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ALONE WILL NOT get you THE JOB Here are some of the skills and attributes employers are looking for: • Attitude – a good work ethic and a flexible ‘can do’ approach to your work. Aim to be a member of the team who can be depended upon • Communication – this includes the ability to show you are listening and can put your point across without being aggressive • Leadership qualities – showing initiative, leading by example, being self motivated and constantly looking to improve • Problem solving skills – can you think of a time when you overcame a challenge in a creative way?

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The Graduate Coaching Partnership give advice on making the most of university Wo r d s J ac q u e l i n e H e r o n


he A Level results are in and many students are about to embark on an exciting new stage in their lives as they head off to university. This is a time for celebration! Prospective students then have a few weeks for that trip to Ikea for university essentials and planning how to make the most of Freshers Week. It’s also a good time to think about what you want to get out of your university experience. A good degree, naturally; making new friends is also incredibly important; but what else is there? Academic results are only part

of the picture. Employers are looking for a wider skill set in an increasingly competitive workplace. A degree alone will not get you the job in a world where most candidates will be able to produce a degree of the same class or higher. In fact in this year’s CBI/ Pearson skills survey, 89% of employers said they valued the right attitudes and aptitudes above factors such as degree subject and degree class when they are recruiting graduates and professional services forms PwC and EY are now discounting A Level results and their usual 2:1 requirement. They are testing a different range of competences. Expect more firms to follow suit.

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H ow yo u ca n d e v e lo p th e s e s k i ll s at u n i v e r s it y It is never too early to work on this – start as soon as you arrive at university. • Make the most of opportunities – join societies, offer to arrange events, take on responsibilities, e.g. treasurer • If it’s offered, take the chance of a year’s placement to expand your horizons and even if it’s not in an area you’ll eventually work in, the experience will stand you in great stead with employers • Use the resources around you – engage with your lecturers and seek out their views and advice. That’s what they are there for (and you’re paying for it!) • Use the careers department to get work experience during holidays or on campus during term time – any work experience and what you learned from it will benefit you in an interview

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