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Jeffletican Weekly By the Jeffletica Corporation

Section 1 : Event #1 (Headlines) Chang had emotively betrayed Jeff A lexander and Moritz by refuse to talk to them, and later

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with an informal apology.

April, 13th, 2010 Thurs

Since this morning, Alexander had not talk to Jeff and Moritz with a proper sentence, except “Hi” and other less meaningful sentences.

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By 6:00pm, Alex started to dial Jeff and said to be the reason of abandoning Jeff is “just for fun” , and “have a mental problem at school.”

Editor: Jeff

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Section 2 : Event #2 Moritz Lesche refuse to admit that June Ho (Chief) and Jeff (Secretary General) as his leaders. These are the people’s ideas:

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Moritz: I think that everybody on the earth has the same rights, people should not rule on top of other people, so June Ho and Jeff should not on top of rule me.

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Jeff: As June Ho had passed the power to me, I have the power of controlling people in our group.

June Ho: We are the leader of Moritz, so I agree that Moritz should listen to us.

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Jeffletican Weekly By the Jeffletica Corporation

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