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DFCalc Here's the program you 've been waitingfor—the Datafile accessory that performs calculations and produces spreadsheet-like reports.

By MIKE KONSHAK only one record at a time within a row of the report. However, the entire contents of a column can be totaled or averaged. Various methods of jus tification are provided, as well as many mathematical tokens to ex pand the capabilities of your printed document. The following is a more compre

hensive description of DFCalc's capabilities:

1) A header consisting of up Co four title lines can be printed at the top of the first page of your report. 2) You can define up to

16 col

umns in your report. The number of columns possible will depend on the width of each column and the num

ber of characters your printer can fit across the page. 3) Columns can contain:

a) The record number. b) Thecontentsofafieldordata within a record.

c) The contents of another col umn within the current row. d) An equation, the results of which will be printed within the column. e) A running total of the data found in a previous column.

4) Equations will perform opera DFCatc is a companion program to Datafile. Type in [lie listing and save it to a disk diat con




tions using the following operands: a) Numerical content of a field

RUN < return >. DFCalc enables you to use your Da

within a record. b) Numerical content of a pre

tains Datafile and DFPrint (from the

tafile record-file data to produce

February and March 1987 issues, re

spreadsheet-like reports.

spectively). You can load DFCalc

program provides for considerable

from the main menu of Dalafile by

flexibility in designing your calcu

pressing I*, for Print option, and then

lated reports, many applications are

469.65, 2.6769E-3, 8.965E10, and

C in the resulting option menu; or load it in from Basic by typing

possible. Calculations are performed on

so forth. 5) Equations can perform opera-



vious column within the row. c) Numerical constants or val

ues, such as 100, 3.14159 . . .(pi),

RUN It Right 064; disk drive; printer 52 / RUN .U'Rii. I9H7



TaxTimeRelief CHIEF rMBATA April 1987ACWOlPublication 7-U70 12069


TaxTimeRelief CHIEF rMBATA April 1987ACWOlPublication 7-U70 12069