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The song I chose was “Father of Mine” by Everclear. It is a somewhat depressing song about the absence of a father in a child’s life. I wanted each picture to show an interpretation of the struggle to survive a childhood fatherless, shown through the eyes of the child POV style. The first picture is a representation of what the child is dealing with at the start. The beer represents his father and his father’s lifestyle, but the bottles lead to a bright doorway, which shows hope in surviving the situation. Although the doorway is in view, the bottles seem nearly insurmountable and too much for the child to overcome. The next picture is one that has been taken outside. This can mean that the kid has made it through the doorway and conquered an obstacle, but is still feeling alone. He has made a small strive of improvement but is held close to the brick wall in fear. He finds himself seeing an open world, but cannot face it alone. The third picture symbolizes the current path of the child in the world. To the left and right of him in the parking lot, he sees multiple cars. The cars represent all the other people in the world and shows how outnumbered he truly is. He sees a long path in front of him, with all these people at his sides, as if he is being watched. The fourth photo shows the progress of the child in the outside world and what the future holds. The bare and rustic trees next to him show his current rough lifestyle, but in the near distance he can see lively trees with color. These trees show hope closer than ever in the child’s life and, as long as he continues what he is doing, he will reach them. The camera is also at a higher angle,

which symbolizes the growth and the maturity of the child compared to the three previous photos. The final picture represents a crossroads in the child’s life. He has grown through his childhood and has not let it affect him in his older years. He is at the final stage of his adolescence and is presented with a choice. The vibrant left portion of the picture shows his bright future. The dark right portion shows his haunted past. I wanted to make the notion clear that if he were to continue his life the way he was, he would have to leave the past behind and move on. I found it difficult at the start to come up with ideas but after surveying the outdoors ideas seemed to come to me rather than me trying to find them.

“Father of Mine” by Everclear Father of mine Tell me where have you been? You know I just closed by eyes My whole world disappeared Father of mine Take me back to the day Yeah, when I was still your golden boy Back before you went away !

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My Midterm Project T206  
My Midterm Project T206  

This is my project for the T206 midterm.