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About the Catalog. Alliance Program

The BlackBerryÂŽ Alliance Program is a global program that includes

BlackBerry Solutions Catalog See For Yourself. A User Guide to What’s Inside.

Independent Software Vendors, Systems Integrators and Solution Providers who have partnered with Research In Motion (RIM) to meet the growing demand for BlackBerry solutions in the wireless industry. The Catalog showcases the diversity of BlackBerry Alliance members and their BlackBerry applications and service solutions. For the millions of BlackBerry customers and users around the globe, the Catalog connects you to hundreds of BlackBerry applications and services and the BlackBerry Alliance members who create them.

Collaborate on BlackBerry

A Guide for BlackBerry Alliance Members Whats Inside. Learn about BlackBerry applications and services that engage all aspects of your life - at play or work, at home or the office, for the individual or the enterprise. Find BlackBerry applications, services and members from around the world. Connect with new software, services, contacts, information, business opportunities and more.

The BlackBerry Solutions Catalog has something for everyone:

For the Individual BlackBerry Consumer applications that mobilize your day-to-day life. From games and entertainment, travel planning, sports, news, personal finance to personal productivity - start doing more.

For Business and Enterprise BlackBerry Business/Enterprise applications for the entrepreneur, small-medium business, large enterprise or vertical industries.

Services and Systems Service solutions offer integration of BlackBerry solutions, custom BlackBerry application development, hosting, and consulting or help desk service offerings.

BlackBerry Alliance Program Browse the directory to locate BlackBerry Alliance members and learn more about the BlackBerry Alliance Program.

Get Inside.

Catalog Features.

It’s all here. The Catalog is about more than just searching. Link to other great BlackBerry resources. Find out what’s new and what’s hot. Check out the featured member spotlights.

Categorization The Catalog is organized using core and sub-categories that showcase the diversity of Consumer and Business applications and Service solutions.

Accessible In both online and mobile formats.

Regional Selection Search by selecting your regional* preference. Find the solutions you’re looking for by where you are or where you do business.

Informative View information about each BlackBerry solution including company profiles, contact information and links to additional resources.

Multilingual The Catalog is available in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.

Up-to-Date The Catalog is updated year-round by Alliance members, making the Catalog the source for BlackBerry solutions.

How to Access the Catalog.

Anatomy of a Catalog Spotlight.


On your desktop web browser at:

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On your BlackBerry smartphone at:

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You can find out more about the BlackBerry Alliance Program by visiting:

A Spotlight is the basic ‘building block’ of the Solutions Catalog. It describes the Alliance members BlackBerry application or service offering along with images, company profile, contact information and links to their company website for detailed information. Overview of Catalog Functions 1. Searching Spotlights Find a BlackBerry application or service solution with a simple and intuitive interface. Search by keyword or through the category structure. 2. Sorting Search Results Sort searches by page views, solution name, company name and more. 3. Saving Spotlights Individual spotlights and grouped searches can be saved for reference under “My Saved Solutions.”

4. Creating PDF Documents Individual and sets of selected spotlights can be converted to PDF documents that include an index and cover page. 5. Emailing Spotlights Spotlights can be emailed directly to business associates, clients or personal contacts. 6. Connecting Alliance members provide visitors with the appropriate call-to-action elements to obtain further information about their BlackBerry solutions (web, email, phone, downloads, trials). ©2009 Research In Motion Limited. All rights reserved. BlackBerry®, RIM®, Research In Motion®, SureType® and related trademarks, names and logos are the property of Research In Motion Limited and are registered and/or used in the U.S. and countries around the world. *Regional filter applicable for Business/Enterprise Applications and Service Solutions only. MKT-26079-001 May 2009

Alliance Program

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