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PASTOR: REV. STEVE DAVOREN ASSOCIATE PASTOR: REV. STEVE CORREZ PASTOR EMERITUS: REV. MSGR. DONAL MULCAHY DEACONS: REV. MR. DAN BOJORQUEZ REV. MR. MIKE BURNS REV. MR. RAUL GONZALEZ REV. MR. DON HUNTLEY REV. MR. PHIL JOERGER REV. MR. AURELIO MACIAS REV. MR. ED MILLS REV. MR. CHARLES WESSLER REV. MR. BILL WILSON SENIOR DEACONS: REV. MR. RODGER ADAMS REV. MR. JAMES M. FARLEY SCHEDULE OF MASSES: Monday - Friday: 6:30 AM, 8:00 AM 5:15 PM (1st Friday & Lent) Saturday: 8:00 AM, 5:15 PM Sunday: 8:00, 9:30, 11:00 AM 12:30 (Spanish Mass) 5:15 PM CONFESSIONS: Monday: 8:30-9:00 AM Tuesday: 5:30-6:00 PM Wednesday: 5:30-6:00 PM Friday: 8:30-9:00 AM Saturday: 8:30-9:30 AM 4:00-5:00 PM LITURGY OF THE HOURS: Monday - Saturday before 8AM Mass ROSARY: Monday - Saturday after 8AM Mass EUCHARISTIC ADORATION: WEDNESDAY 9AM UNTIL SUNDAY 9AM IN ST. JULIE’S CHAPEL OUR LADY OF THE ASSUMPTION PARISH SCHOOL: 3169 Telegraph Road Mrs. Patricia Groff, Principal School Office: (805) 642-7198

Solemnity of the Ascension – May 20, 2012

O u r L a d y o f t h e A s s u m pt i o n C a t h o l i c P a r i s h

An evening with  

Paul Brogan  Forgiveness… Great for the Soul, Wonderful for the Brain! Monday, May 21  Refreshments will be  served.   7:00 p.m.  Assumption Hall  Admission is free.    

See page 5 for more information or  The Mission Statement of Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Parish We, as faithful followers of Jesus Christ, create, nurture, and maintain a community of love through worship, reconciliation, healing, formation, education and service. Through Word and Eucharist, we seek the wisdom and guidance of the Holy Spirit, embracing the love of our Creator in each thought, word, and action. As humble servants of God, we remain faithful to the teachings of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, waiting in joyful hope for our Lord’s coming.

3175 Telegraph Road, Ventura, CA 93003 Phone: (805) 642-7966 Fax: (805) 642-7635

Parish Directory / Directorío de la Parroquia ADULT SPIRITUALITY: Patrick Rivera, 642-7966 ext. 114 ALTAR SERVERS: Deacon Michael & Lauren Burns, 642-7966 ext. 145 ARCHDIOCESAN COUNCIL OF CATHOLIC WOMEN: Bernice Critchfield, 339-0480 A/V MINISTRY: David DeVillers, 642-7966 ext. 109 BEREAVEMENT: Ofelia Haynes, 644-3508 Deacon Rodger Adams, 642-7966 ext. 116 BOY & CUB SCOUTS: Kathy Ellison, 658-6844 BULLETIN: Sherie DeVillers, 642-7966 ext. 128 or BUSINESS MANAGER: Lauren Burns, 642-7966 ext. 101 CATHOLIC CHARITIES: 303 N. Ventura Avenue, 643-4694 CATHOLIC DETENTION MINISTRY: Margaret Oberon, 794-0267 CATHOLIC HOMESCHOOLING SUPPORT: Mary Kielas, 650-7870 CHILDRENS CHOIR: Cheryl Kewley, 816-2252 CHILDRENS STRING ENSEMBLE: Peter Shuere, 805-647-9998 CONFIRMATION: ADULT: Deacon Bill Wilson 642-7966 ext. 108 YOUTH: Karen Reynolds, 642-7966 ext. 121 DIRECTOR OF MUSIC: Vincent Dominguez, 642-7966 ext. 122 END OF LIFE MINISTRY: Mary Ellen Farley, 643-5262 EUCHARISTIC ADORATION: Elizabeth Wurts, 644-8395 Mary Ann Decaen, 644-2160 EUCHARISTIC MINISTERS: Deacon Bill Wilson, 642-7966 ext. 108 EVENT COORDINATOR: Diane Frantela 642-7966 ext. 133 FAMILIES OF NAZARETH: Phyllis Crews, 643-5361 FAMILY TO FAMILY: Mary Braitman, 647-5278 Albert & Janet Karian, 644-0660 FINANCE COUNCIL: Mike Coulson 642-7966 FOOD BASKETS: Jerry Deal, FRIENDSHIP SUNDAY: Darlene Holaway, 642-7966 ext. 118 GRUPO GUADALUPANO: Blanca Macias, 642-7966 ext. 129 HEALTH MINISTRY: Dottie Rowins, HERMITS OF ST. GILES: Mark Andrew Dextraze, 647-9089 HISPANIC MINISTRY (MINISTERIO HISPANO): Rosario Gonzalez, 642-7966 ext. 149 INFANT BAPTISM PREPARATION: Pre-baptism instruction required. English: Deacon Rodger Adams, 642-7966 ext.116 Spanish: Deacon Aurelio Macias, 642-7966 ext. 129 KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS: Jose Rodriguez, 207-4371 LECTORS: Deacon Charles Wessler, 642-7966 ext. 126 LIVING MATRIMONY: Patrick Rivera, 642-7966 ext. 114 MARRIAGE ENCOUNTER: Russ & Jeanine Walker, 648-4244 MARRIAGES: To schedule date & meeting with priest or deacon, 642-7966 Wedding ceremony coordinators: Sherie DeVillers, 415-0639 and Jeannie Hernandez, 815-2025 MEN’S MINISTRY: Patrick Rivera, 642-7966 ext. 114 MIDDLE SCHOOL (THE EDGE): Zach Eckert, 642-7966 ext. 125

MINISTRY TO THE SICK: Contact the Parish office, 642-7966 MOM’S GROUP: Jeanine Walker, 648-4244 M.O.M.S. MORNING: Maria Lawson, 665-8112 MOTHER’S PRAYER: Lisa O’Brien, 659-5307 NURSERY: Darlene Holaway, 642-7966 ext.118 OLA CLASSICS: Mary Kielas, 650-7870 PARISH PASTORAL COUNCIL: Jack Tingstrom, 647 3689 Spanish Contact (en Español): Tony Altorre, PARISH PRAYER CHAIN: Juanita Trine, 644-5967 RCIA: Deacon Don Huntley 642-7966 ext. 123 or RELIGIOUS EDUCATION: Darlene Holaway, 642-7966 ext.118 RESPECT LIFE: Patty Berry, 642-4928 or Dea Boehme, RETROUVAILLE REDISCOVERY: Paul & Marisa Montgomery, 642-4023 RIDES TO MASS: John Stebbins, 644-4674 ROSARY MAKERS: Aurora Gonzales, 654-0316 SACRISTANS: Deacon Phil and Mari Joerger, 642-7966 ext. 148 SAFEGUARD THE CHILDREN: Dea Boehme 642-7966 ST. VINCENT DE PAUL SOCIETY: 642-4104 SECULAR FRANCISCAN: Pauline Riendeau, 339-9446 SPANISH BAPTISM PREP. Deacon Aurelio Macias, 642-7966 ext. 129 ST. BONAVENTURE HIGH SCHOOL: 3167 Telegraph Road Mr. Marc Groff, Principal. School Office: (805) 648-6836 STEWARDSHIP: David DeVillers, 642-7966 ext. 109 SUNDAY SCHOOL: Jenny Elliott at 642-7966 ext. 124 , USHERS: Ric Ruffinelli, 642-8797 VICTIMS ASSISTANCE: Suzanne Healy, LMFT 213-637-7650 VOCATIONS: Father Steven Correz, 642-7966 ext. 106 VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR: David DeVillers, 642-7966 ext. 109 or WELCOME COMMITTEE: Sherie DeVillers at 642-7966 ext. 128 or WOMEN’S MINISTRY: Kati Escallier, or 642-7966 ext. 142 YOUNG ADULT (FRASSATI): Jenny Svoboda, YOUTH MINISTRY: Karen Reynolds, 642-7966 ext. 121 YLI-CATHOLIC WOMEN’S ORGANIZATION: Maria Fielding 256-7570

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Please email all bulletin announcements by FRIDAYS AT 5PM (10 days before the bulletin is distributed) to Thank you!

Calendar of Upcoming Events Date


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May 21

Paul Brogan Talk on Forgiveness


June 1

Coffee House Night


June 3

Blood Drive


June 8

Parish Volunteer Appreciation Dinner


June 11

Monsignor Mulcahy Golf Tournament


Parish News

Parish News Our Lady of the Assumption Church ————— Parish Office Hours —————

WELCOME The entire parish family of Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Church would like to extend a warm greeting to those who are visiting or are new to our parish home. All are welcome here and received with love. Do you have questions? Please come in to the rectory office or call us at 805 642-7966.

Monday through Friday 8:30am to 8:00pm Saturday 8:30am to 12:00pm Sunday 9:00am to 2:00pm

———— Together in Mission Update ——— 2012 Annual Appeal Parish Goal: $ 127,232.60 Amount Pledged: $ 110,656.00 Amount Paid: $ 78,382.00 Balance: $ 48,850.60

————–—- Parking Lot News ————— We recognize that parking can be very challenging depending on the level of activity at the church and schools. From now on, both gates next to OLA school will be opened on Sundays and for special events in order to provide additional parking. The St. Bonaventure lot continues to be available for overflow parking as well.

Mass Intentions Monday, May 21 6:30 Jack Gaffney (D) & Norma Tonello (D) 8:00 Annette Normandeau (D) & Edward Gomez (D)

———— Bulletin Deadline ————

Tuesday, May 22 6:30 Jack Gaffney (D) & Norma Tonello (D) 8:00 Frank Skowron (D) & Norma Tonello (D)

June 3 bulletin—Due by May 25 Please send all bulletin submissions to or use the Bulletin

Wednesday, May 23 6:30 Theresa Herold (D) & David Schnell (D) 8:00 Dr. Richard Mahoney (D) & Donald Sullivan (D)

Announcement Submittal form on our website at

—— Pulpit Announcement Deadline ——

Thursday, May 24 6:30 Joe Bensor (D) & Angel Garcia (D) 8:00 Don Reiman (D) & Lynn Kretschmer (L)

May 27 Masses—Due by May 24 at noon Please send pulpit announcements to

—————WEEKLY OFFERINGS————— Thank you for your continuing support of Our Lady of the Assumption Parish. For the fiscal year July 1, 2011 - June 30, 2012, our parish budget calls for $21,751.00 to be donated weekly at the Sunday collection. The collection for Sunday, May 6, 2012 was $20,748.00 in addition to approximately $1,958.75 which is donated weekly in May via automatic debit. The collection is not only used for operating expenses each week, but also for any ongoing repair work, upgrades, etc. to our parish facility.

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Friday, May 25 6:30 Jack Dempster (L) & Fr. Chris Owczarek (L) 8:00 Sebio Lagpacan (D) & Joseph McGrath (D) Saturday, May 26 8:00 Frances Jurski (D) & Leo Stinson (D) 5:15 David & Magali Hudoba (L) Sunday, May 27 8:00 Fr. Alexander Lewis (D) & Otilia Interiano (D) 9:30 Mass for the People 11:00 Moon & Brown Families (D) & Maria R. Coppo (D) 12:30 Misa Para La Gente 5:15 Frank & Pat McCallick (D)

Safe Environment

Stewardship Prayer Heavenly Father - in Baptism, You called me by name. You blessed me with time, gifted me with talents, and provided me with treasure. Bless me with Your guidance to become the person You created me to be. Amen

—–——— Safeguard The Children ——–—— The establishment of the Office of Safeguard the Children in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and the formation of Safeguard the Children Parish Committees in the parishes were mandated by Cardinal Roger Mahoney in 2002. The Office of Safeguard the Children assists these permanent Parish Committees in implementing child sexual abuse prevention education, Safe Environment policies, procedures and resources. Click on for more information. All volunteers working with or around children must be fingerprinted through the Archdiocese and certified in the Safeguard the Children Program Protecting God’s Children. Information for both fingerprinting and Safeguard Classes are listed below. The Virtus training must be updated every 4 years. However, instead of the 3-hour Protecting God's Children program, people can recertify by completing the 1.5 hour Keeping the Promise Alive program. Fingerprinting does not need to be repeated.” For questions, call Dea Boehme at (805) 390-1260 or

Education ——–The Edge - Jr. High Youth Ministry ——

Who: All 6th, 7th, & 8th graders What: A weekend retreat in Ojai Where: Forest Home Camp When: June 8-10th (Friday eve-Sunday morn) Why: Friends, great food, cool activities Questions? Call Zach 642-7966 ext 125

—————Life Teen Youth Ministry————Confirmation Year 1 Sunday May 20th –5:15 Mass and small group

———————Did You Know?—————-—-

BreakOut! Tuesday nights in the youth room from 7-8:30pm

Join us for a Summer Experience New Mexico– June 18th to 25th Nicaragua - June 30th to July 7th Into the Deep – July 22nd to 26th Steubenville San Diego – July 27th to 29th Contact: Karen Reynolds at 642-7966 ext. 121

—————— Adult Bible Study —————— Join us for Father Steve’s Book Review of “Rediscover Catholicism”

For particular help, you may call Assistance Ministry at (213) 637-7650.

Tuesday Mornings at 9:00 am in the Santa Cruz room OR Tuesday Evenings at 7:00 pm in Hurley Hall

———–-— Fingerprinting Schedule ——–—

Come discuss Matthew Kelly’s book “Rediscover Catholicism”. We will address “some of the most important questions we face today as individuals and as a Church.”

All are welcome! For more information contact Fr. Steve at 642-7966.

———— Vacation Bible School ———— Registration Forms and Information Sheets for Vacation Bible School, the week of July 9th, are available at the Church Office and also every Friendship Sunday at the Welcome Table! Please call Darlene if you have a question ~~ 642-7966 ext 118.

What’s Your Plan in the Event of an Emergency? Did you know that every Catholic school in the Los Angeles Archdiocese is required to have a written plan for emergency procedures? The plan must include provisions for fire, earthquake, disaster and evacuation drills and lockdown procedures that conform to local, state and county requirements. Each school’s plan must be updated annually, and made available to parents. Does your own family have a similar plan for what to do and where to gather in the event of an emergency? City and County disaster preparedness agencies are a good resource to use for making your own emergency plan.

St. Jude the Apostle Thursday, June 21st 32032 Lindero Canyon Road, Westlake Village 12:00pm - 3:40pm & 5:20pm - 7:20pm For appointment email: San Buenaventura Mission Saturday, June 23rd 211 E. Main Street, Ventura 10:00pm - 1:40pm & 3:20pm - 5:20pm For appointment call (805) 643-4318

- 4-

Appointments are necessary as schedules fill up rapidly. Please call in advance to cancel if necessary .

Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Parish

An evening with  

Paul Brogan  Forgiveness… Great for the Soul, Wonderful for the Brain!

Monday, May 21, 2012  7:00 p.m.  Assumption Hall 

Jesus is the model of forgiveness and asks us to forgive those who hurt us. However this is not always easy! This presentation will provide you with an understanding of the link between unresolved anger and forgiveness and the healing that can take place through effective interpersonal forgiveness. It will provide you with powerful new ways to integrate forgiveness into various disciplines.

During Paul’s presentation, we will examine:  • How God has designed our  brains to understand, process and benefit from   forgiveness.   • The Way of the Wound:  how insensitivity, maltreatment, and trauma are relived  as hurt, anger, and shame.   • Anger and the Brain:  threat and the limbic system, the choice of forgiveness and  the frontal lobes.  • Health Risks: hypertension, diabetes and heart disease; immune suppression and  disturbed sleep.  • Thoughts that Sustain Anger: What purpose does anger serve? What kinds of   beliefs maintain it?   • Health Benefits of Forgiving: improving cardiovascular functioning; preventing  stress‐related problems.  • Preludes to Forgiveness: clarity of purpose, realizing the cause of suffering is no  longer the original offense but the memory of it.   


Refreshments will be served.   Admission is free.   Donations gladly accepted. 

3175 Telegraph Rd. Ventura, CA 93003           - 5-

For more information, contact Diane Frantela at (805) 642-7966 ext. 133

Faith At Home

Parish Spirituality & Fellowship —————Hermits of St. Giles—————

Adults and Teens: How do you respond to Jesus’ call to tell others about salvation?

Greetings to You,


If God is for us, who could be against us. I grew up when Oxnard was some what of a small town. I never thought of the idea that I could possibly have enemies or someone wanting to harm me. I wanted to be accepted & loved by everyone and wanted to love everyone. It wasn't until seminary of all places that I heard my student director praying for "our enemies". This intrigued me for "our enemies" was hardly a part of my vocabulary or prayer life. I felt bad for him since he believed he had enemies. I had wondered who they might be. Then I got to thinking, the demons sure would be enemies to us. Perhaps these were the ones who my director was praying about. St. Paul says we are not fighting those in the flesh, but the principalities and powers of darkness. (Eph ch6v12) Jesus prayed for His enemies while upon the Cross, "for they do not know what they are doing" . Keep your eyes focused upon Christ Jesus, it is then we will be shielded from the principalities and powers of darkness those who are our true enemies. Pray for those who may have been influenced by them and may have hurt you during your life. "For they do not know what they are doing." Have a most blessed week centered on Christ.

How do you share Jesus with others?

Happy Anniversary! Daniel & Bernadette Uhlar

32 Years on May 17 Steve & Diane Frantela

26 Years on May 24 Mike & Megan O’Neill

23 Years on May 26 Juan & Marinor Torres

21 Years on May 25 Ralph & Paula Gallucci

13 Years on May 14 Tom & Maria Lawson

Please keep your prayer requests and special intentions a'coming... We are here for you. Email: Hermits of St. Giles 647-9089,

10 Years on May 18 To list your anniversary, please email by the Friday of the week before you wish it published.

The Hermits of St. Giles is a lay association of disabled men and women who are homebound because of chronic illness and disability. Their ministry to the church is to offer their sufferings for all through prayer.

Parish Spirituality & Fellowship —-——-Parish Appreciation Dinner———— Dear Parish Volunteers: Our parish continues to grow and thrive as a direct result of the time and talent shared by our dedicated volunteers. I want to take this opportunity to thank you personally and let you know that each and every one of you is a gift to Our Lady of the Assumption. It’s time to honor all of you! You and a guest are cordially invited to our Parish Appreciation Dinner on Friday, June 8th at the St. Bonaventure Athletic Center at 6:00pm. The evening will begin with a social hour followed by a Tri tip dinner then dancing to the sounds of smooth jazz. Join us as we celebrate the blessings our many volunteers have shared with our community over the past year. On behalf of Our Lady the Assumption Church, I thank you for all you do for our parish and sincerely hope to see you there.

—————Prayer Shawl Ministry————— Explore knitting or crocheting as a prayer experience! Devotions and instruction is provided at each meeting. Donations of yarn, knitting and crochet supplies are welcomed and appreciated. Our next meeting will be on June 9th from 8:30-10:30am in the Santa Cruz Room. All are welcome. Please call Jan Parrone at 658-1904 for further information. Or visit To request a shawl for someone in need of prayers, comfort, or in celebration of a birth, please contact David DeVillers at 642-7966 ext.109 or

God Bless, Fr. Steve Davoren Please RSVP by calling the rectory office at (805) 6427966 or emailing Diane Frantela at Be sure to include the first and last names of both you and your guest.

———————Rosary Makers——–-———— Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, June 13th at 9:30am in the Parish House located at 21 N. Dunning St. - 6-

For more information or to have a rosary fixed, please call Aurora at 654-0316.

Parish Spirituality & Fellowship —–——- Book Discussion Group ————


Start out your summer with a good book! Please join the OLA Book Discussion Group on June 11. We will be discussing the book Catherine of Siena: A Passionate Life by Don Brophy. The group meets at 7:00 p.m. in the Santa Cruz room the second Monday of each month. Everyone is welcome-we hope you’ll join us! For more information, call Mary Ann Bognar at 647-0462.

With summer just around the corner, why not spend an evening enjoying some refreshments and watching (or participating with!) some of the talent from our own parish? Our first ever summer coffeehouse night will be on Friday, June 1st at 7:00pm in Assumption Hall! Save the date! OLA Summer Coffeehouse Nights will be a free event and is open to the whole family! The evening can feature singing acts, dancing acts, poetry reading, maybe even some magic acts! It all depends on what parishioners sign up for! Coffee, cookies, and light refreshments will be served, but if you would like to bring any refreshments it would be appreciated.

—–—– Learn Natural Family Planning ——Discover a safe, healthy and effective way to plan your family. Encouraged by the Church, Natural Family Planning is based on modern scientific research and can help married couples to avoid, postpone or achieve pregnancy. It can be used by all women throughout their fertile years, regardless of cycle regularity. Among couples who use NFP, many find that it brings a new dimension to their relationship, making an already good marriage even better. A course will be offered at Our Lady of the Assumption starting June 23, 2012 from 8:45-noon. Cost is $135.00.

To sign up as an act, bring refreshments, or if you have any questions, please contact Vincent Dominguez, Director of Music @ 642-7966 x122. Or you can send an e-mail to

——— Attention Eucharistic Ministers ——— The Eucharistic Minister schedule can be found on the website at If you are unable to be at the Mass you are scheduled for, please find a substitute from the list provided.

For more information call Aaron or Lee Ann Sanchez (805) 650-6734 or to register for a class go to

————— Frassati, Young Adults ————

Contact Dn. Bill Wilson at or at 805-642-7966 ext. 108 for additional information.

Bible Study Wednesdays: the 2nd & 4th Wednesdays of the month What: Bible Study, reflection on the Sunday readings When: 7:00-8:00pm in the Youth Room New members welcome any time!

Rides to Mass in need of additional drivers Do you have extra space in your car to drive someone to Mass on Saturday evenings or on Sunday? Do you have five or ten extra minutes either before or after Mass to pick up and drop someone off? Are you an insured driver? If you answered yes to these questions, then this ministry is for you!

For additional information, please contact Jenny Svoboda at See

Dodger Baseball Game

Please contact John Stebbins at 644-4674 to sign up for this important ministry.

The Young Adult (Frassati) Ministry is hosting a field trip to see the Dodgers play the Astros on Sunday, May 27th at 1:10pm in honor of our own upcoming softball season. We'll be meeting in front of the church after the 8am Mass to grab a quick bite and then carpool to L.A.. Tickets will be around $20 depending on what kind of seating we can get together.

——————— OLA Classics —–—-———— A Sunday school teacher was discussing the Ten Commandments with her five and six year olds. After explaining the commandment to "honor thy father and thy mother," she asked, "Is there a commandment that teaches us how to treat our brothers and sisters?" Without missing a beat one little boy answered, "Thou shall not kill."

Please confirm with Michael Branca if you will be attending at or call 339-9505 and leave a message. Newcomers welcome - we hope that you can join us!

Save the date!! Our Annual Luau Luncheon is on Thursday, June 28th at Noon... more info to follow. Join us for “Friendship Friday” in the Parish Center after First Friday Mass June 1st. -7-

Questions, contact Mary Kielas at 650-7870

Parish Spirituality & Fellowship ——— Support Groups at OLA Church ———

—————– Respect Life Ministry —————

Divorce Care The DivorceCare support group is open to all men and women who are divorced or separated. Whether your loss is recent or many years old, we encourage you to join us for support and to work through issues such as; anger, loneliness, single parenting and moving on. The group meets on the 1st & 3rd Mondays of each month from 6:308pm in the Parish Center/ San Miguel Room. New members are welcome each week! Upcoming meetings: May 21, June 4 & 18

THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IS A PRO-LIFE CHURCH Contact Patty Berry 642-4928 or or Dea Boehme at

"Defenders of Life" Fr. Steven Correz will hold monthly meetings in the Parish House at 21 N. Dunning, 4:30pm, every 3rd Thursday of the month. Come and join us.

GriefShare: Bereavement Support This group is open to any adult who has lost a loved one through death. Whether your loss is recent or many years old, we invite you to join us to find support and help in working through the grief process and transforming the pain into healing. The group meets in the OLA Parish House (21 North Dunning Street) from 6:30-8pm. New members are welcome at each session. Upcoming Meetings: June 5 & 19

LOCAL RESOURCES: Ventura County Pregnancy Centers: 648-3301 Tender Life Maternity Home: 653-7474 Life Centers: 486-2721 M,T,W,F from 12-4:00pm (800-973-7334, 24-hour hotline) Foster Home or Adoption – ASPIRANET – 289-0120 St. Joseph’s Pantry – 2nd & 4th Wed. MaryAnn- 6442160 Tender Life – Dea Boehme at Rosary at Planned Parenthood - Wed. at 7:30am and Fridays at 3:00pm—contact Ana at 218-3093. Prayer for the Unborn at St. Julie’s Chapel - Thursdays at 6:30pm. Contact Gloria at 644-4726. Free Local Services: All services, FREE & Confidential, Pregnancy Testing, and Ultrasound Exams (866) 216-4443

Cancer Support Group A support group for those living with cancer and their caregivers. The meetings will start at 6:30pm and run until 8pm. We will meet at the parish house located at 21 N. Dunning Street. Meetings will continue each month on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month. We hope you will join us to find support and fellowship on this journey. You can also join our email list for the support groups by contacting Veronica Marchese. Upcoming meetings: May 23, June 13 & 27

Diaper/Layette Donation to Support The Life —-——-Centers of Ventura County————

CONTACT INFORMATION: These support groups are facilitated by Veronica Marchese, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. or 665-7511


TODAY, May 20 we will be collecting diapers for the Life Centers of Ventura County. This is an organization that supports disadvantaged pregnant women who choose LIFE.

——— Eucharistic Ministry to the ——— Sick & Homebound

There will be a playpen at Friendship Sunday where you can drop off diapers of any size and other new layette items for babies up to one year old. Donations may also be dropped off at the rectory office until the end of May.

Do you know anyone that is unable to come to Church and would like to receive communion at home? Please contact the church office at 642-7966.

Please visit the Life Centers of Ventura County website at for more information. Thank you!

——— OLA School Raffle Thank You ———

—–—–——— Blood Drive ——————Sunday, June 3, 2012 9:00-2:00 Please give the Gift of Life at our parish blood drive. To schedule an appointment, please sign-up at the welcome table after morning Masses on May 13th or call 654-8104 or online at Questions, please contact Sherie at 477-1243 or


OLA Raffle 2012 - Won by an OLA Parishioner!! Thank You OLA Parish. Congratulations to our parish’s very own Ludi Hibbler, who won the Grand Prize of a $2,000 American Express Gift Card. She bought her ticket after Mass from an OLA student a few weeks ago and her lucky name was drawn at the OLA Auction Dinner Dance last Saturday. We achieved spectacular success this year with our raffle and are proud to report that over $9,000 came from our parishioners! We cannot thank OLA’s parishioners enough for always supporting our school and our students. We are very blessed to be affiliated with such an amazing parish. Thank you & God Bless you.

Parish Spirituality & Fellowship ——— OLA Monsignor Mulcahy ——— Golf Tournament

—–—–——— Men’s Ministry ——————Wednesday mornings at 5:45am in Assumption Hall.

Monday, June 11, 2012 Los Posas Country Club

Contact Patrick Rivera for more information at 642-7966 ext. 114.

If you are interested in golfing or being a sponsor please call Gina Ravenscroft at (642-7198 or Kristine Behrens at 216-1077

———————— Bingo ————————– Sunday, May 27th 2:00 in the Parish Center Contact Sylvia Barnes at 648-7040

——-————Women’s Ministry————-——

————— Eucharistic Adoration —————

The purpose of this study is to help each person enter into a closer love relationship with God by opening our hearts and minds to God through Bible Study, Meditation & Contemplation. Join us for a 7 week Summer Study of the Letters of Peter. Beginning June 18 Monday evenings 6:30 – 8:00pm in Hurley Hall. Study materials will be provided. (Please bring your Catholic Bible). Cost is $25 per person. Scholarships are available. Please pre-register by calling Kati Escallier at 642-7966 ext. 142, or submit a registration form to the parish office.

OLA Women’s Ministry presents a Bible Study

“A Journey From the Head to The Heart”.  

St. Julie’s Chapel

St. Julie’s Chapel is open from 8am to 9pm DAILY. You do not need to be signed up for an hour of adoration to stop by the chapel to pray and enjoy some personal time with God. Please stop by anytime to pray for a few minutes or as long as you like!

We especially need committed adorers the following times:

Fridays Saturdays

3:00-4:00am & 3:00-4:00pm 6:00-7:00pm

Also Needed: Substitute Adorers If you are able to commit to one of these times, contact Mary Ann at 644-2160 or Elizabeth at 644-8395.

Women’s Bible Study “A Journey From the Head to the Heart” Starting June 18th, 6:30 – 8:00pm for 7 weeks.

—–——- Greeters at Mass Needed ————


Greeters are needed for the 5:15pm Mass on Saturday. If this is the Mass you attend and can come a few minutes early, please consider sharing the gift of hospitality then. Please contact Darlene at 642-7966 ext. 118.

Phone:________________________________________ E-Mail:________________________________________

————- Weight Watchers at OLA ————

$25 paid: Check______________Cash:$_____________ Make Check payable to Our Lady of The Assumption Church (women’s Ministry)

Check out our very own OLA’s WeightWatchers group. We meet weekly on Saturdays, at 9 am, in the Parish House. Questions? Contact Dea Boehme at (805) 390-1260, or our WeightWatchers leader, Lillian, at (805) 584-0133.

Jobs...One Person at a Time

—–— Families of Nazareth Movement ——–

Hello, my name is Karen Paterson. I am a parishioner of OLA and I am seeking a full time position as a medical assistant. I have 15 yrs experience as a back office medical assistant and I'm available immediately. Please call 805-258-3723 or e-mail me at Thank you, Karen

Go Into The World And Proclaim The Gospel "Everything that you do should serve to build and expand the kingdom of God." Fr. Tadeusz Dajczer, The Gift of Faith, page 199

Meetings are Tuesday mornings at 9:15am & Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm.

—–— Gift Shop Part Time Position Open —— The Mission Gift Shop is accepting applications for a part time (Saturday and Sunday) bilingual applicant. Please come to the gift shop during the week for an application.

For additional information, please contact Lyla Alexander at 644-5795. -9-

In The Community

Ministerio Hispano

——— Day of Enrichment for Disabled ——–

—–— Oración de Corresponsabilidad —–—

The meeting of the West Ventura County Handicapables will offer a day of spiritual and social enrichment for all physically disabled people Saturday, June 2, 2012 at Mary Star of the Sea Church, 463 West Pleasant Valley Road, Oxnard. Registration and get acquainted time is at 11:00am. Mass is at 11:30 followed by a luncheon and entertainment. No charge. For more information, contact Mary Clary at 646-7441

Padre Santo, en mi Bautismo, me llamaste por mi nombre. Me consagraste dándome tiempo, regalándome talentos, y me proporcionaste un tesoro. Bendíceme y guíame para poder ser la persona que quieres que sea.

Amen Bienvenidos a la Parroquia de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción Horario de la Oficina Parroquial

———–—- Trip to the Holy Land ——–—With Archbishop Gomez

Lunes a Viernes ~ 8:30 a.m. a 8:00 p.m. Sábado ~ 8:30 a.m. a 12:00 p.m. Domingo ~ 9:00 a.m. a 2:00 p.m.

October 10th—20th, 2013 For more information, please contact Judy Brooks at 213-637-7636 or

¿SABÍA USTED? Cuál es su plan en caso de una emergencia? ¿Sabía usted que cada una de las escuelas católicas en la Archidiócesis de Los Ángeles están obligadas a tener un plan de los procedimientos de emergencia por escrito? El plan debe incluir instrucciones en caso de incendios, terremotos, desastres y simulacros de evacuación que coincidan con los requisitos locales, estatales y del condado. El plan de procedimientos de emergencia de cada escuela debe ser actualizado anualmente y puesto a disposición de los padres. ¿Su familia tiene un plan similar para saber qué hacer y dónde reunirse en caso de una emergencia? Las agencias de la ciudad y del condado a cargo de preparación para desastres son un buen recurso a utilizar para hacer su propio plan de emergencia. Para obtener ayuda, llame a la Oficina del Ministerio de Asistencia al (213) 637-7650.

Proceso de Convalidación - Viviendo su ——-Matrimonio como Sacramento——El proceso de convalidación es la preparación Matrimonial para parejas que están viviendo juntos y desean casarse por la Iglesia. La pareja interesada debe tener su acta de matrimonio civil, acta de bautismo, acta de confirmación y acta de nacimiento. El costo del proceso es de $65. La boda se llevará acabo el 22 de Septiembre del 2012. Para mas información llame a la oficina parroquial y haga una cita con el Diácono Aurelio Macias.

———–—- Summer Retreat ——–—–— Hosted by Families of Nazareth Five-Day Retreat: Santa Barbara Mission, Sunday through Thursday, July 15-19 Openness to the Word of God Transforming Faith into Love Hosted by Families of Nazareth Movement. Adults (18 +). Register: or call Kelly at 310-897-0194.

———–—- Religious Freedom Rally —–—–— Stop the HHS Mandate! Stand Up for Religious Freedom! Join the Nationwide Rally for Religious Freedom June 8 at Ventura County Government Center in Ventura On June 8, tens of thousands of faithful citizens will gather in prayer and public witness in more than 100 cities and towns all across the United States to oppose the HHS Mandate and stand up in defense of our religious freedoms. Join the Rally in Ventura and say NO to the new U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Mandate, which allows the government to decide what is a religious ministry and which forces employers - including religious charities - to provide free contraceptives and abortioninducing drugs in their health plans. Event: Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally When: Friday, June 8 at 11:30 Where: Ventura County Government Center, Ventura. Contact: Rally Captain at More Info: Stand with our Church. Stand with our Founding Fathers. Stand up for Religious Freedom, Friday, June 8 from 11:30-1:30.

———–—- Campaña de Sangre ——–—-

———Villanova Summer Day Camp———

Por favor regala el regalo de vida en la Campaña de sangre en nuestra parroquia. Para hacer cita, pueden llame al 477-1242 o en linea Preguntas, llame a Maricela al 477-1242 or - 10 -

Villanova Preparatory School will be hosting a Summer Day Camp for students entering grades 3-8. Monday through Friday, weekly Sessions run June 18th to July 27th. For more information contact Jon Wyers at

5-20-12 Bulletin  

Weekly Bulletin for Our Lady of the Assumption Church in Ventura, CA

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