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I HAD waited a lifetime FOR THIS, and it was INCOMPARABLE confess I felt rather nervous at this point (and frightened too). As I stared at the dark brown gelding I began to wonder whether this might actually be a terrible idea... However. Having mounted the wonderfully sedate ‘Murphs’, mastered

the reigns (so much easier than I remembered) and on finding myself plodding round Hyde Park – ALLERGY FREE – it all came flooding back: the twitch of the horse’s ears when bothered by pesky flies; the familiar smell of comforting, dusty horsey-coats; the ruddy cheeks acquired from riding through wet weather; the love you feel instantly for the animal charged with your transport, and the trust you instinctively place in them… Just five minutes-in and I was attempting a rising trot with gusto and confidence; my technique was amateur, but the moment was magic. I had waited a lifetime for this, and it was incomparable.


I will never forget my afternoon at Hyde Park Stables. And as the friend I took with me confirmed, of course you don’t need to have had an allergy to find riding there unforgettable. Just being on a horse in the middle of London is extraordinary. Treat your loved ones to a Gift Voucher this Christmas – for group, semi-private or private lessons, it’s the ideal outdoor activity; I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. u

● Hyde Park Stables

63 Bathurst Mews, W2, 020 7723 2813;


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