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MAC INKER MAC INKER", Automatic Ribbon Re-inker. Re-ink any fabric caitridge or spool for less than 5 cents. Over 70,000 in the field and we support

ALL printers. Universal

wire guide in the print head. There are two easy ways to address

Commodore Clinic dealer is that he's likely to c:itch prob

lems that may have developed during

shipping or that weren't caught in the

factory. Although this added testing costs

Cartridge or

the dealer and you extra, I highly rec

Universal Spool MAC INKER

chances of receiving a reliable system.

We have cartridges

re-inkable in 10 colors. Ask for your printer type or for complete listing.

Bottle ink $3.00/each.

shipping S3 oo.

ommend it, because it improves your Even when I buy from a discount

store, I always scl up the hardware and test it before taking it home. As far as I know, chain stores re

ceive computers that are as well tested PROTEUS", the 'Siamese' Buffer. It is a Data Switch with buffer on both ports. Switch manually or via software. Saves time, space and money. Or ask about our MAC MASTER line of Universal Buffers and Printer Controllers (serial or parallel

up to 1 MEG). PROTEUS 64 K-199.00 256 K-299.00 Shipping $4.00 Of course we have Data Switches,

as those sent to independent dealers. Commodore is well aware that the

chain stores are among its most im portant outlets, and several of them have refund policies that would cost

Q: Are the 1525, 1526, MPS-801 and MPS-803 all different printers or just two printers with different names?

head and cleaning it from the inside. This is usually effective, but he careful that you don't lose any of the dozens of tiny parts.

Q; What would make a 15-i 1 loch up and

produce a File Not Found error that can't be corrected by shutting dawn the system? Gene Bricker

Santa Fe, TX

A: Most likely, your 1541 is losing track of where its drive head is, which is something it does only by brute force—banging the head up to 40

Michael Spink

limes against the track 1 stop. This is

Bridgeport, WV

possibly a side effect of running copy protected programs, or programs

A: The 1525 and MPS-801 belong 10

and peripherals. Rapid turn-around on custom orders.

If you're the adventurous sort, you

can also try disassembling the print

them faulty equipment.

etc., at most competitive prices (all lines switched).

cables for all common computers

amount of WD-40 lubricant into the wire guide openings of the- print head (the part nearest the paper). If you're lucky, this will solve the problem, at least temporarily, [f that doesn't work, replace the print head.

Commodore a bundle if it shipped

serial/parallel, 2 way, 4 way, crossed

CABLES priced $10-25. We carry

the problem—one inexpensive and one costly. First, try spraying a small

that copy copy-protected programs.

one family of printers, different in

When you have this problem next

appearance and some features, but

time, try gently inserting into the

snaring the same set of commands for such things as high-resolution graph

drive the cardboard that you found in the drive when you first unpacked

ics. The 1526 and MPS-803 also are

the unit. The cardboard will often

Hayes* Compatible. 300/1200 baud,

similar in their commands and fea

push the head back into its normal

speaker, full status light display and 2 years warranty. Includes

tures, but both are quite different

position, allowing other commands

from the 1525 and MPS-801.

to work.

MERCURY MODEM. Really 100%


easiest and most reliable


1526 and MPS-803

have some excellent features, most

Comms Soft

Commodore-compatible software is

ware (available

designed for the 1525 and MPS-801. This is especially true of programs

for IBM PC or

Macintosh) S149.00 Shipping S4.00 "Hayas is a trademark of Hayes Microproducts.

MAC THE HIPPER. Out newest, original and welcome printer companion. Pulls olf paper pe I fora t ions and tears the sheets ■apart. Takes little space and will pay for itaolf almost immediately in saved time and tedium. Ask (or brochure. Introductory

Pricti $299.00. Shipping SI0.00.

Order Toil Free.

Call or write for free brochure.


In Oregon 1503-626-2291 (24 hour line} Wo are and always will be your

Computer Friends

14250 M.W. Science Park Drive Portland. Oregon 97229 Telex '1949559 Dealer Inquirim welcoma. Clrcls 27A on Reader Service card.



that use graphics. The MPS-801 and MI'S-803 are more recent and have

replaced the 1525 and 1526 for the most part.

Q: For some lime now my C-6-t has refused to broadcast sounds that are a part of the programs I use. I took it to a computer

repair store, and the staff there said the problem was a bloum audio fuse. I'd like to install tliefuse myself but I haven't found a place that sells them. Can you help? Kevin Brown HancetnUe, AL


A: First of all, find a new service cen

Q: For some reason my MPS-802 dot ma trix printer no longer prints the top row of dots for each character. I replaced the rib bon, but tliat didn't help. Wluit's wrong,

and how can I get it repaired?

ter. There's only one fuse in the C-64, the power fuse, and it has nothing to do with audio. Had the fuse blown, your entire system would have ceased to work.

However, before yon take your 64

Edward Pawluczyk

to someone else, check the volume

Chicago, IL

and fine-tune controls on your TV or

monitor. If all you hear is silence, try A: The problem is probably dust par ticles from the paper clogging the

a different TV or monitor with a speaker that you know is working. If


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TaxTimeRelief CHIEF rMBATA April 1987ACWOlPublication 7-U70 12069