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more POWER fuel ECONOMY CLEANER emissions

TopTuning is a specialist service that guarantees to: - optimize your engine’s performance (power tuning), - ECO-tune your vehicles, to run in a manner economical & environmentally sensitive. TopTuning can also be performed for engine optimization on vehicles such as HGVs, Tractors, Outboard Engine Boats and Jet Skis.

Your Engine Chip tuning by TopTuning

WHY The need for engine optimization Manufacturers produce engines that compromise their performance, so as to be mass produced and still perform viably in all conditions. They choose to restrict the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) software, the core software that drives their engines, to serve a great number of variables and manufacturing tolerance. As a result, the software in the engine’s ECU is by choice on the weak and conservative side. TopTuning permits its clients to overcome these manufacturing limits and restrictions. It is the expert in the field of chip tuning and can act as the manufacturer’s extension to achieve perfection in every individual engine. This perfection can only be achieved by expertly accommodating for: -

Differences in the fuel quality of each country.


The performance of the exhaust emission when using bad fuel

- Possible extensions of the intervals between the times of car service. -

Practical differences in the specific driver profiles

- Particularities of the applicable weather (such as extreme heat or frost) -

The country-specific exhaust values

- Factors that affect financial considerations such as insurance-grades, or tax-brackets TopTuning implement appropriate adjustments targeted to each individual niche of programming requirements. It moves beyond the manufacturers’ compromises using ECU programming developed individually for every different case, while keeping the vehicle’s engine within the limits and norms of all tolerances chosen by the manufacturers themselves.


For more power, cleaner emissions, better fuel economy,

is the answer.



Who we are TopTuning is the newest member of the SBD AB group of companies. The group also includes SCIN, a Swedish investment company, Trentzz and Matxpress. TopTuning is a Swedish company that combines: • Global technical expertise, through a specific network of specialists producing software that is brand-specific within their own professional field. The company’s network developers have been writing engine management software at OEM level for many years and have a clear understanding of the limitations and restrictions applied at the factory level. Their knowledge of where and how improvements in performance, economy and longevity can be unlocked ensures the maximum possible benefit to every individual customer with no risk. • A network of authorized tuning-service specialists in Europe and abroad. • The best equipment available in the industry, manufactured by firms respected for their expertise, such as CMD, Alientech, Byteshooter, DIMSport, EVC, etc. • Over 12 years of experience, following the acquisition of RedHotPepper, a Greek company with a network of over 200 points of service in Greece.


TopTuning belongs to the European Network of Tuning Specialists


Netherlands Germany


Italy Greece

TopTuning belongs to the European Network of Tuning Specialists, and provides services in Europe and abroad. The network is active in Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, Austria, Italy and Greece with a strong Research and Development team. Importers, manufacturers and private customers are well-served internationally by the network’s expertise and knowhow, combined with its high standards regarding quality, its consulting services, its investments in research & development and its employees’ craftsmanship. TopTuning acquired the Greek company RedHotPepper, a leader in the chip tuning market since 2000. The company’s focus is on technical innovation, the increase of engine power, stability, and sustainability of engine performance.


Our Network TopTuning currently has over 200 service points in Greece. As the company’s network of authorized tuning dealerships expands, it aims to offer the services of Power and ECO Tuning all over Europe and abroad. In this respect, the company continues to seek globally new points of service. TopTuning offers complete on-site fitting on most of its hardware upgrades, on the sole precondition of a flat clean working area where its technicians would be able to elevate appropriately and securely a vehicle. The provided coverage of vehicle types is extensive – prospective collaborators may check for particular engine models by browsing through the company’s online database where the list of supported models is regularly updated.


The company and the network of its collaborators have so far developed over 25,000 different software optimization solutions for various engines and have installed them in over 200,000 vehicles – this translates to 200,000 successful cases of developing and implementing individual high-performance software for modern engine systems. We want to provide our customers with more of our experience, support and security. - Are you a professional in the engine service sector? - Do you own a motor car service point? - Are you a car dealer interested in engine upgrades for your customers? - Are you already dealing with car upgrades? If any of the above is true, we invite you to become a member of our network. We have a full marketing kit for our partners including seminars, multimedia education tools, promotional brochures, posters, stickers, digital presentations and more. Do not hesitate to discuss with us your needs and requirements in detail.


What we offer

Chip tuning-programming – Power tuning

The TopTuning chip tuning process optimizes and

In order to achieve optimum functionality,

individualizes the software of each vehicle in a man-

the ECU of each vehicle needs to be repro-

ner that preserves the tolerances which are natural or

grammed / modified. TopTuning selects the

set by law, but bypasses the original limitations of the

easier way to do so from among three op-

manufacturer. Every individual software implementa-

tions, depending on the model character-

tion is separately and specifically developed to adhere

istics of the engine. The method most com-

to each country’s petrol quality, weather conditions,

monly used is through the OBD II port. The

emission norms, etc., in order to re-program the vehi-

three options for chip tuning are:

cle’s engine within the limits and norms of all these tolerances.


• OBD-programming: Many new cars offer the possibility to read and re-write the complete ECU data via the diagnostic connector of the car. The advantage of this method is that the ECU can remain in the car and does not need to be opened. • Direct programming: The chip (EPROM) in the ECU is detached from the circuit board, erased and reprogrammed with the modified-optimized data. In some older models the EPROM cannot be erased and is thus replaced with a new one appropriately programmed. • Serial programming: The entire ECU is removed from the car and programmed by special spring contacts without soldering on the circuit board. This method is used when a vehicle has no connection from the OBD connector to the ECU or in the case of some very new ECU versions.


TopTuning invests steadily in the latest programming tools and software to control the torque, performance and fuel consumption of the engine through the most reliable chip tuning possible.

ECO-tuning TopTuning’s ECO optimization achieves reduction in fuel consumption of 1020% under normal driving conditions (low torque areas) still allowing the engine to maintain its original effectiveness. The “Economy-Tuning” is a strong and growing market, especially for diesel engines. These particular tuning files are slightly different from “normal” tuning files. Their setup is focused on increasing the torque, for a drive with fewer engine revolutions at the same torque level, to achieve lower fuel consumption. The number of customers asking for this type of tuning is increasing. Local partners of TopTuning are always ahead of their competitors and among the first to offer it! TopTuning can provide all appropriate program files for almost any vehicle. Should the requested file not exist, the network’s research & development department will try their best to create it.


The usual implementation procedure requires just two emails, communicated with a two-hour difference. After receiving the ECU file that needs modification through the first email, TopTuning emails back the requested modified file in a format ready for upload into the engine’s chip. Following this simple optimizing process of the ECU, the vehicle would thereafter consume less fuel under the same manner of driving. Customized solutions. Let us know what your customer wants to achieve and we shall deliver a tailor-made solution.

Never before has it been possible to achieve such enormous engine enhancements with such a small operating expenditure as with TopTuning chip tuning.


Quality and durability: Do the optimum, nothing less, nothing more. Your engine’s reserve capabilities are used sensibly and not exhausted to their limit. The optimization that we implement depend on the original software programming. TopTuning customers receive updated tuning software, tailor-made for their specific vehicles. The implemented files are developed by professionals and tested on a dyno, so that service points and their customers enjoy total satisfaction with the offered quality, not only for a few weeks but for the total life of the car! Guarantee: Customers receive a 5-year guarantee on the implemented software!

Insurance Plan The increased capacity of the engines, brought forth by TopTuning’s engine modification, leads some customers to seek extended insurance and guaranties for their vehicle. For these cases, TopTuning offers a range of tuning guaranties, which cover all the essential engine modification components: - the Τuning 2 guaranty applies to vehicles up to 2 years old or vehicles that have covered less than 100,000 kilometres; - the Τuning 5 guaranty, applies to vehicles up to 5 years old that have covered less than 80,000 kilometres.


NSA insurance TopTuning is the sole representative of NSA for insurance plans of tuned vehicles in Greece. TopTuning can offer a comprehensive warranty insurance scheme through the Swiss company NSA. All the agreements are underwritten by the largest Swiss insurance group National Insurance. Insurance plans cover : - Engine - Turbo - Manual Gearbox - Automatic Gearbox - Drive train inc. drive shafts - Brakes - Suspension - Electrical system - 4 x 4*


Choose TOPTUNING for chip TUNING Over the years, the demands on the company’s network-development team have grown steadily – new engine technologies, exponential growth in electronic systems, EU exhaust emissions norms, different fuel mixtures and the government’s taxation policy are all influences that should be considered at every turn. The company follows closely developments of R&D teams of AUDI, BMW, Bosch, Mercedes and VW (to name just a few). TopTuning is as pioneering as the manufacturers themselves, but with an extra task: Its software needs to be so extremely reliable that it would even trace and remove errors in the original programming series so as to avoid manufacturing errors being unjustly attributed to the company. TopTuning, as part of the European Network of Tuning Specialists, rely on a team of more than 50 professionals, both specialists and generalists. The network’s experts are: -

engine developers,


process and quality managers




industrial engineers

TopTuning gets you the perfectly tuned software necessary for any engine optimization. When TopTuning tunes a vehicle, the adjustments that are introduced never exceed the normal engine range parameters or any additional components provided by the manufacturer. There are no effects on the manner of the vehicle’s daily use and its diagnostic routines. The ECU (Engine Control Unit) will not identify any errors and neither the tuning nοr any problems will be noticeable during usage, whether under high or under low temperatures.


Indulge yourself and make your engine a favour when you decide for a Power, or ECO Tuning: Insist on the quality of


FAQ On what does my engine’s performance depend? Your vehicle’s performance depends on the tuning of the EPROM chip in the Electronic Control Unit (ECU). What is chip tuning, vehicle tuning or ECO remapping / tuning? Ever smarter engine modifications have been taking place since the beginning of the automobile history. Even on Henry Ford’s model A, the driver was able to control the ignition with a ruler on the steering column. The common aim has always been to improve the performance of the engine, by adjusting the optimal ignition timing and achieving the best possible Fuel to Air ratio. Engine technology has improved dramatically over the last 20 years. Electronic injection systems, direct injection, and electronic ignition systems have increased the power outcome for “smaller” engines, in way that engineers wouldn’t even dream of a few years back. Today, all engine settings are controlled and regulated by the ECU (Engine Control Unit). The process of Chip tuning seeks the perfect ECU adjustment of a vehicle by changing or modifying a certain EPROM chip, so as to achieve the vehicle’s best performance in terms of power, cleaner emissions, or fuel economy. Vehicles with a remapped ECU may be more sensitive to fuel quality and service schedules. This was the case with early engine computers in the 1980s and 1990s. Today, the term “chip tuning” may be misleading, as people will often use it to describe ECU tuning that does not involve swapping the chip. Modern ECUs can


be tuned by simply updating their software through a standard interface, such as OBD II. This procedure is commonly referred to as engine or ECU tuning. ECUs are a relatively recent addition to the automobile, having first appeared in the late 1970s. The software in the ECU controls Fe, the ignition timing, the turboboost, the spark timing and fuel injection and is set to achieve the best possible engine performance. The ECU may also control electronic throttle control (drive-by-wire), valve timing, boost control (in turbocharged engines), ABS, the automatic transmission, speed governor (if equipped), and the electronic stability control system. What is ECO performance optimization? In times of fuel price increases the ECO performance optimization for vehicle engines is becoming more of a priority. In this process the focus lies on reducing fuel consumption instead of the optimal performance improvement. TopTuning’s ECO optimization results at fuel reduction of 10-20% under normal driving conditions (low torque areas), still allowing the engine to maintain its original effectiveness. Why do I need ECO tuning? To save money and to save energy! Basically, everyone who drives many kilometres could save up to 20% in fuel expenses and energy consumption. In every case, the amortization of ECO Tuning would depend (a) on the type of engine, (b) on the consumption of the engine and (c) on the amount of monthly use of the vehicle.


Average potential savings are between 2% and 6% for trucks, and 10% and 20% for cars, tractors, construction machines or boats.. Vehicles are now produced on a global scale. Fuels must perform in South America as well as in the heat of Africa and the Middle Asia or in the cold of Siberian, with corresponding levels of tolerance built into the engine! We use these tolerance levels and adapt the engine to the relevant regional conditions. The engine then works more effectively and efficiently. Because of the engine-specific diffusion in the manufacturers’ common standard programming, an engine has different reserve capabilities, which can be used for analysis and optimization. Why doesn’t the manufacturer do it? With the development and successful distribution of the ECO products, it’s not surprising that the above question was posed to us again and again. The manufacturer constantly makes compromises due to the mass production of engines that should naturally perform properly under all conditions. The manufacturer implements restrictions to the ECU software in order to satisfy numerous variables and the widest manufacturing tolerances. The resulting software for the car’s ECU is rather weak and conservative. Once we have explained in detail the development process of an engine/automobile by the manufacturers and demonstrated the problems of mass and serial production, even sceptics must admit that no vehicle, from the manufacturer’s perspective, could be ideally tuned. Too many double and triple reserves minimize the


efficiency of the engine. The result is higher consumption and average performance. Below, we outline the most important untapped reserves in manufacturers’ tuning. - Manufacturers’ Marketing: The sales and marketing departments of a manufacturer give the development department guidelines regarding an engine to be designed. Here, with foresight, reserve capacities are planned for the future, which can be used for a later facelift, a new model or a parallel model. - The World Market: Reserves are calculated for countries with inferior fuel (lower octane rating, contamination) and reserves for local environmental influences such as extreme heat, extreme cold, humidity, air pressure. This means that an engine that is planned with 140 HP is actually developed to 180 or 200 HP. - Manufacturing Tolerances: Nowadays, automobile manufacturers work with many specialized suppliers. These suppliers may produce their products within an agreed tolerance spectrum. There are both positive and negative tolerances. Routinely suppliers manufacture their products in ways that finds them in the safest possible tolerance region. For example, an engine with a requested compression ratio of 10:1 would actually be delivered with a lower compression ratio of 9.5:1. The supplier would thus be within tolerance levels but on the “safe side”. - Engine Control Software: The supplier of the engine control software (e.g. Bosch or Siemens) is the first to lay hands on the engine and therefore also programs on the “safe side”. In his calculations he assumes that in the worst case all negative manufacturing tolerances and outer influences could come together. But this never happens, which necessarily leads to a poor level of efficiency. Why choosing TopTuning? It is evident that an enormous effort lies behind any serious and optimum Power-tuning or ECO-tuning. Discounters cannot provide this guaranty. Often, such providers


just “mess around” with the vehicle’s software, quickly and without any real knowledge of engines, until the engine becomes more powerful for one reason or another. This is a very risky operation, having in mind the ECU’s roll of being the heart of the engine as well as the high costs that any defect could cause. Bad tuning files could cause severe damage on a car. TopTuning is a guaranteed service for the best results and the safety of the customer.

Every customer of our European network is a reference to our service quality. Our next reference is YOU

What is ECU-remapping? ECU remapping is reprogramming the “brain” of the vehicle for better performance. As professionals, TopTuning has to consider many different conditions and factors such as temperature, air pressure and fuel quality. The programming of the ECU software is often a compromise between performance and the legal conditions of street circulation in all countries. The software is always tuned to make the vehicle run better even under “unreal” conditions that may not apply in your district.

What is the use of tuning files, ECU-maps and modification of ECU data? Programming tools are vital for a successful entry into the chip tuning and ECU programming business, but they are absolutely worthless if you have no files to use them with. Any programming tool, no matter what it offers, provides only the possibility to read and write the ECU of a vehicle.


The tuning itself is being done by the files programmed to the ECU. These files separate the good tuners from the amateurs. We only provide you with the best files from the best tuners in the market. Do not use files from amateurs who are unfamiliar with the critical details that need be considered. TopTuning software tuning (chip tuning) achieves higher performance and higher torque with optimum fuel consumption. For turbo engines, increases in performance and torque are between 20% and 40%. An improvement of 10% to 20% is possible for non-charged engines (without turbo / compressor). Engines become more responsive and powerful, which is expressed in better acceleration, agility and top speed. The lifetime and normal capabilities of the engine are not affected by the tailor-made software tuning and they remain the same as they are in standard engines. Is there another way to tune an engine? An alternative to modifying the on-board chip is adding an external device, often known as a tuning box. The abilities of the external devices generally reflect onboard chip modifications, with the advantage that they can be easily removed to restore the vehicle to standard. Adding an external tuning box is generally possible only on modern engines with external management ports. • Performance gains are realized by adjusting the ignition timing advance. Higher timing may result in higher performance. However, to cope with advanced timing, one must run high-octane gasoline to avoid preignition detonation or pinging. Manufacturers design for a specific timing and this

may limit performance accordingly. • In addition, changing fuel maps to coincide with the stoichiometric ratio for gasoline combustion may also realize performance increase. Most manufacturers tune for optimum emissions and fuel economy purposes which can limit performance. • Cars with a turbo fitted can have the requested and allowable boost levels raised; these applications usually have the most effect if the turbo fitted is a low pressure turbo which leaves the most room for improvement. • Another reason to change the ECU map is if there are engine, intake, or exhaust modifications to the car. These “bolt-on” modifications alter the way that the engine flows, often causing the air to fuel ratio to change. Without re-mapping the fuel tables, some of the performance gains from the modifications, may not be realized. The most common way to ‘upgrade’ the ECU is using either plugin modules as mentioned above or using a specialist tuner who will use an OBD Flash tool. These devices generally plug into the diagnostic port although in some cases the reprogramming is done directly on the circuit board. Maps are supplied by tuners. What models / vehicles do you cover? Vehicle coverage is extensive: You may check for your particular vehicle by browsing our online tuning database where supported models are updated.



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