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Educational Foundation

Z Y Z Y Building A Foundation For Our Future 2016 Annual Report


Educational Foundation

WELCOME Dear Zetes: Welcome to our newest publication, The Zeta Psi Educational Foundation’s Annual Report. Following a thorough review of all of our communications efforts – The Circle of Zeta Psi, UpZete emails, the website www.zetapsi. org, Facebook and LinkedIn – we concluded that all were mostly focused on Zeta Psi Fraternity and the operations of our chapters at 53 different schools. That is certainly consistent with Brother William Comstock’s vision when the first Circle of Zeta Psi was published in 1905. However, another legacy of Brother Comstock’s vision is The Zeta Psi Educational Foundation. Chartered in 1944, our Educational Foundation is a 501(c)3 charity providing educational programs, leadership training and scholarships. This annual report will focus on the activities of The Foundation and its future direction. This annual report will recognize the hundreds of financial donors who support the Foundation each year. Additionally, we honor those with substantial bequests from their estates. The gifts range in size, but all contribute to our mission and add tremendous value to the college experience for our undergraduate Zetes. Thank you! We hope you will find this report informative. We welcome your comments and suggestions. All the best in Tau Kappa Phi, Les Mann President, Zeta Psi Educational Foundation Phi Alpha, Zeta Psi Fraternity

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01 Welcome Message 02 Scholarship Summary 03 LTI Programs 05 The Campaign for Zeta Psi 07 Ljunglin Education Center Dedication

09 Cumulative Giving Club 12 Heritage Society 13 Zete4Life 14 Financial Statements

SCHOLARSHIP Since its inception in 1944, The Zeta Psi Educational Foundation has awarded scholarships to deserving recipients that attend college in the United States. In the past year, the Foundation awarded $40,000 in general scholarships and an additional $25,000 in chapter specific funds. Last year, The Foundation awarded 64 scholarships to applicants that ranged from $250 to $1,000. With the ever-increasing cost of college tuition, these scholarships provide much-needed financial support to students who demonstrate financial need. Applications are due each winter and fall and can be found on the Zeta Psi website. The scholarship is awarded based on academic success, leadership, involvement on campus and in Zeta Psi and financial need. The Scholarship Committee, under the leadership of Clay Alberts, Texas ‘02, reviews all completed applications each year. Alumni that would care to volunteer time to participate in the review are welcome to reach out to the Executive Director.

Scholarship Committee Clay Albers Texas ‘02

Antony Abbate NYU ‘07

Todd English Texas ‘98

Franklin Mayse Case Western ‘07

Dylan Thomas UCLA ‘04

Geff Vitale Penn State ‘97

Marc Wisdom

Nebraska Wesleyan ‘00

The Scholarship Committee has recently seen a significant increase in applications and has only been able to award scholarships to approximately 50% of the applicants in the past year. The Committee awards some scholarships from special chapter-specific funds, but the majority are unrestricted gifts. The unrestricted gifts come directly from the Foundation’s operating budget. Therefore, we are reliant on our annual fund donors – both large and small – to help our brothers financially when they need it most.





Regional LTIs held Annually


Trained LTI faculty presenters


Live LTI attendees per year


eLearning LTI attendees per year


Cost of LTI registration, travel, and lodging to active members

Members are 20%


Leadership Training Institute

compared to national average

During the 2015-16 academic year, The Zeta Psi Educational Foundation provided extensive membership development training to its undergraduate members and reached more of this population than in any prior year. Between September 2015 and April 2016, The Regional Leadership Training Institute reached 677 members through 11 events that spanned three countries. This continues the positive four-year trend for the program...setting new records – both in total attendance and average number of attendees per event – while continuing to expand the content offered and its delivery methods. As the program continues to evolve, the end product is consistently improving in terms of planning, attendance and presentation.


4 5 OUT OF

The 2015-16 regional LTI schedule consisted of 11 LTIs across three countries. A total of 677 active brothers from 45 active chapters and colonies attended a regional LTI this year. LTI events this year had an average attendance of 62 brothers, the highest mark on record for the LTI program. The year’s end marked the third consecutive year of sustained growth for the program, which has now seen over an 85% increase total attendance from the arein 20% 2012-13 academic year. Less likely to be


graduates report that their current employment is in line with their preferred post-graduate path

Members are

MORE LIKELY seeking employment TO HOLD FULL-TIME compared to national average EMPLOYMENT. Budgets compared to national average

In terms of budget, the 2015-16 regional LTI program spent $32,401.30 – well under the $36,000 allotted. This figure is also down $1,759.96 from last year’s regional LTI cost. While the two LTIs serving eastern Canadian chapters still came in over budget, these numbers came in closer to budget than in years past and have been offset by savings elsewhere.

Post-Graduate Results

4 5 OUT OF


If Zeta Psi graduates

are 20% by were represented

graduatesare report that their 20% current employment is in MORE LIKELY lineTO with their preferred HOLD FULL-TIME post-graduate path EMPLOYMENT.

MORE LIKELY a population of 10 TO HOLD FULL-TIME be employed full time 6 would EMPLOYMENT. compared to national average 2 would be in graduate studies 1 would be employed part time 1 would be unemployed

compared to national average

Zetes are 3

Less likely to be seeking employment

4 5

compared to nationalOUT average


graduates report that their current employment is in line with their preferred

2014 Zeta Psi Graduate Profile Zetes

4 5 OUT OF

graduates report that their current employment is in line with their preferred post-graduate path

4 5 OUT OF

graduates report that their current employment is in line with their preferred post-graduate path



Zetes are

Risk Management & Law

Less likely to be seeking employment

compared to national average

In addition to the regional LTI program, The Risk Management 101 Program saw 828 members complete the course, including each of the current chapter presidents. Since the inception of the e-learning course, 98.5% of Zeta Psi’s new initiates have successfully completed the program. For the 2016-17 academic year, the LTI program continues its four-year growth pattern by increasing attendance figures wellPsi as working to ensure that each LTI is financially 2014 as Zeta viable. The largest and most problematic expenditure for the LTI program continues to be the Graduate Profile eastern Canadian chapters, which attend LTI sessions in larger numbers than their American If Zete graduates counterparts. Between 2013 and 2015, Canadian chapters accounted for 39% of regional LTI were represented by expenditures, despite being funded entirely by American donors. Additionally, on-site behavior a population of 10 has been a recurring issue for some of these chapters. These two issues have led staff to propose would be employed full time a change in the 2016-176 Canadian LTI, which would have attendees from these chapters find graduate studiesfor a higher-end LTI venue and experience. This and fund their own lodging 2 would inbe inexchange experimental LTI format would both part save be employed timemoney for the program in 2016-17 and allow the 1 would foundation to explore alternative ways to deliver regional LTIs as we move forward.

1 would be unemployed

The 2016-17 slate of regional LTIs is eager to bolster the momentum created in 2015-16. The full schedule for 2016-17 will be released at the 2016 Convention in Chicago, IL. We hope to see you there.


Finance & Project Management


Leadership & Org Development

Regional Leadership Training Institute (LTI) Sites


Networking & Career Development

33 courses offered over four subjects


The Campaign for Zeta Psi:

Building Strong and Honorable Leaders The Zeta Psi Educational Foundation has launched an ambitious capital campaign to raise $3,500,000. We believe that our future depends on our ability to help create responsible and ethical elder and active chapter leaders.

“ We know we can literally change lives and help Zetes have an advantage in college and in life after they graduate. This campaign helps us deliver on that goal!”

Through our Leadership Training Institute (LTI) Programs we help young men reach their full potential. One of the primary goals of this campaign is designed to permanently endow our Director of Membership Education position. The future of Zeta Psi’s state-of-the-art membership development programming and other educational programs will be secured through the continued success of the Campaign for Zeta Psi.

- D. Stuart Bowers Maryland ‘81

Zeta Psi IHQ in Pearl River, NY

In addition, several chapters have started funds for their own charitable purposes. Every chapter in the United States can participate with a designated fund that can be used to support educational grants and scholarships. A chapter grant can make a material difference in the life of an undergraduate student. An educational chapter grant can also make a substantial difference in the lives of every resident in the chapter. Campaign pledges may be paid over a five-year period and are directed to programming that is suggested and/or preferred by the donor.


Original NYU House

Theta Xi House, Toronto


Zeta Psi Capital Campaign Committee James J. Ljunglin, RPI ’57 HONORARY CHAIRMAN

D. Stuart Bowers, Maryland ’81 CHAIRMAN

Edison W. Dick, Yale ’59 COMMITTEE MEMBER

Jay L. Rothberg, American ’69 COMMITTEE MEMBER


Douglas P. Donaldson, UConn ’72 COMMITTEE MEMBER

John T. Doyle, Tufts ’76

$3.5 Million


Michael J. Freiman, Maryland ’78 COMMITTEE MEMBER

$3.1 Million

Curtis R. Worsey, Purdue ’80 COMMITTEE MEMBER

James Donald, Western Ontario ’82 COMMITTEE MEMBER

Alex H. Ladouceur, Calgary ’82 COMMITTEE MEMBER

Ronald J. Cass, Case Western ’84 COMMITTEE MEMBER

Barth H. Gillan, McGill ’85 COMMITTEE MEMBER

Andrew M. Nunez, Texas ’95 COMMITTEE MEMBER

MacLane C. Key, Claremont ’96 COMMITTEE MEMBER



Please help us reach our goal 6

The James J. Ljunglin Edu

Dr. James J. Ljunglin, RPI ’57 and Carol Rappolt

Student interests come and go. Fun, games and fads can sometimes educate young men and women about various aspects of life, but Greek life and all it offers root a student immediately, profoundly and permanently. How does the past – the heritage that we Zetes work to hold onto – inspire, reassure and propel us forward? It is imperative that we bolster and build upon our historical resources so that Zetes can learn about, understand and respect our past. The elders of Zeta Psi have an obligation to our past and it is necessary to carry it forward.

On June 12, 2016, Zeta Psi celebrated the opening and dedication of the James J. Ljunglin Education Center at our International Headquarters in Pearl River, NY. All Zetes may now visit our IHQ and have access to our historical records and artifacts, thanks to the generous gift of Past Phi Alpha Ljunglin to The Zeta Psi Educational Foundation.

-James J. Ljunglin


Greg McElroy, NYU ‘70 Capital Campaign Coordinator

Barth Gillian, McGill ‘85 Past Pr

ucation Center Dedication

resident, Educational Foundation

Thomas Roerden, Cornell ‘83 Fraternity Historian

Zeta Psi has a long and storied history, much of which has remained hidden for many years. While our founders and forebears can no longer speak to us directly, the artifacts they left behind can tell us their remarkable stories. Through the James J. Ljunglin Education Center, all brothers can look back, learn and gain a deeper understanding of the true meaning of our Zeta Psi brotherhood.

-Thomas Roerden

Lauck Walton, RPI ‘84 Executive Director


CUMULATIVE GIVING CLUB FOOTNOTES Zeta Psi Thanks Our Valued Donors for Supporting our Programs

Founder’s Circle $100,000 Order of the Escutcheon $50,000 1847 Society $25,000 Order of the Five Pointed Star $10,000 Phi Alpha’s Council $5,000 Golden Circle $2,500 Silver Circle $1,000 Comstock Associates $500 Red Motley Leadership Club $250 Century Club $100 Z4L indicates those brothers who are Zete4Life members. Bolded names indicate members of The Zeta Psi Heritage Society Donations received June 1, 2015 to May 31, 2016

ZY Alpha (Columbia) Golden Circle William Tietjen 1984 Silver Circle Michael D. Mayer 1991 Michael J. Pomeroy 2002 Andrew J. Werden 1988 Comstock Associates Ernesto Larios 2001 Z4L Alpha Beta (Minnesota) Founder’s Circle Alan H. Rice 1950 1847 Society Carl A. Kuhrmeyer 1949 Golden Circle Donald B. Bonstrom 1951 Jeffrey G. Scott 1968 Silver Circle John B. LaLonde 1960 Wayne A. Toenjes 1972 Peter J. Torvik Sr. 1960 Comstock Associates Roger G. Ruckert 1979 Red Motley Leadership Club Ronald M. Jacobson 1960 Century Club Dean P. Cummings 1992 Andrew M. Montalbano 1997 Alpha Epsilon (Illinois) Order of the Escutcheon Theodore W. Brickman Jr. 1955 Golden Circle James A. Ardissono 1975 David R. Denis 1945 Richard S. Morse 1964 Ivar Nelson 1952 Silver Circle Ronald S. Anderson 1974 Brant E. Davis 2008 HS Z4L Hunt M. Blatz 1986 Bruce F. Brantingham 1956 Charles H. Lindrooth 1956 Carl A. Palczewski 1975 Martin J. Weinberger 1988 Comstock Associates Timothee N. Bouhour 2013 Z4L Donald W. Edwards 1952 James Hastings 1997 Benjamin E. Heck 2008 Z4L John J. O’Brien 2005 Robert R. Patha 1966 John C. Surufka 2013 Z4L Red Motley Leadership Club Timothy Harker 2012 Z4L Timothy L. Schmidt 1989 Century Club Conor P. Desmond 2009 Z4L Alpha Mu (Dalhousie) Red Motley Leadership Club Evan G. Hallward 2014 Z4L Thomas K. McNair 2015 Z4L Alpha Nu (Claremont) Order of the Escutcheon MacLane C. Key 1996 Z4L Silver Circle Daniel S. Byun 1997 Red Motley Leadership Club Adam J. Wasserman 1994 Alpha Omega (Villanova) Silver Circle Joseph E. Croasdale 1985 Alpha Pi (Virginia Tech) Silver Circle Robert J. Clements 1984 Comstock Associates Robert P. Rando 1988 William J. Wright 2003 Z4L Century Club Brian A. Walsh 2000 Z4L


Alpha Psi (McGill) Golden Circle Christopher T. Campbell 2001 Z4L Barth H. Gillan 1985 Z4L Stephen L. Poole 1984 Z4L Silver Circle Simon M. Wignall 2000 Z4L Comstock Associates Brock Clancy 2005 Z4L

2015-2016 Supporters of Zeta Psi by Chapter Larry Crossan 1981 Z4L Jean-François Fournier-Héroux 2010 Z4L Alec W. Humes 2005 Z4L James Madon 1984 Z4L Anthony J. Zitzmann 1994 Z4L Red Motley Leadership Club David Fortin 2011 Z4L Charles D. Madon 2010 Z4L Christopher T. McGuire 2011 Z4L Jeffrey M. Mead 2012 Adam Weryha 2010 Z4L Century Club Robert Cooke1995 Z4L Joseph Feldman 2014 Z4L Sean A. Finnell 2015 Z4L Mackenzie P. Hare 2014 John N. Hopkins-Hill 2016 Z4L Philippe P. Leroux 1995 Z4L Lucas D. Sawatzky 2013 Z4L Mehmet Shah 2011 Michael M. Szpejda 2013 Z4L James Trimble 2008 Z4L Sebastian Dragnea 2015 Vincent Fournier-Héroux 2016 Z4L Corey J. M. McCormick 2009 Z4L Stefan D. Z. Prokopetz 2012 Z4L Matthew B. Tucci 2014 Z4L Alpha Theta (Waterloo) Comstock Associates William J. P. Evans 2008 Z4L Michael B. Ruth 2005 Z4L Red Motley Leadership Club Christopher R. G. Black 2005 Century Club Jeff R. Cremasco 2005 Z4L Beta (Virginia) 1847 Society Thomas R. Buchanan 1972 Phi Alpha’s Council George W. Holcomb III 1976 Golden Circle Stephen D. Busch 1977 C. William Jones 1972 S. Zachry Young 1972 Silver Circle William F. Dordelman 1962 Nicholas B. Jalowski 1977 Frank M. McLaughlin Jr. 1959 W. Hampton Morris 1973 Comstock Associates C. Russell Belcher 1947 Century Club Madison P. Wootton 1993 Beta Sigma (Georgia) Red Motley Leadership Club Austin F. Carson 2009 Z4L Beta Tau (Tulane) 1847 Society Stephen M. Halperin 1984 Z4L Phi Alpha’s Council Donald J. Peters Jr. 1981 Golden Circle Ozgur Karaosmanoglu 1984 Silver Circle Corey Dunbar 2002 Z4L Joseph G. Gibaldi 1981 David A. Nettle 1990 William L. Woldenberg 2007 Z4L Comstock Associates Drake Bathke 2008 Z4L Ross M. Capdeville Sr. 2000 Z4L James R. Eide 2014 Z4L Kurt M. Koenigsberger 1994 Jay H. Leblang 2004 Z4L Aaron W. Ronksley 2007 Z4L Red Motley Leadership Club Christopher J. Bond 2005 Z4L Century Club Andrew Brain 2013 Z4L Caleb Benjamin Hogan 2011 Jason R. Murphy 2002 Z4L Leon Y. Geoxavier 2003 Chi (Colby) Order of the Five Pointed Star Henry Goldman 1975 Silver Circle Lucien L. Champagne 1967 Robert D. Glaser 1980 Verne K. Heckel III 1978 Eric A. Meindl 1967

Century Club Stephen D. Ford 1968 Chi Gamma (Calgary) Golden Circle Lorne Sobczyk 2008 Z4L Comstock Associates Vinay T. Bharadwa 1983 Brian K. McCready 1999 Z4L Red Motley Leadership Club David M. Lazarenko 2005 Z4L Delta (Rutgers) Order of the Escutcheon Tim J. Trankina 1984 1847 Society James D. Terlizzi 1985 Order of the Five Pointed Star K. Deane Reade Jr. 1963 Golden Circle Gary E. Christ 1967 Franklin G. Magin Jr. 1957 Ferdinand W. Van Deursen 1954 Silver Circle John E. Bush Jr. 1970 William J. Cahill 1971 Daniel H. Davies 1981 Zoran Petrov 2001 Rory M. Rickwood 1973 Walter P. Szymanski Jr. 1963 Jon O. Yedvab 1987 Z4L Comstock Associates John T. Dziczek Jr. 1971 Christopher J. Heiser 1993 Gregory J. Ladas 1963 Robert G. W. Williams Jr. 1943 Red Motley Leadership Club David J. Cook 2003 Century Club John D. Weilbacker 1987 Z4L Delta Chi (American) Order of the Escutcheon Jay L. Rothberg 1969 Z4L Silver Circle E. Jordan Wells 2012 Z4L Comstock Associates William B. L. Brooks 1999 Z4L Matthew P. Carnovale 2012 Z4L Zachary F. Meunier 2010 Z4L Yaniv D. Nahon 2012 Z4L Red Motley Leadership Club C. Ronan Conway 2012 Z4L Dylan B. Hughes 2014 Z4L Brian S. Mittleberg 2012 Z4L Sean P. McAnulty 2013 Z4L Epsilon (Brown) Golden Circle Mark P. Cunningham 1984 Conrad B. Herrmann 1982 Silver Circle Andrew J. Chlebus 1971 James M. Goodwillie Jr. 1970 Christopher A. Strong 1971 Eta (Yale) Order of the Escutcheon Edison W. Dick 1959 Order of the Five Pointed Star David Weild III 1952 Phi Alpha’s Council T. Howard F. Stick 1960 Silver Circle Arthur F. Draper Jr. 1965 Gordon Gerson 1958 James M. Johnstone 1955 Richard B. Platt 1969 George E. Watson III 1953 Bryan T. Whalen 1997 Comstock Associates A. James Bates 1952 Erich L. Cluxton 1965 Daniel R. Cooney 1950 Ben Grover 2003 Z4L Robert E. Kipka 1955 Red Motley Leadership Club Paul Staelin 1993 Gamma (Syracuse) Order of the Five Pointed Star William E. Young 1960 Phi Alpha’s Council Lawrence M. Baum 1987 Robert A. Lugari 1985


James I. Miller 1949 Golden Circle Anthony H. Breslin Sr. 1949 Martin Brezner 1981 Vincent J. Cole 1978 Kevin M. Fillip 1982 Robert G. Heitsenrether 1985 Kevin M. Lastorino 1983 George S. Tracy 1985 Silver Circle Stanley P. Gorski Jr. 1986 Comstock Associates Robert W. Hickey 1983 Jonathan E. Perkins 1979 Red Motley Leadership Club Kenneth B. Knabe 1961 Gamma Epsilon (Georgetown) Comstock Associates Joseph A. Gowen 2015 Z4L Michael P. Kiritsy 2012 Z4L Century Club Conor R. Bennett 2012 Z4L Brett A. Humphrey 2017 Z4L Iota (UC Berkeley) 1847 Society Stephen S. Harper 1965 Order of the Five Pointed Star William S. Floyd Jr. 1956 Phi Alpha’s Council Frederick K. Duhring 1944 Peter C. Newell 1955 Raymond G. Pounds 1972 Golden Circle James B. Gallinatti 1952 Minton J. Newell 1960 Silver Circle Anthony C. Andrews 1963 Joseph G. Gorman Jr. 1961 William W. Haines Jr. 1959 Terence J. Healey 1987 Ronald K. Witter 1953 Comstock Associates Andrew P. Dellenbach 1991 Iota Alpha (Texas) Order of the Escutcheon Andrew M. Nunez 1995 Z4L 1847 Society M. David Hunter 1980 Z4L Order of the Five Pointed Star Joseph Barber 1980 Eric Frank 1993 Silver Circle Clay A. Albers 2002 Z4L Dustin W. Durst 2002 Z4L Robert J. Edgmon 1988 Z4L Richard J. Niels Jr. 1982 Thomas R. Stell 2012 Z4L Comstock Associates V. David Ho 2001 Z4L Alex Morolez 1997 Z4L Timothy Pino 2011 Z4L Matthew E. Stoops 1997 Z4L Red Motley Leadership Club Jason C. Babbitt 2001 S. Jay Maguire II 1992 Z4L T. Dean Morton 1988 Z4L Hamilton C. White 2011 Z4L Century Club John M. Wiggins-Goff 2015 Rocket Thrall 2015 Gavin S. Whitlock 2011 Z4L Iota Delta (UC Davis) Phi Alpha’s Council Richard Hunter 1984 Silver Circle Andrew B. Smith 1985 Iota Nu (Nevada - Reno) Corey Silva 2017 Kappa (Tufts) 1847 Society John T. Doyle 1976 Phi Alpha’s Council Michael J. Del Giudice 1982 Joshua F. Hart 1979 Golden Circle Gary S. Older 1975 Norman R. Wright 1957 Silver Circle William J. Loughlin Jr. 1978

Paul F. Murphy 1952 James T. Poulos 1959 Steven M. Sorrel 1985 Philip C. Swain Jr. 1981 Lee F. West 1975 Comstock Associates James E. Studdiford 1951 Kappa Phi (Cooper Union) Golden Circle Donald T. Rotunno 1991 Silver Circle John M. Barkaus 1988 Comstock Associates Theodore M. Dezvane 1992 Scott Lyne 1992 Z4L Lambda (Bowdoin) Comstock Associates Arya M. Amirshahi 1990 Kevin P. Foster 1992 Albert R. Marshall 1956 Edward F. Woods 1943 Red Motley Leadership Club Christopher M. Jackman 1990 Hubert S. Shaw Jr. 1965 Mu (Stanford) Founder’s Circle Leslie G. Hilger Jr. 1965 1847 Society Walker Smith Jr. 1950 Phi Alpha’s Council Eric P. Wente 1973 Golden Circle Edward L. Culin 1950 Richard H. Gould 1959 Kingston McKee 1953 J. Joseph Wall Jr. 1981 Silver Circle Warren D. Cutting 1950 Timothy A. Devine 1957 Richard L. Raimondi 1974 Comstock Associates Curt L. Brohard 1974 Mu Pi (Binghamton) Century Club Robert Ayars 2013 Z4L Mathew J. Braunscheidel 2012 Mu Theta (Alberta) Silver Circle Ryan M. Spotowski 2009 Z4L Comstock Associates Timothy T. DesRoches 2008 Red Motley Leadership Club Donald G. Moses 2011 Z4L James Upright 2009 Z4L Century Club Maxwell N. Anderson 2015 Z4L Nu (Case Western) 1847 Society Bruce W. Eckstein 1960 Z4L Ronald E. Miller 1969 Order of the Five Pointed Star Ronald Cass 1984 Z4L Paul Neri 1980 Phi Alpha’s Council Thomas P. Herbell 1956 Burton M. Judson Jr. 1961 Golden Circle Thomas O. Meder 1979 Philip G. Osborn 1960 Silver Circle Trevor J. Ilse 2007 Z4L Manuel S. Kanter 1994 Gary L. Kelley 1979 Glenn C. Kuebeler 1957 Warner W. Luoma 1964 Valentine C. Matula 1979 Jack K. Mowry 1954 Charles E. Radke 1955 Gregory N. Rogers 1980 Andrew G. Schroter 1972 Wesley K. Senseman 1959 Robert E. Snyder 1985 Charles E. Stephan 1961 Paul Stephan 1964 Z4L Lloyd E. Stettler 1962 Thomas F. Van Denberg II 1971 Comstock Associates John S. Crabb 2004 Guy M. Danner 1988 Z4L Michael R. Krejsa 1987 Benjamin J. Kupka 1973 David A. Loomis 2006 Z4L

Benjamin Meck 2009 Z4L Red Motley Leadership Club Franklin S. Mayse 2007 Z4L Jonathan Pastor 2000 Z4L Christopher Prengaman 2006 Z4L Russ Rybicki 1984 Z4L Jacob Sullivan 2014 Z4L Michael L. Szugye Jr. 2005 James W. Wickert 1950 Century Club Damon R. Bosetti 2006 Z4L Jonathon Fagert 2009 Charles L. Huddleston II 2009 Z4L Eric P. Nied 2011 Nu Delta (Marist) Comstock Associates John R. Maiale 2005 Z4L Joseph E. Neuhoff 2004 Edward Summers 2004 Red Motley Leadership Club Daniel L. Caracciolo 2002 Z4L Century Club Jonathan J. Avila 2015 Z4L Mark A. Boyle 2012 John P. Gray 2003 Z4L C. Graham Harrison 2016 Z4L Isaiah E. J. Miller 2014 Z4L Christos Pietris 2015 Z4L Nicholas A. Wurtz 2017 Z4L Nu Sigma (Seton Hall) Silver Circle Tyler P. Boisvert 2010 Z4L Jonathan R. Ernesto 2004 Peter D. L. Kern 2005 Z4L Edmund A. Luciano III 2005 Z4L Century Club Mark V. Parisi 2013 Thomas J. Chambers Jr. 2016 Z4L Matthew T. Chereck 2012 Daniel M. Clark 2016 Z4L Jeffrey R. Leach 2016 Z4L Blake A. Willis 2015 Z4L Omega (Northwestern) 1847 Society James J. Carey USN (Ret.) 1960 Z4L Order of the Five Pointed Star Robert J. Rehak 1971 Lee H. Stiles Jr. 1948 Golden Circle John L. Broan 1957 John W. Champlin 1967 James B. Cloonan 1952 Steven R. Michaels 1991 William R. Sandberg 1970 Phillip M. Zee 1984 Silver Circle Richard P. Gerardi 1965 Richard E. Kann 1960 Joel J. Metter 1970 Comstock Associates David P. Beach 1961 Red Motley Leadership Club Wayne W. Butterfield 1951 Omicron (Nebraska Wesleyan) Order of the Escutcheon Robert T. Busteed 1960 Order of the Five Pointed Star Charles E. Magnuson PhD 1962 Silver Circle Paul T. Davidson 1958 Larry T. Ewer 1962 Harry S. Garrett 1959 Charles L. Greenslit 1943 Jeffrey Hibbeler 1996 Douglas Kosmicki 1996 Kraig A. Prange 1993 Z4L Brian D. Ridder 1990 Comstock Associates J. Norval Eberspacher 1957 Red Motley Leadership Club Earl H. Veskerna 1949 Omicron Epsilon (Princeton) 1847 Society Douglas S. Boothe 1986 Golden Circle David R. Holland 1985 Phi (NYU) Order of the Escutcheon Gregory E. McElroy 1970 Z4L Order of the Five Pointed Star Stuart T. Moy 1981

Robert A. Pirraglia 1969 D. Gary Soya MD 1983 Franklin H. White 1950 Phi Alpha’s Council William J. Reiner 1969 Golden Circle Herbert J. Blabe Jr. 1949 Phillip J. Gass 2000 Nitin P. Karnani 1994 Charles J. Krug 1953 John S. Perides 1969 Walter Scott Jr. 1953 Barry Wadler 1983 Silver Circle John E. Haldenwang 1951 Richard W. Hines 1956 Leroy R. Kelley 1948 Janis V. Kopans 2011 Z4L Michael V. Maloney 1989 Alexander Sharif 2009 Z4L Comstock Associates Robert H. Boyle III 2008 Z4L Edgar R. Camacho 2011 Z4L Aaron J. Garcia 2008 Z4L William L. Klueber Jr. 1957 Patrick J. Cirella 2009 Z4L Red Motley Leadership Club Anthony M. Abbate 2007 Z4L Edgar A. Castillo 2009 Z4L Michael B. Genett 2015 Z4L Century Club Travis B. Owen 2014 Z4L Christopher C. Bush 2011 Z4L Phi Epsilon (Maryland) Founder’s Circle D. Stuart Bowers 1981 Z4L Michael J. Freiman 1978 Z4L 1847 Society Adam J. Fechter 1991 Order of the Five Pointed Star George J. D’Angelo 1978 Andrew M. Frisvold 2006 Phi Alpha’s Council John S. Failla 1978 Golden Circle John A. Brady III 1985 Andrew S. Bridge 1978 Z4L David B. Fletcher 1986 Christopher R. Hutter 1989 David W. Lyons 1980 Andrew C. O’Brien 2002 Z4L Chad A. Tompkins 1988 Z4L Silver Circle Philip S. Aronson 1975 Z4L Kenneth R. Gerhart 1978 Christopher L. Gibbs 1985 Adrian M. Remsberg Jr. 1989 Comstock Associates Steven Freiman 2011 Z4L Andrew C. Koines Jr. 2011 Z4L David R. Morris 1982 Thomas Parker 2009 Z4L Michael S. Schwartz 2011 Z4L Gavriel Swerling 2011 Z4L Red Motley Leadership Club Dan Degginger 2008 Z4L Alan Dubin 1978 Z4L Dane R. Rude 2011 Michael C. Sotak 2009 Z4L Scott J. Weinberg 2009 Z4L Century Club Joseph S. Alessi 2011 Ryan T. Belcher 2015 Adam Jason Freiman 2014 Z4L Lucas M. Jennings 2015 Louis C. Wolff 2014 Z4L John K. Picard 2015 Z4L Daniel C. Tobias 2015 Phi Lambda (Washington) Order of the Escutcheon Les Mann III 1973 Z4L 1847 Society Patrick M. Carney 1976 Order of the Five Pointed Star Alva C. Roberts III 1970 Phi Alpha’s Council Richard B. Elliott 1958 Golden Circle Mark J. Anderson 1974 Bruce D. Boyd 1969 Thomas H. Carskadden 1957 Donald B. Leonardy 1960 Joseph D. Mullins Jr. 1960 Michael Schonenberg 1981 Glen F. Ulmer 1972 Silver Circle Ronald E. Bray 1957 Mark L. Bunch 1998 Jason Conley 1998 Z4L Sims McGrath III 2010 Z4L

Dudley B. Panchot 1951 Harrison J. Smith 1971 Z4L Comstock Associates James G. Ochsner 1977 Red Motley Leadership Club Rene E. Elamparo 2012 Z4L Jerry Wang 2011 Z4L Mario L. Reichlin 2015 Pi (RPI) Founder’s Circle James J. Ljunglin 1957 Order of the Escutcheon Allen H. Hobbs 1991 1847 Society Edward Etess 1959 Robert B. Leonard 1961 Order of the Five Pointed Star Arthur J. Gajarsa 1962 M. Lauck Walton 1984 Z4L Golden Circle William A. J. Bourassa 1971 E. Frederick Kasold Jr. 1970 Z4L Paul J. Pfleiderer 1998 Robert L. R. Sendall 1959 Frederick A. Tibbitts III 1991 Jay J. Webb 1961 Silver Circle Joseph J. Briggs 1997 Seth Goodman 1985 Wesley C. Hains 1962 Peter B. Hills 1991 Ronald J. Liberty 1964 David A. Puleo 1987 John J. Stolzenthaler 1965 Eric L. Warner 1989 Z4L Col. Patrick G. Welch 1986 Comstock Associates Frank J. Barone 1955 James P. Cleary Jr. 1964 Daniel C. Markel 1986 Peter P. Peta 1967 James J. Peta Jr. 1964 Adam M. Rosenberg 1994 John C. Spohn 1981 Z4L Red Motley Leadership Club Michael M. Bruce 2008 Russell N. Herman 2006 Z4L Pi Epsilon (Manitoba) Red Motley Leadership Club Douglas B. DuVal 1975 Z4L Pi Kappa (Bloomsburg State) Phi Alpha’s Council Michael A. Pillagalli 1971 Silver Circle Robert L. Emert II 1983 Z4L Robert G. Schermerhorn Jr. 1981 Barry L. Swartz 1972 Timothy G. Wagner 1974 James M. Warnagiris 1970 Comstock Associates David D. Bilger 1976 Jonathan T. Marks 1988 Joseph M. Micko Jr. 1974 Red Motley Leadership Club David J. Durante 1983 Century Club Matthew T. Brennan 2014 Jordan M. Kennedy 2016 Z4L Pi Sigma (Penn State) Order of the Escutcheon Gary L. Mootz 1963 Z4L 1847 Society Richard M. Breeswine 1987 Phi Alpha’s Council Michael D. Rash 1991 Golden Circle William D. Andres 1969 Frank H. Miller 1958 Silver Circle Michael Christiansen 1978 Edward C. Datemasch 1959 W. Craig Esterly 1974 Paul J. Feigel 1974 James F. P. Hampson 2012 Z4L Brian S. Lomasky 1994 Edmund T. Roberts 1963 John L. Shrum 1961 Z4L Geffrey P. Vitale 1997 Z4L Comstock Associates Paul L. Campbell 1971 Christopher M. Donohue 2012 Z4L Daniel V. Florencio 2011 Z4L Nicholas S. Grassetti 2012 Z4L John N. Mellon 1976 David C. Miles 1967 Century Club Justin J. Laskowski 2013 Christopher D. Rendeiro 2015 Z4L

Pi Tau (WPI) Phi Alpha’s Council Evan S. Pressman 1984 Z4L Golden Circle Michael Q. Bush 1987 James B. Hiller 1985 Z4L Christopher J. Jamieson 1997 Z4L Eric R. Landry 2010 James A. Pavlat 1997 Justin J. Ripley 1999 Z4L Lucas Young 1993 Silver Circle Michael Castonguay 1978 Christopher R. Grace 1995 Z4L Craig J. Howitt 1998 Z4L Nicholas A. Moriarty 2003 Z4L Thomas M. Nogueira 2005 Z4L Kevin P. Norcott 2001 Z4L William H. Shaw III 2001 Z4L Comstock Associates Ryan P. Abraham 1998 Frank L. Arsenault 2004 Z4L Joshua M. Brandt 2005 Z4L Sean M. Colella 2007 Z4L Matthew T. Houde 2005 Z4L Jason Kipp 1998 Z4L Geoffrey R. McElroy 2001 Z4L Anthony M. Richardson 2009 Z4L Geoffrey S. Zub 1996 Red Motley Leadership Club William Evangelakos 2016 Christopher F. Gallagher 2003 Z4L Eric D. Kenney 2003 Z4L Kyle E. Vander Poel 2005 Z4L Century Club John L. Bosch 2007 Evan J. Doyle 2013 Z4L Psi (Cornell) Order of the Escutcheon Thomas P. M. Roerden 1983 Z4L Order of the Five Pointed Star Robert J. Chaves 1963 William M. Lee Jr. 1970 Phi Alpha’s Council Maurice Ducoing 2003 Golden Circle Edward L. Beebe 1970 Harry J. Copperthwaite 1969 R. Thomas Jewett 1961 James J. Lennon 1954 William D. Michalerya 1976 Scott P. Pedersen 1990 Z4L Silver Circle Peter H. Akins 1969 William F. Brothers Jr. 1967 Herbert F. Ley Jr. 1954 Gerard P. Lilly 1962 Dennis R. Novak 1970 James M. Prendergast 1993 William J. Riley Jr. 1962 Comstock Associates Howard F. Fries 1974 Z4L W. Peter Gamber 2012 Z4L Simon Krieger 1976 Matthew G. Lowenbraun 2002 James W. Mueller 1961 Alexander J. Pruce 2013 Z4L Alan R. van den Arend 2010 Red Motley Leadership Club Alexander Y. Gorenstein 2011 Z4L Tristan N. Hemphill 2012 Z4L John A. Sawchuk 1971 Century Club Justin A. Charles 2014 Z4L Neil A. Fonseca 2008 Z4L Daniel M. Kezerashvili 2015 Z4L Jeremy M. Reiss 2003 Z4L Royce B. Cabrera 2014 Joseph A. Mileo 2017 Z4L Psi Epsilon (Dartmouth) Golden Circle James J. Maguire 1983 David S. Springer 1979 Bruce Voelker 1987 Silver Circle Benjamin Dean 1994 John C. McCrillis 1952 Michael C. Salzhauer 1984 Red Motley Leadership Club Carl Eurenius 1985


CUMULATIVE GIVING CLUB FOOTNOTES Zeta Psi Thanks Our Valued Donors for Supporting our Programs

Founder’s Circle $100,000 Order of the Escutcheon $50,000 1847 Society $25,000 Order of the Five Pointed Star $10,000 Phi Alpha’s Council $5,000 Golden Circle $2,500 Silver Circle $1,000 Comstock Associates $500 Red Motley Leadership Club $250 Century Club $100 Z4L indicates those brothers who are Zete4Life members. Bolded names indicate members of The Zeta Psi Heritage Society Donations received June 1, 2015 to May 31, 2016

Anthony R. Napolitano 2005 Z4L Robert G. Cronyn 1990 Comstock Associates Hector Gutierrez-Medina 1978 Red Motley Leadership Club Dylan H. Thomas 2004

Psi Kappa (USC) Red Motley Leadership Club Michael Y. Kawada 1999 Rho (Middlebury) Golden Circle Daniel J. Bailey III 1981 Silver Circle Neil B. Savage 1963 Jonathan D. Seamans 1983 Rho Alpha (MIT) Order of the Escutcheon Robert J. O’Donnell 1985 Z4L Order of the Five Pointed Star James S. Madsen 1981 Z4L Daniel D. Wambold 1992 Phi Alpha’s Council Eric W. Burger 1984 Golden Circle C. Michael De Vegvar 1985 Silver Circle Roy Cantu 1993 James J. Markiewicz 1985 John S. Pitcher 1987 Allen P. Russell 1982 Ronald M. Westhauser 1982 Comstock Associates Charles B. Barr 2013 Z4L Christopher D. Gerber 2013 Z4L Christopher B. Rullan 2013 Z4L Red Motley Leadership Club Akil J. Middleton 2008 Z4L Century Club William M. Kelleher 2015 Z4L David J. Newell 2006 Nikhil N. Punwaney 2017 Z4L Sigma (Penn) Silver Circle Benjamin C. Allen 1952 Thomas S. Brown 1949 George W. Gephart Jr. 1979 Richard E. Pearson 1950 Comstock Associates Gilbert P. Ahrens 1962 McBee Butcher Jr. 1989 David L. Sims 1976 Sigma Phi (Illinois - Chicago) Phi Alpha’s Council Ronald I. Petri 1975 Golden Circle Walter E. Walejeski Jr. 1975 Silver Circle Peter R. Caboor 1982 Steven D. Murphy 1970 Comstock Associates Barry L. Gilbert 1969 Kenneth R. Piwowar 1971 Century Club Raymond F. Villas 2008 Sigma Zeta (UC Los Angeles) 1847 Society Robert Lea 1964 Don A. Nelson 1948 Order of the Five Pointed Star John G. Ellis 1981 Andrew L. Jones 2003 Phi Alpha’s Council William L. Schubert 1965 Lawrence E. Tannas Jr. 1959 Golden Circle Russell D. Corning 1949 Michael C. Denison 1969 Silver Circle Brandon Jang 2008 Edward J. Miller 1952

Tau (Lafayette) Founder’s Circle S. Dillard Kirby 1981 William C. Buck 1950 Order of the Five Pointed Star Fritz C. Gebhard 1971 Phi Alpha’s Council Graham M. Day 1999 Jefferson Kirby 1984 Golden Circle Kevin J. Canavan 1976 Roger Dinella 1984 Joseph P. Drucker 1977 Philip C. Schneider Jr. 1954 Robert S. Woodcock 1950 (dec’d) Silver Circle Robert S. Bailey Jr. 1976 Robert C. Beavins 1958 Arthur R. Bell III 1987 N. Larry Berglund 1973 Trevor English 2001 Gerald C. Escala 1957 E. Hart Green III 1954 William R. Magee Jr. 1985 Z4L Randall S. McHugh 1985 Stephen D. Pryor 1971 Brian C. Wachelka 1993 Comstock Associates Richard P. Broders 1975 Philip M. Duvall 1981 Richard A. Rathemacher 1954 Robert K. Thurber 1985 Tau Delta (Lehigh) Founder’s Circle David W. Busacca 1973 Z4L Golden Circle Mark E. Goehring 1976 Donald H. Vansyckel 1973 Silver Circle Arthur L. Cader 1962 Donald W. Mayer-Brown 1977 Thomas M. Smith 1978 Red Motley Leadership Club Caesar J. Gorski Jr. 1979 George J. Kuczynski 1974 Stephen Politziner 1997 Tau Gamma (Purdue) Founder’s Circle Daniel A. King 1995 Order of the Escutcheon R. Curtis Worsey ‘80 1847 Society John C. Long 1983 Golden Circle Nathan J. Renie 1999 John C. Simson 1976 Mark L. Sweeney 1976 Comstock Associates Gawin Pukchareon 2013 Z4L Century Club Daniel R. Luby 2014 Z4L Tau Theta (Ontario Tech) Comstock Associates David S. E. Boulay 2011 Red Motley Leadership Club Anthony G Aprile 2011 Z4L Century Club Bradley W. Bolger 2014 Z4L Dan Homoncik 2009 Z4L

Theta (Connecticut) Founder’s Circle Douglas P. Donaldson 1972 Z4L Order of the Escutcheon Peter S. Slomianyj 1976 1847 Society Steven H. Rogers 1973 Z4L John Stelmach 1975 Order of the Five Pointed Star Robert A. Kravecs Jr. 1977 Z4L Phi Alpha’s Council William S. Ruggles 1974 Z4L Golden Circle James C. Conklin 1970 Silver Circle John R. Downey 1972 Gerald P. Guilbeault 1982 Keith R. Nichols 1967 George M. Thomson 1963 Comstock Associates Harvey Beinstein 1964 Scott R. Chadwick 1984 William D. Dripchak Jr. 1970 Michael R. Joyce 1973 Z4L Jeffrey E. Sager 1972 Elbert E. Smith 1965 Red Motley Leadership Club Russell M. Bowen 1964 Michael A. Frechette 1992 Z4L Thomas H. Stevens 1969 Century Club Brian A. Foderaro 2004 Theta Eta (Brock) Red Motley Leadership Club Christopher R. Arnold 2011 Z4L Century Club Steven D. Adkins 2014 Z4L Keith W. Agnew 2015 Andrew Maxwell 2014 Z4L Dylan M. Worrall 2016 Z4L Theta Phi (Western) Order of the Five Pointed Star James M. Donald 1982 Z4L Golden Circle Brian Knight 1958 Tom F. Trimble 1983 Z4L Century Club Michael H. Ostrander 2014 Z4L Daniel N. Weryha 2013 Z4L Alexander Wijnbergen 2014 Z4L Jonathan B. L. Wood 2011 Z4L Eric Wright 2013 Z4L Theta Psi (Queens) Comstock Associates Alexander Martino 2011 Z4L Red Motley Leadership Club Peter Walma 2014 Century Club Michael D. Bailey 2014 Z4L Ilan M. Bloom 2014 Z4L Grant T. L. Richardson 2014 Jeffrey J. Soehn 2011 Z4L Theta Xi (Toronto) Order of the Five Pointed Star J. Anthony Hodgson 1983 Z4L Phi Alpha’s Council Simeon G. Brigden 1982 Z4L Robert P. Mather 1969 J. Corey Nicholson 1979 Z4L Peter C. Wijnbergen 1986 Z4L Golden Circle W. Andrew McNair 1980 Z4L Silver Circle Roderick J. Macdonald 1983 Z4L Kevin J. Moher 1988 Z4L

H. David Stiff 1983 Z4L David J. Walker Jr. 1988 Z4L Cameron D. Wasdell 1983 Z4L Comstock Associates Jeffrey R. A. Ball 1979 Z4L Thomas M. L. Cowan 1978 Z4L Michael Zold 1988 Red Motley Leadership Club Gregory J. A. Cusimano 1979 Z4L Douglas W. Maybank 1978 Z4L David Schimmelpenninck van der Oye 1979 Z4L Eric Y. Song 2002 Z4L Nasser A. Toukan 2010 Z4L Century Club Charles-Jaret Bourassa 2014 Peter W. Birt 1986 Upsilon (North Carolina) 1847 Society Earl Johnson Jr. 1954 Phi Alpha’s Council Alfred L. Purrington III 1955 Golden Circle W. Clark Hargrove III 1969 Silver Circle James B. Barber 1967 James B. Black III 1968 Turner B. Bunn III 1963 James S. Long 1962 Comstock Associates Hugh M. Hussey III 1972 Richard B. Macon 1986 John L. Wiggins III 1980 Joel T. Williams 1990 Red Motley Leadership Club John M. Thorp 1953 Upsilon Mu (Massachusetts) Order of the Five Pointed Star Dan Backer 1999 Z4L Phi Alpha’s Council John S. Hendry 1977 Golden Circle Robert H. Bosselman 1987 Silver Circle Thomas R. Cahill 1978 Thomas I. Chew Jr 1989 Xi (Michigan) Order of the Five Pointed Star Irwin F. Deister Jr. 1951 Phi Alpha’s Council Denton R. Hanford 1959 John E. Schippel 1956 Golden Circle Donald N. Canham 1970 William C. Handorf 1966 Silver Circle Terry A. Blaney 1962 Donald R. Cebulski 1963 David N. Frayne 1955 Michael J. Gillman 1961 John H. Lightfoot 1959 David K. Lohrmann 1970 Thomas L. Renninger 1971 Jack C. Westman 1949 Comstock Associates Edward L. Barrera 1956 William P. Cooke 1948 Richard C. Hamilton 1952 Zeta (Williams) Order of the Five Pointed Star William M. Moore MD 1958 Comstock Associates Richard R. Joyce 1965 Red Motley Leadership Club John J. McElroy III 1952

ZY SAVE THE DATE Zeta Psi International Convention August 16th–19th, 2017


Louisville, Kentucky

August 15th–18th, 2018 Ithaca, New York

Zeta Psi Heritage Society Zeta Psi wishes to express its appreciation to the nearly 450 members of a very special giving club, the Zeta Psi Heritage Society. For 72 years, alumni have been providing annual support to The Zeta Psi Educational Foundation. Over the years, many Zetes have provided a permanent endowment to Zeta Psi after their passing by making arrangements in their wills or through other estate planning for a distribution to The Zeta Psi Educational Foundation or The Zeta Psi Foundation of Canada. Hundreds of others have indicated their intentions to make an estate contribution by joining The Heritage Society. The Society offers special recognition to members who have pledged to provide endowment funding to Zeta Psi in perpetuity. Membership does not require thousands of dollars in donations. In fact, The Heritage Society is designed to be accessible to everyone as we all must plan to leave our estates to our families and the vital causes in our lives, such as Zeta Psi. The Heritage Society simply requests your pledge to be 20 times your average annual contribution or a minimum bequest amount of $5,000. Those who contribute to Zeta Psi on an annual basis will endow their annual contributions in perpetuity. Either The Zeta Psi Educational Foundation or The Zeta Psi Foundation of Canada will invest your Heritage Society contribution and draw from the annual earnings to support the educational activities of these important Zeta Psi endowment funds.

Contact Greg McElroy at mcelroy174@aol.com or (845) 735-3278, and he will discuss the program and assist you in becoming a member of The Heritage Society.

One’s Heritage Society pledge is not intended to be paid immediately. All that is needed is for The Society member to incorporate his pledge into his will or invest a small amount into a whole life policy with the appropriate foundation as the beneficiary. We encourage those Zetes who are not current members of The Heritage Society to please join hundreds of your brothers in pledging your ongoing gift.

ichard S. Clarke, Alpha (Columbia) ’33, remains the R largest single donor in Zeta Psi’s history. Dick Clarke, as he was known to those in Zeta Psi, became the largest single donor in Zeta Psi’s history following his death in 2003. Brother Clarke left half of his entire estate to The Zeta Psi Heritage Society, which resulted in a bequest of over $1.6 million. His act of extraordinary philanthropy to the fraternity he loved so much has contributed to the growth of The Zeta Psi Educational Foundation for the past two decades and, as a result, many future generations of Zetes. Although a native New Yorker, he lived most of his retirement years in Seattle, and during Zeta Psi’s 1992 annual convention in his adopted city, he received the Distinguished Service Award, Zeta Psi’s highest commendation.



(noun) Zete who contributes their time, talent and treasure to Zeta Psi from their acceptance of a pledge and continuing into their life after university.

“ As an active, I was very involved in my chapter. As a young elder, I want to help my chapter’s elder association to support the chapter, with not only my volunteer efforts and skills, but with financial support. While my donation is small today, I know that combined with my fellow elders, we can improve the experience for today’s actives in my chapter.” Sims McGrath III Washington ‘10

Zete4Life is more than elder donations supporting your chapter and Grand Chapter. It helps provide additional services to active and elder chapters and is a recognition that you have joined Zeta Psi for life!

Our Top Five Elder Chapters with Zete4Life Members:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute McGill University University of Maryland Case Western Reserve University University of Toronto

Join your elder chapters in supporting your chapter so that they can receive IHQ services!

Pi Tau House, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

To start or update your own Zete4Life membership, go to www.zetapsi.org/ donate. If you have questions, call the IHQ at (845) 735-1847.


Financial Statements The Foundation was founded in 1944 and has demonstrated steady growth in its financial strength due to the generosity of its donors. Earnings from our endowment make up a significant portion of The Zeta Psi Educational Foundation’s annual operating budget.

We’d like to thank the following for their efforts in putting this Annual Report together Contributors Joseph Alessi Maryland ‘11

Our last audited financial statements reported these net assets:

Tyler Boisvert

Unrestricted Temporarily Restricted Permanently Restricted Total Net Assets

Stuart Bowers

$4,692,922 $1,611,496 $888,875 $7,193,293

Seton Hall ‘10 Maryland ‘81

Greg McElroy NYU ‘70

Tony Hodgson

Foundation Expenses for the Fiscal Year Ended May 31, 2016

Program Services Management & General Fundraising

Toronto ‘83

Thomas Roerden Cornell ‘83

Randy Schein Syracuse ‘80

Lauck Walton RPI ‘84

Design & Production Ira Berkowitz

Our budget and financial affairs are managed by the Executive Director, Lauck Walton, RPI ‘84, with oversight from the Finance Committee, chaired by Foundation Treasurer Ron Cass, Case Western ‘84.

Gamma ‘82 Monarch Communications

Our endowment is managed by the Investment Oversight Committee, chaired by James Donald, Western ‘82. The Committee has selected Alliance Bernstein as our investment advisors. Foundation Revenues – Fiscal Year Ended May 31, 2016

Endowment Returns Annual Fund–Chapter Specific Heritage Society Gifts Annual Fund Contributions Capital Campaign Receipts Other Contributions


Non-Profit Org U.S. Postage Paid W. Caldwell, NJ Permit #55

Fraternity and Foundation Staff Headquarters Staff

Executive Director

Regional Education Consultant

Associate Executive Director

Regional Education Consultant

Membership Education Director

Regional Education Consultant

M. Lauck Walton exec.dir@zetapsi.org

Tyler Boisvert boisvert@zetapsi.org

International Headquarters 15 South Henry St. Pearl River, NY 10965

Joseph Alessi alessi@zetapsi.org

Darion Smalls smalls@zetapsi.org

Bill Weisenhorn weisenhorn@zetapsi.org

Pedro Cooper cooper@zetapsi.org

Director of Chapter Services Max Anderson anderson@zetapsi.org

Office: 845-735-1847 zetapsi.org