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To enhance school spirit and pride. To provide a comfortable, new uniform option for students from all year groups.

DETAILS: Currently, only students in Years 11-12 are permitted by school policy to wear VSA hoodies at school. Given the popularity of the hoodies with the upper grades, we propose to give younger students — even Year 6s, — the same opportunity to purchase and wear the hoodie at school as a more comfortable uniform option. Next year, the price of the hoodies will be $280 HKD (Sizes XS - XL) and can be purchased from the 8/F SC room.


To provide a bigger range of students with a choice of beverage, or even a boost of energy.


At this moment, there is only one coffee shop located within the school campus, behind the hall. Moreover, it is only accessible for diploma students (Y11-Y12) and teachers. We listened to your feedback of wanting coffee to be more accessible, so we aim to place another coffee shop on the 7/F, where the chess boards are painted on the ground. Diploma students would still have access to both shops, but we would also have the new policy of allowing Y9 and Y10 students to buy from the shop every alternating day. Aside from making use of often unoccupied spaces around the school, it also opens up a new choice of beverage for students.



To provide students with supplies in case of emergencies, or simply to make life at school more convenient.

DETAILS: Chargers: We will be lending working Chargers for iPads and for both the old and new MacBooks to students who are in need of them. Sports Equipment: Did you forget to bring your basketball to school? It’s frustrating that no one else has brought a basketball, so you would have to do something else during breaks. But with Zest in charge, it’s not frustrating at all! We are more than happy to lend sports equipment as we understand the frustration of not being able to play the sport you want because of a tiny mistake. Stationery: There’s a Math assessment today and you’ve forgotten to bring a calculator. Your instant reaction would be to run around asking your friends to borrow a calculator anxiously. Don’t worry, Zest has a variety of stationary (calculator, protractors, scissors, glue, staple guns) available. You wouldn’t have to worry about forgetting to bring stationary to school. Umbrella: It’s pouring outside and you happen to have forgotten to bring an umbrella to school. You have to take the MTR home and it’s a long walk away. Zest will help prevent you from getting soaked by providing umbrella lending services after school. Hair Dryers: It’s been 30 minutes since your swimming lesson ended and your hair is still wet, Zest has prepared hair dryers which will be available for lending before you go to your swimming lessons. You wouldn’t have to worry about catching a cold in an air conditioned classroom with your hair wet.



To help out people who are struggling with mental illness or general stress from school. To increase awareness in mental health.

DETAILS: Zest is extremely aware of your mental health and well-being, we believe that no one in need of support should feel ostracized within the school’s community. It is normal to experience the ups and downs of life, especially when you feel stressed out after a whole day of projects or assessments, or have had an argument with a friend. But if you’re feeling down and upset for a long period of time, it is important to seek out for help. If there’s a big problem, you shouldn’t keep it to yourself, you should find someone to talk to. As a solution to that, Zest will create an electronic platform to allow students to talk to counsellors anonymously. We will do everything to make sure that everyone in the student body are happy. Moreover, we would like to introduce a new system within school, of having a guinea pig as a school pet. Students are allowed to interact with the pet in the counsellor’s room to help relieve stress. Students are allowed to routinely take care of the school pet, one assigned homeroom each week, where students will be responsible for feeding, clearing up and playing with the guinea pig.



To give female students in need the resources to avoid embarrassment and inconvenience during their time of the month.


Whilst we realize that sanitary products are currently available at the Nurse’s office, getting one during class time can be embarrassing and highly inconvenient. Next year, we’ll be working on implementing a system in which pads and tampons can be taken from vending machines located in the female toilets on the 8th-11th floors, which will be restocked regularly. A variety of sizes and types of sanitary products will be offered to suit the needs of the individual, and will be priced appropriately. If the vending machines do run out, an additional supply of sanitary products will be kept in the 8th floor SC room and will be distributed from there if necessary.


To make it more easier and more convenient for students to get to homeroom in the mornings


Currently, the lifts only take students up to the 5th floor. We propose to change this to the 8/F so that it will be more convenient for students to reach their homerooms.



To ensure that food comes out of the vending machine so that money is not wasted. To allow students to vote on the snacks available from the food vending machine.

DETAILS: The introduction of the 9/F food vending machine this academic year has proven to be extremely popular amongst VSA students. That being said, there have been issues concerning food getting stuck in the machine and money being wasted as a consequence. If we can’t solve this issue with the current vending machine, we propose to replace it with a different model if possible. We’ve also noticed that some snacks sell out within a day, whilst others seem to remain fully stocked at all times. To ensure that the vending machine is actually fulfilling the wants and needs of the student body, we propose to start allowing students to vote for the snacks that the machine will dispense. Every 2-3 months, a survey will be sent out students of all year groups so that we can learn about your snack preferences and stock the vending machine appropriately.


To ensure that the student body feels comfortable and at ease when walking the stairs at all times.

DETAILS: Picture this — It’s a very hot day and you’re walking up a crowded staircase, drenched in sweat due to the heat and the humidity. We feel that it is Zest’s duty to prevent that from happening. Therefore, we propose to add fans in the staircase to prevent discomfort and keep everyone cool during the summer.



To increase the comfort of the PE kit in effort to make playing sports at VSA — whether during PE lessons, or during lunch, — a more enjoyable experience.

DETAILS: There are many humid and hot days, especially during the summer time, where students may experience discomfort as they are drenched in sweat after PE lessons or lunch. Don’t worry! Zest is here to help you alleviate the embarrassment and unease by developing sweat proof P.E. shirts so that you would feel refreshed throughout the rest of the day. To make these shirts “sweat proof”, we’ll be changing their material to 100% polyester — similar to the material of current school team uniforms or the new house T-shirt uniform design.


To provide a better experience for the students playing sports on the 12/F.


Hearing numerous complaints of the sport equipment on the roof encouraged Zest to take action upon this issue. We will work on fixing and improving broken machineries and equipment at a far more efficient pace. We believe this would both ensure that students enjoy themselves while playing sports, as well as encourage more athletic students to play sports on the roof. Examples of equipment we will aim to improve would be adding football goal posts permanently, and improving the rims of the basketball court.



To ensure that students will feel refreshed and cool when attending school. For hygienic reasons, students should not be entering classroom drenched in sweat, especially if it leaves their clothing stained. It would also improve the ventilation to keep the air quality within the lift itself.

DETAILS: There will be increased air conditioning in elevators between March and October as the weather tends to get relatively warmer. To conserve energy and resources, the air conditioning would be tuned down during other months when it is relatively cooler.


To make the VSA handbook, currently unused and neglected by most, a practical planner that’ll motivate students to become more organized with their schoolwork.

DETAILS: During our time thus far at VSA, we’ve noticed that the vast majority of students (ourselves included!) do not use the school-provided handbook on a regular basis, and opt to use planners or diaries bought externally to keep track of homework, assessments and other important dates. Our proposed handbook will feature a simple and more versatile design, allowing students to customize it to suit their own learning styles and preferences— it’ll really be up to you!



IN-SCHOOL PARTIES AIM: • To offer students the opportunity to celebrate their favorite holidays with their fellow classmates at a school organized party — continuing several years worth of VSA tradition with a few “zesty” twists.

DETAILS: “Let It Snow” Christmas Party — Next year, we’ll aim to put a greater emphasis on live music and festive food and drinks to create a winter wonderland. There are a lot of activities you can do as well! You can test out your singing skills in the Christmas Karaoke Singing Competition or try to make the tastiest best looking gingerbread man you could! It will be a White Christmas with lots of snow (we’ll have a snow machine!) and laughs. Proposed Date: December 14th. Glow in the Dark Halloween Party — For us, having fun on Halloween is just as important as the ghost stories and horror movies. That’s why we’ve proposed a glow in the dark theme for next years party, where you’ll be offered glow sticks, glow in the dark face paint and more! Enjoy a game of Capture the Flag, with the glow in the dark theme. Plus, there will be jump scares, be warned. Proposed Date: October 26th.



HOLIDAY THEMED EVENTS AIM: • To offer students the opportunity to celebrate their favorite holidays at school

DETAILS: Secret Santa Christmas is a season of giving and sharing. Zest is happy to host a Secret Santa event, where you will buy presents for other VSA students. Be prepared for some shocks! Secret Valentine Is there someone whom you want to declare you love to? Zest are more than happy to help you send chocolates to the person you love. Don’t worry, we’ll keep everything a secret! Easter Egg Hunt We are very happy to introduce an Easter Egg Hunt in VSA during April 2019. Zest will hide 8 Easter Eggs in places around the school, and your mission is to find them. If you’re lucky enough to find the Easter Egg, come to the SC office and use the voucher inside the Easter Egg to redeem a prize!


COMMUNITY AFFAIRS FUNDRAISING WITH CASUAL DRESS AIM: • To encourage VSA students to care about issues around the world. • To motivate VSA students to donate money to help others. • To allow VSA students to express themselves with their clothing

DETAILS: Each homeroom would be assigned to a specific charity. The goal of the activity is to donate as much money possible as a homeroom. For each HKD$1000 donated as a homeroom, every student in the homeroom who has donated money would receive a casual dress day. At the end of each term, the homeroom that has donated the most money during the term would receive a Pizza Party with Ice Cream.



SPIRIT WEEK AIM: • To increase school spirit and unity through unique events, challenges and competitions • To allow students to relieve stress and have fun after SAP/SAW assessments

DETAILS: Coachella @ VSA: After the stress of summative assessments, we’ll be offering students the opportunity to relax and have fun at a “Coachella” themed party, where there will be live music and a range of snacks to purchase. In addition, we propose to hold a singing competition for students to showcase their talent. Slip ‘n’ Slide Hockey: You’ve heard of hockey, you’ve probably heard of slip ‘n’ slides. But what if the two concepts were combined? This event will be held on the roof during lunchtimes for students who feel like challenging themselves and having fun. Open to all year levels! Cooking competition: Do you think that you’re a good chef? Showcase your cooking skills amongst your grade in our cooking competition! There will be a theme for each grade and the best dishes would be sold on the last week of school, with half of the money going to the winners while the other half goes to charity.



To strengthen the relationship of each homeroom through sports. To allow students to unleash their potential in sports. To encourage sporting activities in school.

DETAILS: We wish to allow students to show their talent in sports through interclass sports tournaments in sports such as Football, Basketball, and Volleyball. Each homeroom will form a team and compete with other homerooms in the grade in a knockout competition with a random draw, which would be streamed live on our social media platforms. The football and badminton competitions will take place in September and October, the basketball competition will take place in November and December, while the volleyball competition will take place in March and April.


To help students destress after a long week at school through watching a movie alone or with friends.


The movie day will take place on Friday after school every two weeks in the Auditorium. There will be popcorn and soda for sale during the movie, while the movie itself is free of charge. One week prior to the movie day, you’ll get a say in which movie will be played by voting on our polls on our social media platforms. We’ll be aiming to provide movies from a wide variety of genres — from comedy, to action, to drama, — to ensure that all students’ preferences are catered to. We’ll implement a booking system so that students can reserve seats for a particular movie. However, students will also be able to walk in if seats are available.



To raise awareness for the problem of plastic waste and allow students to participate and contribute to a better environment.


At the end of every month, Zest will initiate a plastic free week where disposable cutlery from the cafeteria will not be made out of plastic, but instead biodegradable materials such as wood and bamboo. We will provide reusable glass containers and cups for students to ensure that they will have the resources to be environmentally friendly. We’ll also limit the supply of bottled water that can be purchased from the vending machines to encourage students to drink from the filtered water fountains.


To allow the student body to take a step towards a world with less pollution and clean air. Note: This event will not be held during spring/summer months.

DETAILS: Starting from the end of December, Zest will initiate a three month air-conditioning free period where the use of air conditioning would be kept to a minimum. During the cooler months of the semester, students would be able to enjoy their school hours energized while also helping out the now weakening environment as well.


EXTERNAL AFFAIRS DISCOUNT AND SPONSORSHIP AIM: • To make life more “budget friendly” for VSA students outside school through discounts from popular clothing, food and beverage companies.

DETAILS: We’re currently in the process of negotiating student discounts for specific products from ShareTea (bubble tea/beverage chain) as well as Jack Wills, with the latter being a brand that past student councils such as Lumini (2013-14) have worked with. If we’re able to obtain these discounts, all you’ll need to do to redeem them is present a valid student ID to the cashier! Additionally, to promote better mental health amongst students, we aim to contact local cat cafes for a discount deal, so it encourages students to interact with pets, soothing nerves in a tense school environment.


Y5: STARTING A NEW CHAPTER Overview Parties — As per tradition, we’ll be hosting both Halloween and Christmas parties during the holiday season. See p. 12 to learn more! Holiday Events — In addition to the Secret Santa and Valentine events that you’ll be able to participate in along with the rest of the student body, we’ll also be offering an extra event that is exclusive to your grade! Trick or Treat — Trick or Treat? If you’re going to be a Year Six student in 2018-19, feel free to ask your favorite teachers/staff members of VSA for candy on the 31st of October! A month before the event, we’ll be sending out a survey asking students about their candy preferences. Casual Dress — We realize that “casual dress days” are not exclusive to secondary school. But what if you could determine how often they would be, whilst making the earth a better place? Refer to p. 14 for more. Movie Day — Secondary school can be stressful. So why not destress by watching a movie (for free!) with friends after school on Fridays? Refer to p. 16 for more. Food Vending Machine — The food vending machine is a convenient and efficient way to purchase snacks during lunch or recess. Next year, you’ll have a say in exactly what snacks can be dispensed from the machine. Refer to p. 9 for more.



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ZEST- VSA Student Council Candidate 2018-19|Year Plan 2018-2019  

ZEST Year Plan 2018-19

ZEST- VSA Student Council Candidate 2018-19|Year Plan 2018-2019  

ZEST Year Plan 2018-19