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ACTIVITIES From bar codes to today's supply chain and government solutions, Zetes' success has always lain in its ability to innovate and evolve. Via its public and private customers, ordinary citizens and consumers are the ultimate beneficiaries of our progress. Zetes' activities began in 1984 with the introduction of barcodes, a technology that has enabled many companies to increase their productivity and efficiency. Since then, the company has maintained a constant lookout for the most effective technological solutions to the challenges facing its customers. It has frequently pioneered the implementation of these technologies, investing heavily in research and development over the years. In parallel with this, Zetes has made major efforts to understand its customers' needs and processes, so as to be able to advise on the most appropriate optimization technologies. Zetes' many investments over the decades have given it a unique positioning in both the supply chain and people authentication markets. Not only has it developed unique knowledge and know-how in each individual sector, it has also created convergences by constantly building bridges between the different aspects of its activities. Our customers' investment decisions generally originate from a concern to provide a better service to consumers and citizens. They are the ultimate beneficiaries of Zetes’ solutions.



In 2013, Zetes adapted its Goods ID offering to accelerate growth and meet the expectations of customers facing a fastchanging environment dominated by the need for traceability and visibility.

3 decades of investment in supply chain automation Based on its long experience of supply chains and to meet current business needs, Zetes introduced a suite of solutions in 2013 that target the problems specific to each stakeholder in the chain. These improve performance, make them more competitive in terms of productivity and also help them comply with recent legislation on traceability and counterfeiting. This suite of solutions for a collaborative supply chain has its roots in the history of the company and the technological investments made during 30 years in business. • 1984: Formation of Zetes Belgium, pioneering the use of barcodes in retail. • 1991: Introduction of Europe's first proof of delivery solution in Spain. • 2000: First investment in print & apply for identifying goods in production. • 2000: Investment in voice, to improve warehouse picking performance. • 2009: Investments in vision technology (or ImageID), to improve and speed up shipping processes.


"Zetes' collaborative supply chain has its roots in the history of the company and the technology investments it has made during its 30 years of existence."

Symbiosis between the collaborative supply chain and advancements in traceability, improving services to consumers. In a symbiotic way, each technology has spawned new applications. This accumulation of expert knowledge of customers' operating sectors, a thorough understanding of their processes and of automatic data capture technology, has enabled Zetes to develop the current offering of its Goods ID division. Today the division approaches its markets with standard software solutions based on the above technologies. In this way, each link in the supply chain finds an answer to its particular needs. The creation of a centralized database also makes it possible to interconnect all players in the chain. A need to exchange data on the movement of goods is particularly acute in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, luxury goods and food, which are confronted with counterfeiting, consumer health concerns and other issues.

100,000 warehouse operators


work with Zetes, voice recognition solutions

ZetesMedea – Morrisons – UK

A suite of standardized solutions In addition to its own technology R&D, Zetes has made numerous acquisitions to expand its geographical coverage, generally targeting companies whose employees possess detailed market knowledge. These new subsidiaries have adopted the Group's technology solutions, while usually retaining their own solutions in order to capitalize on the expertise of employees and their investments in research and development. In this way the Zetes collaborative supply chain encapsulates the experience of different experts in different territories. The current standardization meets a need for simplification, cost rationalization and globalization. Companies with subsidiaries in several countries are increasingly looking for a pragmatic and rational approach to supply chain management. Standardized solutions enable a consistent approach, implemented by local expert teams. Management of applications in the cloud In recent years, the concept of the cloud has appeared on the corporate scene and is becoming increasingly popular, given the ease of management applications that the system offers and reduced investment outlays required. This model is, however, difficult to replicate in a

supply chain environment. Unlike an office environment, there is no guarantee that all operators are working with mobile devices and have internet connectivity. A tool adapted to the needs of these players but offering the same benefits was required and this is exactly what the MCL Mobility Platform does. This is marketed with several Zetes' solutions, enabling customers to reduce their IT infrastructures and simplify applications management. The main benefits the MCL Mobility Platform offers are: • The ability to manage applications in several locations without local IT departments.

• Readiness for future technological developments (both in terminals and operating systems) as the platform allows customers to adapt to new situations without a need for major investment in software development. 

"The MCL Mobility Platform enables customers to reduce their IT infrastructures and simplify mobile applications management."

• Downloading of new applications from a centralized location. • Automatic updating of terminals and applications. • Scalability, with easy deployment in new locations and easy addition of new users during peak periods. Computing capacity responds elastically to customer needs, without the need to invest in additional infrastructure to handle production peaks. • No additional costs for IT infrastructure and administration.




ZetesAtlas is a packaging execution system (PES), which manages, secures and enhances the product identification process at the packaging stage.


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Counterfeiting and Consumer Safety

Total control of the packaging line

Traceability is definitely the key concern for many production companies. It is necessary in order to combat counterfeiting and to ensure that a quality product is delivered to the end consumer. Recent scandals, mainly in the food sector, as well as consumers' increasing concerns about the environmental impact of the products they buy, have bred a growing number of regulations and companies need to find a way to comply. Where problems persist, it is imperative to organize the quick and efficient return of goods in question. The opportunities for ZetesAtlas are many, since a significant number of companies are still looking for a solution to comply with this reality, which is barely a decade old.

The ZetesAtlas solution interfaces with a company's ERP system to manage the tools that mark the products leaving production lines. This approach, which greatly reduces manual intervention, can considerably reduce the number of errors. With a single operator, ZetesAtlas can configure all the printers, labelling robots and control cameras which permit the identification of individual products and their aggregation: which products are in which box, which boxes are on which palette, etc. Aggregation of data from one level of packaging to another is critical for efficient traceability. ZetesAtlas is also able to support serialization, i.e. the identification of products by unit rather than by batch.

Moreover, 90% of companies in the production sector are not yet aware of the benefits of an integrated packaging line identification solution.

Combined with ZetesOlympus, which links the company's partners (customers and suppliers), ZetesAtlas provides optimum visibility of product movements.

Potentially interested in this type of solution are the pharmaceutical, luxury goods and food sectors. Other sectors have also expressed interest.



A highly competitive industry Subject to strong economic pressures, a company’s main objective is to secure high levels of productivity while minimizing costs. Achieving this requires high levels of automation to speed up processes and minimize the number of errors. Accurate, rapid deliveries are a decisive factor in the choice of supplier. The spread of e-commerce also presents growth opportunities for ZetesMedea. The organization of a dedicated e-commerce warehouse is very different from that of a traditional goods distribution warehouse. Serving a larger number of customers with smaller quantities of products, it has its own specific needs. In July 2013, Zetes acquired the French company L4 Epsilon, specializing in the e-commerce sector. Currently, the L4 Epsilon proposition is being integrated into ZetesMedea.

ZetesMedea is a logistics execution system that improves the efficiency of warehouse processes. It helps reduce costs, permits error-free execution of operations and provides real-time visibility of warehouse events by integrating advanced technologies like voice and ImageID.

This solution is of primary interest to the retail and food sectors, both in traditional business and e-commerce.

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Visibility from reception through to shipping Zetes pioneered the introduction of voice recognition in warehouse processing. Since then it has successfully advanced the technology and extended it to other areas such as order picking. Within ZetesMedea, voice is the solution that still presents the greatest level of opportunity. Based on the MCL Voice system, the ZetesMedea Voice solution is a powerful system with operators no longer requiring training, or having to record their voice profiles, but able to start working immediately. Moreover, unlike other voice technologies, MCL Voice offers a choice of different hardware suppliers and allows voice to be combined with other data capture technologies. Zetes has also developed a dock door control module, based on ImageID technology, which enables trucks to be loaded faster, while reducing errors. The ability to manage all warehouse processes is an important competitive advantage for Zetes, allowing the user to track a product from the point at which it enters the warehouse to when it leaves.




ZetesChronos is an advanced mobile Proof of Delivery (POD) solution. Designed to control the full range of collection and delivery processes, it offers real-time visibility of the movement of goods and related employee activities, from loading of goods to delivery, ensuring traceability at every stage of the delivery process.


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Increasingly demanding customers

Next generation ePOD

Like the warehousing sector, the transportation sector is having to adapt to a changing marketplace and especially to e-commerce, which is resulting in larger numbers of smaller deliveries. This calls for an adaptation to working methods and, by extension, to the solutions that automate these processes. An increasing number of customers are also demanding same-day delivery. This requires a very high degree of flexibility which, together with rising fuel prices and fierce competition, makes process optimization a central concern for transportation and logistics companies.

The majority of parcel and courier delivery companies have already made the transition from paper processes to automatic data capture solutions, but the ePOD solutions they use tend to focus on digitizing collection and delivery processes and therefore on improving the performance of individual drivers. Zetes proposes a next-generation solution that improves both the performance of company employees as well as the image of the business itself. This is made possible by integrating tools that link the back office and business intelligence.

Proof of delivery solutions are of particular interest to postal services, parcel and courier delivery services, the retail sector and logistics service providers.

Many opportunities also remain in the retail sector, where the use of paper remains widespread for proof of delivery. The real differentiator for Zetes is, however, the MCL Mobility Platform, which can manage all the terminals and applications in the cloud.



ZetesAres is a complete Direct Store Delivery solution designed to increase sales through better customer management. Embracing orders, sales, delivery, asset management and maintenance, it transforms salespersons into highly efficient and reliable advisers, selling the right product at the right place and at the right time.

Selling more and better

Ergonomics and ease of use

Marketing is one of the main factors that leads companies to opt for direct instore sales solutions, with a professional presentation of products to enhance their brand image. In addition, they are keen to provide a better service to customers in order to be more competitive and increase sales.

ZetesAres operates on tablets, allowing easy access to information about products and a pleasant and ergonomic design. With all applications combined on a single device, a salesperson can close a sale faster and quickly calculate the amount of stock still available in the van.

In the cosmetics sector, a direct in-store sales solution helps combat grey markets by gaining better control of distribution channels. It is also of interest to niche food businesses, which face strong competition and a need to differentiate themselves.

Like ZetesChronos, ZetesAres uses the MCL Mobility Platform, but its appeal lies in its comprehensive functionality. In addition, being part of the "collaborative supply chain" portfolio means it can be connected to other links in the supply chain including ZetesAtlas, for effectively combating counterfeiting.





ZetesAthena is a complete solution for the creation, storage and deployment of in-store management applications in the cloud. From reception to stock-taking, from repricing to replenishment, from access to product information to click & collect, data management is centralized and simple, with no requirement for heavy investment.


Difficulties faced by multinationals in managing applications

Reduced investment and ease of management

Here too, new buying habits are strongly influencing companies' technology decisions. Increasingly, well-informed customers are using a growing number of channels to check the price and availability of products and then make purchases. This implies first, that store chains need to offer multiple distribution channels and, secondly, that they require full inventory visibility, both at the branch consulted and others (to redirect the customer if necessary), product information, etc. Addressing the loss of potential sales due to ‘out of stocks’ is a primary challenge.

Solutions to improve store processes are widespread and generally offer very similar functionality. Zetes has an important differentiator with the MCL Mobility Platform. This is advantageous for retailers with a large number of stores to manage, particularly in the clothing and luxury goods sectors, as well as airport shops and concessions. Using the platform minimizes their IT investments at each point of sale.

The multiplication of distribution channels calls for very accurate inventory management as well as shipping and returns. Many stores go out of business daily because they lack processes adapted to this new reality. Here too, fierce competition and the economic environment are pushing companies to find ways to reduce their investment.

ZetesAthena customers have an advantage in terms of time spent by their employees dealing directly with customers rather than on administrative and technical tasks. The solution also allows a more fluid exchange of information between different branches of the same chain, including stock availability data. In combination with ZetesMedea and ZetesChronos, ZetesAthena offers a perfect solution to manage processes affected by the multiplication of distribution channels.




ZetesOlympus is the central component of the Zetes Collaborative Supply Chain. It acts as a unified database and can interface with information sources, both internal and external to the company, to know at any time, what has taken place, when, where, and involving whom.

Protecting brand image

Total visibility

Opportunities for ZetesOlympus are strongly linked to those of ZetesAtlas, insofar as the main purpose of ZetesOlympus is to ensure better product traceability by sharing data between the various links of the supply chain. All partners have access to information, with the production company acting as the initiator and biggest beneficiary. Whether the issue is one of product quality or counterfeiting, it is the brand’s image that is in danger. Branded goods manufacturers are keen for this type of database, to be able to track goods from the time of manufacture until sale to the consumer.

In the supply chain field, Zetes is the only company to offer a range of solutions that simultaneously improve the processes of each individual link and pass up product information instantly to a central database. The visibility obtained on the movement of products throughout the supply chain is particularly useful for the pharmaceutical, luxury goods and food sectors, which face more pressing issues of counterfeiting or traceability regulations.

ZetesOlympus can also be used to track containers. Each year, companies lose large sums of money due to the loss of pallets, carts, plastic containers, etc. ZetesOlympus can locate these assets within the company itself, or with a customer or supplier, saving the customer money and also reducing its environmental impact.



Zetes’ Collaborative

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Product Identification Serialisation

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Data Aggregation

Box Labelling

Pallet Control

Pallet Labelling

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Proof of Delivery


Proof of Delivery


Put Away

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e Supply Chain Solutions Product X Quantity Y

Go to location XY, pick 1

Put Away Replenishment


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Order Picking


Dock Door Control

Shop express


Shop �pres�

Direct Store Delivery

Location X Quantity Y

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Price & Promotion Management


Sales Escorting

Click & Collect



A solid partner

Geographical proximity

Companies are looking for partners with the technical and human resources to support them in projects that are of crucial importance for their organizations. In a market that remains highly fragmented, Zetes has:

Zetes' Goods ID activity requires geographic proximity to customers: knowledge of local cultures and the ability to respond quickly. The Group is therefore seeking to expand its presence, through acquisitions or by organic growth and be present where companies are developing their activities. As the European leader in automatic identification, it intends to further strengthen its position in the coming years. The unique network developed in this way also enables it to respond to the needs of multinationals seeking solutions and equipment uniformity.

• The critical size required for deploying large-scale projects; • A solid financial base, enabling it to make significant investments, particularly in infrastructure; • A network of offices across 15 EMEA countries, for supporting our customers' international projects.

Direct Presence


Countries Served

"Zetes' geographical coverage enables the Group to be close to customers, to correctly define their needs and intervene rapidly on the ground."


Growth opportunities

Safety legislation and brand protection are leading companies to

invest in traceability

Europe Europe is Zetes' historical continent, on which the company has developed a large network of subsidiaries. This geographical coverage enables the Group to be close to customers, correctly define their needs and intervene rapidly on the ground. Despite the uncertain macroeconomic situation in Europe, there are still growth opportunities for Zetes as follows: • Geographically: There are still many opportunities for Zetes to be present and strengthen its leadership position. • In terms of business needs: Identification and traceability needs are changing, particularly in terms of security, legislation, brand protection and multiplication of sales channels. These changes reflect a growing desire to protect and satisfy consumers, who are increasingly discerning about the origin and quality of the products they buy. • Technologically: with its size and financial solidity, Zetes can dedicate international teams to develop solutions in line with market needs and thus stay a step ahead of the competition. Africa In South Africa, Zetes has five sites in four cities: two in Johannesburg, and one each in Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth. The African continent offers great development potential with an acute need for traceability and supply chain solutions. The most promising sectors there involve capitalising on the continent's many

ZetesAtlas – Brystol-Myers Squibb – France

natural resources, and manufacturing, which is booming. In addition, South Africa is an ideal access point to the entire subSaharan region. Two continents, one supplier Zetes' presence in both Europe and Africa offers a big advantage to companies that operate on both continents. The Group is able to offer the same level of service everywhere. As supply chains go global, multinational companies are starting to look for so-called "glocal" solutions: a global approach but with local services and support.

"As supply chains go global, multinational companies are starting to look for so-called 'glocal' solutions."

In the highly fragmented automatic identification market, Zetes is the only company able to provide this level of service. Our approach has won Zetes several major contracts and this trend is expected to continue in the years to come.


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