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The Vehicle Speed Control System

What is SoloSpeed? SoloSpeed is an electronic automotive speed limiter that will work on any vehicle with an electronic throttle pedal. The unit is quickly fitted and easy to use, providing efficient and reliable road speed limiting. Road Speed Limiting is now a legal requirement for many vehicles and has proven safety benefits. Speed limiting allows lowered fuel consumption and reduced engine and vehicle wear. Speed Limiters must be fitted to: Goods vehicles with a design weight over 3.5 Tonnes. The limiter will restrict the maximum powered speed to 56mph (90km/h)* Buses with more than 8 passenger seats (regardless of weight) registered on or after 1 January 2005. The limiter will restrict the maximum speed to 62mph (100km/h)*

Frequently Asked Questions Can SoloSpeed be fitted to any vehicle? SoloSpeed can be fitted to the vast majority of cars and commercial vehicles where fitted with an electronic throttle. Is SoloSpeed approved in the UK? SoloSpeed is both EU Type approved and VOSA approved for installation by trained engineers. How is SoloSpeed installed? The unit is easily installed, typically taking just 1 – 2 hours. What is the warranty period for SoloSpeed? SoloSpeed comes with 36 months parts warranty as standard. Can SoloSpeed be removed at end of ownership? Yes, the system can be removed and refitted in another vehicle (installation wiring looms will vary) Can the settings be protected? Coded protection is available for all settings. Can the speed limiter be disabled? The speed limiter can be disabled providing it is not a legal requirement for the vehicle in question. Does the road speed limiter reduce engine power or revs? The speed limiter allows full power, torque and revs below the set road speed limit. It does not interfere with the ECU and will not generate CANbus fault codes. Is Road Speed Limiting accurate with speedometers or G.P.S.? SoloSpeed’s speed limit is controlled by engine management system and therefore will be matched to the car speedometer. There may be variations in the speed given by devices such as G.P.S. based Sat Nav’s etc. How easy is SoloSpeed to use? Use of SoloSpeed requires no training and offers totally transparent operation.

Additional Benefits can include: Reduced Accident Risk—Can assist with reduced premiums

Assists compliance with Duty of Care Legislation

Improved residual values

Employee Licence Protection

Proven Fuel Savings

Reduced Wear and Tear

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Vehicle Road Speed Limiter

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