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TEST DIVE ONE FOR YOURSELF. In their day, they ruled over three quarters of the earth's surface. During WWII, they viciously brought Britain to her

TA KEOUR PREVIEW DISK FOR A SPIN. Drop Iha conpmt in the mail nith yutir check or money order, and we'll gladly send you In the South Pacific to have it out with an enemy flat.

And the contents of a vital target book,

among other things. Your arsenal will in Total Quantity clude deck and anti Apple II& eomptil. I128K) U.50ta. aircraft guns. Torpedoes. Commcdott 64/128 $1.50 ea. And mines. knees. HIM I'C&mmpat. $1.50 to, But even all that may And AlariST S2.75ea. not be enough. Japan Macintosh $2.75 m. Because besides the to the Apple HGS $2.75ea. __ risk of bumping a depth ground. Tbtat Disks Ordered Total Enclosed charge or facing a killer These were the silent Name Phone ( I Destroyer, you'll still killers: Tench. Gato. A ddrrss Age U-Boat. have to contend with the City/Slate/Zip And now, they return. gunfire of enemy aircraft. Canadian orders please add 50Z fiit additional postage, I'tnatr attvx 4 to 6 Hfvks for dllitvrt. Offrr expires 8130187 and is Mild iwty in In this, the most realistic, No simulation has Itic cimtiiifrttitt US. and Canada, tiiitt tihtr? pxrhibitttl. en all-encompassing simula ever had the degree of tion ever created 60 missions. Or you'll en authenticity, gut-wrenching for the personal gage in the most difficult action or historical accuracy of computer. task of all: To make it this one. You will com through the entire war. The first release of our new mand one of six Each vessel is comMasters Collection. And, types of Amer pletely unique and a challenge of unbe ican subs or German Kriegspainstakingly authen lievable marine U-Boats, during any tic, so you'll have a lot depth. year from 1939 to 1945. to learn: Navigation. AppU H& onnpatiMi's.Attpk DCS Atari ST. C64/I2R, HIM A You'll perform one of over Weather. Radar. mmpctibles. Miiantmh. Mad to Sub Battle Premm HO. Box 8020. Redwood City. CA 94063.


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TaxTimeRelief CHIEF rMBATA April 1987ACWOlPublication 7-U70 12069