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Memory of Beaubourg (2011)

First we were walking by Beaubourg in 2008 and she just fit so perfectly in the cityscape, that I had to take that pic‌

Two years later, I took a closer look at her‌

I cut off some pieces here and there‌

Primed a canvas…with Queso

And we began to draw‌

Some red to get in the Paris mood..

Some yellow…and Queso passed out..

So we stopped to look at it..

But it just looked like a memory of Elsa to me, and I wanted her to be more present than that‌

Kinda’ like this..

So I sketched a quick charcoal drawing on top‌

…and began to slowly dilute the memory, without erasing it… After all, memories are all we will have in the end…

Then added more color and details‌.

‌and tried to remember what she feels to me, when I look at her‌

And this is how she came out. “Memory of Beaubourg” (2011).

Memory of Beaubourg  
Memory of Beaubourg  

The Process of making a memory