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ZetesChronos Full visibility on your delivery process Striving for service excellence Achieving excellence in transportation and delivery services is not just about ensuring speed of delivery and receipt of shipments in optimal conditions. You also need to provide better information and offer more options and services to your customers. Now, with ZetesChronos, you can.

Real-time visibility on your delivery process

Fewer errors, better service

ZetesChronos is a Saas-based Proof of Delivery mobility solution. It helps you to efficiently manage and execute operational processes linked to deliveries and pick-up services. Using mobile computers, it allows the capture transfer of consulting of data in-real time, at all stages of the delivery process. This gives you full visibility and traceability on the delivery process and enables better, more diverse services to be offered to customers. In addition, it provides you with business intelligence to improve decision-making.

• Respond quickly to last-minute requests or changes


Broader and better services • Offer additional services: mobile payment, visual proof of condition, full document capture, ... Fewer errors • Improved execution due to real-time availability of up-todate information on customer orders/delivery status/task allocation Track & trace parcels/assets/products • No more parcels lost in transit, all goods movements are captured during the delivery process


• Real-time visibility of goods anywhere in the delivery process Real-time information • Real-time connectivity between drivers and the backoffice


Less administration

 Ensure deliveries are made within agreed timeframes Offer customers more flexible services Track deliveries in real time | Always a good id

• No more data input errors e.g. double entries • Faster invoicing and shorter accounting cycles More business intelligence • Reporting on KPI’s (deliveries, volume, hours/kilometers driven, ...) helps making better decisions


Typical problems solved by ZetesChronos

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• Your parcels or pallets get lost in transit: with ZetesChronos you have full visibility on goods as they move through the delivery process • You have multiple stops on your delivery route: using a mobile terminal brings offers more flexibility and better ergonomics than a fixed onboard unit • You need to comply with legal or customer track & trace requirements: track & trace parcels or pallets, e.g. in the pharmaceutical sector • You want to offer additional services with your deliveries: mobile payment, visual proof of condition, ... • Your paper-based delivery process is error-prone and slows down administration: drivers use paper delivery notes, which are prone to create errors (when dirty, unreadable, lost), are an administrative burden (requiring double data-input, jeopardising fast invoicing) and offer no real-time visibility on the delivery process • You lack business intelligence: ZetesChronos gives you full visibility on your processes and helps you to make better decisions

1 N°217 Mr Johan Schmitz

Peace of mind, scalable and easy to deploy approach Using the Zetes MobilityPlatform, ZetesChronos is delivered as a fully inclusive SaaS ‘pay as you go’ solution: • Cloud-based: easy to deploy and scale, no extra IT infrastructure costs • Pay per device, with no capital investment • Library of pre-built transactions • Transactions can be configured to meet specific requirements • Transactions can be deployed in real-time • Extends functionality offered by TMS/ERP system

zetes’ Collaborative supply chain solutions | Always a good id


Rastreabilidade completa desde a recolha até à entrega

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