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n a p a J o t ip r T n io s is M y l u 2011 J June 20th, 2011 Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this support letter, I have been given the opportunity to go to Japan on June 30th through the 21st of July and serve in two very different environments as a part of a team. During the first stage of the trip I will be in Osaka. In Osaka we will be working with the Osaka International Church (hereafter known as OIC) to connect, engage, and assist students in English learning and church connection. After Osaka the team will be going to disaster area near Sendai to assist in debris clean-up, possible rebuilding, and more fellowship and connecting with the local churches and general populace. This will be done in partnership with Converge Worldwide and Samaritan's Purse. As far as personal funds go, I'm fairly well off. Out of the ~$2500 that is needed, I have roughly $200 more in additional funds to raise. Donations can be tax deductible and should be carried out by check to Northshore Baptist Church with mention to "Japan Trip July 2011" within an enclosed envelope. A tax receipt will then be mailed out shortly after. If however you want to donate to me personally you can do so by scanning the Quick Response (QR) code with a bar-code application on your smartphone or other device to visit a Paypal donation link. (Please note, I have also included the actual link at the bottom of this letter and that Paypal takes 2.2% plus 30 cents on each donation.) Or by cash or check. Any of these options will work, but I have tried to create a few options to make the process, should you chose to donate, as easy as possible. Whether or not you support me financially, I ask that you support not just the team and myself in prayer, but those that are still affected by the disaster as well. This is something I'm not the greatest at myself but it really is important.

Thank you very much for reading and I love you all,

Devon Ljunghammar Paypal donation link:

どうもありがとう ございます! (Thank you very much!)




Thanks go to the following organizations and numerous people. Thank you!

Japan Mission Trip July 2011  
Japan Mission Trip July 2011  

My mission trip support letter.