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in: “Who am I?” de Jane Lee Wiesner

Stepping stones along my professional walk. Raquel Gaspar, PhD, biologist.

“Discovering little animals”, a science page in the Portuguese magazine “Pais & Filhos” (parents and children). Every month.

“The little girl of the sea”, on-line working sheets about marine life. A Portuguese and European Project.

“Simbionts”, a science and art project to raise funds for cancer investigation. A children’s storybook about marine life.

“Get started”. Two pedagogical kits for every public kindergarten from Algarve, south of Portugal. Includes a storybook with activities.

Teachers’ training courses about the natural living world.

A tale about the Portuguese King Charles I, a king that dreamed to be a marine biologist.

TODAY’S working project: monitoring a resident bottlenose dolphin population and writing a children’s storybook .

Percurso Profissional de Raquel Gaspar  


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