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Maryland Messenger Volume 1, Issue 1

October 2012

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated- State of Maryland

Greetings Sorors, Friends, and Youth: It is my distinct pleasure and honor to serve as your 10th Maryland State Director. I am very humbled and appreciative of this opportunity to serve you in this capacity. I fully recognize the privilege that has been bestowed upon me to follow in the footsteps of nine other sorors who have made tremendous contributions to our sisterhood while advancing the name of Zeta within the Old Line State as its First Lady. My commitment to our past State Directors and to YOU is that I will represent the State of Maryland in excellence while serving and operating in the highest ideals of Sisterly Love and Finer Womanhood. My commitment to our Mesmerizing State is to execute and promote the programmatic thrust and initiatives of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. and of our 24th International Grand Basileus Mary Breaux Wright , who’s vision is, “Building on the

Principles of Zeta While Blazing New Paths!” How will this get accomplished you might ask? Servant Leadership, that’s how! As the First Lady of this State, I serve YOU my sorors, friends, and youth. I am your advocate, cheerleader, resource provider, and greatest supporter. Together through transparence, open lines of communication, and while working as a T.E.A.M. (Together

Everyone Accomplishes More), WE will serve our sisterhood as we serve others collaboratively in unity. Our motto and theme for this administration is simply “Making Mary-

land Marvelous!” WE will train and grow our membership with the highest quality of professional development as we exemplify Scholarship, cause wonder and amazement as the premier state or the AmazDanielle R. Green 10th Maryland State Director ing Astonishing Awesome Atlantic Region, and WE will demonstrate the light of Zeta brightly within our local communities as we uphold and promote our ideal of Service to others miraculously. Here in the Old Line State, WE are Making Maryland Marvelous because the oath we took to become a ZETA is demonstrated by our actions as we uphold and live out our principles daily while serving mankind for the better good of us all. I am looking forward to working and serving with you in the Marvelous Way. ETJ…Enjoy The Journey! Sisterly,

Soror Danielle R. Green

Maryland Says...Farewell! Within one month’s time, we lost three sorors/ friends from Alpha Zeta Chapter: Triumphant Soror/Friend Jean Carter Triumphant Soror/Friend Augusta Adair Triumphant Soror/Friend Elinor Colvin Continue to keep the families of these triumphant sorors and Alpha Zeta Chapter in your prayers.

Inside this issue... State Leadership


National Executive Board


TEAM Atlantic


Making Maryland Marvelous


Administrative Focus


Amicae State Leadership


Leading the Maryland Way


Maryland Messenger

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MARYLAND SAYS... THANK YOU! We are fortunate and grateful for the service of two of Maryland’s very own: Sorors Jacqueline C. McNair and Gweneth Corujo. Their tireless dedication and commitment to out sisterhood on both the state and regional level will always be appreciated and cherished by all. The programming, initiatives, and innovations that they implemented during their tenures have supported and promoted growth and expansion of our sorority beyond their administrations. The State of Maryland LOVES YOU and honors you for your service to our sorority!

Jacqueline C. McNair Immediate Past 15th Atlantic Region Director & 8th Maryland State Director

Gwenneth Corujo Immediate Past 9th Maryland State Director

2012-2014 State Leadership EXECUTIVE BOARD Grammateus: Kimberly Faulkner Anti-Grammateus: Myra Witcher Tamias: Sonji Owens Tamias Grammateus: Wendy Baker Representative to the Regional Elections Committee: Avonda Thompson

Protocol & Amenities: Camelia Clark

Youth Auxiliaries: Dr. Nicole Allain

State Liaison to the NEF: Dr. Keesha McDowell

Webmistress: Karnisha Martin

Membership: Dawn Kemp

Necrology & Rededication: Heather Brown-Coward

Zeta/Sigma: Deborah Briscoe

Photography: Lisa Turner

990 Form: Wendy Baker

Finer Womanhood Observance: Reunite Johnson

Communications: Erika Moott

Budget & Finance: Charbet Duckett

Representative to the Regional Nominating Committee: Cheryl Bryant

Public Relations & Marketing: Christina Debnam and Jasmine White

Phylacter: Teraleen Campbell

State Events: Wanda Calvin Claiborne

Demographics: Tiffany Rice

Z-HOPE: April Cutchember and Miesha Lowery Suber

Scholarship: Tamika Daniels

APPOINTED OFFICERS Life Members/Zeta Doves: Lisa Hudley Amicae Affairs: Eleanor Golden and Alisha Hilliard

Undergraduates: Josalyn Bryant

Social Action: Nicole Talley

Storks Nest & March of Dimes: Kimberlyn Faulkner and Devora Whiting

Volume 1, Issue 1

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National Executive Board Mary Breaux Wright International Grand Basileus Scarlet H. Black First Anti-Basileus Jacqueline Lemon-Denton Second Anti-Basileus Anjylla Foster Third Anti-Basileus Cynthia A. Bell Grammateus Michelle A. Joubert Tamias Brunhilda Williams-Currington Phylacter Katy S. Campbell, Esq. Chair of the Executive Board

Darneta G. Brown Chair of the Trustee Board Antoinette Gordon Trustee Bettye A. Murchison Trustee Stephanie Dukes Trustee Patricia E. Jones Graduate Member-at-Large Alexis Maisonet Undergraduate Member-at-Large Shirley Stansberry, Ph.D. Graduate Member to the Executive Committee Jessica Holden Undergraduate to the Nominating Committee

The following appointments were announced by our 24th International Grand Basileus Mary Breaux Wright during the sorority’s first Tele-Town Hall Meeting on Thursday, August 2, 2012: Janet Y. Bivins, Esq. Atlantic Regional Director Martha Sims-Wilson Delaware State Director Danielle R. Green Maryland State Director Barbara A. Cousar Pennsylvania State Director Gina Merritt-Epps, Esq. New Jersey State Director


Shanell L. Robinson New York State Director Annette Draper-Moore Tri-State Director

During the month of September, Zeta was on the move with promoting national programming initiatives:

What’s Happening in Zeta

Text4Baby Finer Woman Don’t Haze Zeta Day on the Hill (Maryland’s own Lisa Turner was the Photographer) Please continue to promote and support Text4Baby and Finer Woman Don’t Haze. These are ongoing projects and programs that provide a wealth of information and resources within our sorority community and our local communities abroad.

Maryland Messenger

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Making Maryland Marvelous! As WE are Building on the Principles of Zeta While Blazing New Paths, the State of Maryland is trailblazing branding and imaging within our sorority. We are please to announce a number of tools and resources that will market our sorority on a state-level and within the sisterhood and our communities as a whole. We are proud to introduce our Maryland State Logo which was designed by our Public Relations & Marketing Coordinator Soror Debnam, our first state newsletter publication, the Maryland Messenger, the Maryland Memo, which will provide announcements regarding

programming, initiatives, and actionrelated items for the state, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.—State of Maryland Facebook and Twitter accounts, and State of Maryland official letterhead, thank you cards, and PowerPoint template that will represent our State marvelously. A special thanks to Creative Flow Media, Soror Walker for designing these resources for us with excellence and flair that demonstrates the Finer Women we are here in Maryland!

What’s Happening in Maryland... During the month of October, the State of Maryland will conduct a number of events, activities and programs that support our national programming and initiatives.


Basilei Retreat Saturday, Oct. 6th Anti-Hazing Forum and Webinar Monday, Oct. 8th at 7Pm - 9PM Heart Walk 2012 Saturday, Oct. 20th Please come out, promote, and support these efforts in the State of Maryland. Looking Ahead 990 Forms—11/15 State Executive Board Meeting—12/8 Atlantic Region Executive Board Meeting— February 8th and 9th

OCTOBER 2012 Mon





































Breast Cancer Anti-Bullying

Domestic Violence

Awareness Month

REMINDER… Deadline for DUES October 31st!

Volume 1, Issue 1

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Making Maryland Marvelous: Administrative Focus Building on the Principles of Zeta While Blazing New Paths requires the State of Maryland to have a vision, mission, clearly defined values and strategic goals that will be demonstrated as SMART objectives that will measure our development and growth as a State. Below is a brief description of our State’s Vision and Mission Statements and Values that are being introduced and implemented for the first time within our State. In addition, are this administration’s strategic goals that will be our guide as we conduct and implement the principles of Zeta here in the Old Line State.

Vision Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. State of Maryland is committee to promoting and fostering the ideals and principles of our sorority that provide world-class education, service, and enlightenment that assures our sorority’s success through creative inquiry and community, regional, and global partnerships for the 21st century and beyond.

Sustainability—Commitment to behaviors that recognize and respect our sorority context. Strategic Goals #1 Achieve excellence through the promotion and implementation of the National Programmatic Thrust of the sorority to meet and address community needs within the State of Maryland.

To achieve sorority excellence through teaching, research, training, creative inquiry and membership engagement.

#2Promote membership recruitment, reclamation, and retention that provide sorority membership benefits of personal networking and growth, professional growth, community service, and sisterhood engagement.

To achieve excellence in the sorority experience and equip members for a life of sorority success, leadership, and responsibility through community awareness, engagement, and service to others.

#3 Create more partnerships with academic institutions, government agencies, and business consistent with the sorority’s mission while reestablishing Zeta’s leadership and presence within the State of Maryland.

To achieve recognition as a leader in community development, state economic development, and public-private partnerships.

#4 Provide a best-in-class technology platform and information-based services that will continue to improve State Management.


Values Excellence—Commitment to best practices in civic engagement, scholarship and creative inquiry and membership engagement

#5 Provide professional development and training for sorority and auxiliary membership that equips members to performing the duties of the sorority utilizing the latest research and best practices.

Engagement—Active participation by sorority and auxiliary membership in the sorority experience Creativity—The pursuit of distinction through inquiry and innovation, challenging convention and focusing on solutions. Servant Leadership—Effective, ethical leadership through empowerment and service. Inclusion—Fostering and promoting a sorority that embraces diverse people, ideas, views, and practices.

Leadership the 3M Way… Management Membership Missions!

Maryland Messenger

Leading the Maryland Way Congratulations to the following sorors who are serving the sisterhood in leadership capacities on both the national and regional levels: National Legal Council Arlinda Clark, Esq. National Director of Public Relations and Marketing Deidra Boykin Treasurer, Atlantic Region Krystal Brown Co-Historian, Atlantic Region Myra Witcher

Social Action Coordinator, Atlantic Region Teraleen Campbell Photographer, Atlantic Region Lisa Turner Immediate Past Atlantic Regional Director Jacqueline C. McNair Immediate Past Maryland State Director Gwenneth Corujo

Co-Advisor Undergraduates, Atlantic Region Gwenneth Corujo Life Members Director, Atlantic Region Charbet Duckett

State of Maryland Amicae Officers Congratulations to the following amicae who are serving as officers for the State of Maryland. We are excited and eager about our amicae and all they will accomplish with our support and help this year!

President: Agnes Bell Vice-President: Martha Blackstone Recording Secretary: Shirley Terry Corresponding Secretary: Dorothy S. Jackson Treasurer: Nancy Howell Financial Secretary: Judy McFall Chaplain: Beatrice Young Parliamentarian: Laverne Lowery Amicae Affairs Co-Coordinators: Eleanor Golden and Aisha Hilliard

Get Ready...Get Ready...Get Ready‌ The next Messenger will be distributed January 2013. Please send submissions to Erika Moott for inclusion.

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated State of Maryland 6400 Baltimore National Pike Suite #151 Catonsville, Maryland 21228 Phone: 443-708-7887

Maryland Messenger Volume I Issue I  

Official publication of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.- State of Maryland

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