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Fashion: 3 Spring/Summer styles


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Place to Eat: Charlotte


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Sports: Arsenal

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book review: The

18 Fun by Johnny

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SMILE ! They say it’s spring already ! Do you guys know this joke about cat and spring ? No ? It goes pretty much like this;

An angry cat is struggling with the snow drifts. While trying to lift his frozen mitt from the snow, he’s screaming at the top of his lungs: -Where the hell, I’m asking, is this bloody spring ? Where the hell is it ?!! Where are flowers, sparrows chirping and cowing of crows ?! Where is all of that for god’s sake ?!! Hearing the cats’ meowing outside, people smile and say to themselves; - Can you hear it ? Now spring is definitely coming, there’s no fooling cats !

Well, whenever I hear anxious meowing of my cat now, I’m thinking about how this year spring IS NOT COMING and how exhausting is to have -7 degrees outside over and over again. I also feel sorry for my own, personal fluffy guy.

But, on the other hand, he at least can go back home, stay in the warm room, wrap himself in a blanket, drink hot tea and watch his favorite TV series all day….Yeah ok, maybe he’s not exactly doing all that but…the point is he can stay, while we must go outside to face the day and the winter weather as well. Wrrr. It’s not easy to be a human.

When you think about it, cats have way more worse than we do. I mean, he probably would like to run on green grass now and do whatever all cats enjoy doing when it’s warm again and…well, now he only goes outside for a minute to check how cold the snow is and since it’s not warmer than it was yesterday and it’s still too cold to stand on it, he’s just running back home again.

The only thing we can do is wrap ourselves in jackets, which by the way, are never warm enough.

I know it’s funny but imagine living like this all that time ! It must be horrible! 4

Though there is a tiny consolations in all of this. Somebody said to me recently, spring is, first of all, in our minds, not necessarily outside. And you know what ? However clichéd it sounds to you, for some people it really is true.

And another bonus, which is more likely to make teachers happy rather than students, is that it is too cold for us to skip school . Unfortunately, we also feel pretty much reluctant to do our homework. But try to understand…laziness is just somewhere in this cold winter air. There’s not much we can do about it. Sorry :<

Anyway, the best and I guess the easiest way to survive this winter-spring time, is to put a big smile on your face. It works wonders. And specially for you, just to put at least a small smile on your faces, I’m going to tell you the story. So read carefully, ‘cause it may happen you like it.

It was just a casual, normal day and I was coming back from school. Since it was just after the holiday, they hadn’t finished renovating the railway tracks yet, so as a result the train’s route was a little bit changed. However, it wasn’t a big change, it simply had to stop at one point, so you could change your train and get on another one. 5

Nothing complicated, you could say. But, apparently… not for everybody.

mouth wide open, eyeballs moving constantly form one eye corner to another, well…it looked kind of alarming.

Anyway, I’d changed my train and I was just looking forward to finally be at home after a really long and exhausting day.

Honestly, my first thought back then was that he might have run away from the psychiatric hospital, which happened to be a couple of train stops away. But, as I didn’t really care, I just stopped paying attention again, until I saw his mouth moving, so I figured he was saying something to me. And I swear, just as I was turning my music off, so I could hear what he was saying, I knew it was going to be something good. His first smart question was where he was going, which by the way was written just ahead of him. In spite of that, I nicely gave him the answer. And guess what…he didn’t like the answer. His first reaction was he probably should just be taken to this psychiatric hospital, ‘cause he’s not normal. (Needless to say I wasn’t surprised)

And…here it is, doors opening, and this guy coming in. I have to say, he looked pretty weird form the very beginning, since he was dressed exactly as if he was about to go fishing. The whole dark green outfit with wellingtons and a big fishing hat, only fishing rod was missing.

It turned out that he wanted to go to Warsaw, which was in the opposite direction, and he was on the wrong train THE SECOND TIME.

So as I said, it kind of attracted my attention a little bit. I mean, he was in the center of the city with as far as I know no possibility to go fishing anywhere near.

The second time ! Can you imagine it ?! How can you possibly make a mistake when the only train you have standing at the station is the one you just got off and the one you have to get on ?

I said to myself it’s probably just another guy with original outfit ideas. Whether nice or not…well, what do I care?

I just hope this guy wasn’t going to Warszawa Zachodnia as he could have much more trouble in there. I mean, how many platforms do you have there ? Like four ? I can imagine a lot of problems in there ! What a poor creature…

I decided not to pay attention to him anymore and I just went back to listening to my music. However, It didn’t last long, ‘cause this fisher just appeared in my sight, sitting opposite me. The train had just stared to go, and I begun to be more and more amused as I could see the fisherman’s changing face expression. His

Kasia Skoneczna


3 styles for Spring – Summer 2013

1. To completely rock these cropped tanks with low cuts on both sides, you should pair them with pretty lace strapless (!) bralets. Choose them in a contrasting color and voila, a 100% trendy beach/street look guaranteed!

2. In this season, DENIM rocks! The two best choices are definitely Acid Wash Denim Skater Skirts and High Wasted Hotpants (aka super short pants). You simply CANNOT go wrong with these. Pair them up with a simple monochrome Roll Back Cropped Tee and voilà – another perfect look completed.

3. Neon is in style again! But don’t go looking like a radiating neon light bulb – instead, include only elements of neon in your outfit. You can do it like me, which is having a hoodie with only neon strings and print or wear a neon cropped top to some simply looking shorts and flats. Young, fresh and classy!



- a place you must visit

Have you ever wanted to order a French omelette and a cup of cappuccino on a Saturday morning in a fancy restaurant in NY that is classy and great enough to have an everyday menu for famous artists and celebrities? Woody Allen coming and going, with Jay Z ordering a cup of tea? I know I have. NY forever will be NY and I know that for now it’s not even an option, but for my current standards, I kind of found a perfect alternative to it right here, in Warsaw.

The Great Charlotte. Oh how many times I’ve heard people raving about its perfection. These who rave, say it’s wonderful, exceptional, perfect, the rest criticize it by saying it’s the most overrated place they have ever been to, with the slowest and most rude service they have ever experienced. Obviously, seeing so many mixed reviews, I had to check it out by myself. Even though I was (almost) broke, due to some of my previous purchases, I still decided to go there for a small treat. What the hell, life is short, YOLO. Just so you know, I ended up going there two days in a row. And a couple more after that.

The first time I went there with my friend. We weren’t too hungry and we particularly craved for something sweet so she ordered a cappuccino and croissant with almond filling and I ordered some crème brulèe and a cup of soy milk. And I swear to god, it was the best crème brulèe I have ever tasted in my life. And I have tasted some, since it’s my favorite treat for any occasion, good or bad. Anyway, we sat there for a long while, enjoying the great food, the great view (of The Zbawiciela Square, a half burned rainbow, the beautiful sun AND the young, rich and beautiful people that came and went) when suddenly, my friend goes “o patrz Jemioł”. Now, me being me, I kind of let it pass, because why would I listen carefully, but when it occurred to me what she said, I froze for instant. 8

For those who don’t know who Łukasz Jemioł is, shame on you, but aside from that – he is one of the most famous Polish fashion designers ever ever. I personally really like his work. And there he was, talking on the phone, probably with an equally fabulous person and walking his beautiful white dog. It so happens that the dog looked exactly like my friend’s- a white terrier. So we kept staring, hypnotized. A while later he just casually came into the shop with his dog and his friend and sat exactly a meter from us.

place to enjoy AMAZING food (I really enjoyed the French Omelette with Goat Cheese – it may sound bad but it tasted like heaven), but it is also a great place to catch celebrities in their everyday life (the other day, my friend also saw Agnieszka Dygant). And their beautiful dogs. Additionally, Charlotte has great Wi-Fi, really nice and helpful waiters (I honestly do not know why people have such bad opinions about the service – I genuinely wanted to tip them, but as I said, I was (almost) broke) and the great view (in- and out- side). Nobody bothers you when you sit there a little bit too long and nobody nags you to leave.

So what I’m trying to say is that not only is this a great place to hang out with friends, a great

It is commonly known that the shop never has free tables. Well, to be honest, I have always found a table for myself, but maybe it’s only because I came at some irrational times when nobody’s around. Whatever the table availability – it’s a place worth visiting. And maybe, just like me, you’ll find this place interesting enough to call it one of your favorite places in Warsaw. Hania Sagan 9

ARSENAL'S OUT OF AMMO Arsenal have gone 2,855 days without winning any trophy. The fans, who still point out their beloved club at the top of the Premier League, are frustrated. The storm finally broke when The Gunners were beaten by Bayern Munich in Champions League. What is the reason of such a weak results ? Is there any hope for Arsenal to get off the crisis ? The team has to reload their guns as fast as it's possible.

During the summer break, Robin Van Persie, who had proven to be the best striker in Premier League (scoring 30 goals), decided to leave Arsenal for Manchester United. Arsene Wenger managed to win over Olivier Giround and Lucas Podolski to fill the gap after Van Persie. Very soon Alex Song completed his move to Barcelona, which was actually a big disappointment for Arsenal fans. The Gunners as usual failed to start the season. However, afterward they broke a spell. In November Tottenham was defeated in north London derby by Arsenal losing 5 goals and scoring only 2. Arsenal also succeeded in passing into the next round of Champion League. The good game of the team was influenced by Santi Cazorla, who moved to London in the beginning of August. At Emirates Stadium the bygone optimism and hope to capture a trophy were brought back.

Now it's March. Arsenal is on the 5th place losing 24 points to the leader- Manchester United. They couldn't even win over their greatest enemy - Tottenham (as they did a few months before). The Gunners have only a mathematical chance to win the Premier League, so their goal is to take the 4th place giving the play in Champions League. They have been already dropped out of League Cup as a result of failure in shocking penalty shoot-out against Bradford City. But the real shock was the match in FA Cup with Blackburn Rovers. The second league team managed to beat the opponent 1:0, despite the advantage of Arsenal. The final nail in the coffin turned out to be the match against Bayern Munich in Champions League, lost 3:1. Although they achieved two-goal advantage as away team in the return game in Munich, they didn't reach the promotion to the next round.


Finally, Arsenal is bound not to win any trophy in the 8th season in a row. It's not surprising that the wave of criticism has flooded the standpoint of Arsene Wenger. The Arsenal's manager has always had some opponents, but since the recent debacles, the number of them has been growing. They have no doubt that the Frenchman is responsible for Arsenal's crisis and he should give place to someone else. Wenger, who is usually an embodiment of stoical calm, this time doesn't seem to hold water. During the press conference ahead of clash with Bayern Munich ,he was asked about his desire to bring back the trophies to the club, he responded : "...I've been accused of not taking seriously the FA Cup on Saturday. I won four times the FA Cup. Who has won it more times? Give me one name !".

Arsenal is a club that sets great store by tradition and game style. Since Arsene Wenger became the Arsenal's manager in 1996, he has pioneered the use of new methods of coaching. He was the one who led to build the new Emirates Stadium and the modern coaching centre. The old, boring Arsenal has been replaced with a modern team, well known of its fast game and accurate passing. Wenger made his "doublet"- winning both F.A Cup and the Premier League in 1998 and 2002. During the season 2003/2004 the Gunners made a clean sweep, gaining the title of best team of Premier League without losing any match (!). With eleven trophies in his career Wenger is the most successful manager in the history of Arsenal. The fans appreciate that but they have been waiting so long since The Gunners resigned from the place of the best team in England. Isn't it time for Wenger to give up ?

Since ever the team has consisted of graduates of Arsenal's football school or the scouted young players who came from all over the world. That's why they don't spend the big amounts of money to purchase a football star like they do it in Manchester City or Chelsea. The great football talents like Patrick Vieira, Mark Overmars or

Thierry Henry were spotted by the careful eye of Arsene Wenger. In Arsenal everybody trusts the youth. When Cesc Fabregas debuted, he was at the age of 16 and 177 days the youngest player in the history of Arsenal. Later Fabregas proved to be a talented playmaker and dependable team leader. The good play of Spanish player 11

drew the best European club's attention. Barcelona was able to give over 40 million Euros for its ex player. The Arsenal couldn't ignore that fact and decided to sell his best player to the Catalonian club. In the same way the Gunners were deprived of Van Persie or Alex Song. There's some kind of unbreakable rule in Arsenal : when somebody becomes a star, he must be sold immediately. Since Arsenal captured last trophy (8 years ago), 25 departed players have won 75 medals (!). Arsenal would be a real dream team, if it had been able to keep all of them. Every time the important player leaves the team, Arsene Wenger is obligated to fix a hole after him. Oliver Giroud joined the Gunners after he had played a good season in French Ligue One. He has already scored 9 goals in Premier Leauge, which is actually a weak result. In comparison Van Persie had 25 of them in the same part of season. After Alex Song left, he was replaced by Jack Wilshere. He is a young, promising midfielder but sometimes makes terrible mistakes and needs just more experience.

time has now come to spend really big fees on players who will guarantee a return. If you sell a player like Robin van Persie you have to replace them with someone like Falcao." It is hard to disagree with Jan Mølby. The Gunners need confident player, who may pull out Arsenal from crisis. Radamel Falcao turned to be like neverfailing machine scoring goals for Atletico Madrit. In addition Arsene Wenger has declared the possibility to sign Columbian striker. He was also purportedly interested in buying Everton player Marouane Fellaini.

Despite the Wenger's recent bad luck and wrong decisions, Arsenal board still trusts him. So he's going to be given the last chance. The contract with the French manager will have stood till 2014. Wenger will have time to rebuild the team and bring back Arsenal to the group of the best world's clubs. Is he in the position to do this ? Jan Mølby, the former Liverpool midfielder, thinks he is. "I think the key to Arsene Wenger's future at Arsenal is him promising the board that he will spend big money on big-name players" he says."What Wenger cannot do is take any more gambles on unproven talent - players like Marouane Chamakh and Olivier Giroud.But the

The idea of big money spending is supported by Arsenal board. The Gunners are currently in a very good financial condition. According to the unofficial information, Arsenal budget is about 120 million pounds. "The transfer market is competitive. I think in the summer we will be able to compete with everyone" says Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood. "Our goal is to keep the key players and to reinforce the team with world-class footballers".

Arsenal is like well-trained army but needs some ammo to fight the enemy. That's why they have to spend money for new players. Everything is the Arsene Wenger's hands.


Marcin Nalepa



1. iPhone dock fan A very nice and interesting gadget. I wish I had had it last summer when it was extremely hot during the day and I didn’t have any fans at home. Having one I would feel nice and fresh anywhere I went. Not only does it make you feel cool but it also makes you look cool. Unfortunately it isn’t available in Poland but if you have a bit too much money you can order one from Amazon for about $12.

2. FM transmitter If you love listening to the radio and your iPhone can’t play it, all you need to do is buy one of many FM transmitters available online. They’re pretty cheap and you most certainly will not regret buying one.

3. GoPro Hero 3 Now something for people who love recording videos on . the go. This amazing little camera has a ton of options for recording your videos up to 4K resolution. Thanks to the wide selection of accessories you can mount it anywhere. And of course it can be easily controlled by an iOS device using a free app provided by GoPro. This accessory is mainly for people withsome extra cash because this edition costs almost 2000zł in Poland

4. Mophie juice pack air This gadget is for those who use their iPhone a lot. It provides an energy kick for your device. Now you can use it for extra 36 hours of audio playback or 9 hours of video. It’s noticeably more expensive than regular cases but to those who don’t have time to charge their iPhone it can be invaluable. Janek Sankowski


What the hell are: Fandoms aka fangirling all day, all night Don’t you sometimes see all these weird names and acronyms that make you wonder “What the hell does it mean?”? Or accidently click on a video where a girl in tight shirt with two dudes’ faces, that you recall from some TV show or a movie, stretched over her boobs is sobbing violently while watching something on her laptop? Well that kind of reaction is caused by feels. And it’s because she’s a fANGIRL.

feelings involved besides pure contentment of procrastinating while watching/reading. They call themselves “fans” because they think they like something very much but the truth is, they’re extremely oblivious to the broad and long land, an uncharted territory of opportunities in the reachable distance that they could have. The second ones are very into something. They watch, they read, they may even memorize some lines. They feel excited and are aware of the fandom, maybe even one foot in it. But there’s this thick emotional line between them and the fANGIRLS.

There are three kinds of people, you see: fans, fangirls and fANGIRLS. The first ones are capable of just liking. No

Let me introduce you to the magical creature that is a fANGIRL. I’d like to point out at the beginning that as I am one myself, all that’s about to be said (written) is taken from my personal and friends’ experience We’re very emotional about the things we like. We scream, tug at our hair, roll on the floor in the pool of our tears but in the end, the pain is worth it. Don’t you dare tell us “It’s just a _____” (put here the category of my love). It’s the worst thing you can do. It’s not a “jUST” for us, okay? It’s also very easy to cause an unexpected reaction from us if only you use a certain word or a phrase that somehow reminds us of our beloved ones. The worst thing that can happen (apart from someone going through our laptops, tHANK YOU VERY MUCH) is being hit with a feels train in a public place- whether you’re reading something or just


found out your OTP is going to break up/make out soon (it doesn’t even matter whether it’s happy or not. I’m going to have an emotional breakdown in a middle of a shop anyway).

themselves quiet. The moment you let me talk about my OTP, my eyes get wide and crazy, voice gets high-pitched (or higher than usual so unpleasant), my limbs start to flip around uncontrollably and you should brace yourself for a long and loud monolog from me about hOW THEY ARE MEANT TO BE OMG.

We’re also very protective of the people we love. FANGIRLS call their favorite human being their babies, cupcakes, pumpkin pies, sweet angels, every endearing phrase that’s possible. There’s also the other option- tons of f-words that will be cut out if I quote them here but you get the idea. We’re insulting them because we love them so much. We just can’t stand how attractive they are and just ugh put your face away. But no one outside of the fandom can say a bad word about our babies. Don’t you even dare.

Don’t laugh. Don’t judge. Don’t criticize. Because there’s literally nothing I can do about it. You think I wanted that to happen to my life? nO. I did not. One day I just found this show and decided it would be nice to watch it. And then that character came out of nowhere and I was head over heels in love. And then the second character walked down the staircase, the first one said “excuse me? Uh hi, can I ask you a question? I’m new here”, their eyes locked. BOOM. And I knew, as a very inhuman noise left my parted-in-awe lips. I shipped them. From that point my life’s been going downhill.

The most important thing you need to know is that you don’t want to get involved in a conversation about their fandom with us. I know some closet fANGIRLS and it’s beyond my comprehension how in hell they manage to keep

To be continued … [part two in the 4th issue!] Paulina Skowrońska


Buttersweet Marshmallow Chocolate Cookies

I am a food lover, no hiding that. Though almost 100% of times, I prefer eating out. Why? Simply because I can’t cook. The time women spend in the kitchen is outrageously long – with 3 meals a day for the whole family on weekends, my mum doesn’t seem to get out of the kitchen at any point. Some enjoy it, but I’m in the group of those women who definitely don’t. Which brings us to this incredible paradox – I made cookies that were actually not terrible. My

friends even asked me about the recipe, so they can’t have been too bad. Anyway, I made them very spontaneously, the recipe is completely original. Funny story, I only decided to make them after seeing a picture of some peanut butter cookies, as I somehow made a connection with marshmallows and chocolate and biscuits and thought it would taste good. So I went downstairs and made them.

The ingredients are the most common things on earth. - One White Chocolate bar. - 2/3 of a 80% Bitter Chocolate Bar. - 4 huge Marshmallows (ok, this is not so common, but it’s also not hard to get them). - 1/3 of a Butter Stick (I used Kasia) - 4 Crushed Biscuits.

And the way to make them is even easier than getting the ingredients. Just simply melt everything in a big bowl. I put the butter and the already crushed chocolate (easiest way of effective chocolate crushing - simply throw the still unpacked bar on the ground a couple of times and voilà) in a huge bowl, put it into the microwave until it melts, then add the marshmallows and put the bowl back in (they are going to grow and when you get them out, they will be HUGE)and when you get it out, just

merge the marshmallows in the chocolate mix with a spoon. I had a strange silicon cupcake (?) form my mum got me the other day, so I poured the mixture in those 8 holes and put the whole silicon form in the fridge for the night. Oh, also cover each hole with the mix with the crushed biscuits (Chocolate Crushing technique is applicable here) to give them a crunchy feel. And that is basically it. Hania Sagan 16

Book review: The Pact by Jodi Picoult

I wasn’t sure if I should choose that book, but eventually I decided to take it. And it was a very good choice because when I started to read it, I couldn’t stop.

book is really unpredictable. You may try to guess what will happen next or what will be the end of the story but you can never be sure. The story is about a boy - Chris, who is suspected of killing his girlfriend Emily. Chris explains he is not guilty and that Emily committed suicide. He also claims they’ve planned to commit it together. In the beginning nobody believes it could have been Chris. Emily and Chris knew each other since they were born. They always spent their time playing with each other. They were best friends and finally they became a couple. On the other hand, nobody, especially Emily’s parents, can understand why their daughter would commit suicide.

The book is so gripping and interesting that you can’t just put it down. All the time you wonder what will happen next. This is a novel both for girls and boys. There is a little something for everyone in it. There is something for romantics and there is something for people who like unpredictable crime stories. The story in this

Was it a suicide or a murder? The court is supposed to decide, but nothing can rebuild good relations between the two families. The end may be surprising for most readers, as it was for me. I’m sure this book is worth reading and I recommend it to all. Do read ‘The Pact’ and enjoy! Zosia Rydel


FUN by Johnny

England doesn’t have a kidney bank, but it has a Liverpool

Let’s talk about rights and lefts. You’re right so I left.

When the electricity went off during a storm, the students were de-lighted.

When an actress saw her first strands of gray hair, she thought she’d dye.




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