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Strengthening America’s Disaster Response Network

SDF Search Teams L to R: Ron Horetski & Pearl, Matt Garrett & Gabby, Trainers Sharon Wolfsen & Pluis Davern, Scott Zins & Callie, Linda Tacconelli & Joe, Ron Weckbacher & Dawson


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The Quest

By Debra Tosch, Executive Director I am honored to share with you our 2008 Annual Report. I’ve been involved with SDF since its inception in 1996: as an unpaid volunteer, a Search Dog handler, and as Program Manager under the guidance of SDF’s Founder—and my dear friend and mentor—Wilma Melville. When I became Executive Director in 2005, I wondered how we could reach out to you, our stakeholders across the country. I found that our newsletters are the best way to keep you informed and engaged, and for you to see your support in action. Inside this year’s Quest, you’ll see just a few of the many remarkable stories about the firefighters and canines who bring SDF’s mission of service to the nation. And you’ll learn about the volunteers and supporters who sustain and inspire us all. Thanks to our new and longtime friends, the Search Dog Foundation continues to provide a crucial emergency response resource at no cost to federal, state or local governments. No matter how the economy is faring, SDF offers communities the comfort of knowing that Search Teams will be there, at top deployment readiness, when disaster strikes. 2008 HIGHLIGHTS DEPLOYMENTS – SDF Search Teams responded to 6 disasters, in

the Gulf Coast States, California and Baja California. SEARCH TEAM MILESTONES – 15 new Search Teams were formed, 17 Search Teams attained Certification or were Re-Certified, two Teams retired. CANINE RECRUITMENT – Our Bark Force grew to 56 members.

57 shelters and breed rescue groups assisted SDF in locating 195 potential search dogs. Of these, 21 will be partnered with handlers. LIFETIME CARE – 22 Lifetime Care families have adopted would-be search dogs who did not complete SDF’s training program. NATIONAL TRAINING CENTER – Full speed ahead with site planning. SDF’S FAMILY OF SUPPORTERS – SDF was honored to receive

tremendous support from: 1 ,352 100 48 13

Individuals made their first gift of support Foundations and 13 Corporations made contributions Volunteers in the Ojai office and across the country assisted in all aspects of our program Individuals donated $10,000 or more and became Search Dog Sponsors.

ENDOWMENT GUARDIANS – In 2008, we welcomed 27 new Endowment Guardians who included SDF in their estate plans, bringing the total number to 115. Our Endowment Fund has reached $1,123,476. WORKPLACE GIVING CAMPAIGNS – In 2008, SDF received more than $87,000 from employees who gave through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), State Campaigns, the United Way, and company matching gifts.


SDF Board of Directors Front Row: Chair Chris Wright, Pluis Davern, Wilma Melville Back Row: Michael McGroarty, Benjamin Hendrix D.V.M., Chief Mike Antonucci, Captain Jim Boggeri (not pictured, 2008 Board Member Shari Skinner)

Greetings From Chris Wright, Chairman of the Board As Senior Manager of Corporate Crisis Management for Amgen Inc., I was well aware of SDF’s impressive disaster response work when I was first approached to join their Board. As a proud member of SDF’s team, I have seen first-hand the extraordinary commitment of these men and women, and the amazing abilities of the canines at the heart of the mission. In 2008, SDF returned to its Midwest roots, answering the call for search teams in that region. Five SDF teams now serve the Oklahoma City Fire Department, to be joined in 2009 by six SDF teams in Tulsa and four in Dallas. This will create a solid disaster response force to serve “tornado alley,” one of the most disasterprone regions in the country. With an increasing number of animals surrendered or abandoned by families unable to care for them, SDF is working non-stop to rescue dogs who might have what it takes for disaster search. In 2008, the newly founded Bark Force led the way in canine recruitment, with 56 volunteers combing shelters and breed rescue groups throughout the Western States. Meanwhile, 22 Lifetime Care families stepped forward to adopt the dogs we recruited who weren’t able to complete the program. At this critical time in our nation’s history, fire departments and first-response networks are facing severe cutbacks and disaster preparedness is at risk. But disasters will happen—it’s only a question of time. SDF’s work for America is truly unique. We are a small organization, doing big things for the nation. Together with Executive Director Debra Tosch, I encourage you to make the Foundation a priority in your charitable giving this year, and in doing so, make your own mark on America’s disaster preparedness.

We’ve Moved! Our new address is: National Disaster Search Dog Foundation 501 E. Ojai Avenue Ojai, California 93023 © 2009 National Disaster Search Dog Foundation, all rights reserved. National Disaster Search Dog Foundation, Dog with helmet icon, Bark Alert, Quest, Be Part of the Search, SearchDogsUSA, Good for Your Company - Good for the Country, Dog with Baseball Cap icon, IronDog are all registered trademarks of the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation. The Quest was printed on recycled paper using soy (not petroleum-based) ink.

d i s a s t e r

d e p l oy m e n t s

In 2008, SDF teams responded to six disasters: a landslide, a building explosion, a roof collapse, two hurricanes and a train wreck. Each deployment tested the skill and stamina of canines and handlers, and we salute the hard work and determination of the Search Teams.

Metrolink Crash Chatsworth, CA Deployed: Bill Monahan & Hunter, Dan Solis & Sandi, Ron Weckbacher & Abby On the afternoon of September 12, a commuter train collided with a freight train near L.A., killing 25 and injuring more than one hundred others. Three SDF teams were deployed to assist emergency personnel in the search for surviving passengers trapped in the cars. “When we arrived on the scene, it was tragic. Thankfully, the dogs did exactly what SDF has trained them to do, and impressed the other rescue workers with their ability to search the area so thoroughly and quickly. In the process, they brought comfort to the families, knowing that everything possible was being done to find their loved ones.” - Bill Monahan, L.A. County Fire

Hurricanes Gustav & Ike Louisiana / Texas / Alabama Deployed: Jim Boggeri & Recon, Tom Carney & Gypsy, Linda d’Orsi & Cody, Gary Durian & Baxter, Kelly Gordon & Aspen, Marco Maldonado & Hattie, Steve Swaney & Icon, Julie Padelford-Jansen & Lilly-Belle, Russell Tao & Andy, Mike Taul & Jessie, Deresa Teller & Ranger, Marc Valentine & Val, Jason Vasquez & Maverick, Michele Vaughn & Comet, Su Vodrazka & Hero In September, Hurricanes Gustav, Hanna and Ike pummeled the Gulf Coast. Ike dealt the deadliest blow, taking 61 lives and leaving a wide path of destruction. Fifteen SDF teams were deployed to Texas, Louisiana and Alabama to aid in search and rescue efforts. The teams stayed for up to twenty days, their main objective to “clear” buildings and ensure that no one was left behind. “Comet and all the other dogs did fantastic work in Galveston. Some people thought they might get in trouble for staying behind, so they wouldn’t answer the door. Comet found two families hunkering down in their apartments. One family we convinced to go to a shelter, the other family did not want to leave and sheltered in place.” - Michele Vaughn, Salinas Fire

Roof Collapse - Rosedale, CA Deployed: Dan Solis & Sandi On April 29, 911 received a call that the roof of a building near Bakersfield had collapsed onto an outdoor patio. Kern County Fire was dispatched to the scene, and called in SDF’s Dan Solis and Sandi. The dog finished exploring the area within minutes, determining that there were no live victims left in the building. Thanks to Sandi, a search that would have taken rescue workers many hours to complete was accomplished swiftly, saving precious time. “There is nothing like the benefit of having a search dog on the scene. Within minutes, the search efforts were completed thanks to Sandi.” - Brian Marshall, Kern County Fire Chief

Landslide - Santa Fe, Baja CA Building Explosion - Tijuana Deployed: Luis Garcia & Jazz, Fidel Gomez & Krissy On March 25, SDF teams responded to a Tijuana building collapse caused by an explosion. Thankfully no one was found trapped in the debris. “The dogs did an amazing job of searching the construction site, and very quickly told us that no one was under the rubble, allowing rescue personnel to go where they were needed most.” – Fidel Gomez, Tijuana Fire


2 0 0 8

s e a r c h

t e a m s

The Class of 2008 In 2008, SDF welcomed 15 new California and Oklahoma Search Teams. The handlers and their new canine partners have begun a year of intensive daily training toward Certification. Once Certified, they will maintain this rigorous training regimen to reach and maintain full deployment readiness for the next eight to ten years. Bay Area

Jim Boggeri & Recon (left) with newest partner, Nino

Oklahoma City

L to R: Dane Yaw & Salsa, Mark Edwards & Taz, Brent Koeninger & Huck, SDF Lead Trainer Pluis Davern, Chet Clark & Elvis, Jason Smith & Jagger

The Class of 2009 Handlers have been selected, and canines are now being recruited and trained for this year’s Search Team Roster:

Montebello Fire (L.A.) Santa Barbara County Fire Long Beach Fire San Diego Area Fire Dallas Area Fire Tulsa Area Fire

1 Team 1 Team 1 Team 4 Teams 4 Teams 6 Teams

Rainbow Bridge Sacramento

Tim Robertson & Speaker (above) Dave Stoddard & Rowdy (left)


July 4, 1995 ~ November 12, 2008

In 2008, the last of SDF’s founding search teams crossed the Rainbow Bridge. As the first canine recruited for our Program and the first to be Certified, Ana touched the hearts of many, responding to numerous disasters, including the World Trade Center in 2001, Hurricane Katrina, and building collapses in her hometown of Sacramento. Ana and her handler, Captain Rick Lee with the Sacramento City Fire Department, helped set the standard for future Search Dogs across the country.


July 12, 1998 ~ December 6, 2008

Ventura/Santa Barbara

Andy Warden of the Bert W. Martin Foundation visits with the new teams (L to R): Ron Weckbacher & Dawson, Ron Horetski & Pearl, Scott Zins & Callie, Linda Tacconelli & Joe, Matt Garrett & Gabby


Tammy came to SDF from the Martin family of Ventura, who realized her potential to be more than a family dog when they saw her climbing a tree house ladder to play with their children. Tammy and partner Sergio Morariu responded to the World Trade Center attacks in 2001 and Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Tammy spent her happy retirement years at home with Sergio and his family in Fremont, California.

s e a r c h

t e a m

b e n e f i t s

The Handlers’ Fund With Special Thanks to the S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation and the Dardin Fund SDF provides skilled canines and ongoing training for canines and handlers at no cost to their departments. SDF also offers grants of up to $2,000 to handlers, to cover out-of-pocket expenses such as: • • • •

Regional and national training exercises Out-of-state Certification tests Canine training gear Training equipment, or supplies to build equipment.

Congratulations to the 2008 Handlers’ Fund Grant recipients: • Jason Cornell & Zoey, for travel to a training exercise in Colorado • Johnny Subia & Lola, for travel to a training exercise in Colorado • Michele Vaughn & Comet, for travel to training exercises in Las Vegas and Colorado • The New York Training Group, for the purchase of a Garmin Global Positioning System (GPS) • The Central Coast Training Group, for the purchase of a GPS and canine lifting harnesses • The L.A. Training Group, for the purchase of a “Rock-N-Rescue” canine harness and a GPS • The Ventura/Santa Barbara Training Group, for the purchase of a GPS and video camera. “Money is an issue for everyone nowadays, and the Handlers’ Fund is a nice way to get the equipment we need without emptying our wallets.” – Marc Valentine, L.A. Training Group Leader

The Canine Healthcare Fund With Special Thanks to The Thelma B. and Thomas P. Hart Foundation and the Wood-Claeyssens Foundation Canine Health Insurance A portion of the funding received for Canine Health Care will pay pet insurance premiums for all active Search Teams whose insurance is not covered by their Task Force. Acute Medical Care In 2008, SDF was proud to launch a Fund to cover the costs of veterinary care related to accidents, illnesses and other acute care not reimbursed by pet insurance. The first team to take advantage of the program was Howard Orr and his retired Search Dog, Duke. In June of 2008, Duke broke into a locked backyard shed and ingested pesticide. He was rushed to the emergency clinic and placed in intensive care for several days. The prognosis was grim, but thankfully, Duke survived his ordeal. The vet bill was enormous, with only a small portion covered by insurance. Says Howard, “Watching the vet bills jump up by thousands of dollars each day was really frustrating. You start wondering where the money will come from. SDF’s Canine Healthcare Fund took care of some huge bills, and was a big help to us.” Howard & Duke

Colorado Training Exercise

Canine Healthcare Products Thanks to our ongoing partnership with Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc., we continue to provide Metacam® anti-arthritis medication to our teams. In 2008, SDF partnered with HealthyPets, Inc. to produce Chewable IronDog Joint Supplement Tablets® which will be available to the teams in 2009.

Nutro Food Vouchers In 2008, Nutro Products, Inc. once again offered NATURAL CHOICE® Brand dog food to all Certified Search Teams in the country. Anyone with dogs knows the tremendous value of this benefit.

IronDog Advanced Training With Special Thanks to the Los Angeles County Task Force and the Ventura County Fire Department SDF provides annual training exercises to help America’s Search Teams sharpen their skills. On November 8, SDF hosted IronDog 2008 in Ventura County, CA. Sixteen Search Teams participated in disaster deployment scenarios. The teams searched abandoned buildings, Bonnie is hoisted onto the Naval Destroyer as handler practicing in confined Bill Simmes looks on spaces, dark tunnels and hallways. The canines were transported by the Coast Guard and hoisted onto a six-story naval vessel, where they negotiated steep ladders to conduct a multi-level search. They were also “hot-loaded” onto a running helicopter, and practiced descent on a harness. Our thanks to the many organizations and individuals who helped make IronDog 2008 a successful and challenging exercise for the teams. “We all really enjoyed the opportunity to train on a variety of sites with other SDF teams. How many teams get a chance to train on a Navy Destroyer? ” – Bill Simmes, NYS Office of Fire Prevention and Control


T h e

q u e s t

f o r

ca n i n e s


The Bark Force Dogs with high energy and intense play drive can be hard to manage by families looking for easy-going pets, and many end up in shelters. Dogs like these need loving homes… and a job! SDF trainers harness their natural abilities, transforming rescued dogs into rescuers. To help meet the demand for Search Dogs, SDF created the BARK FORCE with funding from The Stella & Arthur Pepper Foundation. There are now 56 Bark Force volunteers in the Western States. In 2008, Bark Force training events were held in Riverside, Yuba City, Santa Rosa and South San Francisco. Here’s feedback from a satisfied volunteer:

“Thank you for an excellent weekend! I came away knowing the extreme drive we’re looking for in these dogs. It was awesome to watch Fletch work, with all that energy channeled into saving lives. You folks truly go above and beyond any organization I have volunteered for.” –Nick, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA For information, contact Karen Klingberg (888) 459-4376 x 114 or

The Real Meaning of Rescue By SDF Canine Manager Karen Klingberg When Wilma Melville founded the Search Dog Foundation in 1996, her vision was to recruit dogs who had been cast aside by their owners. She made a solemn promise: “Once rescued, these dogs will never need to be rescued again.” This recent success story brings home the meaning of Wilma’s words. In September 2008, SDF was told about a potential candidate at a Northern California animal shelter. SDF Handler Al Duncan offered to test the dog. “I made my way through overcrowded kennels and led our potential recruit down the hallway to the back entrance. It was Monday, when the shelter functions as an animal control center for the entire County and people drop off their animals. On the way to the side yard we saw the remains of many animals who had passed away or been euthanized. Sadly, the first dog I tested didn’t have the attributes we need in a search dog. But as I was placing him back in his kennel, I heard a “thump, thump, thump!” and turned around to see Bella, a small Black Lab, jumping up and down, her eyes fixed on the toys in my hand. I asked permission to test her. Bella stayed completely focused on the toy as we made our way through the corpses toward the yard. She passed the test with flying colors. According to the shelter staff, Bella had been picked up as a stray. Eventually her owner’s family identified her but asked the city to keep her. As it turns out, she is a papered AKC hunting line Lab whose owner was suffering from dementia. The family thought it would be safer not to return the dog to her owner.” On Al’s recommendation, we made arrangements with the shelter to have Bella’s hips and elbows x-rayed, and the results were excellent. Within a few days we picked up Ms. Bella and gave her 10 days of TLC before heading to Gilroy for training. Bella has been in training for three months now, and is a star student!

South San Francisco Bark Force Training

Thankfully, we very rarely encounter conditions like those described above. Our thanks to Al, and to all of our Bark Force members and handlers, who help give these deserving animals a “new leash on life.” 2008 Canine Rescue Partners

The Bark Force Posse NORTHERN CALIFORNIA Andrew Hilkey – Mendocino County Sally Palmer – Mendocino County Laura Rathe – Redbluff to Shasta Penny Woodruff – Grass Valley to Tahoe

Charlotte Debaere – Sacramento Caitlin McCloskey – Ione Area Jill Morgan – San Joaquin & Stanislaus Counties April Quist – Ione Area Andrea Stitcher – Sacramento Lorraine Williams – Yuba City

VENTURA COUNTY Kathy Helmkamp – Simi Valley to Hollywood Mel Marshall – Simi Valley to Hollywood Andrea Porterfield – Thousand Oaks SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA Ellen & Tom Paiva – Bakersfield to Arrowhead Jennifer Walker – Lancaster & beyond

SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA Bob Abbott – Sonoma County Charity Carlson – San Francisco to Sonoma Becky Figueroa – Danville Bob Girolo – Santa Rosa Mary Jane Gunter – Sonoma County Sue Keeley – Oakland Area Glynnis Jones – Sonoma County Laurel Scarioni – Sonoma County Ina Socorro – Petaluma Area Gordon & Theresa Wistrom – Sonoma County

LOS ANGELES Rayna Barker – Montrose Sheri Geffen – Los Angeles Beth Giaririzzo – Valencia & Los Angeles Hsiawen Hull – Los Angeles Peggy Kennedy – Los Angeles Jan Lopez – Los Angeles Karen Saunders – Glendale Vivi Sparvoli – Sherman Oaks Carolyn Squire – Castaic to Valencia

CALIFORNIA CENTRAL COAST Susan Chin – San Jose to San Rafael Jamie Kitz – San Mateo to Monterey Sharon Wolfsen – San Mateo to Monterey

ORANGE COUNTY Annie Brown – Newport Beach, Irvine Deanne Tuggle – So. Orange County & No. San Diego

CENTRAL VALLEY/SACRAMENTO Beth Caffrey – Fresno Jane Crue – Yuba City

WASHINGTON SANTA BARBARA COUNTY Sonya Donaldson – Santa Barbara to Paso Robles Mikkel Becker-Shannon – Pullman Area Katrina Hunt – San Luis Obispo Heidi Miller – Santa Barbara to Santa Maria


COLORADO Sara Clusman – Longmont IDAHO Nick DeMarco & Jan Peterson – Canyon County, McCall and Hailey OREGON Diane Bolte-Silverman – Eugene Dusty & Richard Bouchard – Cave Junction to Grants Pass Lindsy Brock – Albany to Salem Lynn Loacker – Portland Sara Porterfield – Portland

Calaveras County Humane Society – Murphys, CA California-Arkansas Retriever Rescue Efforts – Willits, CA Canine Angeles – Los Angeles, CA Del Norte Animal Shelter – Crescent City, CA Doberman Pinscher Rescue – Santa Paula, CA East Bay SPCA – Oakland, CA Green Hill Humane Society – Eugene, OR Guide Dogs for the Blind – San Rafael, CA Guide Dogs of America – Sylmar, CA Haven Humane Society – Redding, CA High Sierra Animal Rescue – Portola, CA Idaho Humane Society – Boise, ID Longmont Humane Society – Longmont, CO McPaws Regional Animal Shelter – McCall, ID Pets Without Partners – Redding, CA San Francisco Animal Care and Control – San Francisco, CA Thumping Tails Animal Rescue – Los Angeles, CA

l i f e t i m e

ca r e

f o r

ca n i n e s

From Rescued to Rescuer In 2008, SDF tested 195 canines for their drive, athleticism and focus. Bark Force members were instrumental in discovering 62 of these dogs, many on the brink of euthanasia. After extensive testing and evaluation, 21 of these dogs demonstrated the ability to succeed in our program. Twelve have been partnered with handlers and nine are in training at Sundowners. The canines who did not have what it takes to become Search Dogs have been placed with loving Lifetime Care families, and are enjoying “the good life” as family pets. Congratulations to our 2008 recruits! Partnered with a Firefighter: Callie, Elvis, Gabby, Huck, Jagger, Jerry, Nino, Pearl, Rowdy, Salsa, Speaker, Taz In Training at Sundowners: Bella, Fletch, Jackson, Kuto, Martini, Rex, Rico, Stella, Tess

Shelby (aka Cookie, aka Rossi) “All I want for Christmas…”

Rocky: From Search Dog to Super Sleuth For the first six months of his life, the Golden Retriever puppy with a big white spot on his chest was known as “Acorn” by the Balaa family who whelped him. They placed him with a family friend, but after several months, things weren’t working out, and the energetic Acorn was returned to the Balaas. Meeting him in the vet’s office one day, a fireman said, “That dog would make a great Search and Rescue candidate!” SDF soon received a call.

Bark Force member Penny Woodruff found “Cookie” in a newspaper ad. Lab Breeder JoAnne L’Abbe was adopting out this high-energy pup, the last of the litter. Penny saw Cookie’s Search Dog potential, and took home the yellow bundle of energy. After lots of family time and many outside excursions, Cookie was well socialized and ready for her formal Search Dog education to begin. But a few months into training, the newly renamed Rossi became so comfortable at Sundowners Kennels that she lost interest in the Search. She was reluctantly dropped from training, to be placed with a Lifetime Care family.

Rocky finds $100,000 in cash!

Remembers Julie Balaa, “We drove from L.A. to Ojai in the pouring rain to meet Karen Klingberg. It was amazing how well she understood our situation. She put Acorn through his paces, and declared they’d ‘take him in a heartbeat.’ ” Acorn, renamed Rocky, went to Broken Arrow Kennel for a month of basic obedience work, then on to Gilroy for formal training. Unfortunately, he became uneasy on the rubble pile. “Rocky had all the makings of a top notch search dog,” says SDF trainer Sharon Wolfsen, “But he just couldn’t overcome his inability to alert on uneven surfaces.” Rocky’s obedience, direction control, agility and scenting were excellent, making him a great candidate for police work. Rocky was tested and accepted for specialized scent training through the California Narcotics Canine Association. He was assigned to the Brea Police Department, and during his first week on duty made four finds: three drug busts, and $100,000 in cash hidden in a karaoke machine! SDF is committed to finding the very best situation for each dog that comes into our care. For those with the drive to become Search Dogs, it’s responding to disasters at the side of a firefighter. For those needing a different career, it’s a job as a service dog or with a detective squad. For those wanting just love and TLC, it’s life as a cherished family companion. No matter what, we never give up until we find each dog their perfect place in the world.

Enter SDF handler Jeff Ivy who arranged to place Rossi with a fellow firefighter. The Mefford family was anxiously awaiting Karen Klingberg’s arrival when she appeared with Rossi a few days before Christmas. Little did Karen know what a special Christmas this would be for the family: their son Zachary had written a letter to Santa: “All I want for Christmas is a Vanilla Lab puppy. Love, Zachary.” It was love at first sight. “This is the world’s best dog!” said Zachary’s mom, Michele. Rossi is now living the life of luxury with her Lifetime Care family, sharing the bed with her best friend, Zachary. One of the Mefford family’s favorite vacation spots is Shell Beach, CA, and Rossi enjoys it so much, Zachary has changed her name to Shel-by. Life’s a “day at the beach” for this lucky canine.

2008 Lifetime Care Placements Our thanks to the Lifetime Care Families who adopted these wonderful canines in 2008: Brock Buddy Ben Cheyenne Copper Dude Jack Jackie Lexi Maggie Max

Palmer Family Langford Family Bradvica Family Jeremy McWhirter Ken Weizel Brown Family Ballard Family Gooding Family Jim and Dottie Combs Hess Family Kingsley/Wunder Family

Meg MeMe Oaklie Reggie Rock Rossi Sam Toby Toby Tucker Zelda

Loftus Family Thompson Family Campbell Family Abbey Hull Meckes Family Mefford Family Walker Family Conway Family Gilbreth Family Lins Family Maksoudian Family 7

N at i o n a l

T r a i n i n g

National Training Center Update Full Speed Ahead with Site Planning

There’s nothing more basic than having the resources needed when disaster strikes. The time has come to build a permanent home for the Canine Disaster Search Teams who risk their lives to save others. The National Training Center (NTC) will be a place where rescued dogs become rescuers, and where first responders from across the country receive advanced training. Located on a historic 125-acre ranch in Santa Paula, CA, it will be the only facility in the U.S. dedicated solely to the training of Canine Disaster Search Teams. Since there are no other centers of this kind in the country, the planning and permitting process is very rigorous. In 2009, we began meeting with Ventura County officials to work on the Conditional Use Permit. Our application will be brought before the newly-formed County of Ventura Development Review Committee which consists of key Fire, Public Works, Traffic and Environmental Health staff. Each will review the application to provide early guidance on the project. We’re pleased to report that our meetings have been very productive, with SDF and County officials working together to understand the goals and objectives of the project. We look forward to providing updates as the planning process unfolds and the official NTC Fundraising Campaign begins. At that time we will seek the involvement of the individuals, private foundations and corporations across the nation whose ongoing support has given us the confidence to move forward with this historic project.

C e n t e r

What Will the NTC Offer the Nation? • Advanced Training for America’s Teams:

The NTC will give SDF’s teams a home and provide the country’s foremost training for all U.S. search teams. The site will feature unique advanced search scenarios found nowhere else in the country that simulate the conditions encountered during actual deployments, including deep victim searches, collapsed structures, mudslides, and large-area searches. • Search Sites: Rubble piles composed of bro-

ken concrete or building debris are essential to training, but they are temporary and increasingly hard to find. America’s teams deserve to have a training facility they can count on: rubble that won’t be turned into a road. • National Testing: The NTC will be made available to all Federal, State and

Regional Task Forces for Certification testing—a requirement before Search Teams can deploy. • Canine Evaluation, Care and Training: Currently, SDF’s canine candidates are evaluated at a kennel in California’s Inland Valley, a four-hour drive from where they are trained in Central California, a five-hour drive from our headquarters in Southern California. The NTC will enable us to bring evaluation, care and training to one location.

The establishment of the National Training Center will call upon the “can-do” spirit of America, mobilizing the resources, talents and energy of the private and nonprofit sectors to bring a life-saving gift to the community, state, and nation…at no cost to taxpayers.

The projected budget for the NTC is $16.6 million. This includes soft costs (planning), hard costs (building), paying off the land acquisition note, and establishing a maintenance and depreciation endowment fund dedicated solely to the NTC. To date, we have secured $2,838,000, or 17 percent of the goal. A very special thanks to the S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation and Frank B. McGrath Family for contributing significant gifts that helped launch this historic project.

From Lauren Dachs

President - S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation “The Foundation fully realizes the enormous need for the highly trained and successful search dogs provided to our nation by the Search Dog Foundation. We provided a pledge of $1 million to support the building of their new training center to help ensure the continued expansion of their efforts. This is an extraordinary grant on our part, due both to its size and the fact that this program is outside our primary program areas. It reflects how extremely important we feel this program is to our national security and how well the organization executes on its mission—we are truly honored to be a partner.”


Architect Steve Dowty, Board Chair Chris Wright, Planner Erik Nagy and Architect Thierry Cassan consult with SDF Lead Trainer Pluis Davern

From The Design Team “Jensen Design and Survey is excited to work with the Search Dog Foundation on this unique National Training Center. We are committed to finding solutions to the individual planning and engineering issues, while understanding the goals and needs of all those involved with this wonderful and necessary project.” –Erik Nagy, Senior Planner - Jensen Design and Survey, Inc. ( “The NTC project has an entirely unique architectural program; consisting of facilities designed with handlers and dogs in mind, that will efficiently consolidate all of the SDF training operations while minimizing the construction impacts upon the nature of the site.” –Steve Dowty, AIA - Kruger Bensen Ziemer Architects, Inc. (


f u t u r e

h o m e





















S’ F








Founded 1996




Search Dog Foundation National Training Center S A NTA PA U L A , C A





OAD 03.10.09


S e a r c h

The Search Dog Foundation is proud to present the Search Teams who reached significant milestones in 2008. We are deeply grateful to our retiring canines and handlers who have honored us, and dignified their profession, with up to ten years of hard work and selfless dedication. We congratulate the teams who attained Certification or Recertified – a testament to their rigorous training and determination.


t e a m

m i l e s t o n e s

Aspen & Kelly Gordon

Baxter & Gary Durian

Montebello Police Recertification: April 2008 Donated by: Jeff Wenig Sponsors: Judy and Harry Friedman / CH2M Hill Guardian: Sue Officer

L.A. County Fire Certification: February 2008 Rescued by: Jody and Mike Jones - Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue Prep Home: Rachel Hutchings & Jessica Drew Guardian: Jeff Pepper - Stella & Arthur Pepper Foundation

Bonnie & Bill Simmes

Cadillac (Caddy) & Jasmine Segura

Ellie & Eric Hanzelka

New York State Office of Fire Prevention and Control Certification: January 2008 Donated by: Becky Rutledge Sponsors: The Charles Lafitte Foundation / Ryan Zanin Guardian: Robert Montgomery

L.A. County Fire Certification: April 2008 Donated by: Guide Dogs for the Blind Sponsor: Montclair College Preparatory School Guardian: Nancy Stone

Carmel Valley Fire Protection District Certification: February 2008 Donated by: Roxanne Bohn Prep Home: Mary Lippman Sponsor: Diane Wolcott Guardian: Len Hanson

Gypsy & Tom Carney

Hattie & Marco Maldonado

Hero & Su Vodrazka

South San Francisco Fire Certification: September 2008 Donated by: Deresa Teller Prep Home: Stacey Ayub Sponsor: Danielle Boulet Guardian: Geoffrey and Susan Leach

El Cajon Fire Certification: April 2008 Donated by: Canine Companions for Independence Guardian: Patricia Steman

L.A. County Sheriff’s Department Recertification: April 2008 Donated by: Miki Klocke, Bo Harper, Lori Mohr Prep Home: Ben and Wendy Larner Sponsor: Julie Brandau Community Service Memorial Project

f o r

t h e

y e a r

2 0 0 8

Icon & Steve Swaney

Jester & Davis Doty

Kura & Greg Gould

El Cajon Fire Certification: February 2008 Donated by: Shannon Bradford Prep Home: DeMartini Family Sponsors: DeMartini Family / Bowtie Press / Kennel Club Books

Orange County Fire Certification: September 2008 Rescued by: Penny Woodruff - High Sierra Animal Rescue Sponsor: Mars Petcare / Nutro Natural Choice

New York State Office of Fire Prevention and Control Certification: January 2008 Donated by: Canine Companions for Independence Sponsor: Elizabeth Hewitt Guardian: John Ripley

Lani & John Stewart

Lola & Johnny Subia

Marsi & Jason Geary

Saratoga Springs Fire Certification: January 2008 Donated by: Guide Dogs for the Blind Puppy Raiser: Susan Zubillaga Sponsors: Christa Hinckley, Jeff Pepper - Stella & Arthur Pepper Foundation Guardian: Caryn Sousa

Seaside Fire Certification: February 2008 Donated by: James Pogrel - Bishop Ranch Vet Center Sponsor: Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc.

City of Cohoes Fire Certification: January 2008 Donated by: John and Joy Doyle Sponsor: Young & Rubicam Guardian: Janice Kozlowski

Ranger & Deresa Teller

Recon & Jim Boggeri

Trapper & Marshia Hall

L.A. City Fire Recertification: September 2008 Donated by: Deresa Teller Prep Home: Rosemary Schumacher Sponsor: Allstate Insurance (Calif.) Guardian: Linda Vargo

Marin County Fire Recertification: April 2008 Donated by: Mike and Bethanie McGahan (Oak Leaf Labradors) Prep Home: Donna Stephens Sponsor: Ivy Zourkas Guardian: Barbara and Bob Deal

Temple Terrace Fire Certification: May 2008 Donated by: Guide Dogs of America Puppy Raisers: Judi Gomez & Miguel Ola Sponsor: The Allstate Foundation (Florida) Guardians: Janice & Michael Torres, Joan Ambeault


f o u n dat i o n The Lincy Foundation

s u p p o r t SDF’s 2008 Foundation Partners The following foundations invested in SDF’s life-saving work through grants made in 2008. We are deeply grateful for their generous support, and honored to help fulfill their philanthropic goals.

SDF’s Los Angeles and Orange County Teams welcomed Sothida Tan of The Lincy Foundation to a Search Team training in November of 2008. The Beverly Hills-based foundation has helped support the teams’ recruitment and training, and Search Dog Jester—chaperoned by Handler Davis Doty—showed appreciation in his own way. There’s nothing quite like a big “thank you” smooch from an exuberant, two-year-old Border Collie Mix!

Roger and Nancy McCabe Foundation

Animal-lovers Roger and Nancy McCabe (pictured here with niece Darla Huff, right) joined our family of supporters in 2007, after Nancy spied SDF’s Rookie ad in ELLE magazine. The McCabes’ beloved companion of 16 years—a beautiful Black Lab named Miss Bess—had recently passed away, and the couple wished to create a living memorial through a gift to a non-profit that helps animals. The image of the trainee search dog in the ad spoke to the McCabes, and they knew this was the cause they were meant to support. Thanks to Roger and Nancy’s generous gift, SDF is honored to remember Miss Bess through our work. 12

AED Foundation – San Francisco, CA Allen-Heath Memorial Foundation – Ukiah, CA The Allstate Foundation–Florida Region – Saint Petersburg, FL Amont Foundation, Inc. – Atlanta, GA Anastasia Charitable Foundation – Portola Valley, CA Anonymous Foundations (4) The Anschutz Foundation – Denver, CO Antelope Valley Kennel Club – Lancaster, CA Armstrong Foundation – Lancaster, PA AT&T Foundation – San Antonio, TX Anne Wakefield Atkinson Philanthropic Fund – Hayward, CA B & B Foundation – Santa Barbara, CA Evalyn M. Bauer Foundation – Long Beach, CA S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation – San Francisco, CA Stephen and Mary Birch Foundation – Wilmington, DE The Blaine Family Foundation – Wantagh, NY Charles Bloom Foundation – Santa Barbara, CA Employees Community Fund of Boeing California – Long Beach, CA Helen Brach Foundation – Chicago, IL Build-A-Bear Workshop Foundation – Saint Louis, MO The John and Barbara Byrne Charitable Fund – Southeastern, PA Patricia Duque Byrne Foundation – Pasadena, CA The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation – Los Angeles, CA Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians – Santa Ynez, CA Lori Cope Fund – Manvel, TX Constans Culver Foundation – Brooklyn, NY Melvin S. Cutler Charitable Foundation – Clearwater, FL The Dardin Fund – San Diego, CA Disney VoluntEARS Community Fund – Los Angeles, CA Doris Day Animal Foundation – Los Angeles, CA The Drueding Foundation – New York, NY Eric Evans Memorial Charitable Fund – Niskayuna, NY Fludzinski Foundation – New York, NY The Mary Alice Fortin Foundation – Palm Beach, FL Ethel Frends Foundation – Los Angeles, CA Christen C. & Ben H. Garrett Family Foundation – San Marino, CA Gathering Tree Foundation – Clarks Summit, PA Gervis-Lubran Fund – Washington, DC The Giant Steps Foundation – Boston, MA Grainger Foundation – Lake Forest, IL Mary Jo and Hank Greenberg Animal Welfare Foundation – Beverly Hills, CA William H. Hannon Foundation – Santa Monica, CA Harden Foundation – Salinas, CA The Thelma B. and Thomas P. Hart Foundation – Reno, NV William R. and Virginia Hayden Foundation – San Gabriel, CA George Hoag Family Foundation – Santa Monica, CA Hueston Foundation – Cary, NC

f o u n dat i o n

s u p p o r t

Allstate Foundation Hurlbut-Johnson Charitable Trust – Malibu, CA Rex & Nelle Jackson Foundation – Peoria, IL Avrum Katz Foundation – Coconut Creek, FL Lakeside Foundation – Lafayette, CA Laural Foundation – San Francisco, CA Brad Lemons Foundation – Los Angeles, CA The Lincy Foundation – Beverly Hills, CA Ludwick Family Foundation – Glendora, CA Manzagol Family Charitable Foundation – Monterey, CA Bert W. Martin Foundation – Orlando, FL Mathewson Charitable Lead Trust Three – Reno, NV Matthews Family Foundation – Springville, AL MBD Foundation – San Francisco, CA The Harold McAlister Charitable Foundation – Beverly Hills, CA Roger and Nancy McCabe Foundation – Wayzata, MN Marjorie & Richard McGahren Foundation – Naples, FL R. K. Mellon Family Foundation – Ligonier, PA The Neel Foundation – Croton On Hudson, NY Laura J. Niles Foundation, Inc. – Greenwich, CT The J. Robert Nonemaker Foundation – Collegeville, PA Peter Norton Family Foundation – Santa Monica, CA The Gerald Oppenheimer Family Fund – Beverly Hills, CA Pechanga Development Corporation – Temecula, CA PETCO Foundation – San Diego, CA Perri Family Fund – Jenkintown, PA The Margaret Thiele Petti Foundation – Beaverton, OR P.K. Foundation – Beverly Hills, CA Poplock Family Foundation – Naples, FL Ramsay Family Foundation – San Francisco, CA Donald A. Rhoades Family Foundation – Placerville, CA Rohauer Collection Foundation, Inc. – Harrison, NY SahanDaywi Foundation – Riverside, CA Scaife Family Foundation – West Palm Beach, FL The Armin and Ethel Schaper Charitable Foundation – New York, NY Schlinger Family Foundation – Yorba Linda, CA Shenandoah Foundation – San Francisco, CA The Shilling Family Foundation – San Francisco, CA Marvin & Harriet Shogan Family Fund – Englewood, CO Lon V. Smith Foundation – Beverly Hills, CA The Spark Fund – New York, NY Sidney Stern Memorial Trust – Pacific Palisades, CA The George B. Storer Foundation, Inc. – Saratoga, WY Uvas Foundation – Lafayette, CA vanKerkhoven Family Fund – Schofield, WI Bruce and Marilyn Wallace Foundation – Woodland Hills, CA Robert & Kelmor Wallace Family Charitable Foundation – San Antonio, TX The Tracy Webb Memorial Foundation – Woodstock, VA The Weiler Foundation – Palm Beach, FL D. Wilsey Properties Company – San Francisco, CA Wood-Claeyssens Foundation – Santa Barbara, CA

L to R: Dane Yaw & Salsa, Jason Smith & Jagger, Mark Edwards & Taz, Brent Koeninger & Huck, Denis Bailey (Field Vice President, Allstate Southwest Region) and Jim Turner (Territorial Sales Leader for Allstate, Oklahoma).

SDF’s newest Search Teams thanked The Allstate Foundation for its generous support when Allstate agents from across Oklahoma gathered recently in Oklahoma City. Our Allstate friends were happy to meet the new teams and learn more about their training toward state certification. Just days later, powerful tornadoes swept across the state, underscoring the need for this life-saving resource.

Ellen Browning Scripps Foundation

L to R, Back row: Matthew Kirk, Brent Brainard, Aide Barbat, Linda D’Orsi & Cody, Marco Maldonado & Hattie, Richard Smith; Front row: Steve Swaney & Icon, Doug Dawson, Rick Bartlett & Spuds

Doug Dawson, Executive Director of the Scripps Foundation, recently watched SDF’s San Diego teams in action, honing the skills they’ll need for disaster response. His note to SDF Executive Director Debra Tosch captured the spirit of his visit: “Thank you so much for introducing me to your incredible work! I was amazed and very impressed, especially considering that these men and women do most of this work on their own time and at their expense. I have shared my experience and your profound mission with many San Diegans.” Thank you, Doug, for your generous support for the San Diego teams!


s e a r c h

d o g

In 2008, SDF welcomed 13 new Search Dog Sponsors. Each has contributed $10,000 or more, over one to three years, and helped a rescued dog enter the ranks of the most highly trained search dogs in the nation.

s p o n s o r s In Tribute to My Dad

By SDF Supporter Michele Mendoza – Antioch, CA As a Nutro Sales Representative and Pet Nutrition Specialist, I was excited to learn of the partnership between Nutro Products, Inc. and the Search Dog Foundation. I told my parents what SDF does, and they too became interested. As dog-lovers, my parents’ dream was to rescue dogs on their “last legs” at shelters and give them a second chance. Last July my mom made a donation to SDF in memory of my father’s dog, Rodeo. My dad received the card acknowledging this, and was inspired by SDF’s mission.

SDF’s Sponsors (Our 2008 Sponsors are noted in blue) Individuals Ann (Concord, CA) Ann, Paul, Erika, & Matthew (Somis, CA) – Icon Anonymous (Cincinnati, OH) – Jakers Anson (New York, NY) – Splash Betsy & John (Stuart, FL) – Lilly-Belle Christa (Irving, TX) – Lani Clair & Geoffrey (La Canada, CA) – Joe Danielle (St. Jean Chrysostome, QC) – Gypsy Diane (Carmel, CA) – Ellie Elizabeth (Amenia, NY) – Kura Gloria (Philadelphia, PA) – Lilly-Belle Ivy (Gurnee, IL) – Recon Jeff (Sparks, MD) – Splash John (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) – Lilly-Belle Judith (Newport Beach, CA – two sponsorships) Judy & Harry (Agoura Hills, CA) – Aspen Linda (Oak Park, CA) – Gabby Lynn & Glenn (Santa Monica, CA) – Maverick Michael (Los Angeles, CA) – Trevor Nancy (West Hills, CA) – Dawson Neil & Amy (Redwood City, CA) Nelia (Newbury Park, CA) – Trevor Roberta (Seymour, CT) – Brutus Ryan (Charlotte, NC) – Bonnie Sue & Richard (Los Angeles, CA) – Callie Community Groups Antelope Valley Kennel Club (Lancaster, CA) – Hunter CA Federation of Women’s Clubs (Sierra Cahuenga District) – Hattie & Nino CA Federation of Job’s Daughters (Redlands, CA) – Andy & Speaker Montclair College Preparatory School (Van Nuys, CA) – Cadillac National Court Reporters (West Hills, CA) – Jerry, Val & Hero Pebble Beach Riding and Trails Assn. (Pebble Beach, CA) – Comet Companies America’s Tire Company (Westlake Village, CA) – Maverick Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. (St. Joseph, MO) – Lola Bowtie Press / Kennel Club Books (Allenhurst, NJ) – Icon The Butler Company (Dublin, OH) – Gator CH2M Hill (Englewood, CO) – Aspen Classic Media (New York, NY) – Glacier P&G Pet Care (Dayton, OH) – Jessie PetEdge (Topsfield, MA) – Marc Sunkist Growers, Inc. (Sherman Oaks, CA) – Nino Weber Shandwick (Elk Grove, CA) – Speaker Young & Rubicam Brands (New York, NY) – Marsi Foundations Allstate (Rancho Cordova, CA) – Ranger The Allstate Foundation–Florida Region (Saint Petersburg, FL) – Trapper AT&T Foundation (San Antonio, TX) – Cody B & B Foundation (Santa Barbara, CA) – Duke Disney VoluntEARS Community Fund (Los Angeles, CA) – Hunter Dodson Foundation (Santa Ynez, CA) – Cappy The Charles Lafitte Foundation (Federal Way, WA) – Bonnie Stella & Arthur Pepper Foundation (Salinas, CA) – Sandy, Jeb & Lani Bruce & Marilyn Wallace Foundation (Woodland Hills, CA) 14

Sadly, my father, William John Major, passed away shortly after this, on July 19, 2008. My mom thought it fitting to make a donation to SDF in his memory. Dad was a Police Officer and Bomb Technician who had saved many lives during his career. We wanted to honor his legacy by sponsoring a Search Dog in his name. We asked that the dog be named “Major” in honor of my dad. The day this happens will be a very emotional one for my mom and me, bringing together our love for my dad, his dedication to saving lives, and our belief in SDF’s mission.

Jeff Pepper Spotlight on a Very Special Sponsor By SDF Lead Trainer Pluis Davern Jeff Pepper is one of SDF’s most passionate supporters and, I’m proud to say, a dear friend. His lifelong work with dogs, as a highly successful breeder, exhibitor, kennel owner and judge, testifies to his absolute and enduring commitment to ‘man’s best friend.’ Having personally experienced the aftermath of 9/11, it’s not surprising that Jeff felt drawn to SDF. I applaud his enduring dedication to the Foundation and its mission. Remembers Jeff: “Not long after news broke about the World Trade Center attack I learned that my cousin was missing. Like everyone, I was consumed by the events that unfolded in the tragic days that followed. Thankfully, my cousin made it out alive. I was fascinated by the footage of search dogs climbing the smoldering wreckage in search of survivors. I discovered that many of the dogs were trained by a friend of mine, Pluis Davern. I was shocked to learn how few deployment-ready search dogs there were at that time, and impressed to learn that SDF recruits their dogs from shelters and breed rescue groups, rather than purchasing the animals. Training “recycled” dogs to save human lives really spoke to me, and I became a champion of the organization. I am now the proud sponsor of Jeb, Lani, and Sandy, and Guardian to Baxter. In 2008, I was delighted to underwrite the Bark Force, which is helping to strengthen SDF’s outreach to shelters and rescue groups. I’m honored to be part of this important program.”

E n d o w m e n t Endowment Guardians are SDF supporters who have included the Foundation in their estate plans. We offer each estate donor the opportunity to become the “Guardian” of a Search Dog, and receive updates and photos of their dog as he/she trains for disaster response. All proceeds from estate gifts are dedicated to the Guardian Endowment Fund to provide for SDF’s future. Our community of Endowment Guardians continues to grow. In 2008, SDF welcomed 27 new estate donors, bringing the total number of Guardians to 115. We are deeply grateful to these generous supporters who have entrusted SDF with a personal legacy to ensure the future of our firefighters and their extraordinary canine companions.

To become an Endowment Guardian, or to let us know you’ve included us in your estate plans, please contact Suzanne Etschmaier at (888) 459-4376 x103 or (To help with estate planning, SDF offers financial assistance for an initial consultation with your attorney or financial advisor.)

The Search Circle Share SDF’s Mission with Your Clients! Joining the Search Circle is a great way for busy professionals to support SDF without leaving the office. By providing SDF information to interested clients, financial advisors (attorneys, estate planners, and CPAs) across the country are becoming part of SDF’s future.

G u a r d i a n s The Pet Promise People who consider their animal companions as family share a common concern: What will happen to my pets when I’m no longer here? To help put this worry to rest, SDF offers a Pet Promise Program, which guarantees that your dogs and cats will receive lifetime care in a loving home upon your passing. Donors making an Estate Gift to SDF are offered two Pet Promise plans: The Soul Mate Plan: Donors who make an irrevocable gift to SDF as part of their estate plans, and whose gift at the time of their passing is at least $100,000, may have one pet in the program. The Family Plan: Donors who make an irrevocable gift to SDF as part of their estate plans, and whose gift at the time of their passing is at least $250,000, may have additional pets in the program.

These Estate Donors are enjoying peace of mind, thanks to SDF’s Pet Promise:

Pet Promise Guardian Judy Ross with Apollo & Sophie

• Doreen (Danville, CA) – Guardian of Glacier Family Plan for her Goldens: Oski, Arrow and Dazzle

• Judy (Ojai, CA) – Guardian of Dawson Family Plan for her canine companions: Sammie, Jessie, Apollo, Ross and Coco • Mary (Carmel Valley, CA) – Guardian of Ross Family Plan for her German Shepherds: Rose and Bubba • Sue (Pasadena, CA) – Guardian of Aspen Family Plan for dogs Happy, Gypsy, Beau, Sydney, and cats Cali and Aggie

SDF Endowment Guardians (Our 2008 Guardians are noted in blue) Adele (Tequesta, FL) Anita & Thomas (Carpinteria, CA) – Maverick Anne (Houston, TX) Anonymous (Florida) Anonymous (Wisconsin) Barbara & Bob (Crescent City, CA) – Recon Barbara & Michael (Shenandoah, IA) – Sandi Barbara (Camarillo, CA) – Gabby Barbara (Crescent City, CA) – Raven Barbara (Sacramento, CA) Beatrice (Houston, TX) – Wylie Betty (Ojai, CA) – Abby Carl (San Rafael, CA) Carol (Villa Hills, KY) – Pearl Caryn (Pittsburgh, PA) – Lani Christina (San Jose, CA) – Jeb Cindy & Jim (Dayton, OH) Darrel & Judy (Moorpark, CA) – Dawson Dave (Eckert, CO) David (Eastlake, OH) Deanna (Phoenix, AZ) – Marc Delores (Fallbrook, CA) – Lilly-Belle Deresa (Simi Valley, CA) Don & Jana (Derby, KS) – Hunter Donna & Bill (Bloomington, MN) Doug & Patty (Rutherford, NJ) – Annie Edell (Okeechobee, FL) – Brutus Erling (Carmel, CA)

Esther (Oceanside, CA) Ethel (Los Angeles, CA) Gayle (Stillwater, OK) Geoffrey & Susan (Mountain Ranch, CA) – Gypsy Ginger (Prescott, AZ) – Lilly-Belle Gloria (Philadelphia, PA) – Zoey Grace (Castro Valley, CA) Grant & Mardys (Carmel, CA) Hank (Heavener, OK) – Huck Herbert & Linda (Summerfield, FL) Jacqueline (South San Francisco, CA) – Nelson Jane & Donald (Cupertino, CA) – Mocha Jane & Fred (Moorpark, CA) – Pearl Jane (Newport, RI) Janet (West Islip, NY) Janice & Michael (Colgate, WI) – Trapper Janice (Southington, CT) – Mars Janice (Thousand Oaks, CA) – Callie Jason (Sacramento, CA) Jean & Lawrence (Leesburg, VA) Jeanne (Marble Falls, TX) – Tinker Jeff (Norfolk, VA) – Tammy Jeff (Salinas, CA) – Baxter Jerry & Helen (Monterey, CA) Joan (Osteen, FL) – Trapper Joan (Redondo Beach, CA) – Maverick Joanne (Henderson, NV) John (Danbury, CT) – Kura

Joseph & Mary (Canton, MI) Joyce T. (Lincoln, CA) – Brutus Joyce W. (Lincoln, CA) – Dawson Juanita (San Francisco, CA) – Trevor Jude (Las Cruces, NM) – Splash Judith (Dana Point, CA) Judy (Ojai, CA) – Joe June (Oxnard, CA) – Abby Karen (Ojai, CA) Kathy (Los Angeles, CA) – Dawson Kay (Williamsport, PA) – Wally Kimberly & John (Thousand Oaks, CA) – Jerry Leigh (Ojai, CA) Len (Urbanna, VA) – Ellie Lenora (Half Moon Bay, CA) Lerae (Bloomington, IN) Lillian (Crowley Lake, CA) Lillian (San Luis Obispo, CA) Linda & Phillip (Lorain, OH) Linda (Goleta, CA) – Glacier Linda (Lancaster, CA) Linda (Newbury Park, CA) – Cappy Linda (Ojai, CA) – Ranger Lois (Ormond Beach, FL) – Splash Lori (Ojai, CA) – Andy Louise (Lompoc, CA) Lynn (Portland, OR) – Jakers Marilyn (Cambridge, KS)

Marilyn (Sacramento, CA) – Sandy Martha (Remsen, NY) – Sandi Mary & Joel (Santa Barbara, CA) – Callie Mary Sue (Riverside, CA) – Hunter Nancy (Bristow, VA) Nancy (West Hills, CA) – Cadillac Natalie (Royal Oaks, CA) – Speaker Nelia (Newbury Park, CA) – Ace Pam (Los Angeles, CA) – Cody Pamela (Sacramento, CA) Patricia (Sun City, CA) – Hattie Patricia (Ventura, CA) Robert (Henderson, NV) – Bonnie Rosemary (Ojai, CA) – Baron Russell & Nuelda (Austin, TX) – Cody Ruth Ann & Frank (San Diego, CA) – Cody Ruthann & Ed (Oceanside, CA) – Brutus Ruthann (Ojai, CA) – Brutus Sarah & Jim (Fremont, CA) – Spuds Sayde (Nashville, TN) Sharon (Sun City Center, FL) – Lilly-Belle Steve & Christine (Otto, NC) Steve & Jean (Monterey, CA) – Rowdy Tina (North Easton, MA) – Tag Virginia (Cupertino, CA) – Rowdy Wilma (Santa Paula, CA)


Ca n i n e

c o r p o r at e

c l u b

2008 Corporate Donors Astra Industrial Services, Inc. – Newbury Park, CA Browning & Trudeau Insurance Assoc., Inc. – El Segundo, CA CH2M Hill – Englewood, CO Dakota Systems, Inc. – Honeoye, NY Fremont Group Foundation – San Francisco, CA Gus Ernst Co., Inc. – San Francisco, CA Lyondell – Houston, TX McKesson Corporation – San Francisco, CA Ojai Community Bank – Ojai, CA Outlaw Sound – Santa Clarita, CA Small Dog Electronics – Waitsfield, VT Sony Pictures – Culver City, CA Ultra-Temp Corporation – Fair Haven, MI

BIVI’s sponsored dog, Lola, in training with partner Johnny Subia

Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. Metacam® for the Search Dogs’ Golden Years BIVI’s commitment to SDF entered its fourth year in 2008. The partnership continues to center around BIVI’s Metacam®, the Official Arthritis Medication of the Search Dogs. A number of our founding dogs are now entering retirement, and some require pain relief to make sure their “golden years” are as fun and exciting as their working life. Thanks to our partnership with BIVI, these older canines receive Metacam® at no cost to their handlers – a tremendous benefit to the teams.

Marsi holds center court with her pal George Janson (center) for the mediaedge:cia representatives who work on behalf of SDF in the print, TV, interactive and radio sectors

As the affiliation grows in the coming year, BIVI is looking to expand awareness of this support with trade advertising and a toy to be distributed to veterinarians and their clients. The tug-toy resembles one we use in training, and will carry a message about the relationship between BIVI and SDF and how people can become Part of the Search.

Young & Rubicam and mediaedge:cia Keeping SDF in the National Spotlight

Weber Shandwick

In 2002, multinational communications giant Young & Rubicam and its media buying partner, mediaedge:cia, launched a national campaign to raise awareness of SDF’s mission through print ads, radio and TV. Despite economic challenges in the advertising industry, the firm’s top designers and marketing experts continue to donate precious time and talent to the effort, making SDF one of Y&R Brands longest and most rewarding pro-bono clients.

Proud Sponsor of SDF Team Tim Robertson & Speaker

The results of the collaboration, guided by SDF media consultant Margaret Logreira, have been superb. In 2008 alone, three full page print ads—The Pledge, The $10,000 Dog and The Rookie—made 36 appearances in 32 national magazines and newspapers, seen by some 38 million people. Major radio networks, including Citadel, Jones MediaAmerica, Metro, Premiere and Westwood One, carried the SDF ad. The TV public service announcement appeared in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia and San Francisco. The ads have inspired interest and involvement from individuals, estate donors, foundations and companies nationwide, and we are greatly indebted to these friends at Young & Rubicam and mediaedge:cia for their extraordinary contribution:

Mounting an effective outreach to local and regional media is always a challenge. In 2008, San Francisco-based public relations firm Weber Shandwick offered to donate their services to SDF, which enabled us to take advantage of new media opportunities. As a result of this collaboration, SDF was featured in 25 newspapers, 11 online sources, 16 magazines, and on 7 television and 7 radio stations. The company provided special assistance on the announcement of the National Training Center Leadership Gift from the S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation, and a Call to Action for Bark Force training events throughout California. We are so grateful to Weber Shandwick’s leadership for selecting SDF as their nonprofit partner, and look forward to exciting work together in 2009!

YOUNG & RUBICAM: Richard Butt, Yael Cesarkas, Mike Dunn, Tina Geysel, Niketa Gupte, Victoria Kaulback, Kerry Keennan, Caleb Lubarsky, Adrienne Martin, Jason Nitti, Joyce Pedretti, David Ritter MEC: Marci Cohen, Angel Davis, Jennifer A. DiAlto, Carolyn Good, Raymonde Green, Bryan Jackson, George Janson, Thomas Kikis, Annmarie Manboadh, Joshua Millman, Christine Navarro, Linda Ordal, Lauren Rubin, Kate Squillante


Weber Shandwick is the proud Sponsor of Sacramento Search Team, Tim Robertson & Speaker.

Ca n i n e

c o r p o r at e

L to R top: Sherry Cummings (Business Consultant) Celeste Matesevac (SDF Staff), Dr. Manny Ghumman (HPI President), Wilma Melville (SDF Founder), Clark Tran (Marketing Manager), Lou Nicolaides (Sweda Corp); bottom row: Jesse Padilla (Creative Director)

HealthyPets, Inc.

L to R: Janet Reineck (SDF Staff), David Kaplan (SDUSA President), Renee Ganey (Natural Choice Brand Manager), Davis Doty & Jester (Orange County Fire), Kent Cunningham (Nutro Products Sr. Brand Manager), Bill Monahan & Hunter (L.A. County Fire)

Nutro Products, Inc. A “Natural Choice” for the Search Dogs

IronDog Brand: Exclusively Endorsed by the Search Dog Foundation and SearchDogsUSA have partnered to help strengthen America’s disaster response network by launching a new pet product line: IronDog Brand Maximum Strength Joint Supplements. The supplements promote healthy joints and connective tissues in dogs, are made of all-natural ingredients, and are manufactured in the USA. Fifty percent of all sales will be donated to SDF, giving consumers a chance to make their purchasing power count. “We are impressed by SDF’s readiness to leap into action anywhere help is needed, and encourage our customers to become Part of the Search.” –Dr. M. Ghumman, HPI President We hope you enjoy the product and encourage you to support this partnership. IronDog Brand Supplements are available at

AT&T and SDF Partners in Disaster Response While SDF focuses on the human side of disaster recovery, AT&T focuses on the technical side, quickly restoring communications to its customers. Since 2004, the AT&T Foundation has provided generous financial support to SDF, and included our Search Teams in its nationwide Network Disaster Recovery (NDR) events. In 2008, SDF teams Michele Vaughn & Comet and Eric Hanzelka & Ellie traveled to North Carolina as part of the NDR program. AT&T is the proud sponsor of Cody and Linda d’Orsi.

In 2008 SearchDogsUSA entered into an exclusive agreement with Nutro Products, Inc., and NATURAL CHOICE® became the Official Food of the Search Dogs. This partnership grew out of a relationship which began in 2002. Since that time, Nutro Products, Inc. has provided free NATURAL CHOICE® Brand vouchers to every Certified Search Team in the U.S.—a tremendous savings to all the handlers, and a great benefit to the dogs who thrive on this food. With SDF displays in pet stores throughout the country, in the summer of 2008, Nutro customers voted for their favorite SDF Search Team, selecting Davis Doty and Jester as the “Food for Heroes” Team. In the fall, SDF supporters responded to Nutro’s generous gift-match offer, raising $84,000 for the teams. In December, Jester and Davis made an appearance with fellow Search Team Bill Monahan and Hunter at the 2008 Mars Pet Care Sales Conference held near Palm Springs, CA. The company’s passionate, dynamic sales force was excited to finally meet the Search Teams “up close and personal,” and watch them demonstrate the skills used in disaster search. Jester stole the show, dashing through the crowd and leaping onto the stage to make his appearance. If Natural Choice is good enough for the heroic Search Dogs, consider purchasing it for your own “Pet Hero.” Each time you do, your support will strengthen SDF’s Search Teams (visit

Linda & Cody demonstrate training techniques

NDR Events Long Beach, CA - June 2004 San Francisco, CA - July 2004 Saint Paul, MN - October 2004 Houston, TX - February 2005 Bedminster, NJ - April 2005 Kansas City, MO - July 2005 Dallas, TX - February 2006

c l u b

Washington, D.C. - June 2006 Ft. Lauderdale, FL - November 2006 Anaheim, CA - February 2007 Boston, MA - May 2007 Memphis, TN - October 2007 Charlotte, NC - October 2008 Houston, TX - February 2009

SearchDogsUSA provides financial support to SDF and brings national awareness to the charity through product endorsements and cause-related marketing. The funds help underwrite SDF’s publications, mailings and program activities, so we can dedicate a higher percentage of your gifts to program activities. In 2008, SDUSA was privileged to continue partnerships with Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. (, HealthyPets, Inc. ( and Nutro Products, Inc. ( These companies and their employees are making their mark in helping SDF strengthen America’s emergency response network. If your company is interested in becoming Part of the Search, please contact SDUSA President David Kaplan at (805) 649-2328 or 17

c o m m u n i t y In 2008 SDF was honored to work with organizations large and small that supported the Search Dogs in imaginative ways. From ice cream socials and craft fairs to collecting cans and running marathons, each helped rescue dogs and saved lives through their work. (Our apologies to any group we neglected to include here—we APPRECIATE your involvement!) Acupuncture for Pets – Newbury Park, CA Alpha Iota Chapter #2992, Epsilon Sigma Alpha – Anchorage, AK ANIMALOVE – Ventura, CA Arc Aspicio – Arlington, VA Scout Troops (National) Bella Vita Italian Club – Westlake Village, CA Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. – Colfax, NC California Federation Women’s Clubs – CA California Statewide Certified Development Corporation – Davis, CA Columbiettes of Don Bosco – Brooklyn, NY Columbus Chapter 206, Women of The Moose – Columbus, OH Curriculum Closet Productions, Inc. – Chicago, IL Designing Profits, Inc. – Austin, TX Evergreen Design – Winnetka, CA Fireside Bank – Pleasanton, CA Google – Mountain View, CA Indiana Association of United Ways – Indianapolis, IN Julie Brandau Community Service Memorial Project – West Hills, CA Kenlor Management Co. – Agoura Hills, CA Ladies Auxiliary of the Showman’s League of America – Tampa, FL Los Angeles Times Magazine – Los Angeles, CA McMaster-Carr Supply Company – Aurora, OH Middlebury Animal Clinic – Middlebury, IN Natural Resources Defense Council – New York, NY Northeastern Maryland Kennel Club, Inc. – Bel Air, MD Ojai Community Bank – Ojai, CA Ojai Valley Directory/Village Publishing, Inc. – Ojai, CA Ojai Phone Book – Ojai, CA Orange Coast Rhodesian Ridgeback Club – Valley Village, CA Protestant Community Naval Base Ventura County – Port Hueneme, CA Redmon Funeral Home – Stow, OH Rotary Club of Simi Sunset – Simi Valley, CA San Joaquin Kennel Club – Stockton, CA Sunny Cal RV Club – Fountain Valley, CA Tio Gringos, Inc. (Macky’s Bayside Bar & Grill) – Berlin, MD UC Berkeley Police Department – Berkeley, CA Union County Humane Society – Union, SC United Food and Commercial Workers Union – Park Ridge, IL Veterinary Specialty Center – Buffalo Grove, IL Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign – Princeton, NJ West Los Angeles Obedience Training Club, Inc. – Sherman Oaks, CA Willie’s Dawgs – Brooklyn, NY Women’s Fellowship First Congregational Church – National City, CA

Simplify Your Support! Automatic Deposit makes giving easy. Simply ask your bank to make monthly donations in your name or call SDF to set up monthly credit card donations.

Contact Us! We appreciate your feedback on our programs and communications. Contact Development Manager Suzanne Etschmaier at (888) 459-4376 x103 or Suzanne and Sadie


s u p p o r t

Schools Join the Search! Once again in 2008, students nationwide chose SDF for their Community Service projects. We applaud their creativity and passion! Albert Leonard Middle School (New Rochelle, NY) - Student Council Bake Sale Brooklyn College Academy High School (Brooklyn, NY) - Common Cents

Penny Harvest Grant Hutton Elementary (Nine Mile Falls, WA) - Craft and Bake Sale Borland Elementary School (Imlay City, MI) - Hat Day Fundraiser Mountain Gap Elementary School (Huntsville, AL) - Student Fundraiser Ocoee High School Junior Civilian Club (Ocoee, FL) - Halloween Candy-Gram Rolling Hills School (Vernon, NJ) - Second Grade Fundraising Project Taylor School District (Trenton, MI) - Hospitality Program/Community Service Waverly High School Animal Care Club (Waverly, NY) - Animal Fundraiser St. Paul’s High School (Concord, NH) - Walk-Run-Dog Walk/Ice Cream Social

Brooklyn’s “Common Cents Penny Harvest” Each year Brooklyn College Academy High School gathers a “Harvest” for SDF as part of a national penny drive under the guidance of teacher Lauren Popkoff. We congratulate this ground-breaking school, tied for second-place this year among 71 Brooklyn high schools based on its stellar graduation rate. Dear SDF, Brooklyn College Academy chose to fund the rescue dogs because they do a lot for people. They risk their lives trying to save ours. They can reach places we cannot. They can smell way better than we can. They were a big part of the rescue mission on 9/11, and proved that they’re not just another household animal, but potential lifesavers. They deserve every dollar they get, and I’m a proud supporter. Dogs are truly humanity’s best friend. Sincerely, Jahlani Roberts

Jahlani doing research.

Brooklyn College Academy H.S. student, Princess At right, Hannah and SDF Founder, Wilma Melville

Hannah’s Inspiration By SDF Founder Wilma Melville

Occasionally I find inspiration in the most surprising places! In December, this happened when I met a young girl, Hannah, at the press conference to welcome our new Oklahoma City teams. I was truly inspired by this quiet, thoughtful 6th grader who had chosen to write a little book about my dog Murphy for a school assignment. Our meeting was very special indeed, as it was my deployment with Murphy to the Oklahoma City bombing that resulted in the founding of SDF. The Oklahoma magic lives on!


Vo l u n t e e r s

i n

A c t i o n I N

Thank You, 2008 Volunteers: The Heart and Soul of SDF!


Emery Walker

We are so indebted to our friends across the country who take time out of their busy lives to volunteer their talent and their time to SDF. For information about our volunteer program, please contact Sharon Cromartie (888) 459-4376 x102 or

Volunteer Spotlight: Jo Stalder

SDF Loses a Beloved Volunteer In January of 2009, SDF learned of the sudden passing of Emery Walker, one of our most dedicated volunteers. Emery was a much-loved member of our team, always ready to pitch in with a smile. He had a wonderfully wry sense of humor and would banter with us without missing a beat. His keen editing eye, diligence on research projects, and computer prowess helped propel the foundation forward and position us for the future. Emery was a dear friend and is deeply missed by all.

By SDF Volunteer Susan Claar – Oakland, CA

Volunteering for SDF

When Jo was searching for a new volunteer opportunity in early 2007, she was intrigued to learn about SDF. Since then she has become one of the agency’s star volunteers, bringing her natural talents to a wide range of activities, including event coordination and hand-addressing the hundreds of thank-you letters sent to donors each week.

By Jamie Kitz – Salinas, CA

Says Jo: “I love the jobs I do at SDF, which are always varied. I appreciate the positive attitude of the staff and the way they work together as a team. I like working in that atmosphere.” Jo volunteers 20 hours per week and is invaluable to the staff members, who appreciate her willingness to tackle any project, always with a smile on her face. Having grown up on a farm, Jo thought “dogs were just dogs.” Since joining SDF, she has developed a great appreciation for working dogs. “I wasn’t born an animal-lover, but I’ve come to really admire these remarkable canines.”

Office Assistance in Ojai, CA Juliana Adelman Ila & Ron Chegwidden Jim & Dottie Combs Samantha Crisp Merilee, Sam & Christopher Eaton Karen and Kyle Fay Peggy Katsuda Molly Kelsey Katarina & Ivan Matesevac Ginnie McGovern Judy Mize Nelia Morgan Shirley Ramgren Minda Rebello Pattie Ridenour Holly Roberts Jo Stalder Kaitlyn Stuart Jackie Thomas

Writers, Editors & Outreach With special thanks to Jeffrey Chavez, SDF’s Chief Volunteer Editor Lisa Blumenstein – New York, NY Karen Bodner – Los Angeles, CA Shannon Bradford – Rochester, NY Kai Chang – Danville, CA Jeffrey Chavez – El Segundo, CA Melissa Chodan – Elizabeth, NJ Susan Claar – Mill Valley, CA Barbara Deal – Crescent City, CA Rachel Edelstein-Penn – Canton, MA Judy Friedman – Agoura Hills, CA Debra Geiger – Santa Barbara, CA Roberta Hendry – Placerville, CA Jacquelyn Kious – South San Francisco, CA Chris Levine – Santa Barbara, CA Jan Lopez – West Hills, CA Kim McGuigan – Thousand Oaks, CA Penelope Moffet – Redondo Beach, CA Anita Poitier – Malibu, CA


Jamie captains NTC event registration with co-workers Marcia Doty, Celeste Matesevac and Sue Officer

My involvement with SDF started with a spur-of-the-moment phone call to staff member Celeste Matesevac, to find out if I could be of help. Since then, I have volunteered at Graduation 2007, the National Training Center event in May of 2008, and the Search Team demo at the Google campus last fall. I am currently in training for the Bark Force.

Stacey Ayub – Ventura, CA Kerri Candelaria – Whittier, CA Richard Chapleau – Ojai, CA Terri Chapman – Cerritos, CA Marcia Doty – Ojai, CA Jamie Kitz – Salinas, CA Regina Leeds – Toluca Lake, CA Kellee Matthews – Sylmar, CA Sue Officer – Pasadena, CA Photographers Special thanks to these talented volunteers whose work brings SDF’s story to life Susan Claar – Mill Valley, CA Eliot Crowley – Santa Barbara, CA Devon Geiger – Santa Barbara, CA Jan Lopez – West Hills, CA Tony Panzica – Camarillo, CA Karyn Newbill – Simi Valley, CA Beverly Pavone – Ojai, CA Sharon Wolfsen – Salinas, CA

My experiences with SDF have been very positive, thanks to the professional manner in which the organization is run, the enthusiasm and passion of those involved, and the very strong focus of the mission. Being part of SDF’s good work is both motivating and encouraging: the dogs that are rescued for the program, the devotion of the trainers, the Lifetime Care program, and the tireless work of the Search Dogs and their Handlers. It is an inspiration, and an honor, to be Part of the Search!

Want to Read Me On-Line?

Strengthe ning Am Disaster erica’ Respon se Netwo s rk

SDF newsletters are at Please let us know if you’d like us to stop your delivery by snail mail.

SDF Search Teams L to R: Ron Matt GarrettHoretski & Pearl, & Gabby, Sharon Trainers Wolfsen & Pluis Scott Zins Davern , & Joe, Ron & Callie, Linda Taccon Weckba elli cher & Dawson


n n u A l


e p o R t

2 0 0 8


2 0 0 8

f i n a n c i a l

The 2008 Financial Year in Review SDF is committed to ensuring that the funds we receive from our stakeholders are dedicated to strengthening America’s emergency response network. We reach out to individuals, private foundations and corporations across the nation who help us partner rescued dogs with firefighters to save lives. Over the years we’ve created a balance of income streams from a diverse community of supporters.

h i g h l i g h t s


2008 Operating Budget. . . . . . . . . . $1,100,000 2008 Operating Funds Raised. . . . . . $1,303,694 2009 Projected Operating Budget. . . $1,100,000

Income Sources Foundations. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 56% Individuals. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38% Sponsorships. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6%

Expenses Program. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 73% Fund Development. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21% Organization. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6%

In 2008, 56 percent of SDF’s funding came from our Foundation partners who selected SDF to help them achieve their grantmaking objectives. The remainder came from the many individuals, community groups and companies who made SDF a priority in their charitable giving. Workplace giving doubled in 2008, with generous donations from government employees through the Combined Federal Campaign, State Employee Campaigns, the United Way, and company matching programs. We also received a large contribution from SearchDogsUSA, thanks to their ongoing partnership with Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc., Nutro Products, Inc., and a new affiliation with HealthyPets, Inc. These balanced revenue sources have given SDF some protection against a changing economic landscape, and SDF’s leadership works hard to responsibly steward all gifts made in support of our mission. The search starts with YOU, our stakeholders, and we promise to stay in touch and continue to earn, and deserve, your support. Thank you, as always, for being Part of the Search!

The Quest, Underwritten by SDUSA For the third consecutive year, SearchDogsUSA is pleased to provide full funding to underwrite the design, printing and postage of SDF’s Annual Report, The Quest. We hope you find it to be informative and inspiring. Like you, SearchDogsUSA is proud to be Part of the Search.

2008 Balance Sheet

Current Assets. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $3,171,847 Fixed Assets . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $4,006,525 Other Assets. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $15,153 Total Assets. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $7,193,525 Current Liabilities. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $107,787 Long Term Liabilities. . . . . . . . . . . . . . $3,000,000 Net Assets - Restricted Funds (National Training Center, Handlers’ Fund, Equipment Purchases, Bark Force, Lifetime Care, Canine Heathcare Fund) . . . . . . . . . . $1,120,597 Net Assets - Unrestricted Funds (Checking & Savings Accounts, Morgan Stanley Endowment Investment, Pre-Paid Services, Net Income) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $2,965,141 Total Liabilities & Net Assets. . . . $7,193,525



Double Your Donation with a Company Matching Gift! Many supporters boosted their giving power in 2008 through matching gifts from their employers, listed below. If your company isn’t listed here, and you’d like them to match your gift, please contact your HR department or call Suzanne at (888) 459-4376 x103. Allstate Giving Campaign Amgen Foundation Matching Gifts Baird Foundation, Inc. Bank of America BP Employee Matching Fund Canon Financial Services Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation Carrillo Business Technologies, Inc. Charles Schwab Foundation Countrywide Cares Eileen Fisher, Inc. FM Global Foundation Fremont Group Foundation Gartner GE Foundation GlaxoSmithKline Foundation Illinois Tool Works Foundation JP Morgan Chase Foundations Matching Gifts Kraft Foods Matching Gifts Lyondell Merck Partnership for Giving Microsoft Matching Gifts Program Prudential Foundation - Matching Gifts Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Sony Pictures Tenet Healthcare Foundation Wellpoint Associate Giving Campaign

Revenues, Gains & Support Grants . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $729,800 Sales-Merchandise . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $18,783 Cost of Goods Sold . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . -$17,594 Appeal Income. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $172,484 General Contributions. . . . . . . . . . . . . . $235,667 Workplace Contributions. . . . . . . . . . . . . $87,078 Endowment Income. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $156,943 Sponsorships. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $72,033 Underwritten Income . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $20,500 Investments Income. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $59,079 Rental Income. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $23,318 Other Sources (refunds) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $588 In-Kind Donations (Vet services, Nutro vouchers, use of training sites, building of training sites, Google Ad-Words) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,898,903 Restricted Contributions – NTC . . . . . . $1,037,500 Restricted Contributions – Program. . . . $115,491 Total Revenues, Gains & Support. $4,610,573

EXPENSES Program . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $821,856 Canine Recruiters. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $8,700 Program Supplies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $25,013 Sundowners Training Facility . . . . . . . . . $176,615 Vet/Medical Expenses . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $44,046 In-Kind Expenses - Program . . . . . . . . $1,854,473 Depreciation - Program. . . . . . . . . . . . . . $67,935 Administration. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $228,872 Depreciation - Admin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $5,584 In-Kind Expenses - Admin . . . . . . . . . . . . $16,812 Fundraising . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $384,879 Depreciation - Fundraising . . . . . . . . . . . . $19,543 In-Kind Expenses - Fundraising . . . . . . . . $26,418 Unrealized Loss on Investments. . . . . . . $279,604 Investment Expenses. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $139,089 Total Expenses. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $4,099,439 Net Income . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $511,134

Graphic design by Waller Design

Strengthening America’s Disaster Response Network  

National Disaster Search Dog Foundation 501 E. Ojai Avenue Ojai, California 93023 SDF’S FAMILY OF SUPPORTERS – SDF was honored to receive t...

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