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ZetesOlympus Track & Trace Repository When data matters Today’s supply chain is characterised by a growing need for traceability: to share information just in time, fight counterfeiting and grey markets, manage recalls (food, medicines, toys, cosmetics, etc.), master return or warranty processing and restocking. Whatever the specific drivers for your market, data-transparency is crucial to execute these operations efficiently. Supply chain information flows must be integrated and correlated with the physical supply chain, with information available at all times. As a unified system, ZetesOlympus’ track & trace repository helps companies achieve their traceability goals.

A Unified Repository

ZetesOlympus, a key component of the Zetes Collaborative Supply Chain Suite, tracks the movement of objects along the supply chain: from manufacturing, packaging, logistics, and transportation right to the retail store. Acting as a unified repository of data records, it can interface with different sources of information including item ID’s, logical links and events, across the enterprise and beyond.

Get the answers you need. Quickly. Establish what happened when, where, why and by whom for any unique item, asset or a group of aggregated items.

Track & Trace at all levels •  Track and trace any object to any level: raw materials, batches of finished goods, serialised items, returnable assets, logistics units, parcels, pallets. • T  rack & trace business events at any stage: creation and identification, commissioning, stocking, picking, aggregating, shipping, delivery, receiving, maintaining, replacing.


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•  Capture accurate information on supply chain operations: from raw components to finished goods within consumers’ hands, across single and multiple operations. •  Clean data repository: Capability to aggregate from a heterogeneous IT environment in a collaborative way. • I ncreased visibility of physical goods flows: no discrepancies or delivery mistakes, compliance with legal requirements and HSE obligations, capacity to enforce timely, evidence based recalls across multiple stakeholders including customers, suppliers, business partners and internal business units. •  Streamlined and standardised identification of goods right along the supply chain.

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Track & Trace

Which environments can benefit from ZetesOlympus? •  Complex non-integrated IT environments: Information held within monolithic, compartmentalised silos contributes to losing track of product movements, creating traceability gaps •  Complex supply chain environment: Spanning multiple sites, business units and stakeholders e.g. business partners, suppliers, customers. Prevents poor visibility and accuracy of supply chain operations - raw materials, finished goods, logistics units or returnable assets Protect brand value, master complex supply chains

•  High margin, competitive environments: Due to threat of grey market activity or trade in counterfeit goods.

Features & functions •  Collaborative approach unites your IT systems with your customers’ and/or business partners’ IT systems. •  Flexible interface:

Fight counterfeiting and parallel markets with serialised Datamatrix labels

Peace of mind with cost effective approach ZetesOlympus is available as a SaaS ‘pay as you go’ solution: • Easy to deploy and scale • No extra IT infrastructure and administration costs •  Compatible with online and asynchronous operations to avoid compromising uptime availability of other IT solutions • Pay per use, with no capital investment • Independent of hardware and data capture infrastructure.

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• Interfaces in a standard and straightforward way with different IT solutions to collect IDs, logical links or business events at different stages of the supply chain and exchange track & trace data.

• Seamless integration with other Zetes Collaborative Supply Chain Solutions and 3rd party Business Solutions.

• Data-storage: stores data for further analysis through web based portal human interface or requests / subscriptions IT processes. •  Web based portal: easy to use interface and intuitive interrogation. •  Diffusion service: standardised services ease IT systems requests and subscriptions. •  Allows rules relating to data granularity levels and diffusion governance to be set. • Remote management capabilities.


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