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Monitor Sale 14" RGB & COMPOSITE COLOR MONITOR Three monitors in one! Allows the use of C128. C64. and Laier 128 computer modes ■ composite and 80 column RGB mode. Must be used to got 80 Columns in color with 80 column computers. Specially designed for use with theC128

ond Lozer 128's special composite video output and RGB output, plus green screen only option switch.

SALE $23 T00


List $399

Super High Resolution

12" 35MHz GREEN OR AMBER MONITOR This now 80 column. 1000 lines at center, high resolution display monitor is

precision engineered to give you the best high resolution screen possible. The 20-35 MHz Bandwidth allows use with IBM® and Apple© computers. The camosite screen Is non-glare which mokes It easier to read by reducing eye

strain. Monitors coma in green or amber color screens. Fantastic for business! (Add $10.00 shipping and handling.)


Great for IBM®, Apple®, Laser®,

Atari® A Commodore® Computers


OO List $249

13" COLOR DISPLAY MONITOR This all-purpose 13" color display monitor accepts on NTSC composite signal and will work with a wide assortment of today's personal and professional

computers. It generates crisp, easy-to-read alphanumeric or graphic display

through the use of o slotted mask, black matrix quick start picture tube. This versatile monitor o'so has a built in audio amplifier ond speaker with volume control, a 1000 character display capacity, and an all plastic cabinet for portability and easy cleaning.



95* SALE List $329

Premium Quality

TV TUNER CHANGES MONITOR INTO TV Increase the value of your monitor by turning It into a television when your not computing! Elegant TV Tuner with duol UHF/VHF selector switches goes between your computer and monitor. Includes mute, automatic fine tuning and computer 'TV selector switches. Inputs included for 300 ohm, 75 ohm, and UHi

Can be used with cable TV and VCR's. Fantastic Value. Limited

Quantities. (Includes loop antenna for UHF & RCA connection cables) Add

$3.00 shipping ond handling. Plus $3.00 for APO/FPO orders.

Fantastic Value


1 CM/Aiari Composite Cable S9.95 • C128 RGB/ Composite 80 Column able S19.95


95 List $99.95

15 Day Free Trial • 90 Day Immediate Replacement Warranty • LOWEST PRICES ' BEST SERVICE IN U.S. A. ' ONE DA Y EXPRESS MAIL • FREE CATALOGS Add $14.50 for ihlpping, handling ond Iniuranc*. Illlnoli r*tld*nri pT*ot« add 6%% lax, v.lm .ilt-. con only ba shipped to CcnNnomal U.S. addrsitei only.

Encloi* Cothlar On., i- Money Order or Personal Chotk. Allow 14 Joy. lor delivery, 2 To 7 dgya for phone orders. I day exprss* mall, Prkai & Availability lubiuti to change wlihogt not I re. No Monitors APO FPO.

We i,ove Our Customers 22292 N. Pepper Rd., Barrington, Illinois 60010



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TaxTimeRelief CHIEF rMBATA April 1987ACWOlPublication 7-U70 12069