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CeraCube Ceracube is created in the search for nature. Its natural, refreshing and colorful character adds volume to the material resulting in vivid sand-based wall coverings.

CE-201A Ketoy

CE-203B Akhtang

CE-207D Iremel

CE-209D Baransky

CE-210B Ching

CE-211B Nemo

CE-215D Tao

CE-219D Udina

The multicolor tonality and three dimensional texture enhances the beauty and attractive appeal of any building space. Ceracube is an environmentally safe product which is very durable and weather resistant.

All Natural and Non-Toxic Eco-Friendly Manufacturing Process Zero VOC and Formaldehyde Water Resistant Creates a serene ambience Fire Resistant No Discoloration Mold-Resistant Breathability Washable with pH7 detergent High Weather Shield Low Maintenance Durable and Abrasion-Resistant Cost Efficient

Installation Instructions Preparation of Underlying Surface

Drywall Board


Things to Ensure


Concrete / Cement Mortar Gypsum Plaster/Wallboard Precast Concrete ALC Panels

Surface is clean, dry and free of dust Surface is clean, dry and free of dust Surface is clean, dry and free of dust Surface is clean, dry and free of dust

Concrete Wall Surface

Joint Compound Primer

Fiber Tape


CeraSealer A CeraCube

Interior application: For wallboard surfaces, prime with a high quality interior latex primer or Cera-Sealer A (for concrete wall).


Exterior application: High-pressure wash the surfaces of acrylic stucco, paint, resin from tiles and repair appropriately.When completely dry, treat with Cera-Sealer A or similar high quality water based sealer.

One can covers approximately 5.0~6.7m2 with a double-spray application to achieve an evenly covered surface.

Mixing Procedure Remove lid with a suitable opener (putty knife+hammer can be used) making sure that there are no sharp edges. Note : Prior to opening of can, try to shake the can to mix water and sand in the can as the fine sand sinks to the bottom of the can.


Application 1) Base spray should be evenly applied with Adjustable Caberon Gun/ Lysine Gun and cover the underlying surface completely. 2) Design spray should be applied like base spray evenly and smoothly. 3) Interval time for base spray is up to 3 hours and design spray is 24 hours, subject to climatic factor. 4) Do not apply when the temperature is o o below 40 F (5 C) and humidity above 85% or when raining, snowing, heavy windy day. 5) Use the material within one year from date of production. 6) The finished effect depends entirely on existing conditions, good surface preparation, thorough mixing and skill and experience of the applicator. 7) Request a copy of Standard Construction Specification and MSDS from your nearest location. w w w. japanesewal l .com


Add up to 1.3kg of water for base spray, and 0.9kg of water for design spray and mix thoroughly with a hand mixer or stick until desired viscosity is achieved.

CeraCube is now ready for spray application using Adjustable Caberon Gun of bore size of 5~6mm @ 590~690kPa. Note : If the contents of the can will not be used in its entirety, simply pour out the required amount into a separate container Remaining to be covered with saran wrap tightly onto the mixture and finish up as soon as possible.


Coverage per Can Double spraying : 5.0~6.7m2 Base Spraying

: 2.0~2.5 kg/ m2.

Design Spraying : 1.0~1.5 kg/ m2

Packaging per Can Base Material

20,000g / 44 lbs


CE-207D Iremel CE-209D Baransky Ceracube is created in the search for nature. Its natural, refreshing and colorful character adds volume to...

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