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ZetesMedea Efficient logistics execution in your warehouse How efficient is your warehouse? ZetesMedea is a logistics execution system that efficiently manages all your warehouse processes. Its purpose is to organise processes quickly and flexibly, whilst eliminating errors and keeping costs low. It is the perfect extension for your WMS/ERP system. ZetesMedea supports the use of barcode, RFID, (voice)-picking and ImageID systems with fixed and mobile scanners and terminals. Whatever your requirements, Zetes’ modular solution grows with your business.

Common warehouse challenges. Sound familiar?

Benefits achieved with ZetesMedea

• Errors in the goods dispatch area

• Error-free deliveries

• Returns caused by delivery mistakes

• Best stock availability

• Last minute schedule changes

• Acceptance of “last minute” orders

• Time consuming, paper-based picking-processes

• Reliable delivery dates

• Wastage caused by disconnected processes

For your warehouse

• Inefficient resource planning • Manual replenishment

• Control center that allows real-time monitoring of automated processes

• Real time information in worker’s heads, not in your IT system

• Automated: goods receipt, order-picking, replenishment, goods issue, loading, fleet utilization

For your customers

 Accept no mistakes Capture all goods movements Get the best out of your workforce

• Integration with barcodes, RFID, voice and ImageID as well as mobile terminals • Flexible and efficient resource planning • Administration of storage space • Easy-to-learn-system for new employees For your management • Increased productivity, efficiency and quality • Monitor logistics processes in real-time • Active logistics execution via KPIs • Option to purchase ZetesMedea as a managed service | Always a good id

Product X Quantity Y

Go to location XY, pick 1

Put Away Replenishment


XY, 1 OK

Order Picking


Dynamic execution of warehouse processes

Integration with mobile devices

Operational processes

• Truck mount terminals

• Goods Receipt

• Voice terminals

• Put away

Application Interfaces

• Order-Picking

• ERP system

• Stock-transfer • Goods Issue • Cross Docking • Label Printing

Dock Door Control

• Scanners • Mobile terminals

• WMS • Others

Control center

Scalable and open technology for the future

• Prioritisation of orders

• Hardware-independent

• Change of order positions

• Host-independent

• Split or merge orders

• Web-access by secure authorisation levels

• Progress and productivity dashboard

• Connection to host: direct or via middleware


• Modular

• Permanent cycle counting

• Monitor KPI’s easily

zetes’ Collaborative supply chain solutions | Always a good id

• Scalable • Available as a managed service


Logística eficiente e zero erros no armazém interligado

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