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Life’s short. Get moving. We find it distressing that the majority of visitors don’t stray more than a couple hundred yards from their cars while they are inside our national parks. It’s true that Glacier National Park’s Going-To-The-Sun Road is one of the best drives we’ve ever taken, and we love to watch Old Faithful erupt, even for the umpteenth time. But Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks are in our backyard, and we know just how much more they have to offer. And we know the parks like most people never will because this is where we spend our vacations, too! Which means we have ample opportunity to get off the beaten path and learn unique things about our favorite parks that you’ll never find in a guidebook or discover on your own: the best vantage points for watching the full moon rise or a sky full of more stars than you’ve probably every seen...where and when to hear the eerie bugle of an elk in rut...what the trout like to eat in a certain river eddy...where it is safe to soak in a backcountry hot spring... how to teach the kids to build a makeshift bridge over a small stream...or the quickest way to get to the campfire on snowshoe. These places are so special, and they belong to all of us. Allow us to share them with you and you’ll wonder: what took me so long to get here?

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Want detailed information on any of these trips? Click on the trip name for more info or email us at and ask for a Trip Description. Be sure to specify which trip(s) you’re interested in!

> Winter In Yellowstone

> Glacier NP Family Adventure

Jan 10 - 14 :|: $1600

Snowshoe and cross-country ski in the heart of Yellowstone’s winter splendor

> Yellowstone Family Adventure

Aug 2 - 6 :|: $1600

It steams, it bubbles, it erupts...a fascinating place for kids of all ages

Aug 9 - 13 :|: $1600

Hiking, rafting and horsebacking riding among the stunning peaks of Glacier

> Yellowstone Trek

Sep 5 - 9 :|: $1900

A remote on-foot backcountry excursion where horses carry your gear

Zephyr National Park Adventures  

Zephyr Adventures offers multi-sport adventures for adults and families to Yellowstone and Glacier National Park.

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