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WORDĂŠ FROM Joe moretti mike Jolly Justin Watene Brent alexander Steve Hoskin Uncy Hinge :)

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Intro... Keith Duffy at Devonport. Photo Justin Watene

On the cover: Welcome to the super shitty - our little tribute to 09 largest cities becoming one big shit-fight. Who would’ve ever thought this lil’ mongel would make its 25th issue. While it’s been a stop start existence, thanks to you, our reader, there’s never been any doubt that 09 magazine would slip into the abyss. Which sadly- many mags and fanzines are at the moment, as we’ve been scrounging for the all important advertising buck for this issue to be printed, Auckland based magazines Real groove and pulp have sucked their last dying breathes. Why would you care? i dunno if you even should, but in their own ways these publications have contributed to our 09 surfing community- whether it be entertaining us or paying contributors that happen to be surfers- and both have had a fair share of those. As they have waned, 09 mag is doing the opposite, more peeps are reading the online page flip, it runs out in stores faster and more and more crew seem to know about us. i don’t think for a second 09 has a Art & design: Luke Darby Editor: Paul Greenland Stalin Styled Director: Craig Levers 09 Magazine Proudly Printed in the 09 by icon print.

winning magic formula, but i do think the celebration and reflection of what it is to be surfing in the 09 area code has held 09 mag in good stead- and that’s also why this issue is kind’ve interview heavy. this is the bit where our soon to be repatriated editor greeny would be raving about how good this summer is going to be with the forecasted La Nina season, he’s such a fucking weather nerd, but briefly, El Nino means a summer of south-westers, La Nina is the opposite, lots of north-easterlies...yEss roll on summer! -cpL 09 Magazine is published by: photocplMedia CMB 33, Piha, Waitakere 0646 Copyright PhotoCplMedia All rights are reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording and otherwise, without prior written permission of the publisher. Neither facts, views and opinions expressed in advertising or text are necessarily agreed to by the editor or publisher of 09 and while all reasonable steps have been taken to ensure accuracy, no responsibility will be taken by the editor or publisher of 09 magazine for inaccurate information. Thanks - love you long time?

Paul Moretti with the best way of getting out of doing the dishes - pic CPL

Last issue we featured paul Moretti as our sure 2 Rise grom, the thing is his older brother Joe is still technically a grom too, even though the 17 year old is 6ft and 80+ kgs, Joe is the power surfer of the family. he doesn’t tap the lip- he fricken atomises it into submission. We decided to ask him exactly the same questions as his little bro paul, just to get the comparison.

Where do you live? I Live on Mimiwhangata Coastal Park, DOC Conservation land on the East Coast of Northland. My family runs the farm, camp/houses and conservation projects on the 3000 HA piece of paradise. Our house is only a stone’s throw from the beach, so a lunch-break surf is always on the cards! But I first stood up on the Oakura Beachies in Taranaki, although the consistently flat or small grovel on the East definitely benefited my surfing as a micro grom. you guys are getting to be pretty well travelled since you’ve been going to all the comps, are you getting jaded on it? The travelling on the road is tiring and continuous stream of cash flowing out of the bank account hurts. Love to compete though and when you win or luck into class waves with the boys it makes it all worthwhile! so where do you see yourself in 5 years time? Making a living out of being a surfer on the WCT, travelling, pro-

moting conservation and sustainability and surfing everyday loving life! What’s your best move? Convincing Dad to come on a roady so he can pay for the gas. Though Dirty Harry is calling the switch rodeo flip... your younger bro, paul is surfing pretty damn solid nowadays; do you reckon he’s better than you? He sure claims to be, but we both have a different opinion on the matter! Our styles are completely different and my barrel and power surfing act is still ahead of him for sure. We have a healthy rivalry which pushes our surfing along!

Kaua’i VS 09 Words Greeny

i currently am residing on the island of kaua’i, hawaii. yep, smack bang in the middle of the mighty pacific Ocean. Much to my dismay i never got to sample the pleasures of the 09 winter this year, instead i chose to spend my time under a coconut tree, sipping pina coladas, listening to the roar of the surf and feeling the gentle trade winds caress my...Ok, ok, i’ll stop there. i habitually stay away from coconut palms (they’re actually very dangerous) and i’m not sure if i’ve ever had a pina colada. I guess I can start with the similarities. It rains a lot on Kaua’i. In fact, in the centre of the island is Mt Wai’ale’ale, one of the, if not the wettest place on the planet. According to one estimate it rains there 360 days of the year! Where I live it rains most days, but it’s usually only random passing showers coming in off the sea that dump for five minutes then it’s sunny and hot the rest of the time. The climate so far has been very very similar to a really good February in Auckland. Reasonably hot, humid, and easterly trades. Most days are around 28 degrees and luckily it gets nice and cool at night so sleeping is easy. Given this weather, it’s unsurprisingly very green too. The mountains remind me a lot of the Waitakere ranges, only bigger. The jungle upon these mountains, however, is different. More full-on tropical styles and they lack the large hardwood trees we have back home. Lots of ferns and creepers instead. Same same, but different. As I write this, the North Shore season is just starting to crank

up. After being flat for months, it was like someone turned the tap on. Nothing, then suddenly we got a swell, then another within the week, and now there’s another 4 in the forecast backto-back-to-back, I’m frothing on getting some real waves! Apart from that I’ve just been surfing the beachie down the road everyday. It reminds me a lot of a super powerful east coast beachie. The swell will be, like, 5ft @ 8s and it will be overhead and grunty. The same thing on NZ’s east coast would probably be 2ft pus. It’s almost always onshore, being on the trade side of the island, but it is peaky and really fun and has made me a lot quicker on my feet. It’s really hard to read and being almost 2km deep just a kilometre off-shore, the swells just pop up out of nowhere and detonate on the sand, so you have to be really on the ball to get the good ones. The locals reckon if you can surf good at Kealia, you can surf good anywhere. I don’t surf so well there a lot of the time; it has an uncanny ability to make anyone look like an absolute kook. It’s quite humbling when you’re having a shocker and a 16 year old girl is surfing better than you! Having said that, I’ve done some of the best airs and turns of my life out there, if you get the goodies it is super high performance and you can find sections to do almost anything. It even barrels when it’s howling onshore. You’re guna have to take my word for it though, I have no evidence, just story times with Greeny haha.

Greeny in the far 09 getting shacked off his nut before his departure. Seq CPL

One thing that is hugely different is the standard of surfing. Sure there are a lot of not so good surfers, as there is everywhere given the super hard nature of surfing, but there are so so many really good guys. Heaps of totally unknown, unsponsored guys who absolutely rip. I’m talking as good as our top surfers good too. Not to mention that Kaua’i has already produced guys like the Irons brothers, Dustin Barca, Alex and Koa Smith, Roy Powers, Kaipo Jaquias and Kala and Kamalei Alexander. That’s only the tip of the talent iceberg too. Surfing is really immersed in the culture here and they start ‘em young. The other day at Pine Trees (where the Irons brothers cut their teeth) I surfed with a grommet who couldn’t have been older than 8, totally charging this 3ft right and doing floaters and little bangers on his backhand. It was about triple overhead on him too, he was only about 3 feet tall! Kinda makes me think we need to really step up our game in NZ, there’s some very very serious talent overseas and unfortunately for us, they have the industry backing and support that we lack back home to take them all the way to the top. There’s also a lot of SUP’s here too. Like a LOT. Every second truck I see has one sticking 18 feet out the back of the tray. Hanalei Bay, a totally world class wave has been rendered almost unsurfable under 6ft because of the masses of these idiots plaguing the line-up. A lot of them are kooks but there’s

quite a few, like Titus Kinimaka for example, who absolutely shreds on his giant craft and catches every wave in sight. I for one will be staying far away unless it’s double overhead and keeping the sea-sweepers at bay in the bay. There are a lot of really good waves here, but also a lot of surfers. Were lucky back home because we have so much coastline and can still get away to the secluded corners and surf with just a couple of friends, that doesn’t really seem possible here. I would say that Kauai has better surf more often by a long shot, but those magic days of pumping empty waves we all dream about are but a distant memory in the far corners of the old boy’s minds. The locals are fiercely protective of their waves and like I see on so many bumper stickers around the place, NO COME KAUAI, why would you want to? You might just get the tube of your life.

SmaSHed pipi

send ur pipi’s to Gets Major Overhaul 09 Magazine’s Stalinesque styled overlord has forced our graphics slave, Messer Luke Darby, into revamping his tired old website- to be honest- the old one was pretty damn ok, but no, seems CPL is set on World Wide domination. “arghh haha, faaark off dick” says CPL of his blackmailing and coercing . “Lukey got paid handsomely for his web geeking, and I have to say, he’s done a fucking awesome job of it. The old website had only 14 canvases for sale and over the last 2 years I’m stoked on how they have sold- it’s pretty nice to know your images are on the walls of people’s homes. I’ve been commissioned for homes in Japan, L.A., New York, London and even Reno! It’s super cool to hear where the canvases end up. So based off that initial success Luke and I worked on upsizing the whole site, now there are 4 galleries with over 80 images for sale, and a really easy, safe shopping cart to use.” Once you get CPL started on the topic it’s hard to shut the old fucker up; “I figured out a way to actually bring down the prices of the images too, by not stretching them, they are ¼ the price to courier, so I don’t have to pass that cost on to the client anymore- NZ Post is


missing out, and the client also gets the option now of how they want the image presented- hell they can even just pin the canvas or print.” The galleries are just a part of the website’s rebuild; in a somewhat risky move, CPL has [well- made Luke] put both his 2 coffee table books up in their entirety as page flips, in fact the very same way 09 magazine is available online as a page flip for free. “The way I see it is this way you can try before you buy and if you like what you see it’s easy to buy. The argument is that people will just read the books online and flag making the purchase, but I reckon those tight arses wouldn’t have bought it anyway and it’s just the same as flicking through the titles at your local surf or bookstore and then putting it back on the shelf.” Check it out, it’s very easy to navigate, the Line Ups and Waves galleries are worth the effort alone, but there’s a lot of interesting stuff there including CPL’s online folio of his commercial work and in the News section there’s a good archive of his blogs from Surf 2 Surf. There’s enough on there to get square eyes that’s for sure.

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Sitka is a fascinating name for a surf brand, google it and it’ll come back with The Alaskan city of Sitka, it’s a derivation of Shee At’iká which means People on the Outside of Shee, which is an island, it’s Tlinkit Brought to you by the letter ‘S’ and they are an indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest Coast. Sitka used to be the Russian capital of Alaska, before the Yanks got hold of it... but the brand is from Canada. See- this is why you read 09, you’re all like...learned up now aye. Check the Sitka pack we’ve got to give you, go to our http://www.!/pages/09-Magazine/95234165943 page right now, no dilly dallying, leave a comment about Maple Syrup and the one that makes us laugh scores.


We love Sex Wax, and their range of sun care stuff is mean as, that Zinc you see here is the shizzy, but WTF is up with have a dude doing a fins out layback thingy on your Point Of Sale packaging and then saying ‘cutback on UVA and UVB’, that’s dumb, why isn’t there a surfer hacking a big carve down cutback- what- like Mr Zog doesn’t have a picture of a team rider like that? Does it matter; 09 says YES, leave your comment!/pages/09-Magazine/95234165943 and you’ll be well in to maybe getting best summer skin care pack you can have. Skull Candy makes up the 3rd S bribe, you’re pretty impressed that we engineered all the S brands to give us product to give to you- we’re your creative print heroes’ aye! Ahhhh if only it were the case... it was as random as most of our editorial indecisions to be frank, but we get credit for noticing it ehh. S also starts all our favourite activities, sleeping, sex, surfing, skating, snowboarding, sounds and sarcasm, what else starts with S?!/pages/09-Magazine/95234165943 you know the drill, leave a comment and don’t say shit- that’s lame. Best comment wins the Skull Candy TI’s, these puppies retail at $170... Yep they are seriously good.

pihA suRF stock a wide range of new and 2nd hand surfboards. Or order a custom shape from esteemed shaper Mike Jolly. check out the cool as piha surf t’s, and other funky nic-nacs from the upstairs-craft shop .We offer a professional ding repair service at piha Beach, West Auckland (incl. quality repairs on all epoxy boards.) and accommodation.

122 seaview Rd, piha Beach | (09) 812 8723 | E:

Arty Farty.

Steve Hoskin

steve, you seem to have given your work a real push this year with the website, was this a decided/considered approach? Yea, you could say that. Not so much from me though. The marketing side of things is not my strength, I just do the art and my daughter Rochelle pushes that side of things. She organised to get the website up and running and does the rest of my marketing and behind the scenes stuff. Like I said I just do the art, stick to what you do best. your pieces are fricken amazing, with the gloss and the almost 3D textures, this is an acrylic process huh? Yea it is an acrylic process. I hate working with oils and solvent products, It’s way too hard on the environment and way too hard on your health. I like working with texture and the raised medium which creates a 3D effect. I love trying new things and am constantly thinking of ways to improve the technical side of my art. I’m pretty happy where I’m at right now as far as my art is concerned. you had a bit of a health set back just recently, what happened? I have had some health issues - which I’ve had to try and get my head around - but that’s life. I had a blocked heart artery which was fixed then a few months later I had a heart attack. Ironic ‘cos it should

have been the other way around- but yeah I’m getting there. Are you back in the water yet? I haven’t been back in the water yet, but I need to real soon. You have to take it easy for a while and build up your stamina which I do with swimming, but nothing heals you better mentally and physically then grabbing your board and getting out there. I love the ocean and what it does for you. you’re a born’n’bred westie, but have you moved to East, could you explain this behaviour? Yeah, lived out West all my life. I like your question “could you explain that behaviour” haha. It wasn’t an easy decision to move from where we were so comfortable and so familiar, but nothing stays the same, priorities change. We still live close to the coast just another coast. We wanted to be closer to our grand-daughter and be a bigger part of her life. But as they say - you can take the man out of the West, but you can’t take the West out of the man. I love the West coast- always will. It’s only a 1/2 hour drive away. You have to keep things in perspective - now I’m closer to the East Coast breaks, there’s always pluses and minuses. My art studio (Hi Tide Art Studio) is right on the water. Instead of looking at waves I’m looking at boats, I hate boats....oh well those are the breaks!

Dear Uncle Hingey i know you’re probably busy, you know, being the 09’s foremost advice guru but i suffer from a condition that my doctor has diagnosed as a ‘micro penis’. i mean it’s not like as small as a bee’s dick or anything but more like if ya hit your thumb with a hammer and the ends gone all purple and swollen. that’s probably being generous too, like after i’ve had a Viagra and three lines of coke, if i’m lucky. i was really teased at school about it and my friends used to call me yam man or yammy cos they reckoned it looked like a baby yam. if this wasn’t hard enough to deal with when i started having girlfriends it turned out that i had a timing issue. sure enough, this too got around school and it was ‘wham, bam lightning yam’, short-but-sweet or some other derogatory wisecrack. Needless to say i developed a self confidence problem of a titanic magnitude. i’ve tried almost every gimmick to rectify this, i even dipped it in used motor oil daily for a month to stain it black, cos everyone knows black is bigger right? My reputation precedes me so vastly now i’m the laughing stock of all of Whangarei and now no girl will give me even half a chance. please help me uncle hingey, yours tinily -yam man. Dear Yammy, First of all I would like to commend you in your action taking and as I reminded everyone through my blog last week and my twitter followers today- The first step toward change is awareness, the second step is acceptance. So Yammy, welcome to change! Believe me when I say you’re not standing alone in the cold my friend, many men are well below the average penis size of 4 inches. Unfortunately with the popularity of pornography sparked through the web and influx of tinny perfectly formed blond Russian women, with big breasts and miniature scaled hands and mouths, we are all led to believe that every guy out there has a extremely large genitalia. Also Yammy, don’t be disheartened by the larger appearance of the darker shade, a lot of my larger clients need prosthetic

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It's just not cricket And just up and over the hill in Parnell, Amazon X is scheduled to open out of the old Amazon warehouse in The Strand. The massive retail outlet store will stock a huge range of boards and clothing- well that’s the rumour anyway. Ex Volcom Rep Joel Summerlee has returned to the far 09 to open Island Style...and you guessed it it’s in the Bay of Islands...stepped out of the box with that name aye Joelsy, the Paihia Surf Store is up and running now. Joel has got the shop rocking with new ranges so it’s well worth a visit, ‘pecially with all those hot Swedish backpackers around! Napes ascending in the 09. Pic Coff Sitka descends on the 09; rumours are rife about their concept store opening in Osborne Street, Newmarket this December. The Canadian surf, skate and fashion label has its roots planted deep in a seedy garage used for shaping custom boards, bringing a satisfying blend of organic threads, beautiful boards and some sweet skate decks for when Huey is sleeping in. The Newmarket area has always had a chequered surf history, Seasons surf factory and shop, Fat Willy’s, Hot Buttered, City Skate, Alta and more recently New Wave have all come and gone in the busy retail hub. Not incidentally Method which was where New Wave was in Broadway has taken over the premises again, selling more street wear branded gears.

It’s with great sadness we’re reporting Nick Tansley has decided to quit shaping his legendary Razor label. The Guru has been shaping boards for nearly 30 years under the Ocean Curves and Razor labels, citing the recession and the influx of Asian knockoffs as the main reasons for his decision to quit the game. Nick has always been involved in the boat industry to some degree and now his talents will be more focussed that way...and surfing more of course... we suspect and hope this won’t be the last you’ll be hearing from Guru. It’s off, it’s on? Rumour has it that last issue’s report on the Wave Box venture was totally shit house. Well, from what we’ve been able to ascertain; allegedly the Wave Box has been handed a lifeline by the council and work on the Albany site has recommenced... hope so anyway.

CAMS: Muriwai, Maori Bay North Piha, South Piha Mangawhai Heads, Raglan Whangamata, Hot Water, Mt Maunganui and more.

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Words & pic CPL

piha’s Mike Jolly is a full blown surfaholic, more simply put; he knows what makes him happy and a big one for him is standing on water. he talks with a laugh almost always on the brew through his infectious, moustached smile. the comment may be wry and self deprecating, but he’s mannered and he’s old school, he is a gentleman- probably all those years of being a school teacher. Mike turns 60 this year and his amp for surfing and making boards still flows strong through those salty sea dog veins. i reckon he’s the sort of surfer we all can only hope to be when we’re close to drawing the pension.


Mike claims he was a late starter to surfing “I had to wait until I was 15, when I got my Driver’s Licence, I had a 125 Royal Enfield motorbike so I started riding out from New Lynn to Piha.” That was in the mid 1960’s, by the early 1970’s Mike and his new bride Pam were Piha residents, living in a fibrolite bach in Glen Esk Rd on a ¼ acre block. Mike had already started to mess around with boards, “Back then it was out to necessity, you only owned one board, if it got dinged it would take 3 weeks to get repaired at the Weaver Factory in Glen Eden, so I learnt real fast. The first board I made was in the early ‘70’s, Pam’s dad had a mint Atlas Woods- I actually deeply regret doing it now- I took the saw to it and made a knee board for Pam [it’s still at their home] and a 6’4 twin fin for me”. But it wasn’t until the mid ‘80’s that Mike would really take up the planner; it also coincided with his introduction to the modern mal. “Pete Furze lent me his 8 ft Mal one day, we were down at the old Fresh Squeezed factory at South Piha and he was saying how great it was, how it’s not like the old logs we used to ride- so I paddled it out on the Bar and WOW I could turn it, it was fun!!! I ordered one straight away. All the modern Mals then were 7-8 ft; it was Nat Young who introduced the notion that they had to be over 9 ft.” During this period Mike and Pam had also moved from the fibrolite in Glen Esk to

Back then it was out to necessity, you only owned one board, if it got dinged it would take 3 weeks to get repaired at the Weaver Factory in glen eden, so i learnt real fast the old Tasman Estate, which was a total of 14 acres of bush and scrub on Piha’s Sea View Road. The sale and settlement was fast, the new owner of the Gleneske bach gave them a fortnight to get out so Mike just carted everything up the hill and stored it in the bush under tarpaulins. The young family lived in a caravan and then camped in the shell of what’s still the Jolly homestead. If you haven’t been to the Jolly’s before- you have to go, The PIHA SURF sign on Sea View Road leads to the long driveway that winds through to the mildly sloping hillside, facing out to Lion Rock and the Tasman Sea, the view is mesmerising. Mike and Pam have created an idyllic lifestyle, there are boards for sale and rent downstairs, the top storey of the house is a craft shop, and there are rental caravans dotted around the landscaped property. Mike’s shaping bay and glassing shed are just a short stroll from the home; his coffee is still piping hot by the time he gets to work. “I’ve shaped about 300 boards which doesn’t sound like much I suppose and I do specialise in long-boards because that’s what I ride. But I’ve also had a lot of success with my fishes and step down boards- basically for guys and gals that ride long-boards who want a hybrid. I really believe in riding what board suits the conditions- the right horse for the course.” Mike rides a 7’10 Hybrid gun for the steep chunky days out West or for reef breaks, He has a 7’3 fish, a 9 ft quad and the only board he hasn’t shaped himself is a 9’6 Donald Takayama nose rider.







JoePromo. Promo. Joe

Scott Bell deep in the 09. Seq CPL

TheFactory Factory/ /Shop Shop The Unit C / 1 156 Main Road, Kumeu Unit C / 1 156 Main Road, Kumeu [09]412 4122577 2577 [09]

CAMS: Muriwai, Maori Bay CAMS: Muriwai, Maori Bay North Piha, South Piha North Piha, South Piha Mangawhai Heads, Raglan Mangawhai Heads, Raglan Whangamata, Hot Water, Whangamata, Hot Water, Mt Maunganui and more. Mt Maunganui and more.

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Justin Watene Words and pic CPL

how old are you now? I’m 35 years old and have been skating for about 28 years! That sounds really lame. When and where did you pop your first ollie? I was about 7 years old. My dad brought (Actually he would have hustled them from someone) some Regals that were off the hook. I remember the graphics on them thinking how sick the artwork was. Not thinking that the aesthetics of a skateboard would have such a big impact on me. It was at Glamorgan School on the Shore, me and my brother Secombe would jam there until dark! I would push around with my front foot and Secombe would always tell me that he was sure I was meant to push with the other foot. Broooo, you’re a pretty bloody world famous in NZ skater, what’s been your career highlight as an athlete? Hahaha.... As a skateboarder for me it would be travelling. Skateboarding is a ticket to go and do anything. The USA was the most exciting, seeing what the guys were doing in videos and trying to hack down stairs, rails; whatever they were doing we were trying. All I ever wanted was a photo in TRANSWORLD magazine. One night I was skating in Melbourne and a photographer came up to me. I was skating this banked wall that no one really skated except me and my friends the Mapstones. He asked me if he could shoot a pic. So I started to do 360 flips on it and kick flips. I couldn’t believe me when he asked me to just do a massive ollie on it. Next month I get a call from Secombe back in NZ, they had a subscription to Transworld and he fax’s me a full page photo of me doing the ollie. I was so hyped. this year you’ve got heavily into the saving of the Vic park ramps, in fact you’ve had the foresight to actually want something that will stand the test of time, what’s happening with the new area now the tunnel is kind of pushed thru? Man, I’ve always said that skate politics sucks. Well, you know what, try actual politics! I’ve been working with Chey Ataria, Levi

Hawkin, Haimona Ngata to help save the place. They were going to pull it down and not even replace it! So we put in some hard hours, proposals, so much effort. When they said that going to give it a miss I nearly passed out! But we learnt to persevere and not to take things personally. Then in a meeting they asked us how much we needed and with a straight face I turned to Chey gave him a cheeky grin then opened my mouth and said $1million! I think we came out with nearly 3/4 of that. We walked out of the meeting and we were just laughing our heads off. Thinking who else we could ask for a milli. You don’t even know how much work Chey does for skating in NZ. I thought I worked hard; he seems to never stop and is keen to do more. So now we have a temporary facility until Sept 2011 when they will build the new park. However they have just built Aotea that is basically a skate park. Now the council is trying to metal edge all the concrete work! Hehehehe... And if that’s not enough putting back into the community, you’ve also been a spokesman for for the last 2 years- care to elaborate? That was out of left field. I went to an event for them at Snow Planet. My friends David Dallas and PNC were playing and the Lowdown invited me. It was a good excuse for me to take the kids in without paying! So we went to jam out the snow and they loved it! I was the only Maori in jeans and a hoody. Anyway Hannah, Jack and myself were the only ones there. I couldn’t believe it they must have spent $20k on the event and it was average. So I asked them if I could use some event I do to help them. Anyway we did some meet and greets at the Skate Nationals. One kid turned up and was talking to one of the guys- some questions- and it turned out he was really down and had really dark thoughts maybe suicide. So reaching out like that is pretty heavy but rad that we can actually help. It’s easy to fall through the cracks. So being able to help people, kids, is so easy to do. So why not. I think I turned to Steven Ferguson and asked him where he brought the Olympic torch from. With the Amp’d/ John Walker trust we did this event out Clendon. The week prior the neighbouring gangs rolled in beat the shit out of all the skaters took all their shit and took off! Then they go home and who knows what they have to go through there. One thing I know is these kids have so much talent it’s awesome to see how fearless they are and so much natural ability. I’m out there all through summer doing this Amp’d Summer series and I love it. If you ever have the chance to help out and give back- you have to do it. it’s about here in an interview i start to go, holy fuck, does this guy ever get any down time, time with just

friends and do you have a balance between a public life and just ummmm being Justin? Now I do some work with Amp’d and the John Walker Trust in South Auckland. So I leave all the other stuff to our young team riders who are getting out there now. All I want to do now is roll down to Grey Lynn with a 6 pack, some mates and do backside smith grinds! I started skating for fun and chased the feeling you get when you land a trick or try something big. Now I have figured it out that it’s a feel good feeling that you get when you are around good people doing good things. I always look to the positive and try to have fun. I have 2 really awesome kids that both skate and surf. I take them on the mission now. We’ve knocked out teeth- bleed like crazy. But always try to have so much fun. They have been out in some heavy surf and a couple of Taka stormy’s ( But mum’s not too keen on them gettin’ sick, so they have to say we were just at the park) Hannah likes to surf more and Jack’s a skate rat. We were just in the Goldy and the kids got some sick waves. Jack turned to me and said “Dad, I just want to surf everyday” I was like” Me too son”! And surfing, you’re getting a rep as being a bit of a’d this happen? I had stopped skating for a while. Got injured and it was really hard to skate again after that. So I had gone surfing with a couple of friends, just cuz I wasn’t doing anything else. I had bumped into Chris Sharland and Ben from Substance. I was in shorts and a T shirt and they were in wet suits! From there I got jumped into this surf gang called “Love at first light”. Basically Chris and myself, doing these epic dawn raids about 2-3 times a week. It was absolute comedy because we thought we could read the weather but we were only reading the headlines! Then we had a family holiday up in Fiji; Secombe and myself surfed a beach called Sigatoka beach. It was going off and the vibe was so dope. Sec’s, myself and the Fijian surf team! But Sec’s was absolutely ripping. Doing mad turns and banging out ollies. That was it, I could see how much time he puts in to it on the Gold Coast and that hyped me up to really bank some hours in the car doing the mission. I love surfing but it’s the hardest thing I have ever done. So many variables... Wind, swell, time, big fish and some old moose sitting out back on a long-board catching all the waves!! With skating you bomb Queen St skid into Aotea and shred the place up as hard as you can, grab a beer and chill! These days I’m up at 4-5am on the mission. Get in a surf and be home to cook breakfast for everyone, then either take the kids for a skate or a surf! That’s how I’m rollin’ now.

Cool Book Is there no end to the corners of your lifestyle that surfing will creep into? There’s surf clothes, surf music and now there’s even surf food...hmmm I wonder when [‘cos it ain’t going to be ‘if’] there’s going to be surf toiletries? Like Eaude de Slater, or...well...better not go there with the Fanning fann... anyway! You can’t smell like them yet but you sure as hell can dine like a star now. Nava Young, as in the daughter of the legend Nat Young, has compiled a book of the tastiest surf grits you’ll ever have to chance to munch on, and here’s the fancy bitshe’s garnered each yummy recipe from the world’s most famous surfers, there’s a staggering 60+ recipes- each accompanied by an informative profile of the contributor- yes Kelly Slater is there, in fact there’s over 22 former world champs fav’ dishes included. The first print run sold out last summer before even hitting NZ, this summer Nava set aside enough for us Kiwis. There’s legends like Simon Anderson, Rob Machado,

Jordy Smith, the Irons brothers, Dane Renolds, Julian Wilson, Laird Hamilton, Occy, Steph Gilmore... what I’m really trying to impress here is that there are the world leaders from every faction of surfing, even our very own Paige Hareb throws her fav’ dinner into the mix. The hard cover book is logically divided up into Breakfasts, Starters, Mains and Desserts. A super strong point is that the recipes are EASY to follow and for the most part just good, healthy, simple kai. While this probably isn’t a book most of us 09ers would consider buying, you’d be bloody stoked if you were given it for Chrissy or as a flat warming pressie, pretty much guaranteed it’ll be a well used book drop some hints to the Olds or that Aunty that always buys you shit that you can’t even re-gift. At $45.00 it’s a pretty damn cheap pert. It’s available online at & or if you wanna hold it before you buy it, it’s in most surf shops 09 wide- if they don’t have it- get them to order it in.

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Brent alexander

1.Brent, you’re born’n’bred in the 09’s 2nd biggest metropolis, where did you start surfing and with who? Mostly around the East Coast, Pataua, OB’s, Scunge Pit, Shippies and Bayly’s when they were on and we had wheels to beg, steal or borrow... all the crew that we used to skate with slowly switched to surfing as we got older. Albi Haag, Jamie Langridge, the Thompsons were the first guys to get the bug and drag us out.’d you get involved in the surf industry? Langy used to sponsor my brother Tony and I for skating when I was about 13 and that turned into an afterschool and holiday job at the old Rebel Surf Store. I also used to play around with logos and art for Jaimie Scott at Tribal Surfboards and then I was living in Torquay I worked for Rip Curl in one of their retail stores for almost a year. worked in surf in Euro too huh? Yep, I worked for Quiksilver over there selling all their technical products, boards, wetsuits, snow outerwear and accessories. I got a lot more surfing done over there once I had that work wagon. My area was the middle of England right up to Thurso in the North of Scotland which is home to one of the best rights in the UK if not Europe.’ve been down in the Ak for a while now, how long and how’s the big smoke treating ya? It’s cool; it has been 6 years now. Working from home; I don’t have to battle the traffic morning and night – that would do my head in. It’s a good place to be based with Coro, Raglan and all the West Coast beaches not too far away. work for Langy, the legendary fire crotch from

OBeez, did your own gingeritis contribute to scoring the job? Are you colour blind or what??? You’d think photog’s would have good eyesight? 6.What’s the typical week for NZ’s West rep? There isn’t really a typical week... anything from selling ranges around the country, organising shipping, sending out stock, helping Langy and the guys at Rebel when they can’t remember how to turn on their computer. seem to manage to get more than your fair share of waves on the road aye? I’m pretty lucky to surf all over the place, 7 day buoyweather is pretty helpful when you are trying to book appointments and squeeze in a few surfs. I’ve definitely had some epic days around the country over the last few years. 8.What’s the best thing about Whangarei? The stunning architecture – have you seen the carpark bridge? Seriously, it’s probably my Mum’s cooking. 9.What’s the best thing about Aucks? North swells... you know where.

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SUP Rules Last issue we purposely fanned the goaty/ stand up paddle board [sup]. this is the job of any good magazine; to catalyse thought and incite emotion- quite frankly it is missing in a lot of NZ magazines. We’re not asking you to agree, we’re just inviting thought and discussion. Of course on this particular topic most of the 09 readers are agreed... pretty much fuck off out of our line-ups if you’re going to be greedy and/or threaten our safety...scott sinton has nailed it in his response on the sup sux fan page on Facebook [!/ pages/sup-sux/162277990453716 ], the sin-dawg is of course actually a super himself, and has been profiled in 09 before as one of the 09’s up’n’coming surf photogs, here’s his valid view; Righto fans of disliking SUP, I’m going say my piece since I just “joined” the Facebook discussion group. First off I’m all for the SUP SUX page because there are ALOT of kooks out there that ride them and of everyone is welcome to their own opinion. I am 22 year old shortboarder and have surfed all over NZ and overseas for the last 9 years. I am as passionate and dedicated to surfing as anyone that will read this article. Surfing is my life, so I feel compelled to voice my opinion in the matter. I DO surf on my SUP and it is bloody fun! So before the purists out there write me off, I will say whilst it doesn’t quite reach the same endorphin levels as real surfing. It keeps surfing fresh, it keeps me fit and in general more stoked because I’m in the water on days you might not be. I probably use it about once for every 10 shorty surfs I have and of course my 6’2 is always in tow itching to get used. That will never change. So far I am yet to cop any flack in the water as I behave myself but I get plenty from you buggers on land just for bringing it up in conversation! I realise I’m not really part of the problem group but see myself as more of a solution to the issue at hand. A middleman if you will. No matter how hard anybody tries- SUP is here to stay so it’s all about awareness on land and how it gets dealt with in the lineup. No one takes nicely to being told to fuck off- even if

they deserve it! So the only way the message will get across is to set some boundaries that both sides of the surf community agree is a fair expectation of behaviour. That way you can literally shame anyone out of a lineup with the least amount of aggro possible. I always surf my own peak if I’m at a beachie and haven’t hit the points quite yet. But when I do it’s not hard to get one uncrowded- just lower the bar. Don’t surf Rags on one of the best weekends of the year! If you want pumping waves, go for a paddle and explore. I can’t afford a jet ski so my SUP opens up spots I wouldn’t usually be able to access, I just tow my shortboard behind me when searching for breaks. EPIC fun! SUP’s are that easy to catch waves on- there is no reason to be SUPing the only shortboardable peak. I surf knee high peelers with ease when there is not a soul even thinking surf. So I have no qualms about sending an SUP up the beach when I’m at Te Arai on my 6 footer, because he’s the one being a dick snaking all the sets as they first pop up by Great Barrier. The factors that create the bad attitude towards SUP are hugely valid and we must take responsibility for how our sport is viewed. All surfboards are dangerous but the implications of being hit by a SUP are deadly. Watch this space for my “If you SUP in a crowd, you’re a bloody idiot” ad campaign. You can’t isolate someone from a lineup based purely because of the craft they ride. Quoting Hawaiian Brian Keaulana “It’s not the arrow, it’s the Indian” sums things up pretty nicely. Most of us would be guilty of taking more than our fair share at some point, but being on an SUP does make being greedy a whole lot easier and makes the waves more accessible to those without surfing experience. People who aren’t familiar with line-up etiquette need to spend time on a mal learning. Not by trial and error on your 12 foot boat, harpoon in hand. You wouldn’t learn how to drive a rally car with spectators lining the edge of the corner would you? Analogies aside, it’s all about common sense and respect of others. Everyone has an equal right to enjoy our oceans, but lose that ego trip of exercising your freedom at the expense of others. The stoke of surfing can suppress the realisation that you’re actually the one causing problems. So let’s set some boundaries and openly talk about it in the lineup. Remember the surfer may have just driven 3 hours looking for some release from the daily grind. We shouldn’t have to worry about the guy losing his 12ft lead tank right in front of our duckdiving melons. -Scott Sinton.

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This issue’s watery treats are from all around good guy Ben Gibson, he snapped these pix of Bells Beach, Victoria while he was over on the western isle for a work do; hope he wagged some of the seminars!

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09 Magazine Issue 25  
09 Magazine Issue 25  

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