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Sydney joins the family! It’s been a while since we’ve had a puppy in the house, but little Sydney makes it an absolute joy with his lively romps and sweet kisses! A Jack Russell – Shih Tzu mix who we adopted from the shelter, Sydney is named for one of our favorite places in the world – Sydney, Australia. Read below as Sydney shares a few thoughts about his new roommate, Shadow.

Hi . . . I’m Sydney, and I have a new forever family named the Jacksons!

Here’s my 11-year-old brother, Shadow, checking me out. Not so sure he wants me around, but I’ll charm him into loving me!

Hmmm . . . This may take a while!

Maybe if he gets a whiff of me . . .

So much for that . . . We’re still not seeing eye to eye!

Oh well, if he won’t play with me right now, maybe I can snatch that tennis ball . . .

Now I’m in trouble!

To be continued . . .

Sydney Joins the Family  

We get a new dog!

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