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ADMINISTRATOR PRO TEM: REV. STEVE CORREZ ASSOCIATE PASTOR: REV. Adalberto Blanco PASTOR EMERITUS: REV. MSGR. DONAL MULCAHY DEACONS: REV. MR. DAN BOJORQUEZ REV. MR. MIKE BURNS REV. MR. RAUL GONZALEZ REV. MR. DON HUNTLEY REV. MR. PHIL JOERGER REV. MR. ED MILLS REV. MR. CHARLES WESSLER SENIOR DEACONS: REV. MR. RODGER ADAMS REV. MR. JAMES M. FARLEY SCHEDULE OF MASSES: Monday - Friday: 6:30 AM, 8:00 AM 5:15 PM (1st Friday) Saturday: 8:00 AM, 5:15 PM Sunday: 8:00, 9:30, 11:00 AM 12:30 (Spanish Mass) 5:15 PM CONFESSIONS: Monday: 8:30 AM Tuesday: 5:30 PM Wednesday: 5:30 PM Friday: 8:30 AM Saturday: 8:30 AM 4:00 PM LITURGY OF THE HOURS: Monday - Saturday before 8AM Mass ROSARY: Monday - Saturday after 8AM Mass EUCHARISTIC ADORATION: WEDNESDAY 9AM UNTIL SUNDAY 9AM IN ST. JULIE’S CHAPEL OUR LADY OF THE ASSUMPTION PARISH SCHOOL: 3169 Telegraph Road Mrs. Patricia Groff, Principal School Office: (805) 642-7198

Fourth Sunday of Easter- April 21, 2013

@ll [r_ invit_^ to Th_ “Tou]h_^ \y C[n]_r” M[ss Mon^[y, @pril 22 [t 6:30 p.m. With r_]_ption to follow in @ssumption H[ll Com_ sh[r_ your str_ngth, Hop_ & F[ith See Page 6 for more information! The Mission Statement of Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Parish We, as faithful followers of Jesus Christ, create, nurture, and maintain a community of love through worship, reconciliation, healing, formation, education and service. Through Word and Eucharist, we seek the wisdom and guidance of the Holy Spirit, embracing the love of our Creator in each thought, word, and action. As humble servants of God, we remain faithful to the teachings of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, waiting in joyful hope for our Lord’s coming.

3175 Telegraph Road, Ventura, CA 93003 Phone: (805) 642-7966 Fax: (805) 642-7635

Parish Directory / Directorío de la Parroquia ADULT SPIRITUALITY: Patrick Rivera, 642-7966 ext. 114 ALTAR SERVERS: Deacon Michael & Lauren Burns, 642-7966 ext. 145 ARCHDIOCESAN COUNCIL OF CATHOLIC WOMEN: Bernice Critchfield, 339-0480 A/V MINISTRY: David DeVillers, 642-7966 ext. 109 BEREAVEMENT: George and Jan Standing-Roberts, 648-1782 BOY & CUB SCOUTS: Kathy Ellison, 658-6844 BULLETIN: Sherie DeVillers, 642-7966 ext. 128 or BUSINESS MANAGER: Lauren Burns, 642-7966 ext. 101 CATHOLIC CHARITIES: 303 N. Ventura Avenue, 643-4694 CATHOLIC DETENTION MINISTRY: Margaret Oberon, 794-0267 CATHOLIC HOMESCHOOLING SUPPORT: Mary Kielas, 650-7870 CHILDRENS CHOIR: Cheryl Kewley, 816-2252 CHILDRENS STRING ENSEMBLE: Peter Shuere, 642-9998 COMMUNION TO THE HOMEBOUND: Irene LaCommare, 750-8793 CONFIRMATION: YOUTH: Karen Reynolds, 642-7966 ext. 121 Adult: Dn. Dan Bojorquez, 642-7966 ext. 146 DIRECTOR OF MUSIC: Vincent Dominguez, 642-7966 ext. 122 END OF LIFE MINISTRY: Mary Ellen Farley, 643-5262 EUCHARISTIC ADORATION: Elizabeth Wurts, 644-8395 Mary Ann Decaen, 644-2160 EUCHARISTIC MINISTERS: Deacon Don Huntley, 642-7966 ext. 123 ENVIRONMENT MINISTRY: Ofelia Haynes, 644-3508 Ana Miller, 659-5547 EVENT COORDINATOR: Diane Frantela 642-7966 ext. 133 FAMILIES OF NAZARETH: Phyllis Crews, 643-5361 FAMILY TO FAMILY: Mary Braitman, 647-5278 Albert & Janet Karian, 644-0660 FINANCE COUNCIL: Mike Coulson 642-7966 FOOD BASKETS: Jerry Deal, FRIENDSHIP SUNDAY: Darlene Holaway, 642-7966 ext. 118 GRUPO GUADALUPANO: Rosario Gonzalez, 642-7966 ext. 149 HEALTH MINISTRY: Dottie Rowins, HERMITS OF ST. GILES: Mark Andrew Dextraze, 647-9089

MEN’S MINISTRY: Patrick Rivera, 642-7966 ext. 114 MIDDLE SCHOOL (THE EDGE): Zach Eckert, 642-7966 ext. 125 MINISTRY TO THE SICK: Contact the Parish office, 642-7966 MOM’S GROUP: Jeanine Walker, 648-4244 M.O.M.S. MORNINGS: Jamie Kuske, 351-5327 MOTHER’S PRAYER: Lisa O’Brien, 659-5307 NATURAL FAMILY PLANNING: Aaron and Lee Ann Sanchez, 650-6734 NURSERY: Darlene Holaway, 642-7966 ext.118 OLA CLASSICS: Mary Kielas, 650-7870 PARISH PASTORAL COUNCIL: Dan McGrath, Spanish Contact (en Español): Tony Altorre, PARISH PRAYER CHAIN: Juanita Trine, 644-5967, RCIA: Deacon Don Huntley 642-7966 ext. 123 or RELIGIOUS EDUCATION: Darlene Holaway, 642-7966 ext.118 RESPECT LIFE: Patty Berry, 642-4928 or Dea Boehme, RETROUVAILLE REDISCOVERY: Paul & Marisa Montgomery, 642-4023 RIDES TO MASS: John Stebbins, 644-4674 ROSARY MAKERS: Aurora Gonzales, 654-0316 SACRISTANS: Deacon Phil and Mari Joerger, 642-7966 ext. 148 SAFEGUARD THE CHILDREN: Dea Boehme 642-7966 ST. VINCENT DE PAUL SOCIETY: 642-4104 SECULAR FRANCISCAN: Pauline Riendeau, 339-9446 SPANISH BAPTISM PREP. Deacon Raul Gonzalez, 642-7966 ext. 149 ST. BONAVENTURE HIGH SCHOOL: 3167 Telegraph Road Mr. Marc Groff, Principal. School Office: (805) 648-6836 STEWARDSHIP: David DeVillers, 642-7966 ext. 109 SUNDAY SCHOOL: Jenny Elliott at 642-7966 ext. 124 , USHERS: Ric Ruffinelli, 642-8797 David DeVillers, 642-7966 ext. 109 VICTIMS ASSISTANCE: Suzanne Healy, LMFT 213-637-7650 VOCATIONS: Father Steven Correz, 642-7966 ext. 106 VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR: David DeVillers, 642-7966 ext. 109 or WELCOME COMMITTEE: Sherie DeVillers at 642-7966 ext. 128 or WOMEN’S MINISTRY: Kati Escallier, or 642-7966 ext. 142 YOUNG ADULT (FRASSATI): Sarah Kern at

HISPANIC MINISTRY (MINISTERIO HISPANO): Rosario Gonzalez, 642-7966 ext. 149

INFANT BAPTISM PREPARATION: Pre-baptism instruction required. English: Deacon Phil Joerger, 642-7966 ext.148 Spanish: Deacon Raul Gonzalez, 642-7966 ext. 149 KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS: Jose Rodriguez, 207-4371 LECTORS: Deacon Dan Bojorquez, 642-7966 ext. 146 LIVING MATRIMONY: Patrick Rivera, 642-7966 ext. 114 MARRIAGE ENCOUNTER: Russ & Jeanine Walker, 648-4244 MARRIAGES: To schedule date & meeting with priest or deacon, 642-7966

YOUTH MINISTRY: Karen Reynolds, 642-7966 ext. 121 YLI-CATHOLIC WOMEN’S ORGANIZATION: Maria Fielding 256-7570 - 2-

Calendar of Upcoming Events Date


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April 22

Touched By Cancer Mass


May 17-18

Relay for Life


June 2

Blood Drive


Parish News WELCOME! If you are visiting or are joining us for the first time, we are glad you came! All are welcome at OLA and received with love. If you are ready to join our parish, we encourage you to fill out the Registration Form and bring it to the Parish Office. Registration forms are available at the Parish Office or on the church website If you have any questions, please come by the Parish Office, the Welcome Table at Friendship Sunday, or call us at 642-7966

Our Lady of the Assumption Church Parish Office Hours Monday through Friday 8:30am to 8:00pm Saturday 8:30am to 12:00pm Sunday 9:00am to 2:00pm

Weekly Offerings Thank you for your continuing support of Our Lady of the Assumption Parish. For the fiscal year July 1, 2012 June 30, 2013, our parish budget calls for $22,474.62 to be donated weekly at the Sunday collection. The collection for Sunday, April 7, 2013 is $24,299.75. The collection is not only used for operating expenses each week, but also for any ongoing repair work, upgrades, etc. to our parish facility. There are many ways to contribute; credit card and automatic debit are available. For more information please contact Lauren Burns, business manager at 642-7966 ext. 101.

Bulletin Deadline May 5 bulletin—due by April 26 Please send all bulletin submissions to or use the Bulletin Announcement Submittal form on our website at

Pulpit Announcement Deadline April 28 Masses—Due by April 25 at noon Please send pulpit announcements to

Year of Faith Weekly Prayer Prayer for Stewardship

Heavenly Father, In Baptism, You called me by name. You blessed me with time, gifted me with talents, and provided me with treasure. Bless me with Your guidance to become the person You created me to be. Amen

Mass Intentions Monday, April 22 6:30 Adoracion Arrobong (D) 8:00 Patsy Reardon (D) & Mariarina Coppo (D) Tuesday, April 23 6:30 Bridget Hennigan (L) 8:00 Agustin & Susie Campos (D) Wednesday, April 24 6:30 Walter Burke (D) & Paul Burke (L) 8:00 Jose Angel Lopez (D) Thursday, April 25 6:30 Joseph McGrath (D) 8:00 Nelson Del Aguilas (D) & Jerome & Margaret Ryan(D) Friday, April 26 6:30 Bill Gundelfinger (D) 8:00 Teodora Sagrado (D) & Nora Ferguson (D) Saturday, April 27 8:00 Secular Franciscan’s Living & Deceased 5:15 Mary Ashton (D) & David Gallegos (D) Sunday, April 28 8:00 Cresenta & Flaviano Casabar (D) & Piza Fam (D) 9:30 Mass for the People 11:00 Antonio & Theresa Moon (D) & Cindy Alexander (L) 12:30 Misa Para La Gente 5:15 Dr. John Chess (D) & Regina Guthrie (D) - 3-

Happy Anniversary!

The Pastoral Letter

Ted & Lynn Kretschmer

“My sheep hear my voice; I know them, and they follow me.”

47 Years on April 23

In our society there is a lot of noise. Unfortunately, the more noise that we hear the more comfortable we become. Most people become very uncomfortable with silence. If you have any doubt of that, please pay attention during the parts of the Mass when there is supposed to be silence. Observe how difficult that is to achieve. Whether it is interrupted by the coughing of an individual, the crying of a baby or the ringing of a cell phone, the silence we strive to achieve is never quite successful. This need for noise and avoidance of silence does not just affect our liturgy of worship, it reflects our culture. Movies, TV programs, even in our music the more noise that is featured the more comfortable we seem to be. With all this need for noise it is a wonder that we can hear anything. That is why it is so important to hear today’s Gospel which is a short one, but a very direct one about hearing the voice of our Shepherd, our Lord Jesus. This can be reflected in a short story about a missionary who worked in a small village, which had a storyteller. Each night, the people would gather around to hear the storyteller relate story after story to the village. While visiting the US, the missionary got an idea to purchase several TVs for the village. Taking them back with him, he eagerly showed the people of the village how to use them. However after several days, he saw the people once again return back to the practice of listening to the village storyteller. He asked them why, explaining that they could easily be told more interesting stories from the television. They explained to the missionary that they preferred the storyteller, because he knew them, and he knew what stories they needed to hear. In the midst of all the noise comes the peaceful voice of the Lord, who directs us to His hope and happiness. So often when we are looking for happiness, we may follow the voice that promises the most. It may be the voice that is the loudest. Or the one that offers the least amount of difficulty. Our Lord’s voice does none of that. He does not promise us an easy path. He does not promise us personal happiness exclusive of others. He does not offer happiness without sacrifice. His voice may not even be the loudest. His voice is however the most familiar. Our Lord’s voice not only calls us by name He always knows our story, He knows our lives. His voice does not just promise us happiness for the things that we want, but happiness for the things that we need. We need to trust His voice, and train our ears to hear His voice in the midst of the noise. As foreign as this may sound, can we quiet ourselves for 5 minutes to start to train ourselves to hear our Lord’s voice? It may be uncomfortable at first but with a little discipline we will hear a familiar voice of an important figure in our lives that is familiar with us as well.

Mike & Barbara Coulson

28 Years on April 20 Bob & Martha Carreon

56 Years on April 21 Don & Fran Dudley

50 Years on April 20 Mark & Marianne Dahl

28 Years on April 19 To list your anniversary, please email by the Friday of the week before you wish it published.

Education OLA Preschool Openings are available for the 2013-2014 school year. Contact Susie Delaney at 642-7198 ext. 213 for further information.

The EDGE-Junior High Ministry Wednesdays 7-8:30pm in Assumption Hall Questions—Contact Zach at 642-7966 ext. 125

Life Teen Youth Ministry Service

Join us the 1st Monday of the month to make lunches for the homeless, 7-8pm in the Parish Center Kitchen.

BreakOut! Tuesday nights in the youth room from 7-8:30pm Confirmation Year 1 Sunday, April 21 – 5:15 Mass and small group Confirmation Year 2 Retreat on April 27th & Sunday, May 5 - 5:15 Mass and small group College Fellowship Thursday nights from 7 to 8:30 at Karen’s House, 33 North Dunning St. All are welcome. Questions and to find out about summer trips— Contact Karen at 642-7966 ext. 121 or see the website at

RCIA – Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults The topic this week will focus on 3rd Mystagogia & OLA Parish Council Welcome Dinner. Contact: or call 642-7966 x123. - 4-

Safe Environment (cont.) Fingerprinting Schedule San Buenaventura Mission Thursday, May 16 211 E. Main St. 12:00pm-3:40 & 5:20-7:20pm Ventura For appointment call 805-643-4318 Appointments are necessary as schedules fill up rapidly. Please call in advance to cancel if necessary .

Safeguard The Children The establishment of the Office of Safeguard the Children in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and the formation of Safeguard the Children Parish Committees in the parishes were mandated by Cardinal Roger Mahony in 2002. The Office of Safeguard the Children assists these permanent Parish Committees in implementing child sexual abuse prevention education, Safe Environment policies, procedures and resources. Click on for more information.

All volunteers working with or around children must be fingerprinted through the Archdiocese and certified in the Safeguard the Children Program Protecting God’s Children. Information for both fingerprinting and Safeguard Classes are listed below. The Virtus training must be updated every 4 years. However, instead of the 3-hour Protecting God's Children program, people can recertify by completing the 1.5 hour Keeping the Promise Alive program. Fingerprinting does not need to be repeated.” Contact: Dea Boehme at 390-1260 or

Did You Know? 2013 ‘Working Together to Prevent Child Abuse’ Brochure available now. Each year, every parish and school throughout the Archdiocese receive copies of “Working Together to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse: Keeping Ministerial Relationships Healthy and Holy.” Published in English and Spanish, the brochure is a helpful guide to the sexual abuse prevention policies, programs and resources that have been developed by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Look for the new 2013 brochure in the parish vestibule and/or parish/school office. Please read it and keep a copy for easy reference. To see a copy of the brochure online, please visit:

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month The OLA Safeguard the Children Committee was started in 2002 in response to the Charter for the Protection of Children published by the National Council of Bishops. Our mission statement provides that “the Safeguard the Children Committee of our Lady of the Assumption Parish, Ventura, is committed to the Archdiocesan policy of providing a safe place for all our children. We pledge to work to restore trust in the Church by learning about and identifying child abuse, and to provide protection, prevention, intervention, and restoration resources. (1/30/03).” - 5-

Committee members consist of volunteers and designated parish staff. The current committee members are as follows: Fr. Steve Correz, Lauren Burns, Darlene Holaway, Pat Groff, Karen Reynolds, Socorro Berberian, Dea Boehme, Maureen Byrne, Sharon Hawkins, Linda Montoya, and Teri Vasquez. The committee provides training for adults and children in the parish, monitors compliance with safe practices and archdiocesan policies, provides educational material and resource information for parents and volunteers, and brings concerns of parishioners to the parish staff. Members of the committee will be hosting a table after the Sunday Masses during April. Please come by and meet us. Victim Assistance: “A Prayer for Healing of Victims of Abuse” and Rosary Reflection As Director of Victims Assistance Ministry for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, I am reminded every day to keep survivors of childhood sexual abuse and their families in prayer. Our survivors have taught us that the path to healing can be a long and arduous journey. One on which, they need our continued support to sustain them! Each of us, as members of our Catholic community can contribute to the healing by being remembering survivors of clergy abuse, as well as all survivors of childhood sexual abuse in our prayers. A Prayer for Healing of Victims of Abuse is a powerful resource, as is the Rosary for Healing and Protection. Both can be found at resources.html. The following is an example of a reflection from the rosary’s sorrowful mystery, the agony in the garden: “Many victims of child sexual abuse suffer in silence for years, wrestling alone with the agony of their memories and pain. We pray that the Church may always be a place where they can come to share their stories, be received in love and compassion, and be supported on the path to healing”. Our office can provide you with an order of worship to accompany this rosary! It is a beautiful and healing prayer service every parish can easily offer for those who have experienced any type of child abuse. For counseling support, we periodically offer a trauma recovery program for persons who have experienced child abuse. It blends education about the effects of abuse and how to heal from the abuse with a spiritual format. Encourage those you may know to contact our office to find out about the support programs we offer. If you have any questions, please contact Suzanne Healy, Director of Victims Assistance on 213-6377650.

Parish Spirituality & Fellowship Together in Mission

OLA Classics Friendship Friday is May 3rd in the Santa Cruz Room following Mass. Join us for coffee, snacks, and great company! Questions? Call Mary at 650-7870

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our Annual Catholic Appeal “Together in Mission”« 2013 Annual Appeal – Together in Mission Parish Goal: $ 128,991.70 Amount Pledged: $ 104,894.00 Amount Paid: $ 69,919.00 Balance: $ 59,072.70 It’s not too late to participate in this important campaign. Pledge envelopes can be found in the vestibule of the church and in the rectory office. Thank you again for your consideration, Lauren Burns, Business Manager

Bundle Sunday The St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store truck will be at our parish on Sunday, June 23rd from 9-2:00. Please start saving your gently used items (clothing, small appliances) to donate on that day. Thank you!

Weight Watchers

Prayer Shawl Ministry

All are welcome to attend a meeting for free to learn about the program. We meet every Saturday at 9am in the Parish House. For more information, please contact Dea Boehme at (805) 390-1260, or our WeightWatchers leader, Lillian, at (805)279-2973 or

Explore knitting or crocheting as a prayer experience! Devotions and instruction is provided at each meeting. Donations of yarn, knitting and crochet supplies are welcomed and appreciated. Our next meeting is on Saturday, May 11th. Thank you all who have donated yarn and supplies. They are very much appreciated.

Intercessions for the Sick

Please call Jan Parrone at 658-1904 for further information. Or visit

There are yellow forms in the vestibule to be used to identify any individuals who have become sick. After you complete the form, it is to be slipped through the opening in the rectory front door. At each weekend Mass, we will read and pray for all the new listings, as well as those contained in the Book of Prayer Intercessions.

To request a shawl for someone in need of prayers, comfort, or in celebration of a birth, please contact David DeVillers at 642-7966 ext.109 or

Secular Franciscan Order

Rosary Makers

St. Francis established the Order of Brothers and Sisters of Penance, now the Secular Franciscan Order (SFO), for those men and women, single or married, who were unable to leave their families and occupations, but still wanted to be affiliated with St. Francis and a religious life. We meet the third Sunday of every month from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. We share in prayer, discussions of spiritual and secular material and fellowship. We also work on individual and group service projects. We meet at Our Lady of the Assumption Church in the Parish Center and welcome visitors to any of our gatherings! Our next gathering will take place on April 21st

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, May 8th at 9:30am in the Parish House located at 21 N. Dunning For more information or to have a rosary fixed, please call Aurora at 654-0316.

Book & Media Sale Collection Books and tapes and CDs of all kinds (in good condition) are now being collected for the annual sale in the near future. Please bring in any items you have to donate as soon as possible to the vestibule of the church. Thank you, Book Sale Committee

For questions or more information please contact Pauline Riendeau at (805) 339-9446

Touched by Cancer Mass

Parish Blood Drive

There will be a special "Touched by Cancer" Mass on Monday, April 22 at 6:30pm. Whether you are a survivor, a caregiver, family or friend or if you've lost someone to cancer, come share your strength, hope and faith. There will be a reception following Mass in Assumption Hall to continue the support for one another. For more information please contact Lois Walker at 644-5811 or

Sunday, June 2nd 9-2:00 Located in the bloodmobiles next to Hurley Hall To schedule your life-saving appointment, please call 654-8104 or go online to


Parish Spirituality & Fellowship Support Groups at OLA Church

OLA Women's Ministry

DivorceCare Support Group: The DivorceCare support group is open to all men and women who are divorced or separated. Whether your loss is recent or many years old, we encourage you to join us for support and to work through issues such as; anger, loneliness, single parenting and moving on. We meet in the San Miguel Room, Parish Center, 6:30 - 8pm.

"A Journey From the Head To The Heart" Bible Study Prayer Lessons resumes April 15th with a study of the Letters of St. John. Monday nights 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. in the Santa Cruz Room. Please RSVP to Kati as soon as possible. Returning participants-a $10 donation is requested. New participants for this session, only $15. We will not be handing out a workbook as this is the last section of the study for this semester. A Catholic Study Bible is recommended. We will also have a short study (TBD) over the summer and then begin our new year of Bible Study in late September with the Acts of the Apostles. Look for more info in the coming months. Registration for the Letters of St. John:

Next Meetings: April 22, May 13 & 27, June 3 & 17

GriefShare/Bereavement Support Group: This group is open to any adult who has lost a loved one through death, whether your loss is recent or many years old. We invite you to join us to find support and help in working through the grief process and transforming the pain into healing. We meet in the Parish HOUSE (21 N. Dunning St.) from 6:30 to 8pm. Next Meetings: April 23, May 14 & 28, June 4 & 18

Cancer Support Group: Are you a cancer survivor or a caregiver? Do you need to lighten the burden a little? Come to the Cancer Support Group meetings and receive a boost to keep you going. We share feelings and concerns related to living with cancer and being a caregiver for someone with cancer. Most of all we share how the journey has strengthened our relationship with God. We hope you will join us to find a community that supports and walks with you on this journey. The group meets once a month on Wednesdays from 6:30 to 8pm. The meetings are held in the Parish House located at 21 North Dunning Street (Please enter through the back or side gate not the front door). Next Meetings: May 15, June 19

These support groups are facilitated by Veronica Marchese, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. or 665-7511

Hermits of St. Giles Greetings to You, You know how we live along the coast and that many mornings we wake up to fog. For me, I would love to wake up to the sun every day of the year. The mornings there is sunshine my spirit is elated and I feel so good, but I know that these days are very special for us living on the coast. The times there is fog just know that the sun is just behind the veil of the fog and by mid day the sun will be shinning. I think often that as we put up with our daily suffering our loving God is always there walking beside us. Just as we may not see the sun it is there, so I know just as I may not see the Son of God He is there. Keep Him close to your heart and just know He is always there just beyond the fog that may be in front of your life. Keep trusting Him and allowing to be close to your heart. Have a most blessed week. Love and prayers, Bro.Mark, Hermits of St. Giles

Name:_________________________________________ Date:__________________________________________ Phone:________________________________________ Email:________________________________(important) Address:_______________________________________ Returning:___________ New:_____________ Please complete and return to the parish office before April 15th, or contact Kati. Save the Date! "Healing Our Heart" A Day of Inner Healing and Prayer - with Fr. Mike Barry - July 13th 10:00am 2:30pm in Assumption Hall. This event will be open to all parishioners. More info to come! Contact Kati Escallier or 642-7966 ext. 142

Families of Nazareth Movement Trusting In The Good Shepherd "It is necessary that at all times you recognize your own weakness and the truth of your nothingness, that you remember always that you will perish if you do not trust in the Good Shepherd." S.C. Biela, In The Arms of Mary, 2nd. ed, rev. (Ft.Collins, CO: IAMF, 2005), 70-71.

Families of Nazareth Movement (FNM) consists of parish based faith-sharing groups whose emphasis is on helping Catholics live out their call to holiness in the midst of the very real challenges of family life today. Tuesday morning group meets @ 9:30 am at the Parish House. Contact Lyla Alexander at 644-5795 for info. Wednesday evening group is @ 7:30 pm in the San Miguel Room at the Parish Center. Contact Phyllis Crews at 805-643-5361 for more info.

The Hermits of St. Giles is a lay association of disabled men and women who are homebound because of chronic illness and You may seek additional information at: disability. Their ministry to the church is to offer their sufferings for all through prayer. -7-

Parish Spirituality & Fellowship Respect Life Ministry

Natural Family Planning


Learn Natural Family Planning Discover a safe, healthy and effective way to plan your family. Encouraged by the Church, Natural Family Planning is based on modern scientific research and can help married couples to avoid, postpone or achieve pregnancy. It can be used by all women throughout their fertile years, regardless of cycle regularity. Many couples find that it brings a new dimension to their relationship, making an already good marriage even better. A course will be offered at OLA starting April 28th. For more information call Aaron or Lee Ann 650-6734 or to register for a class go to

Contact Patty Berry 642-4928 or or Dea Boehme at

Life Centers of Ventura County Open House SUNDAY APRIL 21, 1pm-4pm 600 North A Street, Suite A, Oxnard, CA LOCAL RESOURCES: Defenders of Life: Parish House- 4:00 every 3rd Wed. Please join us for refreshments and conversation! Ventura County Pregnancy Centers: 648-3301 Tender Life Maternity Home: 653-7474 or Dea Boehme at Life Centers of Ventura County: 486-2721 (800-973-7334, 24-hour hotline) M,T,W,F from 12-4:00pm Thurs. 11-4 (free ultrasound) Pregnancy Testing and all services, FREE/Confidential. 522 North "A" Street, Oxnard, 93030 Please stop by to visit and drop off donations. Wish list: diapers, formula, baby clothes baby toiletries, pack/play (no car seats or big cribs) Donations can also be left at the Rectory for Patty Berry who will deliver them for you to the Center. Foster Home or Adoption – ASPIRANET – 289-0120 St. Joseph’s Pantry – 2nd & 4th Wed. MaryAnn- 6442160 Rosary at Planned Parenthood - Wed. at 7:30am Fridays at 3:00pm—contact Anna at 218-3093. Prayer for the Unborn at St. Julie’s Chapel - Thursdays at 5:00pm. Contact Gloria at 644-4726.

Relay for Life May 18th & 19th from 10am to 10am Relay for Life will be held this year at the Ventura State Beach so we can “Wipe Out” cancer. Please consider sponsoring or becoming a walker. You can register for our OLA team at You can also help support The American Cancer Society & Relay for Life by purchasing a program ad for your business. It is a great advertising opportunity. For more information about Relay for Life, purchasing a business ad or luminarias, or participating in the Survivors Lap, please contact Lois at ***Please help Relay by joining us for the Fundraiser at Pizza Man Dan’s on April 30th from 11am-midnight. Please pick up a flyer to take with you at the Welcome Table or mention OLA Relay for Life when you place your order.

- 8-

Eucharistic Adoration St. Julie’s Chapel

Adorers are always welcome. Would you be able to commit weekly to any of the times listed? Wednesdays 3-4pm and 5-6pm Thursdays 6-7pm We REALLY need substitute adorers! If you are able to commit to one of these, contact Mary Ann at 644-2160 or Elizabeth at 644-8395

Many Meals Update Many Meals serves our parish family as well as the community as a whole. Our guests come for a hot meal as well as wonderful fellowship. We are blessed with a dedicated group of volunteers doing many different types of jobs to provide this meal service every week. For those who might not be familiar with how the program works, we have a crew who cooks the meal in our kitchen at Assumption Hall. All of the ingredients for the meal are donated by our generous parishioners. The meal is then transported catering style, to the meal service location where there are several groups of volunteers who set up the hall, do all the kitchen prep, greet and serve our guests, assist them during the meal and clean up. If you are interested in becoming involved in the Many Meals program, please email David DeVillers at We will add you to our distribution list and you will receive a weekly email with the work crew and food donations needed for that week. The program is set up to be very flexible for our volunteers. It is not necessary to make a long term commitment. You simply respond to the email with what you would like to donate or which crew you are available to work with for that particular week. We would like to thank our parishioners for their generosity and continued support of the Many Meals ministry. Please keep this ministry in your prayers. For more information please contact David DeVillers at (805) 642-7966 ext 109 or Diane at ext. 133

Parish Spirituality & Fellowship World Wide Marriage Encounter

“Mis ovejas escuchan mi voz, y yo las conozco, y ellas me siguen”

A Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend will help you enjoy life with a new closeness to each other and God. Come join us for a weekend which gives you the time and tools to revitalize romance, deepen communication, and nourish the spirituality in your marriage. The next WWME Weekend is July 12-14 both in Chatsworth. Apply on line at or call Jeanine and Russ Walker: 805-648-4244.

Health Ministry Blood Pressure Sunday There will not be blood pressure checks available on April 28th as previously published. Please watch the bulletin for upcoming dates and information. Thanks!

Parking Lot Reminder We recognize that parking can be very challenging depending on the level of activity at the church and schools. The St. Bonaventure lot continues to be available for overflow parking as well. Please do not park in areas other than marked spots.

Attention Eucharistic Ministers The Eucharistic Minister schedule can be found on the website at If you are unable to be at the Mass you are scheduled for, please find a substitute from the list provided.

Jobs...One Person at a Time My name is Chris Caldwell. I have 18 years experience painting. I paint interior & exterior of homes, drywall repair, pressure washing & handyman services. I am a honest, dependable & hardworking person. Call Chris at 805-651-9912.

Ministerio Hispano Procesión y Misa de Mayo en la Cruz del Parque Grant Acompáñenos a esta pequeña peregrinación desde el jardín de la Misión hasta la Cruz en el Parque Grant. Nos reuniremos a las 7:30 am en la Misión San Buenaventura el Sábado 4 de Mayo, 2013 para conmemorar la Fiesta de la Santa Cruz. Celebraremos la Misa en la Cruz con el bello panorama de Ventura y el mar. Después de Misa tendremos un pequeño refrigerio.

Para más información llame (805) 643-4318.

Carta Pastoral


En nuestra sociedad hay mucho ruido. Desafortunadamente, entre más ruido oímos nos sentimos más cómodos. Muchas personas se sienten muy incomodas con el silencio. Si lo dudan, pongan atención durante las partes de la Misa cuando debe haber silencio. Observen lo difícil que es lograr ese silencio. La toz de una persona, el llanto de un bebe o el sonido de un teléfono interrumpe el silencio y no logramos ese silencio que deseamos. Esta necesidad por el ruido y el evitar el silencio no solo afecta nuestra liturgia de adoración, también refleja nuestra cultura. Pares que entre más ruido tengan las películas, los programas de televisión, y hasta la música, nos sentimos más cómodos. Sorprende que podamos escuchar con esta necesidad de ruido. Por eso es tan importante escuchar en el Evangelio de hoy, que aunque corto, es muy directo sobre el escuchar la voz de nuestro Pastor, nuestro Señor Jesús. Esto se refleja en una breve historia sobre un misionero que trabajo en un pequeño pueblo donde vivía una persona que contaba historias. Cada noche, las personas se ruinan para escucharlo decir las historias del pueblo. Cuando el misionero visito los EE.UU tuvo la idea de comprar varias televisiones para el pueblo. Con mucho entusiasmo llego al pueblo con las televisiones y les enseño como usarlas. Sin embargo después de varios días, noto que las personas nuevamente regresaban a la práctica de escuchar al que contaba historias. Les pregunto porque volvían a escuchar historias si fácilmente pudieran encontrar historias más interesantes en la televisión. Le explicaron al misionero que preferían escuchar las historias la persona, porque lo conocían, y el sabia cuáles eran las historias que necesitaban escuchar. Dentro de todo el ruido nos llega la vos de paz de nuestro Señor, quien nos dirige a Su esperanza y su felicidad. Cuando buscamos la felicidad, podemos seguir a la voz que nos promete más. Puede ser la voz más alta o la que nos ofrece menos dificultad. La voz de nuestro Señor no es así. No promete un camino fácil. No promete la felicidad personal excluyendo a los demás. No nos ofrece la felicidad sin el sacrificio. Su voz pueda no ser la más alta, pero su voz es la más familiar. La voz de nuestro Señor no nos llama por nombre sino que nos llama por nuestra historia, El conoce nuestra vida. Su voz no nos promete la felicidad con las cosas que queremos, sino la felicidad con las cosas que necesitamos. Necesitamos confiar en Su voz, y entrenar a nuestros oídos a que escuchen Su voz dentro de todo el ruido. Aunque parezca imposible, ¿podríamos estar en silencio por cinco minutos para empezar a entrenarnos a escuchar la voz de nuestro Señor? Puede que al principio parezca incomodo pero con disciplina podemos escuchar la voz familiar de una figura importante en nuestras vidas, la voz que es familiar también con nosotros.

Ministerio Hispano

In The Community Catholic Charities & Knights of Columbus Thank You

Bienvenidos a la Parroquia de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción Horario de la Oficina Parroquial

Thanks to all parishioners who purchased a Maui raffle ticket over the last month or attended the St. Patrick’s Day Dinner Dance. Catholic Charities was able to raise over $18,000 for its safety-net programs here in Ventura County. Thanks also to the Knights of Columbus Council #2498 for all their hard work to make the St. Patrick’s Day Dinner Dance and raffle successful. The Maui Vacation package was won by Stella and Art Dugan, parishioners of the Mission of San Buenaventura.

Lunes a Viernes ~ 8:30 a.m. a 8:00 p.m. Sábado ~ 8:30 a.m. a 12:00 p.m. Domingo ~ 9:00 a.m. a 2:00 p.m.

Oración para el Año de Fe Oración por la Corresponsabilidad

Padre Santo, en mi Bautismo, me llamaste por mi nombre. Me consagraste dándome tiempo, regalándome talentos, y me proporcionaste un tesoro. Bendíceme y guíame para poder ser la persona que quieres que sea. Amen

The Knights of Columbus also take this opportunity to express sincere gratitude to the Pastors of our community Catholic Churches for supporting our efforts to raise funds for Catholic Charities, on the occasion of St. Patrick’s Day on Saturday, March 9, 2013. We would also like to thank: all who supported us by attending/purchasing tickets for the event, those who provided items to be auctioned and all who contributed their time/effort.

Grupo de Oración de la Divina Misericordia Están invitados a este grupo de oración. Las reuniones son el primero y tercer lunes del mes. Nos reunimos en la Capilla Santa Julia a las 7pm. Este grupo de oración abre las puertas a todas aquellas personas interesadas en acercarse a Dios y gozar de las promesas del Señor a Sor Faustina con el rezo de la coronilla de la Divina Misericordia.

¿Sabía Usted?

May Procession with Holy Mass at the Cross at Grant Park Join us as we make the short pilgrimage from the Mission gardens up to the Cross in Grant Park. We depart at 7:30 a.m. from the Buenaventura Mission on Saturday May 4, to commemorate the Feast of the Holy Cross. Following Mass refreshments are served. For more information please call (805) 643-4318

Santa Clara High School Fiesta!

Ya está disponible el folleto del 2013 “Trabajando Juntos para Prevenir el Abuso de Niños” Cada año, las parroquias y escuelas de la Arquidiócesis reciben el folleto titulado: “Trabajando Juntos para Prevenir el Abuso Sexual de Niños: Manteniendo Sanas y Santas las Relaciones Ministeriales.” Publicado en inglés y español, este folleto es un guía útil que contiene las normas, programas y recursos para la prevención de abuso sexual, desarrollados por la Arquidiócesis de Los Ángeles. Busque el nuevo folleto del 2013 en el vestíbulo de la iglesia, en la oficina parroquial o de la escuela. Por favor, lea el folleto y manténgalo a mano para fácil referencia.

Come Back to the Future at Santa Clara High School Fiesta on Sunday April 28th, from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. The Saints honor our past and blaze into the future! Come see what is new, and relive memories on the beautiful Santa Clara Campus. Family fun will abound! Enjoy the car show, food, music, games, raffle, bingo and more! All are welcome to spend an exciting day with the Saints! For more information, please contact Santa Clara High School (805) 483-9502, or

Mass for Catholic Singles The L.A. Catholic Alumni Club, a social organization of single professional Catholics, invites you to the 11:15am Mass on Sunday, April 28 at Holy Family Catholic Church, 1501 Fremont Ave., South Pasadena, followed by brunch at a local restaurant. Please call Bob at 818-894-6123 for further information and brunch RSVP. All ages welcomed. For free calendar, call 818-759-1545.

Para ver una copia del folleto, visite la página web: Pages/CAPM.aspx Para un folleto gratis, llame al: (213) 637-7508 o envié un e-mail a:

Retrouvaille Marriage Recovery Weekend

Para ayuda en particular, puede llamar al Ministerio de Asistencia al (213) 637-7650. - 10 -

For confidential information about, or to register for the next program, beginning with a weekend on May 31- Jun 2, 2013 call 661-257-7980 or email: or visit the web site at

4-21-13 Bulletin  

Weekly Bulletin for Our Lady of the Assumption Church in Ventura, CA

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