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Industrial & Household uses of Sodium Hydroxide

Sodium Hydroxide is a very dangerous chemical. It is also one of the strongest alkaline and is known by the name of caustic soda. The chemical is white, odorless as well as non-volatile in nature. The chemical is however not flammable and is a highly reactive substance. An exothermic solution is formed with water which evolves heat and hence may ignite combustible materials close. The material is also highly corrosive. Pure form of this compound appears as a white solid which is commonly available in flakes, granules and pellets.

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Industrial & Household uses of Sodium Hydroxide The various industrial uses of Sodium Hydroxide This form of Hydroxides is the principal of the strong base which is utilized in the chemical industry. Sodium hydroxide in bulk is often used as an aqueous solution as they are cheaper as well as easy to handle. They are also used for manufacturing detergents as well as sodium salts, organic synthesis and PH regulation. Various chemical suppliers in India deal with this compound in bulk due to their numerous uses. Sodium hydroxide is also used for sanitizing, cleaning as well as storing chromatography systems and media. This form of hydroxide is used due to the following reasons:     

Efficacy Ease of detection Low cost Disposal Removal

Various pharmaceutical raw material suppliers provide this compound as they are very useful in this field. They are mostly used for unclogging channels, sustenance handling, PH regulator, etc. It is a general practice for in industrial manufacturing to utilize time by adding salt to these compounds for combining cleaning with sanitization. So, industries tend to buy them in massive quantities from various bulk drugs manufacturers.

Pharmaceutical Raw Material Suppliers

Industrial & Household uses of Sodium Hydroxide The various household uses of this compound Two of the most common household uses of this form of Hydroxides are oven cleaners and drain cleaners. During times when maximum pipes are clogged, this substance is used with a mixture of fat and grease for solving the problem. Cleaners which contain this substance either in dissolved or solid form converts the fats into soaps, which then dissolves in water. So, when this compound dissolves in water a considerable amount of heat is given off which will ultimately help to melt the clog. However, one must keep in mind that this compound is very dangerous for the human tissue especially for the eyes. So, a person using this compound must be very careful before using this substance. The various chemical suppliers in India provide a set of guidelines which must be followed to avoid any damage or accident. This substance can be bought from various bulk drugs manufacturers. They can also be used for cooking purposes. The uses include washing as well as chemical peeling of vegetables and fruits. However, they are sometimes difficult to obtain, even from big pharmaceutical raw material suppliers, so sodium carbonate is used in their place. Often it is seen that people are using their soak solutions as a powerful degreaser on glass bake ware as well as stainless steel. Other than these Surfactants can also be used along with them for stabilizing dissolved substances as well as preventing redisposition. Pharmaceutical Raw Material Suppliers

Benefits of Using Sodium Hydroxide  

Sodium hydroxide, also commonly termed as caustic soda, is used for many household and industrial purposes. This chemical forms a strong alk...

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