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the students for working extremely hard throughout the year in excelling in all the areas that original were difficult, you all deserve to be applauded for your fantastic efforts. On behalf of the Grade 1 and 2 team I would like to wish that everyone has a safe, restful and enjoyable break. Ms. Ozlem Bayram, Junior Dept. Coordinator

John ?

27 eastmeadows6.indd 27

15-Nov-12 11:25:20 PM


28 eastmeadows6.indd 28

a Mustapha, ir M l, u lb u B n, Kayra Aleyna Doga l, kgun e A e l k a e h m S E y r: a e Teach Wasif, Efeoussa, Sanaw in a M Z , a li y a e k m e u T S n Ali, Imra Top Row: ukhi, Abbas mino Isse a ro A Fa i, a d b e ka z H a O , Enes l-Shammary amdani, Fatim A H a lle d e Fi d , e C ff : o k a Hasan na Sara Middle Row Yassiri, Aley Alazam, Farih a ra h im a t Z Fa , n l, a u s lb s Isra Ha Berk Bu ina Benserai, L : w o R m o Bott ah Neshabe Moussa, Jan al Hamid Absent: Ish 15-Nov-12 11:25:27 PM


Teacher Name: Saide Guncaldi (right), Emra Han (left) Top Row: Aleyna Em resoy, Talha Yurtseve r, Cagan Crunkhorn, Baran Bektas, Abdullah Cani Aydin, Baran pek, Gulay Adiguzel Middle Row: Yusuf Ka lkan, Harun Aydin, Lara Ayanlar, Berin Koldere Seyma Ozturk, Semih , Nisa Oztas, Aydemir, Ediz Emre Bottom Row: Nesibe Yalim, Serra Gumus, Esra Gonca, Nihal Nu Ibrahim Erciyas, Daml refsan Kirazli, a Somuncuoglu, Neva Solak, Berin Koldere, Cennet Bultan


ft) Kilic (on the le ght) r e s ev K rs M man, Teacher: en (on the ri ci, Zeren Kahra kt an O uv K z e an m n ar o B S , a Saglam Librarian: Mrs im. etinkaya, Anis C y ra E ar, Enes Yildir : R ap C L, , Talia az en d u S , Back row , Sevval Ergun ircioglu ir m m e e D zd n O u ar an H H , in, Mrs hammed Ruya Baspinar evser Kilic, Mu imen, Deniz Ayd K C e rs ib M : es R N , L, en e Turkm Middle row ir Hasan, Nahid m E r fu us Y r, e manoglu, Sehe s Yurtsev ao ar K ra s E , . ren Deniz Sonmez Okten eray Yaprak, E S c, lin A k e el . :M , Eslem Bardan ak Front row, L-R n ay K r u m ag zgur, Y Apak, Ridvan O

29 eastmeadows6.indd 29

15-Nov-12 11:25:36 PM

ions Great Expectat

Eme Grade l Akgun 1A Te acher

ay goodbye It’s time to s e to an end. m co s ha r ea y Our ories cherished mem re o m e ad m e ’v I new friends. And many more child learn and grow our I’ve watched y day to day. m o fr e g an e ch d An ings we’ve don th e th l al at I hope th . some small way Have helped in ppy memories So it’s with ha the door, ut I send them o ations pe and expect . With great ho holds in store r ea y t ex n t For wha n Author Unknow

30 eastmeadows6.indd 30

character! in g in d a Aamino re

Lina and Fatima having fun making their sock puppets 15-Nov-12 11:25:44 PM

Boys! 1A Super Hero

Exploring the sights at Melb ourne Zoo.

Learning about water conser vation, even at the zoo.

n Janah having fu d n a a im t Fa , a Lina, Sumay at the zoo.

their gorgeous f f o w o h s ady to IA getting re costumes

Cinderella Sumay a, Fatima as Jas mine and the Angelic Heba 31

eastmeadows6.indd 31

15-Nov-12 11:26:00 PM

ion Zoo excurs

2 al year of 201 The education ry productive has been a ve ents of 1B. time for stud sented with They were pre rtunities ppo a variety of o d extend their an p lo ve e d to n ll as build upo learning as we th. personal grow their physical, take this opto e lik ld u o Iw ank all stuth to y it n u rt o p ir continuous dents for the h them all the effort and wis 2! best in grade 32 eastmeadows6.indd 32

Riding the ele phant

i Saide Guncald 15-Nov-12 11:26:06 PM

Searching f or butterf lies

Snack Time

3 musketeers

We want m ore Abdulla h!!

Lunch at the Z oo 33

eastmeadows6.indd 33

15-Nov-12 11:26:16 PM

Kevser Grade 1C Kilic Teach


of d’ as part n o P a in g Making ‘Fro ge experience g n la ua

34 eastmeadows6.indd 34

Teacher’s m ess A is for th age: Poem e alphabet which we k B is for bu now sy bodies at work an how to say. C is for co d lours - red , yellow, blu at play. D is for dra e, an win E is for ex g pictures, the best d green. ercise to k eep our bo you’ve ever seen. F is for th dies strong e fu . G is for th n we’ve had as we have gone e good frie along. nds we ma H is for ha de through ppy faces, o u fi tt ll I is for im e agination u d with love and chee he year. sed at eve r. J is for go ry turn. od jobs an d t K is for kin he praises we have ea dn rned. L is for lea ess we showed each rnin da M is for m g - more and more y. ind each day. N is for nu ing and showing our respect. mb O is for th ers. One, two, three ...correct? e obstacles we learned P is for pu to pp Q is for a ets and for playing rh overcome. ll th yt R is for re e questions we’ve a hms on a drum. sked throu ading stori g es, even th S is for dif ose that b hout the year. ferent sna ri n g c ks, several T is for ta we have tri a tear. lking. It’s ed. not U is for un usual; it fit to be denied. s V is for o some thing ur v s we’ve do ne W is for t olunteers - parents he world o and everyo . n f e words we’v ! X is for ex eb tra Y is for ye special kids - it’s him arely dipped into. s, it has b , it’s her, it een a grea ’s YOU. Z is for fi t year! rst-grade z est. We’re -Author Un ready, have knownno fear! 15-Nov-12 11:26:21 PM

with friends s e m a g s h t Enjoying ma

We love character parade!

r the sea 1C friends unde

ummy! Fairy floss y

1C dressed up for Character Pa rade

Invincible boy s 35

eastmeadows6.indd 35

15-Nov-12 11:26:33 PM

36 eastmeadows6.indd 36

15-Nov-12 11:26:40 PM

37 eastmeadows6.indd 37

15-Nov-12 11:26:49 PM


Valiyakathu, m a h e S , tt e n nur Ben Arman zdemir, Shen r O e s re E m . E rs f M u Ozdil, Teacher: uch, Yus Helou, Omer am Ali Elbo na Golbasi l ri a A M m : a s w y o a R H Top , Tua Faisal, n, Rumaysa s, Subi Aydin a Nimek Karde mza Asif, Rusafa Tansee mmed, Sued a h u M n n u a a a H m m : u ahabi, A Middle Row abah Mahjabin, Saad Na er, Sarah Alz lk U S t , e ik m s h ri e a M Guclu, Senar B lif Kus, Ela E : w o R m o Bott Kaya Inan, Ilayda 38 eastmeadows6.indd 38

15-Nov-12 11:26:56 PM


Classroom Teacher: M s. Zeyneb Karci, Mrs. Sonmez Okten Top Row: Esmanur Un al, Ebrar Say, Ismet De rvish, Dilhan Calimli, Ar Adem Akbay, Nargiza if Altundal, Dengiz, Lara Emre. Middle Row: Talha O cal, Adem Turgut, Zeyn eb Samci, Esma Tugb Altinors, Ada Sargin, a Urun, Aleyna Eray Kasapoglu. Front Row: Sude Vars an, Talia Sahan, Hayat Arslan, Lara Nur Erge sevdi, Yaren Sargin, Sa ne, Selen Yurduliha Ciftci, Meryem Al bayrak.


Ozlem Bayram ner Teachers: Ms. sman Cerrah, Ta en O kt , O rt z ku e m oz n B o n S koglu, Kaa Librarian: Ms rak, Aydin Cola ay lb A r e m O : KaraosTop Row Caliskan, Erva in Bagce a rk e yn B le , A as k, av Y To ksel, Ayda Ayanlar, Samet an, Zeynep Yu rf I m e d A : Kow Middle Ro Golbasi, Havin med Gokkus m ra ha ila u D M a, , ak an S n I oz, Nisa manoglu, Ayse al, Ceren Karag ys U p e n ey Z : Uysal Bottom Row oglu, Zeynep as b lu U a ih m e cabay, S a Soganci koglu, Rumeys lu O i g Ez t: en Abs

39 eastmeadows6.indd 39

15-Nov-12 11:27:06 PM

Saad a nd Om er

Eser Arman her Grade 2A Teac

IMAX Excursion 40 eastmeadows6.indd 40

15-Nov-12 11:27:12 PM

uana Rusafa and T

2A working hard

Subi Shennur and

Ilayda and Haysam

and Seham a s y a m u R , m a Mari

Sueda & Elif

41 eastmeadows6.indd 41

15-Nov-12 11:27:21 PM

Excursion to the Museum

42 eastmeadows6.indd 42

t a brazen s ir f t a s a year w aching this e t o t in y ucwa anied by s p m Making my o cc a r a ful ye into a fruit out, d le ir w t s, it s, 23 student f o Nonetheles a doubt! s s la c ghtful ut able cess witho as offered me a deli o express their not t eh now Isik Colleg iven to me g is ce nal n a h with additio A great c re u s a le p e a tak talents. , and Nargiz .T m e d A , , and a Esma, Tali rt materials a s u o ri a v Ismet tasks, Selen and , a n y le A ve a ks. r, Give Ebra stylish mas resent effort and ha o t in it rn p u they will t at and Yaren always y a H re to , Arif, Ada them a cho e iv g , le ib , pons lot to say forever res re a y ra E y d Talha an the class b okay. e e t b le p ll a m l co il w d Saliha do and it r, Sude an ent, u d n a m s E , to find an ym jo rd n a e Meryem h d is n a t a r laughte dship th means of race a frien b m e ra a L ry d solving eve f Lara Nur an uent. o h g u o fl et en is endlessly . and Zeyneb can’t g m.A ise that Dilhan, Ade problem, ar, I prom e y t x e l n a ic 3 team mathemat the Grade o t p u s them. d A hea mire all of d a rci d n a e Zeynep Ka you’ll valu 15-Nov-12 11:27:28 PM

A day spent with fr iends is a day well spent! always


eastmeadows6.indd 43

Parade 201 2

ut they also b , d e t a c u d e to be lves Children have left to educate themse have to be


ation, ir p s in h it citement wof creativity. x e is m s Enthusia ion, and a pinch ett motivat - Bo Benn

kites Grad e 2B!

43 15-Nov-12 11:27:37 PM

Celebratin g

44 eastmeadows6.indd 44

Book Cha racter


2C loped GOOD BYE ote I deve n is h t g in by so rit As I am w yes. Time has flown you ye tears in m y time flies by when d so a ha s fast. They . Yes it is true. We ed to fun art are having es as we all have st eyes. tim around our many fun s le k in w r ghte ear for develop lau been an incredible y so has and learned and n This year w ro g e v a s eh r be t all of us. W you have given you ar. I ye of much. Each hard throughout the ng the lly duri worked rea of all your efforts d u am so pro and he smiles t year. ll a r fo r all l hankfu grateful fo ’m I . I am so t e m ar. ave given hugs you h d throughout the ye re and re tu a u h f we have s t for the s e b e h t ll a r posI wish you nd visit me wheneve ea please com sible. Bayram Mrs Ozlem 15-Nov-12 11:27:43 PM

Muhammed d n a t e m a S , Adem, Kaan

Book Fair with our buddies

Footy Fever - Go the PIES

er Aleyna, Erva, Osman, Aydin, Taner and Om making funny faces

y Fever t o o F g in t ra Celeb

Ayse and Zey nep Uzunbay 45

eastmeadows6.indd 45

15-Nov-12 11:27:54 PM

Impact Leadership Excursio n m small gift fro a n e iz t ci r senio Defne gives a the heart

Atahan can hold a convers ation with anyone, no matter what age!

nd connect! We respect a

46 eastmeadows6.indd 46

15-Nov-12 11:28:02 PM

Kerem Albayra k, 6C School Vice Cap tain

eastmeadows6.indd 47

Defne Alkan, 6B School Sports Vice Captain

Atahan Aslan, 5B SRC Rep

Yasmin Elbouch, 6A SRC Rep

Halil Eryilmaz, 6C SRC Rep

Pinar Geyik, 5A SRC Rep

Sueda Polat, 6 A School Captain

Imran Sahan, 6B SRC Rep

Yasemin Sezer, 4A SRC Rep

Koray Cekic, 5C SRC Rep

Eren Himmetoglu, 6B SRC Rep

Sevgi Veli, 4B SRC Rep

Gulsum Cerrah, 4C SRC Rep

Eren Taylan Kaya, 4D SRC Rep

47 15-Nov-12 11:28:05 PM

A human being is not attaining his full heights until he is educated. Horace Mann

48 eastmeadows6.indd 48

15-Nov-12 11:28:08 PM

It gives me a great pleasure to congratulate all grade 3&4 students and say thank you to each of every one of you for your hard work, commitment and patience. 2012 is nearly over and it’s surprising how time flies. Now as the year is nearly over and soon grade 3’s become grade 4’s and the grade 4’s become grade 5’s. I wish them all a smooth transition in their new year levels and wish them all the best. We started the 2012 academic year with a new and dynamic team and many challenges ahead of us. We established our goals and outcomes for the year, these include: creating a positive school culture and a supportive and safe learning environment, improving our teaching and learning strategies, and enhancing learning by providing hands on activities, many different excursion and incursion programmes. 2012 has been both challenging and rewarding year for all of us in many aspects. One of the most rewarding aspects of the year was to watch the gradual leaps made by our students, both behaviourally and academically. Many beautiful and solid friendships have been established. Students encountered various educational activities and challenging opportunities to develop in all areas of the curriculum. The success of these initiatives and programmes are a direct result of the dedication of our teachers and students. The concept of teamwork is extremely important to the success of any team. Our team played an important role in overseeing and following up all aspects student progress and development that is, academic, social, physical and emotional. I would like to take this opportunity and thank you our teachers for making it all happen, our students for their hard work and dedication, and of course our parents for their wonderful support. Mrs Fisun Ergun Middle Dept. Coordinator

49 eastmeadows6.indd 49

15-Nov-12 11:28:12 PM


50 eastmeadows6.indd 50

bduler Awsaf A y Polat a h e u ic Z t , a s H ku . o rs and M aydin Y li Abud, Ali A ulay Boydag , G n . e s s E M : ra rs a e Teach helem, S ntara, vi Firooz Nur Ayda Ka ineb Nour G niim Isse, Yasamin Fada e , li Z A : w in o b R ja h p a To , Tas Jakiah M Ahmed Syed amze Turan, G , in ld E lah, Musaab Azzam r e areem Nase Haddad, Bilal K n : e w d o y a lu R p H le to d ib Mid , Fatih kus, Hab , Rija Wasif elah Khodaba e m nik Ja h a n n Khadeeja Atif a n, H Lara Pelin Ya ka l, y a ku b a rd lis u E Y : n jip, Heli Bottom Row a, Aydin Ned s s u o M a ri ka a Kuzucu Khan, Za lukoglu, Jeyd O lis e M : t n Abse 15-Nov-12 11:28:19 PM


Teacher: Miss Azize Ulku Librarian: Mrs Sonmez Okten Top Row: Elif Kalkan, Taha Ekrem Altun, He lin Kose, Emir Saka, Isguder, Sila Nur De Serap Arik, Halil mircioglu. Middle Row: Selin Er duran, Yusuf Emre Ka ya, Enes Uzuncakmak Harun Kurt,Aydin Cekic , Mehmet Orhan, , Adem Ordu, Aleyna Ozdemir Bottom Row: Senanu r Kuyruk, Tayla Erbay, Jeyda Sivaci, Inci Nur Karakulak, Gizem Turan Baba, Feyza , Zehra Sevinc, Serap Duygu Tercan, Ece Em ir


erem Tevfik Ulku, K glu ra o ay K an b , ir Co m e u D rz Melisa A Teacher: Aleyna Zeynep a Eylul Caldir, , an ir R m e c, zd ko O n la r s u A Semih Top Row: Edan ed Celik, Ahmet m m ha u M , , en Hamza Cim ar, Emre Ilhan ak S l la Ic r, la oz a Nur B Cekic. iz, Mahire Zehr en D in m e as Y rt. : iha Vildan Middle Row e, Yusuf Akyu p e kt A ze Nur Yavuz, Zel ru a Fi en a S , an as Tu , av an ky Polat. Ceyda H iyet, Yusuf A hmet Hubeyb n A m , E ik s fa A ta re us m M E evs Sinik, Bottom Row: um Ayvaz, Fird ls u g u m m U m Kus, Esle Turgut. Absent: Sueda

51 eastmeadows6.indd 51

15-Nov-12 11:28:29 PM

d Students, Dear Parents an


thatTo better state ! ar ye a t ha w , Wow ined this class in jo I ! ar ye AT E red what a GR en we have cove th e nc si o tw r many semeste d participated in an l ria e at m f o a lot ted to tivities. We star ac ng ti ci ex d e. an fun r the fourth grad fo ed ed ne s ill has develop sk d-bye.” Our year o o “G y, sa to e cherIt’s tim we made more d an d en an to come ed your children ch at w e ’v I s. ange ished memorie and grow and ch n ar le ts en ud things and my st pe that all the ho I y. da to y from da me small way. so in ed lp he ve we’ve done ha s I send them rie o m e m y p p ha hope So it’s with wait with great ill w e w r, o do holds out the r what next year fo ns o ti ta ec p and ex in store. Ms Safak Goker

eastmeadows6.indd 52

Everyone loo ked fantastic , Wimpy Kid you look great as we ll!

15-Nov-12 11:28:34 PM

cter Parade Melis at Chara

Two beautiful fr characters met iendly 3A.

Buddies working hard, well done girls

invaded our Pirate Aydin classroom...

s lesson h t a M e h t d e Buddies enjoy

Wear red to b e well read gir with your read ls, keep up ing 53

eastmeadows6.indd 53

15-Nov-12 11:28:42 PM

antimes and w e f a t t s blink ju u walk ou Wow! You year is over!! As yo hat a truly w ol other scho , I hope you know n you o m rs o of this ro ed, and amazing pe d have an lent unique, ta ave special talents our gifts h y ll are. You a When you brought helped m. ou shared the o our classroom, y y. We t s unit and talent ique learning comm gether to un to build a each other. We fit t one of s m ju learned fro and without even zle been comlike a puz le would not have zz person in t us; our pu eded every single n ne w importa plete. We hope your know ho , to your I tes this class. e, to your classma school m r hers in ou your abilyou are to t o y n a m to nd family, and elieve in yourself a everyone B h . community lish anything. I wis four. e mp ity to acco best of luck in grad u one of yo e Ulku Miss Aziz

Spell on to a g in t s a C r Harry Potte o Princesses Tw 54 eastmeadows6.indd 54

Two Zorros a nd a Clown

15-Nov-12 11:28:48 PM

After havin g lunch wit h have some our buddies let�s fun!!!!!

GO !!!!!!!! 1, 2 set and

io with Pinocch s e it h W w Two Sno

3B Celebrating Character Para de

Should I prepare m y potion or file my nails )))))

and Two Harry Potters (Tayla Miss Esra) 55

eastmeadows6.indd 55

15-Nov-12 11:28:58 PM


to wonderful y s a w it e c ng absen it especiall After a lo ching. What made wontea en such a ear. iv g s a return to w l this y was that s to teach ing and t enjoyable n e d u t s ch of erest derful bun e this year fun, int ved, intelha ad 3C have m ble. A truly well be joya always en quisitive bunch. nd in owledge a ligent and e a long way in kn year. I feel m is We have co grown together th bunch of d at n character a e known such a gre one of my hav very proud to each and e wonderful k n a h t I my students. arents and p ir e h t , s student ar. a great ye 3C Teacher team for e d noglu, Gra Arzu Coba . Every sin r a e y g in z Our n ama r friends. as been a Grade 3 h s has become close de this fu s ma gle one o banoglu ha o C u rz A s teacher, M n,easy and exciting. fu e year mor me! ere we co Grade 4 h kar 3C by Iclal Sa

eastmeadows6.indd 56

Excursion at Scienc ewor


ling fruity Iclal Sakar Fee

15-Nov-12 11:29:03 PM

h our lovely it w h c n lu t I You Can Do Buddies 1A

Enjoying Scienceworks

Character Parade 2012

works Lunch at Science

ceworks Kerem Cimen at Scien 57

eastmeadows6.indd 57

15-Nov-12 11:29:10 PM

58 eastmeadows6.indd 58

15-Nov-12 11:29:17 PM

59 eastmeadows6.indd 59

15-Nov-12 11:29:28 PM

4B 4A


Teacher: Esra Yildirim Top Row:Yasir Toganas, Shaymma Dabbagh, Serine Al-Shammary, Yasemin Sezer, Elis Aydin, Sara Moussa, Murat Calis kan Middle Row: Selin Yaman, Kemal Tasbas, Mehmet Erdogan Kaplan, Taha Turemis, Mehmet Ali Doganay, Alper Dog anel, Hamzah Ahmad, Melike Cokmez Bottom Row: Minzin Thein, Imran Turkmen , Jumaan Shehnah, Deniz Ozkok, Eren Sargin, Aleyna Bozkurt, Burak Celebi Absents: Hazal Icbudak

eastmeadows6.indd 60

arikaya, ilek, Reyhan S b ir n u m e rg D E n in u el s S Fi Kalkaner, Teacher : Right) : Eren to ft e (L w un, o zbelli, Top R n, Erdogan Cosg Gurdag, Tarik O u a zg O yh le u ed Z , hm e an es Ordu, M Aleyna Orh to Right) : En ft e (L w o Hale R Middle , Gozde Duru, em Yavuzcan im d ir A ild , Y lu g a o d ar ey C kt a Colakoglu, Berkan Sanca to right) : Ayl ft e (L w o R evdi Bottom i, Beste Yurdus el V i g ev S z, e Sonm n Akdogan Absents : Suza

15-Nov-12 11:29:38 PM


Teacher: Sevde Serbet ci Top Row: Haris Aldemi r, Anisa Haddad, Oba da Alzahabi, Gulsum Aylin Bozkurt, Tarik Ka Cerrah, Mert Ors, rdes Middle Row: Emre Ka lkan , Dilara Zeybek, Al i Hasanoff, Zain Naum Ozdamar, Kenan Ozbe an, Naciye lli Bottom Row: Nurban u Asik, Ayse Colakog lu, Deniz Arslan, Sima Benserai, Mevanur Te y Cobanoglu, Esra rzi, Elifnur Furgan


in ek Sirhan, Sel et P a, ay z u ik ar rb u S G h, Elanur Teacher: Merve : Hasan Dervis ) ht ig R to ft k, Gokhan Top Row (Le zuncakmak. in, Berkay Pele U zg e re S m a E liy k, Ta To r, gay Base Isik, Lara to Right) : Tu ft ie ylan Kaya (L w o R le Midd zuner, Eren Ta bru Baykan, San E U , y ir ra m e e S ld A z, u r g u hid U Duygu N Canipek, Muca : Ruveyda Iz, ) ht g ri to ft e n Bottom Row (L , Munise Arsla in ah S a yn le A yenur Yavuz,

61 eastmeadows6.indd 61

15-Nov-12 11:29:49 PM

Ice-Skating Hamzah, Yasir and Taha

very exciting and 2012 has been a r the grade 4A productive year fo My students students and me. aching experience have made my te one and I will a very memorable ery one of them miss each and ev like to take this dearly. I would ank my students opportunity to th class. All my tic for being a fantas fferent talents students have di unique and which makes them en a wonderful special. It has be proud of their year and I am so progress. I wish achievements and students every all of my beloved liness for the fo success and happ lowing years. Esra Yildirim

62 eastmeadows6.indd 62

4A’s fab ulous cos tumes! 15-Nov-12 11:29:58 PM

ies 4A and their budd

My girls are knitt ing!

g Ice-Skatin is s li E e v Bra

eastmeadows6.indd 63

Bring it on Serine!

rtwork. a s u o n e 4A’s Indig team work! Great

y Eren with his budd

Minzin en bread. Greajoying his fairy t smile Min zin!


15-Nov-12 11:30:08 PM

ir esenting the r p n a h y e R Aleyna and ther project wea

64 20 eastmeadows6.indd 64

Adem is runn ing fast for h is team!!

d u has come to an en The journey with yo riost memorable expe but it has been a m special place in my ence that will hold a u all t pleasure seeing yo heart. It was a grea d overcome many chalgrow in confidence an e your way. You reallenges that have com time speeds up or in e bl ya jo en all at th ise ck es’. When I look ba other words ‘time fli with 4B it was exactly at the year I spent that. part n you all will be a oo ..S up is e m ti w No 2013, my dedicated of a new journey. In r to grade 5. Remembe students will move up e nc ork, friendship, resilie that honesty, hard w e selves and others ar ur yo r fo t ec sp re d an at are found in the not random words th personal goals for a dictionaries but rather udents and citizens. st e tiv uc od pr as e lifetim the your hard work and r fo all u yo k an th I have left with me. fond memories you With best wishes, Mrs. Fisun Ergun

15-Nov-12 11:30:14 PM

12.35.22 2012-03-02

2012 Character Parade

Book Fair 2012 prep aratio eastmeadows6.indd 65


haracters Creative C

Reading is fun

Kaim and E nes r different c epresenting ultures 65 15-Nov-12 11:30:24 PM

an absolute delight Teaching 4C has been any we have grown in m ss cla a As . ar ye is th many things and ways, we have learned has any, many more. It taught each other m where I have guided been a very busy year w velopment of my ne de e th ed rv se ob d an ite year. I not only w students through th ills in knowledge and sk nessed their growth s in their character, but also some change ndence. The students pe de in d an ty ali on rs pe to thrive under our had the opportunity will gaging curriculum. I comprehensive and en y rtunity to thank all m po op is th ke ta to like making this year very r fo 4C in ts en ud st cherish. I wish you all enjoyable and one to learning journey. I am the very best in your achieve great things. ill w u yo at th t en id conf cks! Keep smiling! 4C Ro 66 eastmeadows6.indd 66

Ms. Sevde Serbetci

Anisa - Egypt

Haddad Family- Anisa’s Student Lead Conference

15-Nov-12 11:30:32 PM

4C Arrghhh! s it is v e il t p blooded Re nisa Suprise Cold Thanks A

Emre- Mexico

Dilara- Haris-Zain-Kenan-Deniz-Gu lsum Science Incursion Force & Move ment

Incursion Force & ce n e ci S ra s -E e Ays Movement

- Procedural is ar H liA ais n A Esra-Ayse g Fairy Bread Steps for makin

Ali- East Turk istan 67

eastmeadows6.indd 67

15-Nov-12 11:30:43 PM

I could not have aske d for a better class to teach in my first year of teaching. It has be en an absolute pleasure an d joy to teach every si ngle student in the class of 4D, and they are all really something special. I will miss everyone de arly and each student will have a special place in my heart. I wish everyone the best in their future an d hope that all of you achie ve any set goals yo u have. Merve Gurbuz, Grade 4D Teacher This year has been an amazing year for us all. I loved Grade 4 and all of my friends. W e are even closer with ever yone in the whole cla ss. My teacher was Miss M erve Gurbuz and she was a nice and kind teacher. Grade 5, here we co me! Eren Taylan Kaya, Grade 4D’s Student Representative

ith their w a n y le A Selin & tatoos. cool henna

Hasan with his garden buddy

68 eastmeadows6.indd 68

15-Nov-12 11:30:51 PM

s ral costume u lt u ic lt u m their 4D boys in

4D girls in our multicultural costumes

4D on their excusio n at the Botanical Gardens. eastmeadows6.indd 69

Mucahid discovered a very big seed.

Eren enjoying the fe eling of real fur on himself.

Silly shot! 69 15-Nov-12 11:31:00 PM

Book Fair 201 2

012 Book Fair 2

70 eastmeadows6.indd 70

Book Fair 2012 15-Nov-12 11:31:08 PM

012 Book Fair 2 Book Fair 2012

Book Fair 2012

Book Fair 2012

Book Fair 2012 71

eastmeadows6.indd 71

15-Nov-12 11:33:00 PM

Learning Areas

L i t e r a c y y c a r e m Nu INT


S c i PORTS s u M

72 eastmeadows6.indd 72

15-Nov-12 11:33:04 PM

Dear Parents, Students and Teachers, When I started thinking about why education is so important, I remembered my school years, the grounding years of anyone's education. I went down memory lane; I remembered my teachers, my school subjects, the study and the fun... Our school which lays the foundation of our education, is the institution where we understand why education is so important and how important it is! It is our school, where we learn to read and write and we become literate. It is where young talent is recognized, nurtured and encouraged. On leaving school, we are all set to soar high in life and enter the real world in pursuit of our dreams. Students at Isik College are recognised for their efforts in knowledge gain. Education is aimed at giving students knowledge of the world around us and to develop in them, a perspective of looking at life. Students are encouraged to build opinions and have points of view on things in life. At Isik College, we will start to implement the new Australian Curriculum which has been developed in the first phase for English, Mathematics, Science and History as it has been conceptualised and structured in a way that will make explicit the content that has to be taught, and the depth of understanding, the extent of the knowledge and the sophistication of skills expected of students. Every effort is being made to ensure that challenging standards are set, but that our school curriculum does not become overloaded, that there is time for going deep, and that there are opportunities for including local and topical content. While the traditional structure of scope and sequence within discrete learning areas is retained, with our new curriculum, teachers will give explicit attention to General Capabilities that underpin flexible and critical thinking, a capacity to work with others and an ability to move across subject disciplines

to develop new expertise. The National Curriculum identifies three Cross-Curriculum Priorities- one national, one regional and one global; namely, Indigenous perspectives, Asia and Sustainability. These are not separate areas of learning but rather illustrate how learning can be integrated across the subjects and general capabilities to enable students to engage with current issues in contemporary society. Each of these will be given close attention by our expert teachers and is being scoped and sequenced alongside work for each of the learning area. Our new National curriculum will place primary importance on the general capabilities that all people need, use and develop throughout their life and the big issues of the day that all need to know about, while also providing for foundational knowledge, skills and understanding in the agreed discipline areas. Best wishes for the rest of 2012, Mrs Hatice Demirbas, Deputy Principal (Curriculum)

73 eastmeadows6.indd 73

15-Nov-12 11:33:09 PM

As literacy is one of the most important foundations for success at school and in life, th e college aims to provide stud ents with the necess ary programs and resources to develop and enha nce their skills, as the simples t acquisition of literac y can have a profoundly empowe ring effect both pers on ally and socially. This year we have be en very fortunate an d have updated our guided reading program with the latest reading resources. St udents are exposed to every link in the literacy ch ain through actively th inking and talking about what th ey read. To further su pport the development of read ing, the college has updated its Home Reading Program . The new readers ar e sure to engage the most reluctant reader with brightly coloured illustrations and photos to help students develop vocabulary an d build comprehensio n skills. Throughout the year students also had th e opportunity to participate in a number of excit ing literacy activities. 1. Students enjoyed the process of writi ng, editing, illustrating and publish ing their very own bo oks 2. Highlight of Book Week - Character Pa rade 3. Wear Red Day 4. Book fair

Editing, publishing own book n book Editing, publishing ow

Huriye Pulic, Literacy Team Leader 74 eastmeadows6.indd 74

15-Nov-12 11:33:15 PM

Winner of charact er parade

hing our very Editing and publis own books

Character Parade

Character Parade Red day 75 eastmeadows6.indd 75

15-Nov-12 11:33:22 PM

on in grade 1C Maths Games Afterno

fun Maths is

76 eastmeadows6.indd 76

In all class roo make nume ms this year we have racy more endeavoure rele d students t hanks to t vant and exciting for to he numerac o ur our late N y kits prep umeracy Te a re a m d Mathematic s is so imp Leader, Ms Demet Lat by ifog ort everyday te chnology an ant to understanding lu. d of up a phone events. Wh ,b enever you make predic uild a structure, inve stigate nat pick tions abou ure, t stand tech the weathe nology. r or try to underThis year s tud numeracy s ents continued to co kills with g ames and h nsolidate their provided by ands-on ac ou tivitie effort to in r teachers. We have made a con s corporate e certed veryday ma ematics Cu ths into o rricu ur Mathising the la lum with a strong e mphasis on nguage of ma familiarDuring Nu meracy We thematics. ek we have favourite b inves ook ics involved s with a focus on th tigated our e mathema an tand graphs d converted data to . The teach numbers, t a in ble g games and investigatio of maths concepts t s h ns will be our learnin an importa rough g for the n y t e ar ahead. part of Let’s all co ntin Mrs Gul Ha ue to make numeracy nim Aslan fun! Numeracy T eam Leader 15-Nov-12 11:33:28 PM

When do we eat them...

ith friends w s e m a g s h t a m Enjoying

Playing with skitt les for maths

Funny one - how is this maths 77

eastmeadows6.indd 77

15-Nov-12 11:33:36 PM

de 2s ra G y b t r a Aboriginal

Olympic display Having fun with materials - puppet making

78 eastmeadows6.indd 78

2012 Year Book - In tegrated S tudies We have f urther ext ended our implementa understand tio ing a our Integra n of the National C urriculum t nd ted Studie opic s range of o pportunitie topics. Students hav s for e s questions had a to further and ex ety of stra understandings and plore the broad te are using av explore th gies and thinking skil eir learning ls to analy ari. se sions and hands on e A number of excursio and x n p s, incuracross all y eriences ha ear levels with the p ve been undertaken ing and ce urpose of lebrating o enhancur learning participate . Student d in our a h a ve a nnu such as th e School C al whole school speci lso lea al events Days of S chool, Anti- n Up Day, Harmony D Bullying W ay, 100 Footy Day eek, -a with a sen ll of which were cele Science Fair and se of com munity spir brated in a big way, big thank it and achie you goes ve out to all parents fo s tudents, te ment. A r making t a che h es forts and encouragem e events a success. rs and ent have b Y learning an een invalua our efd enjoymen b le t to the Yours in e of student ducation, s in these e vents. Mrs Kevse r Kilic, Int egrated St udies Team Leader. 15-Nov-12 11:33:41 PM

g Puppet makin

Science Fair - Goo mak ing. Very Sticky!!

display le c y c r e t Wa

Learning abou t different c ultures

Science Fair - experim ents with our buddies 79

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ep to s from Pr t n e d u t s , and Values nity to study Islam , n io g li e R In Wudu portu Pillars of ad the op Grade 6 h h, Pillars of Islam, Islam, lives of f Fait Pillars of undation o . They were o f , h la a S c of es and et slam with b Principles a h a s d n st I ets a the proph compare and contra other aspects to into many th of k also able o lo d n a ions e mon other relig system. During th ying” competipra lief of our be had a “fasting and ions, e g competit uctw in n n r a a d a le m n a R nd ura also had Q piritual growth is co first s tion. We e d h lso got t itation an a c e l r o o t a h v c s la a het r s uraged. Ou petition about Prop co n e d n a ed com tercampus and place in in buh). ith visual (p w d d e e m rt m o a p h Mu sup xcurlearning is ions and e Students’ ls as well as incurs enefit from eria sb audio mat y that our student l and moral ua pra heir spirit well. t sions.. I ry r ca d l as ct an this subje outside the schoo t n developme Kus fa a t er Mr. Mus Team Lead s e lu a V & Religious

Fasting H eroes

Fasting Heroes

Inter-campus Competi tion First Place

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k rocking out! e t e P d n a ra La

2012 has bee the brand n a very successfu l ye ne Music curri w music departmen ar for t! The culum has foc ing the gra de 4 to 6 used on develop’s music theo performan ry c explored r skills. The student e and hythm and s have ca form inte rmediate r n read and perhythmic p well as rh attern yth their own m, students have co s. As so m instrumen undscapes and inve posed ts of the stigated world. Con tions to t gra he music s tudents o tulasuccessful n a very year. You ar and I loo k forward e all very talented t o continue ney next year! our jourMiss Anna P Head of M rociw-Charalambous usic.

Mustafa on Charac Parade Day! ter

his ogan and rd E t e m h Me uitar beautiful g eastmeadows6.indd 81

Beste and Berkan sh owing off their rad rhythm skills!

y perform ra e S d n a Selin homemade ir e h t g in s ing u s! instrument 81 15-Nov-12 11:34:01 PM

Pastoral Care aims to deal with a students’ emotional, academic and behavioural aspect. In order to reach its aim, the Pastoral Care department organises several programs and activities. These program in cooperate many enjoyable trip and educational programs. The students are able to have quality time with their friends and develop long-lasting relationships. Also Pastoral Care caters the emotional support a student needs during his or her primary life. The student can feel comfortable to approach their teachers and mentors during difficult times. The teachers and mentors also are one in one contact with the students’ family. This results in a better system of achieving great mannered and successful student. The Pastoral Care also organises discussions in the favour of the student interest and needs. Pastoral Care also builds up the student’s cultural, religious and moral background. Pastoral organises a huge variety of activities including excursions, reading camps over the holidays, the celebration of the holy nights, incursions and fundraising for the needier. The students from grade 4 to 6 have holiday, reading camps that encourages the students to read and learn new things. There are other organisations including iftar dinners, afterschool programs and mother-daughter dinners. In addition throughout the year Pastoral Care serves the purpose of helping the needy countries, such as Africa, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Burma with campaigns such as the Selimiye Qurban Campaign. Pastoral Care’s sole purpose is to serve its students the best moral and psychological support. The Pastoral Care Department of Isik College Primary believes that every student is precious for a golden generation. “If we are to teach real peace in this world, and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with the children.”- Mahatma Gandhi Mrs Hatice Gungor, Deputy Principal (Pastoral Care)

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Pastoral Care embraces more than the giving of well prepared, thought provoking and stimulating lessons. It means being concerned for the total well being of students, and with the development of the whole person within the context of the family, school and wider community. Pastoral Care at Isik is not just practised in the Pastoral Care program; it permeates school life. We acknowledge that each student is an individual who has strengths and weaknesses. If we can show students that their strengths can be built upon in such a way that selfesteem will also be enhanced, then in most cases, weakness will diminish. At the same time, students will come to recognise that there are people who care for them, people who are willing to share their burdens. We aim to have our students finish their Isik years richer in spirit than when they arrived. On specific days throughout the week, students from Grade 4 to 6 are involved in various activities, including book reading, excursions, family visits, Iftar dinners, reading camps over the holidays, sharing a meal and engaging in activities that develop team spirit. Pastoral Care also supports campaigns such as fundraising and Qurban Campaign with the support of our parents, students and teachers. Mr Mustafa Kus, Pastoral Care Coordinator

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Mother and d aughter iftar

Teachers can have fun, too ! 84 eastmeadows6.indd 84

A day out 15-Nov-12 11:34:15 PM

Baking cup cakes

Learning at Pastoral Care

Excitement at Luna Park

a hand g n i d n le t Mrs Pola

Girls makin g b their praye ags for r mats 85

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The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet. Oops...


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It has been an absolute pleasure being the Upper Department Coordinator this year at Isik College. It has been an incredible journey and I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to my team of teachers, staff, students and parents for their wonderful support throughout the academic year. Our students in grade 5 and 6 have shown us so many positive qualities and have made us proud in so many ways. When we look back and reflect, we can certainly say that it was a busy and productive year for us all. Good luck to all our grade 5 students who will be the big brothers and sisters of our school next year. We look forward to the inspirational year that awaits us in 2013 and know you will be a positive role model for the younger students. To our grade 6 students who are heading off to high school, I wish you all the best. Look back on your experiences and cherish all those fond memories you have had. Remember all your wonderful teachers that have made an amazing contribution to your lives. Never give up on your dreams and wishes and be proud of your achievements. Warmest wishes, Ms.Emel Tanriverdioglu Upper Dept. Coordinator

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, Yusuf tafa Kaygisiz s u M , e s s I Isse em Gumus stafa Celik, , Teacher: Guld oc, Maya El- Chami, Mu , Imran Eren u h t ka K a y a li rv a E V k. , Maha Top Row: ik, Leyla Sara , Yunus Akin, Ayla Mesic y e G r a in P , ek, Ghelem d Bilal Apak , Mikail Zeyb e s a m b m b a A h u M im s : a mmad K Middle Row , Syed Moha h lla u d b im A y la r a u fra Naw Bekir M h Hares ber Irfan, A or, Moumina m g n A u G : w m o e R d t Fron lkan, Cig sa, Omer Ka s u o M l y a h u S

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5B 5C

Top Row: Aysegul Oz demir, Nazli Somuncuo glu, Eda Sahin, Damla Beyza Koca, Nebile Ya Basar, Melahat lim, Beyza Gultekin Middle Row: Mustafa Ismail Gungor, Eray Cekic, Atahan Aslan, Se Isaak Saray, Ahmet Oz yyidcan Celiker, an Vural, Adem Ibrah im Ocal, Deren Cem Bottom Row: Derya At Sarican, asever, Zehra Hasimo glu, Jeyda Ergene, Se Zeynep Caldir, Merve mih Doktoroglu, Bekdemir, Zeynep Ak tepe Teacher: Ms. Rukiye Nesibe Yuksel

a , Mrs Melek Kay yan,Eren Yilmaz A e ik el M , Teacher Name: n u Alt Kalkan, Zeliha z. Top Row: Ali c, Samil Gundu ko n la s A m u Erciyas, ls Gu akirli, Sefanur C Ceyda Yildirim, m e rk o G , u eren Gucl Middle Row: S yed. c, Jale Olmez, Duha S rt e M , an p aya, Koray Ceki ka ik iz ar K S a m s E , Enis Bagce . Bottom Row: al, Burak Tarhan kb A an lt u S r, Yunus Ozgu

, Serkan Karagoz Irem Helin Bayram, giz, Arik, Elvan Cen

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nd and I fou s t n e d u t ys ed 2012 m mmon way before rt a t s e w in co glu. When something e shared Ms. Latifo d d a h e w an ,w out took place lose friend of mine g in n r a le c y an as a very gic circumw ra t lu e g h o T if t . ing 2011 Ms La acher in eeply hurt ur e d t s a ’s w A 5 h t e dea eo Grad unding her urn our loss. Despit to ro r u s e c n sta mo ed and manag needed to n ll o a d e e w r ie d n ld a so orrow we ected. pain and s better than we exp good as we h lly pull throug X was rea her’s company A M I o t ot ion Our excurs joying each than watching n e t s ju n fu ther had more w one ano ching Hubble 3D o n k o t g and gettin ’s the truth). Wat roughly en(it ho the videos and the students t ts, or so they g au was amazin out to the astron g in joyed reach would year and I es, that t a e r thought. g a t. Y has been all the bes keep doing s t Overall it n e d u t g and h my s like to wis eed to keep studyin n means you d...... Talk less!!!! an your work ve Lots of Lo Gumus 90 m Mrs. Gulde eastmeadows6.indd 90

ve Imax! lo e w .. x a m I

Great work Er plastic milk va, !!

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ran Musty and Im

Happy, happy and happy!

Bekir! Circuit time, with

Nice photo!

we!! How cool are

Cheese!! 91

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e ry a Jeyda & D ver re Friends Fo

Forever are ge that I sh The knowled me to you. m o fr e iv g I d say all you do an , t a h t e p o h In ed lessons learn Reflects the that you receive wards ed. And all the a you have earn t a h t s e n o r Are resent teache I am your p e friend, And your tru year is over e h t n e h w t Bu end. f you won’t o s t h g u o h t My you I hope that o g u o y n e h W art of me. Will take a p rest memory a e d y m in d An will be... Forever you xpenjoyed the e e I . ch a e t we a pleasure to the memories h s ri e ch 5B you were d n a the things d together a d h n a e 2 w 1 0 s 2 ce f n e o ri 5B s remember learning jourr u o y e u in t shared. Alway n o t together. C on’t forget, that we learn re is so much to learn. D d dearest an the ney, because s”. My prayers with your s ce ro p g n lo life best “learning is a you. All the f o ll a h it w e wishes will b s. ie future stud uksel Ms. Nesibe Y 15-Nov-12 11:35:12 PM

Girls enjoying camp

Boys excit ed for the IMAX Trip eastmeadows6.indd 93

duty 5B boys on Harry Pott er Semih & (Seyyidcan his friend )

for One ll A d n a ll One for A 93 15-Nov-12 11:35:18 PM

h catching a yabbby Ali still has hope wit

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s, To my clas teacher was your I’m glad I o love you so. t I’ve come the end is here. v e li e I can’t be o see you go. I hate t we had ll the fun a r e b m e did, Rem things we r... e h t ll a and mbe f all reme o t s o m ! t Bu special kid ou ry e v a e y ’r You only have a lot t o n , r a e learnt t this y Throughou e but I have also m You all are learnt from unique characters. helped me our from all y o me, and you all lt am now. I ia c I e o p h s w ry e e b v e where teacher to grow as a at one day will com and still th fe am hoping u all grow up in li o y Mrs Melek I will see ur grade 5 teacher .I yo bering you remember l always be remem ing in your th wil because I the best with every all wish you rs. a future ye aya K Mrs Melek

Girls at camp

15-Nov-12 11:35:26 PM

iful weather t u a e b e h t Enjoying

Watching archery

Helping friends

Ready for our ac tivities

Character parade

Smiley faces 95

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Ms Jale, Ms Saide & Miss Esra

gold Running for

ain Bolt s U e t lu a s m Blue tea 96 eastmeadows6.indd 96

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The secrets health & fit to good ness in a t ub 97 eastmeadows6.indd 97

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oc, r, Aysegul K ku a B m a ri a r M Yaza zkurt, ers: Ms Sirin ue, Mert Bo Isse, Teacher/Teach to Right) : Umaan Tafiq r, Attila Baser ain, Faadumo s e s n ft o u e z H (L U n a y w rf o ra I E R , Top lbouch, Tarique ale, Ammar in, Yasmin E il Aleyna Sezg ft to Right) : Ayan Suh bbagh, Isma a D ir h s a e lid B a (L , h n a Doga omaisa K Middle Row l Jinnah, Dery n Kantara, R a re e q E a h r, S o , g li n u A Sinan G ): Tayla a Polat eft to right (L w o R Turgut, Sued m o re m E Bott , ry a m e Al-Sham Khalil, Nadin 100 eastmeadows6.indd 100

15-Nov-12 11:36:12 PM


Teacher: Ms.Emel Tanr iverdioglu Top Row (left to rig ht): Feyza Ozgun, Beyz a Saglam, Imran Saha banoglu, Muhammed n, Berkay CoYavuzIz, Adem Hussein , Seyma Cetinkaya, Re Middle Row (left to yyan Erdurul right): Onur Kuvanci, Muhammed Eren, Yusu Bol, Omer Gunduz, Ha f Kaynak, Semih kan Eser, Adem Karac an, Eren Himmetoglu, Front Row (left to rig Ilhami Eker ht): Eray Karatas, Defn e Gokoglu, Ceren Ko Alkan, Jasmine Haddad cabay, Defne , Berfin Aydin, Taylan Kerti, Hamza Karatas


zturk yna n, Mr Umit O leyna Gun, Ale la A s A , az im yv A an H l ye u ey G us, Sum Teachers: Mrs ) : Saliha Gokk ht r Alinc ig R to ft e za Gulec, Tane ey B , Top Row (L cu zu a Akyurt, Dilara u ih K el r Z u n c, n la E ze , O n u sg az, Dylan Ulku, Vildan Co ht) : Halil Eryilm Albayrak ig R to ft e (L , Semih Kerem Middle Row , Eren Barisik, r, Talha Gurkan e is lk am U ik k ar ha S Is ila i, S a Tasbas lak. Ozdemir, to right) : Talh ir, Mahmut So m ft e e (L zd O w k o R ra u B m Botto etinkaya, gurlu, Ismail C U y ra E , rt u ky A budak, amur, Evren Ic C e g im S : t Absen

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zar Ms Sirin Ya r eache Grade 6A T

102 eastmeadows6.indd 102

smell. f your bio o d e ir t m azar: I a Ms Sirin Y : Why? gin Aleyna Sez que : Man Ammar Tari ay Vallah r: s Atilla Base : my bad Ayan Suhale hut up and drive c: S Aysegul Ko : Yeah Bro agh Bashir Dabb I love Tea n: Derya Doga what a head t: Emre Turgu come at me bro r: Eray Uzune Come on Hocam ra: uiet a Eren Kant : Shut up and be Q tions se ula Faadumo Is : according to my calc in a l s e Ishma Irfan Hos n’t call me alker o d l: li a h K e st Ismail omg I hav e answers wrong r: u k a B m a ri Ma the way th y b : t la o P Sueda boys rt: broady u k z o B rt e u stop! M ary: can yo ce m m a h S e Nadin al spa alid: person h K a is a m o R nah: bro Shaqeal Jin ah! gor: Oh Ye y name n u G n a in S m a; who said Tara Almos t! ha Tayla Ali: W : leb!leb! y ue I get craz iq Umaan Taf h : when I get mad ouc Yasmin Elb ram Ha : Bilal Jemaa

Bashir and Umaan relaxing . 15-Nov-12 11:36:29 PM

love their la il t A d n a n a Uma buddys.

The Golden Mile Melbourne City

Tayla Ali and buddy have th e winning smile

Emre and Mustafa cute buddys.

much fun. o s s a w e d ra Charachter Pa

Shaqeal and Sin an with their buddys.

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15-Nov-12 11:36:38 PM


AYAN SUALE Nick name: Aany,Naany, Ayanious, Ayak lahmi suhyle, Ayunybayuny. Motto/Quote: Sky is the limit so push it Hobbies: Music, cricket, taekwondo , socialising with friends, movies. Career ambition: A scientist in physics, Geologist or a mechanical engineer. My most memorable moment in Isik: We had just started playing footy and when I got the ball I kicked it up a tree and we spent all the time trying to get it down. We tried every trick in the book. We even tried to throw up my shoe. And it got stuck. Miss Sirin got a huge pole out of the gym and got my shoe down but not the ball.

ATILLA BASER Nickname: Atilli Motto/Quote: Say Vallah Hobbies: Footy, Computer, Cooking, Sleeping, TV Career Ambition: My career ambition is to be a pilot and an architect My most memorable moment Isik College: My most memorable moment at Isik College was when me, Eren, Ayan and Irfan scared all of the girls that went into the toilet at an excursion at Monash Science Centre. I hid in the men’s toilets, Eren went into the disabled toilet, while Ayan waited outside the toilet and Irfan stayed where the stairs were.

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15-Nov-12 11:36:45 PM

AYSEGUL KOC Nickname: Aysh/Ayse Motto/Quote: If you’re trying to achieve, there will be roadblocks. I’ve had them; everybody has had them. But obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it. Hobbies: Playing netball, drawing animation and listening to music. Career Ambition: Being a teacher or a journalist. Most Memorable Moment at Isik College: At school we had grade 3 camp. And we were all excited and nervous. We were going to Wombat Corner. We picked cabins with Aleyna, Vildan, Jasmine and I. We had all sorts of activates, bush walks and also a bush fire with marshmallows. We went on a train, rock climbing, flying fox and also trampolines to jump on in free time. But it had to end; we stayed for 3 days and 2 nights only. But it was all worth the cold days we had.

BASHIR DABBAHGH Nick name: zepzii Hobbies: soccer play ps3 watch tv Quote/Motto: Omg yule/ work hard play hard Career ambition: I would most want to be a professional soccer player or be a builder. The most memorable moment at Isik College: Most memorable moment was when I went camp in grade 6 it was really fun and different I slept in a room with my best friends. Taylan, Berkay, Hakan, Imran, Yusuf and Adem. We did heaps of really fun activities. My favrouite activity was the flying fox.

BILAL BEN JEMAA Nickname: Billo,Bills and sheikh Quote: No friends are better than bad friends Hobbies: Ipod, RC helicopter and soccer Career ambition: Geologist. The most memorable moment at Ishik College: My first day at Isik College in term three when all the boys of grade 6A gave me a very warm welcome.

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15-Nov-12 11:36:52 PM

DERYA DOGAN Nickname: Dogan. Self quotes: You don’t need to know everything in life. Just the things you need to be happy. Hobbies: my hobbies are playing football, netball, swimming, art, and music. Ambition: When I pass year 12, I would like to go to University to study to be an excellent art or music teacher. Most memorable moment at Isik College: My most memorable moment was, this year when it was science fair everyone was having a great time doing their experiments and having fun with their friends. My experiment was how to make slime with borax it was very messy to do the experiment over and over again but I feel that I managed okay.

EMRE BEKIR TURGUT Nickname: John Motto: What a head Quote: Go hard or go home. Hobbies: Playing soccer and riding my Penny board Career Ambition: I want to be a Dj! Most memorable moment at Isik College: When our soccer team won the interschool sports grand final.

ERAY UZUNER Nickname: Ezzy Motto/Quote: Take chances and never regret, today is the youngest you’ll be Hobbies: Drawings, listening music, tennis, soccer, free running, video games, riding bikes, climbing. Career Ambitions: Engineer & Tennis player The most memorable moment at Isik College: The most memorable moment is when we went camp this year (2012). All the fun I had with friends and all the activities we did such as flying fox, scavenger hunt and more like going on a boat onto the most freezing water. I have ever felt and when I’m trying to get back up my boat flipped so I went on Evren’s boat, then Burak got my boat back to the right position and when I dived for it I dipped Evren and his boat over.

106 eastmeadows6.indd 106

15-Nov-12 11:36:58 PM

EREN KANTARA Nickname: Abdi-Hamdi Sharazi hamsi Motto / quote: A single rose can be my garden; a single friend, my world. Hobbies: playing soccer, playing video games, watching japanese anime, reading japanese manga (comics). Career ambition: To become a great lawyer!! The most memmorable moment at Isik College: When the Isik college soccer team won the grand final!

FAADUMO ISSE Nickname: FAFA Motto/Quote: Forget and forgive. Hobbies: Sport Career Ambition: Marina biologist and performer Most memorable moment at Isik College: when the best sports teacher said “you are better than your sister in sports”.

IRFAN HOSSAIN Nickname: Abdi Hamdi Shafeezee Motto: Amat victoria curam (success favours those who take pains) Hobbies: Reading Career Ambition: Ophthalmologist Most memorable moment at Isık College: My most memorable moment at Isık College was when I received a High Distinction in ICAS for Spelling.

107 eastmeadows6.indd 107

15-Nov-12 11:37:04 PM

MARIAM BAKUR Nickname: Mimi Motto/Quote: Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring - Marilyn Monroe Hobbies: Drawing, listening to music, playing games, wasting time, watching anime, reading manga and anything I feel like doing Career Ambition: Artist



Nickname: Nadia Motto/Quote: “Though no one can go back and make a brand-new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand-new ending.” Hobbies: Reading and Swimming Carrier Ambition: Pharmacist The Most Memorable Moment at Isik Collage: The most memorable time at Isik collage was grade six camp. It was my very first camp at Isik and it was the time of my life. I am sure I will never forget that day. It was also a great time to spend with all my BEST friends.

Nickname: Romzi Motto/Quote: I don’t go where the path leads in fact I go where there is no path and leave a trail. Hobbies: I like to play all types of sports like: football, basketball, tennis, table tennis, bat tennis, netball and swimming and I also like singing and dancing. Career / ambition: Pilot The most memorable moment at Isik College: My most memorable moment at Isik College was when we went to Monash science centre and seven eleven. My favourite part at the excursion was when we got into groups of three and did the science experiments. It was really fun and it was more fun with my friends by my side.

108 eastmeadows6.indd 108

15-Nov-12 11:37:11 PM




Nickname: Shafeezee Hoca Motto/Quote: Enjoy life, good or bad coz the gift of life is life itself! Hobbies: Drawing, playing soccer and playing games. Career ambition: Ophthalmologist The most memorable moment at Isik College: My first character parade. It was in Prep. I dressed up as a member of the Incredibles. It was so fun and I enjoyed myself.

Nick: Sinbin Motto/quote= TRY AGAIN Hobbies= Drawing ,riding, bmx and going friends houses Career Ambition= Architecture The most memoriable moment at Isik College: When I studied hard for the ICAS maths and won a breakfast with the principle.

Nickname: Sue, Smarty Pants Motto/Quote: A day without sunshine is like, you know, night. Steve Martins How My Friends Describe Me: Tara: Beautiful-Nerd Derya: Funny & Wierd Tayla: Smart Ayan: Talented Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Eating Chocolate & Laughing At Nothing In Particular Career Ambition: Brain Surgeon & Author Most Memorable Moment: My most memorable moment was this year when I got voted as School Captain. I was very proud and happy because I had the chance to do some good for my school.

109 eastmeadows6.indd 109

15-Nov-12 11:37:17 PM

TARA ALMOSA Nickname: Tarantula Motto/Quote: I just do what I want. It’s not about what people are saying, it’s about me. That is How My Friends Describe Me: Sueda: Funny & Annoying Ayan: Fun Tayla: Beautiful & Nice Faadumo: Cool & fun Hobbies: Drawing & collecting cards. Most Memorable Moment at Isik College: When I was accepted in grade two and I received a present from my parents. It was $2000.

TAYLA FATIMA ALI Nickname: Trayla Moto/Quota: Someday everything will make perfect sense. So for now laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason. Hobbies: My hobbies are to go out with friends, go to the beach, go shopping, ride my bicycle and to have time for myself. Career Ambition: When I grow up I want to be a pilot because I am really good in maths and love flying planes. I love to be as free as a bird and fly. Most Memorable Moment at Isik College: The most memorable moment would be when we had an excursion to the Monash Science Centre and went to 7 Eleven for slurppies and everybody jumped into the shop. But we just didn’t just buy slurppies; we bought icecreams, Twisties, Chocolates, Salt and vinegar Chips and so much more. At the end the bus was full of cups, wrappers and laughs. I will never forget that day.

UMMAN TAFIQUE Nickname: Umany Boyz Motto/Quote: Forget the past, Live the present, Dream the future. Hobbies: Cricket, Soccer, Footy. The most memorable moment at Isik College: My best memorable moment was when it was my first week of school and I had already received an award for showing confidence in class. I had to go and get my award and bolt it back but Miss Evla stopped me and asked me a question. I swallowed hard down my throat and I just said well and then Miss Evla let me go. I would like to thank Ms Sevde and my fellow classmates for making me have such a good year.

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15-Nov-12 11:37:24 PM

YASMIN ELBOUCH Nickname: Elbouch Motto/Quote: Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is best. Hobbies: BMX, going on the computer, playing with my friends, all sports (especially football) and watching movies. Career Ambition: Pharmacies The Most Memorable Moment at Isik College: My most memorable moment at Isik College is when I got elected as an SRC. I had 5 votes and Ismail had 13 votes. Thanks to Ismail he gave me the role of being a SRC. The reason why Ismail gave me the role is because he also wanted to become school captain, and if you were all ready elected as something you weren’t allowed to become another captain. Thanks to Ismail I am now a SRC.



MERT BOZKURT 111 eastmeadows6.indd 111

15-Nov-12 11:37:30 PM

Experimentat io

112 eastmeadows6.indd 112

is filled udents, Dear 6B st is message my mind the th er As I write mories as I rememb r. It e ea m you this y ll you with fond h it w t n e e sp to ca time I hav onour and privilege h the 6B n has been a and to be a part of ts my studen next step, e h t e k a family. t d owing t older an As you ge o remember the foll ns or sio ut I want yo give up on your pas ol, er ry scho advice. Nev leave prima nd conu o y n e h ams a dreams. W w your dre ut all those o ll fo o t e re abo continu ect and ca p s and aim re o t e tinu your goals ve in r fo h c a e .R elie around you that you can do. B ! t mit s li e for the b sky is the iss you e h t e s u ca ill m yourself be best and w e h t ll a u o I wish y dearly. ve, Lots of Lo anriverdioglu Ms Emel T



15-Nov-12 11:37:37 PM

Performing for Prep B

Girls rest ing

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Footy day

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Nickname: Adz Motto / Quote: Yeah Buddy How my friends describe me: Taylan Kerti - Young Wild, Semih Bol - Official Wog, Onur Kuvanci - Wild Free, Yusuf Kaynak - Swag Crazy, Berkay Cobanoglu - Wild Smart Hobbies: Soccer Career Ambition: Chemical Engineering The most memorable moment at ISIK College: My most memorable moment was at our grade 6 camp. At night we were free. Semih and I were cruising in the middle of the night and we tried to go to the darkest place all the way down the road and we both accomplished our mission. AWESOME!

Nickname: Ads Motto / Quote: Bro the only ones who fail are those who do not try. How my friends describe me: Eray:Good friend, Hamza:Funny, Berkay:Funny Yusuf:Funny. Hobbies: Swimming, playing Fifa and playing football. Career Ambition: Chef The most memorable moment at ISIK College: When I bashed a kid in prep, we had to pick up rubbish.

BERFIN DEREN AYDIN Nickname: Barrfin Motto / Quote: If people are trying to bring you down it only means you are above them. How my friends describe me: Defne G: Pretty, Jasmine: Friendly, Feyza: Kind, Beyza: Annoying, Ceren: Awesome. Hobbies: Listening to music, hanging out with friends and riding my scooter. Career Ambition: Teacher The most memorable moment at ISIK College: My most memorable moment was when we went to camp. The canoeing and flying fox was the best. It was a great place to hang out with friends and enjoy ourselves.

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Nickname: Berks Motto / Quote: When elephants fight it’s the grass that suffers How my friends describe me: Adem: Funny, Eligible, Onur: Kind friend, Yusuf: Trustable friend, Taylan: Gun. Hobbies: Playing Play Station and playing footy Career Ambition: My career ambition is to be an aircraft engineer or a footy player The most memorable moment at ISIK College: My most memorable moment in Isik College was when I went to grade 3 camp to Wombat Corner. The activities at Wombat Corner were amazing and fun. I would love to go back there again and enjoy it.

Nickname: BB Motto / Quote: LOL How my friends describe me: Adem: true friend, Berfin: organised, funny, Ms Emel: polite, Seyma: pretty, Defne: creative. Hobbies: Listening to music singing and playing dare or dare! Career Ambition: Teacher or vet The most memorable moment at ISIK College: My most Memorable moment was grade 3 camp, because we had a lot of activities and our old friends and teachers were with us. We had a lot of activities such as rock climbing, flying fox, disco and many more. We all had a lot of fun and enjoyed it.

Nickname: Cercer CC Motto / Quote: WOW!!! How my friends describe me: Seyma: funny, Taylan: Cool, Reyyan: Fun and talkative, Beyza: True friend, Adem: Wild Awesome. Hobbies: Like to listen to music Career Ambition: Doctor The most memorable moment at ISIK College: When we played soccer as a whole class and playing dare or dare.

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Nickname: Defenene Motto / Quote: If you do not hope, you will not find what is beyond your hopes. How my friends describe me: Defne G: sporty, Feyza: smart and funny, Jasmine: pretty, Berfin: good inspiration, Beyza: crafty. Hobbies: Swimming and playing on my guitar Career Ambition: Being a doctor and a swimmer The most memorable moment at ISIK College: The most memorable moment at Isik College was grade 5 camp (Lady Northcote). I liked it because there were a lot of rides and they were all fun.

Nickname: DDD Motto / Quote: OMG How my friends describe me: Defne A: friendly, Feyza: crazy and funny, Jasmine: cat lover, Berfin: werid. Hobbies: Cooking, playing games and cat lover. Career Ambition: Swimming champ and vet The most memorable moment at ISIK College: The most memorable moment in school was grade 5 camp. The giant swing was awesome plus a lot of fun.

Nickname: Eric Motto / Quote: Sup brother? How my friends describe me: Hamza: Funny Hobbies: Riding my motorbike Career Ambition: Engineer The most memorable moment at ISIK College: When we got our year six polo shirts. Because we don’t need to wear ties and shirts.

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Nickname: Erzumen Motto / Quote: I don’t know How my friends describe me: Muhammed: healthy, Ilhami: funny Hobbies: Reading Career Ambition: Chemical scientist or teacher The most memorable moment at ISIK College: When I went on the Eureka sky deck and I stood on the edge it was scary and really fun at the same time because it looked like the glass broke but it actually didn’t. I still have a photo of me and the rest of the class.

Nickname: Fezzazi, Fifi Motto / Quote: Lol! How my friends describe me: Jasminenice and loyal, Berfin-quiet and shy, Defne G-creative and funny, Defne A-good speller. Hobbies: Drawing, designing, writing, cooking, shopping and hanging out with friends. Career Ambition: Fashion designer, architect. The most memorable moment at ISIK College: My most memorable moment was the grade 6 camp. I loved it. It was so much fun will never forget the grade 6 camp, it was awesome.

HAKAN BURAK ESER Nickname: Hakin It Motto / Quote: You are a gun without a bullet How my friends describe me: Semih: Funny, Adem: Epic, Yusuf, Trustable Friend, Taylan: Awsome. Hobbies: Sports, PS3 Career Ambition: Dentist The most memorable moment at ISIK College: The grade 6 camp and the athletics day they were most exciting and fun days.

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Nickname: Hamsi & Hammy Motto / Quote: Bro How my friends describe me: Taylan:nice & cool, Adem:funny, Eray:good friend. Hobbies: Playing COD and Drawing Pictures Career Ambition: Engineer The most memorable moment at ISIK College: I like playing COD and like to draw pictures people say Hamsi to my name and the camp.

Nickname: I’m The Best Motto / Quote: I’m The Best How my friends describe me: Imran:funny, Eren: funny, Muhhammed:funny, Eray:funny. Hobbies: I like to play tennis Career Ambition: I would like to do business The most memorable moment at ISIK College: Is when I was at Isik College on the first day of prep.

IMRAN EMRE SAHAN Nickname: Immy Motto / Quote: What a gun How my friends describe me: Taylan: funny, Semih: gun, Yusuf: cool, Hakan: bo$$. Hobbies: Playing soccer, swimming and playing with friends. Career Ambition: Soccer player/doctor The most memorable moment at ISIK College: Graduation day because it’s the last day of primary school.

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JASMINE HADDAD Nickname: Jazzy, Honda Jazz and Prime Minister. Motto / Quote: OBVIOUSLY! How my friends describe me: Feyza: Funny and Friendly, Berfin: Kind and Generous, Defne.A: Really Smart, Defne.G: Sassy and cool. Hobbies: Writing, Drawing, Using my imagination, Cooking, Maths, Crafting, Shopping and Hanging out with my friends. Career Ambition: To become Prime Minister of Australia. The most memorable moment at ISIK College: Two years ago, I won the spelling bee competition. I was so proud and glad that I won. I can still remember it till this day.

MUHAMMED EREN Nickname: Moeyy Motto / Quote: FTW For The Win How my friends describe me: Eren: Fun, Ilham : funny, Semih:Cool, Hamza: Great, Taylan:Gun beat boxer. Hobbies: Down ball, beatboxer Career Ambition: A Police Sargent The most memorable moment at ISIK College: The day when I was at Isik College Shepparton and I was moving to Melbourne, all my friends were sad and they all bought me presents and my favourite (Shepparton Isik college) teacher bought me a fluffy toy monkey.

M. YAVUZ IZ Nickname: Nova Motto / Quote: PaOAoTatoO!! How my friends describe me: Funny (Taylan), Good (Semih), LOLZ (Onur), Nice (Adem), Cool (Hakan). Hobbies: Designing Career Ambition: Game Designer The most memorable moment at ISIK College: When We Went To Camp Because We Went On The Flying Fox Which Was Fun!!

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OMER FARUK GUNDUZ Nickname: Homer Motto / Quote: what a gun How my friends describe me: caring, funny, good Hobbies: playing video games Career Ambition: Chef, imam, video game seller. The most memorable moment at ISIK College: When I became friends with Mikail.



Nickname: Oni/uno Motto / Quote: $?Thigimigic BOB!:) How my friends describe me: Taylan Kerti: funny/wild, Yusuf Kaynak: fast cocuk, Semih Bol: a gun, Adem Hussein: big wog, Imran Sahan: cool. Hobbies: My hobbies are to play on my penny board and to play outside Career Ambition: My career ambition is to be a policemen The most memorable moment at ISIK College: My most memorable moment at Isik College was when we went to grade 6 camp at Lake Dewar because I did what I never did at a camp.

Nickname: Ryan Motto / Quote: People say you can’t live without love, I think oxygen is more important. How my friends describe me: Seyma: Funny and cute, Taylan: Good writer, Ceren: pretty, Onur: witch Hobbies: Listening to music and going out with my friends. Career Ambition: I would like to be a piano player. The most memorable moment at ISIK College: At the grade 4 camp at the zoo a possum jumped on Taylan’s head and everyone was cracking up. Also playing dare or dare with the class was a memorable time.

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SEMIH BOL Nickname: Simit Motto / Quote: Keep calm and Gangnam Style How my friends describe me: Yusuf: Fifa freak, Taylan: Wild, Hakan: Good, Imran: Cool Adem H:Gulable Wog. Hobbies: Playing Soccer and Playing With Friends Career Ambition: Doctor The most memorable moment at ISIK College: When we went grade 4 camp at 12:00 o’clock at night me and Yusuf needed to go toilet but the teacher didn’t let us go so I came up with an idea to go do our business behind the bushes so me and Yusuf went behind the bushes and did our business. 10 minutes later the teacher came and felt sorry for us and said common I’ll let you guys go to the toilet and me and Yusuf said we already did and she said where and me and Yusuf pointed behind the bushes.



Nickname: Seymos Motto / Quote: In three words we can sum up everything we learnt in life: IT GOES ON How my friends describe me: Reyyan :Cool & Funny, Ceren: Music Freak, Berfin: Fun, Taylan: Caring Friend, Onur: Talkative. Hobbies: Playing with my friends and listening to music Career Ambition: Architect or Fashion Designer The most memorable moment at ISIK College: When we were having ice-cream as a class last year and a large swarm of bees came & Taylan running with the bag in his hand and stick in his mouth AND playing dare or dare with the class

Nickname: Tay’s Motto / Quote: It smells like chicken! How my friends describe me: Adem: wild, Yusuf: soccer freak, Imran: cool, Hakan: Mohawk, Semih; good friend. Hobbies: Playing soccer Career Ambition: Being a soccer player The most memorable moment at ISIK College: When we went to grade 4 camp at night Yusuf needed to go to the toilet but the teacher said he can’t go to the toilet, so Semih told Yusuf to do his business. Yusuf did his toilet and came back then the teacher felt sorry for him and said lets go but Yusuf told the teacher that he already did it. The teacher asked where and we all pointed at the back of the tent and laughed.

YUSUF EMRE KAYNAK Nickname: Yusi Motto / Quote: Living young, wild and free brother How my friends describe me: Semih: trustable, Hakan: funny, Imran: kind, Adem: wild, Taylan: epic. Hobbies: Sports and PS3 Career Ambition: Dentist and sports man The most memorable moment at ISIK College: When we went to camp because it was very exciting and fun, there were a lot of activities

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The boys have the moves for kayaking

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Nickname: Zaleyn Motto/Quote: “There comes a day when you realize turning the page is the best feeling in the world.” -Zayn Malik. “We have a choice to live or to exist!” -Harry Styles That’s how my friends describe me: Vildan: Friendly and funny. Simge: Pretty and hilarious. Dilara: Amazing Aleyna U: Cute Hobbies: Listening to music Career Ambition: English teacher

Nickname: Alis Motto/quote: Be yourself everyone else is taken That’s how my friends describe me: Dilara: Know-it-all, Simge: Friendly, Vildan: Nerd, Sila: Kind Hobbies: Listening to music. Playing sport, Watching Movies Career ambition: Computer programming The most memorable moment at Isik College: This was my first year at Isik college I really enjoyed grade 6. This year I made wonderful friends and met new teachers. The whole year was a memorable moment for me. But mostly camp was the best moment because it allowed me to get closer to my friends.

Nickname: Beyzoshi Motto/quotes: People dance cause dance could change things, one move can make you believe like theirs something more one move could make people come together How my friends describe me: Dilara: very funny, Elanur: fun to hang out with Aleyna: scream face Zeliha: funny, kind Aleyna: helpful amazing Hobbies: dancing, singing, watching movies (step up movies) talking about Adam Sevani (moose in step up) Career ambitions: childcare worker, open up a cake shop The most memorable moments in Isik College: At the ict lab when Sila and Zeliha fell down off their chairs by rocking on them

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Nickname: Burks Motto/quote: Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real That’s how my friends describe me: Ismail: fun, funny; Evren: minecraft freak, Ishak: fast cheetah, Taner: secret keeper Eray: Strong,crazy Hobbies: Ps3,minecraft, drawing, playing soccer Career ambition: Soccer player The most memorable moment at Isik College: The most memorable moment at isik college was when we won the division

Nickname: Dilos Motto/quote: Keep laughing That’s how my friends describe me: Vildan: funny Elanur: friendly Sila: funny Aleyna Ulku : funny Hobbies: Listening to music, playing sport. Career ambition: Interior Designer The most memorable moment at Isik College: The awkward and funny moments of Grade 6C

Nickname: Dil Motto/quote : Shoot for the stars, so if you fall you land on a cloud. That’s how my friends describe me: Ronaldo (Ishak) short (Evren) pepe (burak) Hobbies: playing soccer Career ambition: soccer player The most memorable moment at Isik College : The most memorable part will be my friends and my teachers.

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Nickname: Ebay Motto/quote: Aww hey bro! That’s how my friends describe me: Ismail: Awkward, Random Dylan: Funny, Fun Talha: Funny, Smart Taner: Gamer, Smart Evren: Funny, Beautiful Hobbies: Playing Minecraft and Soccer and Cod Career ambition : Lawyer and being a famous gamer The most memorable moment at Isik College: Grade 3 camp :D. When our group made a big boat and we were able to ride it in water then we jumped in the cold water.

Nickname: Erry berry/madonna Motto/quote: Zombie+me = dead That’s how my friends describe me: EVREN: justin bieber, funny kid Ishak: tall Erayu: funny, friendly Ismail: fun, funny Burak:funny, weird Hobbies: Playing video games. Career Ambition: To be a game maker for infinity ward The most memorable moment at Isik College: When I scored a goal with my back.

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Nickname: Ev Motto/quote: I am whatever you say I am; if I wasn’t, then why would I say I am. That’s how my friends describe me: Ishak: Ronaldinho. / Taner: Funny, Risky. / Eren: Funny, Beautiful. Zeliha: Funny, Dumb. / Burak: Awesome, Ronaldo. Hobbies: My hobbies are Soccer and Flying.. Career ambition: I would like to be a soccer player or even a surfer. The most memorable moment at Isik College: The most memorable moment is probably when our soccer team at school beat the grandfinal for our division but lost in the zones because we were missing players.

Nickname: Halilog Moto/Quite: What you doing How my friends describe me: Semih: crafter, Eray: cute fluffy :D, Burak: cuddly, Ismail: cuddly, warm Hobbies: making games, inventing, playing with my friends Career Ambition: I want to be a computer game developer The most memorable moment at Isik Collage: When my friends sticked up for me in grade 5

Nickname: Isaac Motto/quote: Even though your fed up keep your head up (tupac) How my friends describe me: Ronaldo (Dylan) Short (Evren) Messi(Burak) Hobbies: Playing soccer Career ambition: Soccer player The most memorable moment at Isik College: When we won were the champions of the division!

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15-Nov-12 11:39:21 PM

ISMAIL OSMAN CETINKAYA Nickname: Izzy Motto/quote: Cookiiieees! That’s how my friends describe me: Talha: Wierd, Funny Burak: Wierd, Crazy Eren: Funny, Boldy Evren: Funny,Short Eray: Cookie Monster Hobbies: Fishing, Parkouring and making songs Career ambition : Parkourer and Dj The most memorable moment at Isik College: A kid called Muhammad in grade 1,2,3.



Nickname: Cream Motto/quote: Just do it.... I am who I am, your approval is not needed. That’s how my friends describe me: Burak: funny Evren: smart Eray u: awesome, fun Ismail: crazy Talha G: smart Hobbies: Playing soccer, drawing, music, singing, skateboarding and running. Career ambition: Technical engineer, architect, P.E. teacher, soccer player. The most memorable moment at Isik College: When me, Talha and Ilyas abi stayed up all night and we talked and played games on our ipod touch.

Nickname : Maho Motto/quote : Mrs Wait ! That’s how my friends describe me : Eren: funny, smart Burak: smart, weird Ismail: quiet, smart Talha: smart, funny Hobbies : Drawing, knitting Career ambition : Maths teacher The most memorable moment at Isik College: When I scared Umit hoca at sohbet with a bat.

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Nickname: Sally, Sal, and Korea girl Motto/quote: A man’s trash is another man’s treasure. How my friends describe me: Ellanur: cute Vildan: kind Sila: cute, funny Simge: directioner, styler Aleyna sezgin: amazing. Hobbies: listening to the radio, decorating rooms, going on electronics, and collecting paint cards. Career ambition: work at a bakery, become a horror film director or become an author. Most memorable times: when my friends are there for me and how they can be very fun to hang out with. I loved music classes and i loved talking about celebrities with the girls in year six. I will never forget this year even if a million years pass. Year six for me was a good time in life!

Nickname: Simitci Motto/quote: Yellow That’s how my friends describe me: Halil imaginative Eray quiet Burak funny Ismail quiet Evren drawing freak Hobbies: Drawing, playing games, making games and playing video games. Career ambition: Game maker, Story writer The most memorable moment at Isik College: On grade 5 camp we went yabbying and we jumped off the raft we built.

Nickname: Silos. Motto/quote: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” That’s how my friends describe me: Vildan:silly / Aleyna:pretty / Dilara:nice funny / Sumeyye:funny / Simge:cute and friendly Hobbies: Sports (volleyball & soccer) Career ambition : Doctor The most memorable moment at Isik College: I’ve had a lot of good moment in my primary years it will never be forgotten. Thank all my friends and teachers for everything and especially thank you to my parents for giving me the opportunity to go to school and study if it wasn’t for you guys I wouldn’t be where I am today. Love you 6C you guys will never be forgotten.

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Nickname: Dingi, Spider, Sim, SimSal, Nialler, Katniss, Directioner Motto/quote: Trust, years to gain it seconds to break forever to repair, Trololol, May the odds be ever in your favour, With beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure, Easy to forgive hard to forget, My back is not a voicemail say it to my face, That’s how my friends describe me: Saliha- Humorous, Sila- Funny, VildanDirectioner, Aleyna Ulku - Extremely Funny, Dilara- Hilarious Hobbies: Listening to One Direction, watching movies, hanging out with my friends. Career ambition: Actress The most memorable moment at Isik College: Hanging out with my friends and going to camp sites and the excursions!!!

Nickname: Sumish Motto/quote: I’m down for u, So ride with me, My enemies your enemies, Cause u ain’t never had a, Friend like me! Tupac shakur That’s how my friends describe me: Aleyna ulku: fun to hang out with / Zeliha: ugly but beautiful / Dilara: funny and wired Aleyna gun: pretty and funny / Sila: cute and definition of perfection Hobbies: Art, photography, maths, sports (soccer), music Career ambition: Architect, doctor or lawyer The most memorable moment at Isik College: I enjoyed every bit of it even the days were things went wrong but you know you only live primary once so make the most of your years and have fun. I thank all my teachers for what they thought me without them I wouldn’t be writing this and thank my parents for sending me to a school like this. THANK YOU ALL 2012 LEGENDS=D

Nickname: TG Motto/quote: Yeah Buddy That’s how my friends describe me Kerem: Fun Ishak: Fast Talha.T: Talks alot Eray U: Funny & Cool Hobbies: Playing Soccer, Listening to music, Drawing ,Riding my skateboard, Playing on the iPod Career ambition: Sports Teacher, Architect, Technical Engineer, Soccer Player The most memorable moment at Isik College: The most memorable moment was when me , kerem and Ilyas abi stayed up at night and were just talking and playing on the ipod touch.

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Nickname: Talho Motto/quote : Say Walla Cuz That’s how my friends describe me: (Ishak) Big Brother, (Burak) Fast & strong, (Eren) Short, (Eray) Funny & Cute, (Taner) Cool Hobbies: Playing soccer & Hanging out with my friends Career ambition: Lawyer, Doctor The most memorable moment at Isik College: My most memorable moment was when I stayed at school for camp.

Nickname: Tony Motto/quote: Yeah Buddy!!! That’s how my friends describe me: Risk taker, funny, wierd, Nick Maxwell, Collingwood freak Hobbies: Playing footy, Hanging out with my friends Career ambition: Doctor or Scientist The most memorable moment at Isik College: My most memorable moment was when me and Halil trolled Eray.



Nickname: Vivi Motto/quote: “Life is a funny thing. The minute you think you have got something How my friends describe me: Aleyna Ulku: talkative - Dilara and Sila: nerd - Simge: directioner - Aleyna gun: intelligent Hobbies: Music and One Direction. Career ambition: One direction’s manager! The most memorable moment at Isik College: The days I come to school telling my friends how much I love one direction and they get angry at me for exaggerating! I will always remember the friendship and trust I made throughout the whole year.

Nickname: Zelis Motto/quote: A good life is when you smile often, dream big laugh a lot, and realize how lucky you are for what you have. How my friends describe me: Kind and funny (Beyza), friendly (Dilara), Funny and cute (Sumeyye) amazing and friendly (Aleyna G) cute and friendly (Vildan) Hobbies: playing sports, playing on the ps3, watching movies Career ambition: Teacher The most memorable moment at Isik College: Thank you all my teacher and friends for making it with me all the way here especially my friends. It was a wonderful year but there are so many things that happened they wouldn’t be enough space, so I just say it was amazing and fun.

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