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A.I. R.I.P. Banned from Blackswamp? 09 Champs

WORD FROM Steve Hamlyn Pitty Parkin Jordon Barley Louie Smith Joel Summerlee


On the cover: Welcome to summer in the dirty 09 area code, the water will be warm and you know it - crowded. There’s going to be drop-ins and burnings galore, it’s just the way it is when there’s more bodies in the water than waves in the sets. We reckon there’s 4 types of drop-ins; there’s the ones where clearly the guy isn’t doing to make the section [well clearly after you’ve pushed the section down on them aye.] and for the most part that’s probably alright. Then there’s the ones where the surfer didn’t even stand-up, well job is on- right? Of course there’s always the best drop-in of all, singeing one of your good mates...go on... you know they are going to get you back- its fun. And then there’s the one where you’re just a complete disrespectful selfish fuckwit. Please play nice this summer. Art & design: Luke Darby Editor at large: Paul Greenland Stalin Styled Director: Craig Levers 09 Magazine Proudly Printed in the 09 by Icon Print.

This page: And what a way to jumpstart the summer! Jack Johnson stoking out the local crew with his ripping Northside of Lion Rock in the arvo and then playing a private gig into a balmy evening in the backyard of a bach [which half of the Piha locals crashed]. Pic Mark Hansen

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Paul Moretti with the in bestthe waypast of getting If you have surfed the Mangawhai Coast out of doing theadishes - pic CPL few years you would have probably seen lightning fast goofy footer blasting the tops of every wave that came his way. 17yr old Louie Smith is one of Mangawhai Heads top exports of late, and in between a year at the Raglan Surfing Academy and leading the charge for the new breed of East Coast groms, Louie has established himself as in Identity in the Northland surfing ranks. 09 reporter and fellow MBR trooper Banksy caught up with Louie for a word or what do we the 09 people need to know about Louie Smith?

I’m a third generation local. I started surfing when I was 11 yrs old with my big bro Sam and good mate Zac Anderson. Living in Mangawhai it’s pretty easy to see why. We have lots of fun waves and good crew. 2010 was a big year for you in the Northland Scholastics Series. How do you rate surfing comps in general? Comps sort do my head in at times. I love the local MBR Board Riders comps cos we have fun and it’s a pretty mellow vibe. But national comps get a bit serious for my liking, and some of the surfers need to relax a bit and enjoy the sport of surfing. I plan to continue doing a few comps and am keen to keep building my profile in Northland and see where surfing can take me in the future. I want to get my surfing to a level where I can go to places like Indonesia and Mexico and places like that, and am at a level where I can surf well, be able to hold my own in the juice. Who do you usually surf with? My mates Azza a.k.a Sagger Nuts, Timmy A when he’s not wrecking my boards and usually the rest of the Mangawhai crew when it’s pumping. I love doing road trips with my mates to Shippies and that and having a mean time. Lately we have been hitting town a bit though! What’s your signature move? Most of the time we get small, playful waves in Mangawhai

so it’s good to practice new tricks. Lately I’ve been working on my front side airs and finally starting to stomp a few here and there. So yeah I’m stoked. How was your year at the Raglan Surfing Academy? It was hard being away from my bro’s and family at the time, but looking back Larry and Dean taught me a lot about my technique and approach towards surfing. Always something to work on, and develop and they give really good advice. I made some good mates down there like Tyler Barry, Alex Welch who I lived with and the rest of the academy crew. I never really surfed much at Indies but Whale Bay and Munza are fun waves. I’ve been back at home and school up here this year, and it’s been super fun. So any shout out my bro? I’m sponsored by Underground Skate/ Surf so cheers to Nick, epic. Also thanks to Graham Allen at Super Sessions for hooking me and the local boys up all these years. I’m currently riding an HC so Hayden hook a brother up. Cheers Louie. Yew!!!

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Arty Farty II Artists can be flaky at times, caught up in their own altered reality. It’s in the doing that urge to create is placated - kind of a closed circuit. But to finish the piece (and float the ego) you’ve got to send work into the world. When the road diverges, choices must be made. I (unconsciously at first) set out 2 years ago on a project that’s roots grew from my love for surfing and the ocean, photography and my involvement in surf media. It fast became an obsession. Chasing light off breaking waves ñ the motion of the ocean and its coastal environs. I’ve sacrificed surfing a lot of offshore days out west and shiny days up north chasing the elusive image. When there weren’t any real waves to speak of, my plan B focused on the tiny but perfect reefs and sandbars of the 09’s North Shore. The whole ‘bonsai wave’ thing became a bit of

a fetish in its self. The Depot in Devoport on the Shore is a funky inspirational collective gallery with a solid history of supporting boardriders in their artistic endeavours ñ the obvious choice for the ‘Wet Colour’ exhibition. The exhibit shows the waves of Auckland, big and small, in a way that you’ve never seen before. Opening is 15th January from 3 ñ 4.30pm at 28 Clarence St, Devonport (behind the New World) and the exhibit runs until 27th Jan.

Access denied to Black Swamp liquid treats? pic CPL

Environmental Perspectives Not only has it been a long, quiet winter for the banks of the Te Arai coast, but this year has also seen the Developers of a Proposed Housing Project in the area go a little quiet as well. Local Iwi Te Uri o Hau purchased as part of a Treaty of Waitangi Settlement and in partnership with Te Arai Coastal Lands Ltd. had proposed a housing development of up to 180 houses which was aimed at creating some economic development and growth within the Iwi. Concerns have been raised about the potential devastation such a development would have on rare and endangered wildlife populations and the wider area. Recently the “Save Te Arai” action group were stoked to deliver the news to their followers that the developers had withdrawn their court battles regarding their proposal. The proposal, which would have seen a substantial number of houses being built adjacent to Te Arai Beach, has been on the boil for well over 5 years now, so a slight victory for the campaign. As the proposed development is located in the Rodney District the developers are entitled to come up with a new proposal and submit it to the new Auckland (Super Shitty) City Council. The developers are allowed to apply for Resource Consent to get extra land titles by adding “Significant Enhancement Planting”i.e. they plant and grow some native trees, the council allows them to have a title (approx 10 hectares of planting = 1 Title)

So what’s the problem then? Potentially 50 houses in a land area of roughly 600 hectares is pretty minimal. The argument still remains that the impact of such a development would place serious pressure on the sensitive and endangered bird species and the coastal environment. Added to this it would ruin the rural character of the area. Also concerns that the threats of closing off public access to Black Swamp Road and other links to coast will likely come to realisation. No way do locals want the gates locked. So where to next for Te Arai? Mark Walker from the Te Arai Preservation Society says ““We are going to continue with our campaign to have Te Arai back in public ownership as a regional park. With 17 endangered species, including New Zealand’s rarest bird the fairy tern, and as the last long stretch of undeveloped coastline left on the east coast of the Auckland region, we believe that the new Auckland Council should make Te Arai the highest priority for purchase as our next regional park “ ( Source : ) Put it on the list Len. By Banksy

Shop Bunny Mr Joel Summerlee of Island Style; big move from Volcom’s ace rep to Shop Bitch, how come? As much as I loved living in Raglan, after 7 years as a rep, I really needed a change. The novelty of life on the road had definitely worn-off and putting all my energy into something I had no control over had become extremely frustrating. I know I look 18, but I turn 30 in a couple of months... and I’ve always had a strong desire to do something for myself. When the opportunity arose to open the store in Paihia (Bay of Islands) I jumped on it! I’ve dealt with nearly every store in the country over the years… the good, the bad & the ugly. So was quietly confident I could make a go of it.

The beautiful Bay of Islands is umm beautifully flat, you own a surf shop where there is no surf care to explain this? Well there aren’t too many waves in malls either and the stores there seem to do ok. Paihia (Bay of Islands) although small, is a popular tourist destination and you’d be surprised how many people go away on holiday and forget their boardies! It’s a rad little town, right on the water, not too dissimilar to Raglan, minus the waves. It’s funny… so many people when I said I was opening the store were “Piha…rad” It’s surprising how many kiwis haven’t been here, it truly is a piece of paradise… come check it out! The shop’s looking mean - what’s the plan forward? It’s been a massive effort getting the store up and running. I’ve called in a lot of favours… huge THANKS to all the crew who have helped out! There’s still heaps to do, but being a new business, I’ve had to do it bit by bit. Future plans… I’d definitely love a bigger shop. Want to have a proper hardware program; boards, wetties, accessories… Also would like to incorporate lifestyle products like books, pictures, artwork… but again it’s a space thing. Will see… there’s always room to improve and I definitely

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think there’s opportunities out there! Tips for picking up wayward backpacker chicks? Ha… was waiting for that question! Well I definitely ain’t no Casanova… ask my mates! The notorious “Pipi Patch” is always full of wayward touros… rocking out in their tevas & cargo shorts. I dunno… cut some crazy shapes, talk some shit… see where ya end up. Unfortunately last time I did that…Monday! I woke up fully clothed, stinking of tequila, gnarly headache and there definitely wasn’t a hot backpacker next to me! “

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There’s always been a warm association for 09 surfers with martial arts and Rip Curl’s Brand Manager Leon Parkin is one of the most recent converts. Leon seems to be good at whatever he turns his hand to; lead singer in the legendary Whangerei punk band VC, then Next in Line and more recently Los Muertos, he surfs wicked and skates sick...and now you can’t tease him ‘cos he’ll smack you down with his Muay Thai skills

Leon on his way to a 2nd roun

d victory picc CPL

Pitty's TKO How’d this kick boxing trip start bro? Living in the city means I don’t get to surf that much during winter so I figured I needed another hobby to keep me fit. I’d known Richie for a number of years through the Auckland music scene and knew he was training some friends and thought I’d check it out. After the first week I was hooked and now I train on average about 4 nights a week. Pretty much all of the crew I train with are from a similar background, be it surfing or playing in a band so it’s an awesome environment to be in. Do you think there’s a correlation between fighting and board sports? Definitely, like surfing, kickboxing is great escape from everything. I finish work and head straight to the gym and it basically works as stress and emotional management. Like surfing, skating, snowboarding or any individual sport for that matter, whether it’s competitive or purely recreational you still reap the benefits at the end of the day. Surfers generally have good upper body strength, while most Kickboxers have strong legs, so both sports complement each other I guess. I’ve still got chicken legs though; all the training in the world won’t help these legs.

met. He’s pretty freakish really.... he’s a vegetarian, supporter of animal rights and staunch left wing politics, 6 x National and former South Pacific middle weight Muay Thai Champion. The guy has a tattoo that says “BOOM! Best day EVER! And another that saying PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) which pretty much sums him up. I guess you could say he’s got the credentials to be training crew Did you start training thinking you’d end up doing a bout? Not at all, I’m not naturally an overly aggressive person. I started attending fights and I was really taken back by the level of professionalism that exists within the sport of Muay Thai in New Zealand. I realised just how technical the sport is and developed a new sense of respect for anyone involved in fighting sports, especially the top guys, they live a life of serious dedication and hard work. Sure enough after a few months of training I’d decided I’d have a go in the ring, now I’ve got the first one out of the way I’m looking forward to the next one. It’s an amazing experience, one I’d highly recommend. Out of anything I’ve ever done, whether sport or music this was definitely the most rewarding. Richie and Leon post fight

Richie Hardcore’s on BFM all the time huh, he comes across as a super passionate guy, what’s he like as a trainer? Yeah he does a show on Monday afternoons from 1-4 and also has a guest appearance on the breakfast show every Friday morning with Matt Heath the section is aptly named ‘Richie Hardcore saves the World’. Richie is probably the most passionate, positive human being I’ve ever

CAMS: Muriwai, Maori Bay North Piha, South Piha Mangawhai Heads, Raglan Whangamata, Hot Water, Mt Maunganui and more.

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A.I. R.I.P.

AI in the Ditch 2005-photoCPL

by Paul Greenland You will already know about the tragedy that has befallen the surfing community with the loss of one of our greatest, but I felt that 09 Mag owed it to Andy to honour the man who came here twice and blew us all away in Piha waves we either wouldn’t have gone out in, or just wiggled across the face on. Living on Kauai gave me a firsthand insight into the devastation that his death brought Ohana, or lifestyle that surf- Jordy Smith, the Irons brothers, Dane Renolds, Julian Is there upon no endtheto surfing the corners of your Whanau, of thisinto? smallThere’s island. surf The clothes, day ing will creep surf music and Wilson, Laird Hamilton, Occy, Steph Gilmore... what I’m after the news broke there were signs now there’s even surf food...hmmm I wonder when [‘cos really trying to impress here is that there are the world everywhere on old surfboards, spray it ain’t going to be ‘if’] there’s going painted on flags, fences and one guy,to be surf toiletries? leaders from every faction of surfing, even our very own Like Eaude deholding Slater,aor...well...better bare-chested, sign in the rain,not go there with the Paige Hareb throws her fav’ dinner into the mix. Fanninghisfann... You can’t smell like them yet but The hard cover book is logically divided up into Breakbeating chest anyway! and screaming ‘ANDY!’ atyou passing traffic thedine road like into aHanalei. sure as helloncan star now. fasts, Starters, Mains and Desserts. A super strong point On theYoung, 15th ofasNovember Andy’s of wake Nava in the daughter the legend Nat Young, is that the recipes are EASY to follow and for the most part was held at Pine Tree’s in Hanalei. The brother we had lost. During blessing crowd, roarprobably of hundreds has compiled a book of the tastiest surf grits you’ll ever just the good, healthy, neath simplethekai. Whilethethis isn’t wave that he and Bruce went head to ceremony for the paddle out, a roar rose of voices reverberated in the air and the have to chance to munch on, and here’s the fancy bit- a book most of us 09ers would consider buying, you’d head on since they were little sprats and from the couple hundred surfers already beating of boards. The emotion and love she’s garnered each yummy recipe from the world’s most be bloody stoked if you were given it for Chrissy or as a the feeding ground for every little grom- beyond the lineup came rolling ashore as for our fallen hero was overwhelming, it famous surfers, a staggering 60+arecipeseach ac-Tutuflat warming pressie,was pretty much on guaranteed well met on the island there’s who aspires to be ‘just native Hawaiian sung her waiata apparent the faces it’ll of be the afamcompanied yes like used bookI’ some hints togathered the Oldstogether or that like Andy’. by an informative profile of the forcontributorAndy, an energy never felt ily drop and the thousands Kelly6,500 Slaterpeople is there, in fact 22 former Aunty always can’t evensend re-gift. Over gathered for there’s the occa-overwent straight world through me and that it was too buys thereyou thatshit daythat that you it was a fitting off sion, the beach was packed for a kilomemuch,run choking picked up A.I. acheap surfer,pert. a husband, a champion, champs fav’ dishes included. The first print sold with out tears At I$45.00 it’s my a prettyfordamn It’s available online tre in each direction, surfers, tourists and board and paddled out to join the evera father to be, an inspiration the likes of last summer before even hitting NZ, this summer Nava set at & locals every description joined the cir- increasing mass of bodies the water. comeyou perhaps in a surf bilaside of enough for us Kiwis. or ifinyou wanna holdwhich it before buy it,only it’s one in most cus to pay homage and to show the love You could feel the deep, powerful Hawai- lion. May you rip in peace braddah Andy There’s legends like Simon Anderson, Rob Machado, shops 09 wide- if they don’t have it- get them to order it in. that everyone felt for the family and the ian groundswell energy rolling under- you will be deeply missed.

Cool Book

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Quiet, unassuming, under the radar, the silent assassin, that’s Squeak. The former Auckland Champ [1998] is working full time up at the Factory in Kumeu and of course surfing Mud Bay whenever there’s a turnable bump. Oh, Pando’s older brother’s Steve and Chris Robinson entitled the 8 year grub Squeak, ‘cos of his then high pitch squeaks.

How old are you and when did you start surfing? I’m 35 now and I started surfing when I was about 10 on Pando’s family’s blue board. I moved to the Bay when I was about 19- I spent so much time out there and loved that we could surf pretty much every day. The Shore was an awesome place to learn to surf- lots of small waves to learn on, a big variety of waves and heaps of frothing groms- I’m not sure if that was from the pollution? The inconsistency made us all super keen to surf and I was at the testing station the morning of my 15th birthday to get my license. You’re a chippie by trade huh, was this combined with your surfing the natural step into shaping? I done my time on building sites, but I’m actually a computer nerd by trade- web design/ graphics/ video editing, so when the first surfboard design programs

Dustman Steve ‘Squeak’ Hamlyn

Words and pic CPL

came out I was into it. I used to make a few boards and get them cut in Australia by a guy called John Gillis, who designed one of the first shaping machines. But I shaped my first board in my parent’s garage when I was about 18- the mess just went everywhere. I didn’t wear a mask and was just coughing dust for ages. I didn’t take any measurements, and the board came out super rockered and only went if you were right in the pocket. It was my second board that got me hooked on shaping. I took the board to the old Hot Buttered factory in Newmarket to get glassed and they just cracked up because it was so thin from me over-shaping it, trying to get all the bumps out. Paul Hunter [ne Wynter] got me to pull the whole template in an inch to try and get the rails up to a respectable size. It was really short and wide and super thin- it was nicknamed the biscuit. If you surfed

it for more than a couple of days in a row it would just ruin you from trying to paddle it. It went unreal though, and ended up getting passed around a lot and Shane Herring even had it for a while, and got a board shaped off it. I’m not sure if Shane got the bumps and twists shaped into his one though! You spent a bit of time in the Naki, why’d you move there? I’ve spent a bit of time in Taras over the years, as a grom we used to live down there over summer, living on cabbage and student fries, and I moved down to Okato with my girlfriend for a bit of a lifestyle change and long un-

crowded reef waves- back to nature sort of? Her dad got sick though so we moved back to be closer to him. I love it down there, but the 09 has a lot going for it too. I got the chance to work at Primal initially fixing dings, which gave me access to the rest of the factory; I was a bit like a kid in a candy store. The ding repair was a great way to get into board building, following the lines of other shapers helped me get my eye in, and I could check out aspects of boards that I liked. I love working there; it’s great to be able to make a living out of what I love to do. There’s a lot of knowledge and stories there with GC and MR maybe having 50 or so years experience between them.- MR would be great to interview I reckon. [yes he would, but he’s a big ginga

that plays factory cricket like my 80 year old mum- Ed] Did shaping your own boards change the way you approached surfing- like do you over analyse turns, or go...I wouldn’t have made that if the rail was softer/edger etc? I don’t think shaping has changed my surfing much, but I do have the opportunity to shape myself a whole variety of shapes, which keeps things fresh and interesting. I do sit out the back of the surf quite a bit though thinking about another board sitting at home which I should have bought out instead. I don’t believe there are many bad boards- every dog has its day; the best boards just seem to go in a bigger variety of conditions. 8128 844 8128 433

09 mag is proud to present our new regular The Gaming Squeeze, sound and look kind of familiar - well of course it is - it’s Duane off Juice Tv’s Gaming Squeeze...and doesn’t Duane look disconcertingly familiar? Well that’s ‘cos he used to be Globe’s main man he’s a regular out at the Bay and whenever the mythical North East coast threatens to crack a peeler. Wanna know what the sickest new game is - look no further - we’ll even be doing giveaways. Wanna see the backlog of Duane’s gaming reviews? - Too easy just youtube The Gaming Squeeze - there’s a heap up there.  Started surfing? I learnt to surf up at Tawharanui when I was about 12 years old. My best mate was already surfing and just couldn’t bare the thought of me bodyboarding. We use to go stay at the campsite a lot and one summer I spent a month up there and from there I really learnt to stand up which is weird because that place is so fickle. Where do you surf most? I have a lot of good friends that live at Muriwai which gives me up to the minute reports- so I would say Mud bay or Muriwai. In winter I spend a fair amount of time in Raglan too as I have a little bach down there. Fave board? Hard one but I am going to say my fish. It is a second hand Tribal shaped fish that I have had for a couple of years but just so much fun in small waves. Surf with who? I do spread myself around a bit but surf mainly with best mate Dan Chilton, Mini Moore and Sail. Chur boys.

“I want to kick this section off right so this issue we visit one of the biggest games of 2010 Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood which has just released. This is the third game in this wildly popular series. It continues with the character of Ezio, as he fights the wicked Templars in Rome. This time, however, he’s not fighting alone. A big part of the game will be using Ezio’s brotherhood of assassins, as he brings the pain to his marks in all new ways. There’s a killer multiplayer mode included, where you, friends and total strangers can go head to head as you stalk each other through the streets. The free roaming style, swift action and superb combat mechanics all return from previous Assassin’s games, so those of you familiar with the series can expect a great ride this time, with plenty of that frenetic gameplay you love. Critics and fans alike have been talking about AC: Brotherhood so it’s definitely one to get a hold of. One for casual gamers and the hardcore. Stunning.” We’ve got a PS3 version of AC: Brotherhhood to giveaway, all you’ve gotta do to win is post a pic of you and your bro on 09’s Facebook page, saying gimme that Brotherhood PS3 bro! Best dressed wins- too easy aye.

09 Champs

by Paul Greenland/pics CPL

The annual Auckland Champs went off this year at Maori Bay, with a solid turnout, some solid surfing and solid waves to boot. For the second year in a row, the Men’s Open Division [and Women’s] was won by a non-Aucklander, namely Maz Quinn, which of course raised the same old question, should the Auckland Champs be for Aucklanders only? Well I think to answer this we should start by looking at the history of the event; the AK Champs has always had a stop start existance since its inception, naturally the badges on the base of 500mm tall the wooden board trophy read like the who’s who of AK comp surfing for the last 40 years. In the early ‘90’s the now defunct club Piha Plus hosted the annual championship and enjoyed a huge turn-out. The contest director imposed an AK only dictate- of course this was almost impossible to quantify. Is it ‘cos you’re born at Middlemore or Greenlane? What if you’re

at uni here for 3 years only, what if your girlfriend lives in the 09 so you’re up here every weekend, or what if you work in the 09 during the week and return to the Waikato in the weekends, what if you used to live in Auckland but are work based out of the area... the point is, everyone has a tie somehow to AK...policing just WHO is an 09er is subjective at best..the next year and for the following decade Keyhole Boardriders took over the job, and the concept of AK only was firmly thrown out the door- the notion being to expose AK surfers to the national level of surfing. This worked well and saw some of the biggest fields of competitors the AK Champs have ever enjoyed, it used to be a full 2 day event with 4 divisions. Keyhole made a killing- selling beers out of the back of one of the boy’s wagons for a buck, sausage sizzles and a huge party where everyone who had entered got a free jug of piss and a feed

of fish’n’chips. Ironically most of the champs from this era that weren’t AK residents, like Justin Souter, now are. The deal was it was only fair that the comp should alternate between host clubs and at that stage only Keyhole and Maori Bay had the ability to pull the event off... however each club had their own way of running the event, so each year the rules and style of the event changed...finally in the mid 2000’s Keyhole flew the white flag. The Waitakere City Council had enforced so many regulations and criteria, it took too many man hours to work through the council red tape, needless to say, selling coldies out of the boot and even having food for sale were crushed. Thru the 2000’s the AK Champs were sparodic, but in 2008 and taken out by a true 09er, Scotty ‘rex-muffin-tigsy’ Bell. So, with it looking like it is going to be a solid annual event once again, should it be just for Aucklanders? Well, let’s look at the pros and cons. If it was an exclusive

Gisborne’s Maz Quinn stealing the 09 crown

event, then it would definitely narrow the field somewhat of really good surfers, but then again, I think a lot more people who are keen to go in the competition, but are put off by the influx of top surfers, would enter and give it a go. On the flip side, Auckland only really (in my opinion anyway) has about 10-15 really good Open surfers who surf regularly and are keen to give comps ago. Sure, there are more good guys sifting in the woodwork (namely Ponsonby) but black sand doesn’t come out of white suede winklepickers and it’s really hard peeling off tight black jeans that took you all morning to squeeze into. So, having a greater talent pool by including out-of-district surfers encourages everyone to step up to the challenge, but it also alienates not quite so good guys who want to have a fair stab at a local competition. It’s definitely a question that makes it difficult to know what side of the fence to sit on. Open event: More talent, more serious,

Former 09 champ Pando represented solidly making the semi’s harder heats, less fair on local guys keen for a dig. Restricted event: Less talent, more fun, easier heats for the top guys, but more chance for regular Joes to maybe make a heat or two and get a bit of confidence going and have some fun rather than just be a walk-thru heat filler for a national rated surfer. Do we take it one step further and just call it the Auckland Open and make it a NZ circuit event? Or leave it as it is, change the name to the Auckland Open, and have a separate, inter-boardriders comp, where you can only enter if you

are a member of a registered 09 board riders and expand it to include all clubs north of the Bombays? Or, revert it back to being an Auckland only event, and require entrants to have a permanent Auckland mailing address? I’m really only debating with myself here, so what’s your opinion? Let us know, have your say on our facebook page and leave your opinion! The best argument wins one of this issue’s Deuce watches so get on there and get ranting!


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The Sultan's Secret By Jordan Barley

Being someone whose life has predominantly revolved around chasing swell on Auckland’s west and east coast beaches, I would never have thought that I’d be living in country where the surfing is seasonal… ever. That said, it was a combination of the travel bug (it was time for a change), a new work opportunity in a prime travelling hub in South East Asia and tax free earning that ultimately brought us to Brunei. For the last 18 months Brunei has been home for my wife Alana and me and while not recognised at all as a surf spot, it has surprised beyond reputation. Quick facts, Brunei is not Dubai - a common misconception both being oil rich states. You’re more likely to get lost in the jungle (70% of the country is rain forest) than stumble upon any desert around here! Brunei is on the northern coast of Borneo, facing Vietnam across

the South China Sea. It’s tropical, steamy hot with no need for any rubber. Brunei is a Malay Islamic Monarchy with a population of less than 400,000 and the Sultan is famously one of the richest men in the world, primarily through an estimated 200,000 barrels of oil being pumped out a day (The Sultan is rumoured to be worth more than 55 billion US). The man can spend too, with a car collection that is apparently worth 4 billion I wish he’d let a brother borrow one to get me around… Though waves are seasonal, swells from August through to January become more regular, this being monsoon season. Most swells are in the 1-3ft range with the odd bigger day. If you see on the news that the Philippines and Vietnam are getting belted by typhoons, chances are I’ll be down the road clocking up water time. Unlike NZ’s pristine water

we get jungle runoff rain water filled with silt and other jungle debris including the odd sizable reptile (4 people got smoked by crocs in the river systems in Brunei in the past year, out of a population of 400,000 that’s quite high stakes). Eyes peeled! Pull off the coastal highway, the road ends, weave through a few trees, and there it is, you’d never have known beaches like it existed here. Unlike in NZ, locals are not beach oriented so there’s hardly anyone around. This is Asia and the beaches are a mess of litter and junk. Sad, but it makes you realise how good we’ve got it back in NZ. Groups are lobbying and working to get them cleaned up but it’s unfortunately an inherited lack of knowledge and understanding of caring for our environment or for tomorrow… something that will take generations to instil in a culture.

Left to right: Chocolate love; Jordo backhand scooping. pix Mr Ong Most waves on these beaches are short chocolate wedges and peaks that run along huge man made groynes that Pharaoh would have been proud to call his own. With the right swell the waves can pack a bit of punch too - It’s no west coast but it gets you moving. The local surfing population can be counted on one hand, with only a few expat surfers, there’s not much competition in the water, often it’s just me and one or two others out. I’m still waiting for the right sized and angled swell for the mythical sand/rock point up the road to break at a decent size. I’ve heard outlandish rumours of it breaking and being like Shippies. Google Earth confirms and I’ve stood there and marvelled at the set up but haven’t seen this royal jewel at a surfable size - yet. I guess time will tell what it will take to get this place to fire. Hey, I’m not surfing as much here as

I was in Auckland but when there are waves I find I surf way more than I ever would within any swell period. Ben Harper once said, “When it’s good it’s so so good, and when it’s gone it’s gone…” or in my case it’s golf. Just like the Shore, right? Working five days a week and knocking off most days at 12:30pm there’s plenty of time here to hang with my family, play golf and when the waves arrive; surf my brains out for hours until I’m too wrinkled from the bath-like water temperatures. A hop, skip and a jump from Indo and the Philippines on Air Asia, endless 30+ degree days, tax free earnings off the back of half worked days, warm ocean water and surf that keeps the stoke meter satisfied… Brunei’s not too bad, for now. One day home will call and I’ll run back into the arms of consistent swell and friends to surf with. There’s no place like home, right?

Thomas Kibblewhite throwing 75% of his 9 footer above the lip... wish I could do that on my shorty. Pic CPL



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